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Rumi was a very talented and intelligent man. Could he have been seeing something you and I can't see?"

Clearly, the Qur'an cannot be barbaric if it produced one of the greatest lovers known to the West and the East.

This is a logical fallacy called Appeal to Authority or argumentum Ad Verecundiam.

An Appeal to Authority is a fallacy with the following form:
1. Person A is (claimed to be) an authority on subject S.
2. Person A makes claim C about subject S.
3. Therefore, C is true.

In our case:

1. Rumi was the greates lover
2. Rumi was a Muslim
3. Therefore Islam is a religion of love.

The fact is that Rumi’s love had nothing to do with Islam. If the above is true then the following also must be true.

1. Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist
2. Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim
3. Islam is a religion of terror.

You will have to agree that neither one of the above statements are true. In other words one cannot decide on the truth or falsehood of a religion by judging its followers. If Muslims claim Islam should not be judged because of the bad actions of its followers then by the same logic Islam must not be accepted as true just because some of the Muslims happen to be good people. Just as there are millions of good Muslims there are equally millions of Muslim terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.

Islam must be judged by its teachings only. When we evaluate the Quran we see that it is a textbook of terror. Only based on that, we can determine that Islam is an evil religion. Anyone who thoroughly follows those evil teachings will become a terrorist. This also explains why the Mullahs in the mosques preach so much hate and why the followers of this religion have committed so much atrocities and bloodshed throughout the history. It is only then that we can deduce OBL is a terrorist because of Islam and Rumi was a loving man despite of Islam.

Rumi had the discernment to discard the evil teachings of Islam and select what he though to be good. He wrote:

From the Quran we picked the meat
For the donkeys left the shell to eat

By shell he meant all the violence of the Quran. But not everyone has the discernment of Rumi to distinguish what part of the Quran is meat and what part is shell.. Some pick the violent teachings of the Quran and become terrorists.

This disqualifies the Quran as a book of guidance. A book of guidance must guide everyone all the time and not be ambiguous. If a person has to rely on his own better sense to discern between the good teachings of a book and its bad teachings, that person knows more than that book and does not need such book for guidance.

Paradoxically, Rumi's who was indeed a great lover,  did more harm to humanity than good. 


How did Rumi do more harm than good?

By sustaining a lie! By sugarcoating a poison and presenting it as panacea. People look at him and conclude: “how can a good man such as Rumi be wrong? If he was a Muslim preacher Islam must be true” This false logic legitimizes the religion of terror. And the religion of terror breeds terrorists like Khomeini and OBL, and millions of people whose hearts are filled with hatred and are now dragging the world into a major world war in which millions could perish. This is how Rumi has done more harm than good. By masquerading and legitimizing the evil. By embellishing a witch and making her look like a princess to seduce us.

Rumi is not under attack here. We are rejecting Islam and we have presented our proof.  Once Muhammad is proven to be a false pretender, Rumi becomes just a deluded man like the billion other Muslims who still believe in Islam. Many of them are great people, talented, educated, geniuses, scientists, poets, musicians, physicians and noble price winner. None of that proves Islam is a true religion. We can determine the truth and falsehood of Islam only by reading the Quran and studying the hadith.

Rumi was a great poet but not an infallible man. In fact his commonsense was marred by the Quran. He rehashed the claim of Muhammad that Allah transformed the Jews into apes and swine for breaking the Sabat. Is this story really true? This is an absurdity. Only an ignorant man such as Muhammad could have come up with such an asinine fable and it certainly it takes credulous and unenlightened people to believe is such a stupid fairytale. When we see Rumi has no problem accepting this nonsense, we understand that he was indeed an unenlightened person. He composed copious poetries and was extremely talented. Despite that Rumi was a benighted man who was incapable of independent thinking and  believed in all the absurdities of the Quran. He was a giant in literature but a midget in intelligence.









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