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People have found the name "allah" in fruits, such as the watermelon, tomato and the mango. When the fruit was cut in half the name "allah" appeared on the flesh. How is this possible? just thinking about it makes me scared.

This is due to the imaginative mind of the Muslims. Children are very imaginative. They see familiar things in almost everything. As a child I used to lie down and watch so many familiar shapes in clouds.  

Unfortunately, Islam has thwarted the intellect of the Muslims. The brain of a Muslim is a retarded brain. They think like children and just like children they are good in imagining things. But since they are only obsessed with Islam all they see is things related to Islam. If you pay attention youíll find shapes in everything that may resemble something familiar. Now the word Allah in Arabic is a simple shape. It is very likely that you find something resembling it in any object.  

My names Ali and Sina are also relatively simple in Arabic, even though Sina has some dots that make it somehow more difficult. But I often see things that resemble my names. Does that mean something? Is this the proof that I am a divine personage? May be next time I see my name in an object Iíll take a picture and lay claim to prophethood or even Godhood. Is that enough to prove I am God or his messenger?  

My dear friend, it is time that Muslims mature also and stop these childish ways of thinking. Whether Allah is the real God or not can be determined by reading the Quran. I donít think the person who wrote that book was an intelligent person. The Quran is written by a psychopath and only a fool would think it is a divine book. How can the maker of this world be so ignorant as it appears to be in the Quran? Anyone who thinks these asinine words are from God must be brain damaged. If only they had more intelligence, Muslims would be ashamed for believing in this most stupid book of all.  

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