Leaving Islam



As a Muslim woman I cannot pretend to agree with your assertion that Islam is full of lies and against women.  Let it be known, that in the Bible Eve was blamed for Adams downfall.  Let it be known, that I Corinthians asserts that the man is the head of the woman and that a woman who walks within the church with her head uncovered is to be full of shame.  Let it be known that in ICorinthians as well a man is the reflection of God while the women is merely the reflection of man.  


As for your views about the rights of women in other religions, I agree with you but that does not lessen or justify the inhumane treatment of women in Islam. Who is saying women should be treated the way Bible says? Though women in Christianity and Judaism are treated much more humanely than in Islam these religions denigrate women. As a woman you may have accepted that you are "deficient in intelligence" as Muhammad said, be happy to have half of the rights of a man, obey your husband and be beaten by him, but as a father I do not wish my daughter to be treated in this way.









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