Leaving Islam




Before westerners assault Islam, lets look at their statistics.  The number of women raped, abused and discarded.  

Yes women are raped and abused also in the West, but this number is at least 100 times more in Islamic countries. When a woman is raped in the West the rapist will be prosecuted severely. In Islamic countries women who are raped become a shame to their families and often are murdered by their own relatives to restore the honor of the family. In Islamic countries women are also raped by their own close relatives like their brothers and fathers. But they are afraid to speak about it because they know this would mean death for them. 

In the West some men abuse their wives. But the law is on the side of the battered women and there are shelters and protections for them as well as restrictions and punishment for the abusive husband. In Islamic countries women have no right whatsoever. They can be beaten by their husbands and they cannot even seek divorce. The Husband can re-marry to a younger woman and abandon his older wife abusing her emotionally, sexually (by avoiding to sleep with her as he has now a younger woman), verbally and even physically. These are all Allah given rights of men ( Q.4:34










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