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You may have several issues with Muhammad and the Quran he was inspired with but why would his companions, including his wife and his slaves speak so loftily about him? 

 In a society that is based on personality cult, speaking your mind is not easy.  Telling the truth could bring you ostracism and even cost your life. People who think differently keep their thoughts to themselves. Instead the sycophants and ruffians try to endear themselves by eulogizing the leader. After his death the sycophants continue with their charade to gain prestige.  Even today the situation is not changed. People who dissent are afraid to talk and the sycophants are praised for writing eulogies about Muhammad.  

We have many stories about Muhammad ordering the assassination of those who criticized him and about Omar who was ever ready to withdraw his sword and slit the throat of one who questioned Muhammad’s authority. Muhammad encouraged sycophantism and punished criticism.  

To judge Muhammad’s character we should not look at the eulogies written by his companions but read his biography and judge him with our own understanding.  

Let us quote two episodes from the life of Muhammad and then decide whether he was a holy man or a psychopath:    

After the battle of Badr was won, Muhammad took tens of hostages for ransom. But he killed a few of them because of personal vendetta. One such person was Nadhr, a poet who was more popular than Muhammad when he was preaching in Mecca . Muhammad was always envious of him and took his revenge finally.  

The following quotes are from Miller on the authority of al Waqidi, Ibn Hisham and Tabari. 

“The prisoners were brought up before Muhammad. As he scrutinized each, his eye fell fiercely on Nadhr, the son of Harith. "There was death in that glance," whispered Nadhr, trembling, to a by-stander. "Not so," replied the other; "it is but thine own imagination." The unfortunate prisoner thought otherwise, and besought Musab to intercede for him. Musab) reminded him that he had denied the faith and persecuted the believers. "Ah!" said Nadhr, "had the Coreish made thee a prisoner, they would never have put thee to death!" "Even were it so," Musab scornfully replied, "I am not as thou art; Islam hath rent all bonds asunder." Micdad, the captor, seeing that the captive, and with him the chance of a rich ransom, was about to slip from his hands, cried out, "The prisoner is mine"! At this moment, the command to "strike off his head!" was interposed by Muhammad, who had been watching all that passed.-" And, O Lord!" he added, "do thou of thy bounty grant unto Micdad a better prey than this?' Nadhr was forthwith beheaded by Ali.”

This story is reported in al Waqidi p. 101. Hishami , p.251; Tabari, p.297.

“Two days afterwards, about half-way to Medina, Okba, another prisoner, was ordered out for execution. He ventured to expostulate, and demand why he should be treated more vigorously than the other captives. "Because of thy enmity to God and to his Prophet," replied Muhammad. "And my little girl!" cried Okba, in the bitterness of his soul, "who will take care of her? " - " Hell-fire!" exclaimed the heartless conqueror; and on the instant his victim was hewn to the ground. "Wretch that he was!" continued Muhammad, "and persecutor! Unbeliever in God, in his Prophet, and in his Book! I give thanks unto the Lord that hath slain thee, and comforted mine eyes thereby."

 Waqidi, p. 108 and  34; Hishami, p. 232.

When you read the history of Islam written by Muslims you come to see what an evil man Muhammad was. Do not get fooled by the miracles attributed to him or by the tales of his magnanimity. These stories were invented by sycophants and can easily be shown to be baseless. Pay attention to his cruelties and savagery instead. No one would fabricate such tales of barbarity to attribute to his beloved prophet.    

Just to show you how people make heroes, you could read the rise to power of Khomeini . This man, like Muhammad was truly a monster. Yet his followers have made of him a super holy personage. They expended over 400 million dollars just to build his tomb and some go to his tomb and pray for healing.  

Fortunately today no one can hide the truth from everyone. But in the time of Muhammad it was different. The dissidents were murdered and no one dared to write about that man. So lies took hold and truth uprooted.  

Only now that we have the Internet, we can dig into these very Islamic sources and find out the truth behind the empty words. Thanks to the Internet the days of Islam are numbered. The sun of truth has dawned and falsehood will be dissipated. If you are still unwilling to relinquish to the truth, your children will. No darkness of falsehood can linger when the sun of truth rises. Consider Islam dead.  









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