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Could you explain what is evolution and why everything happens at its pace as we so rightly see in our everyday lives?  To elaborate further - the birth process, the death process, why do we eat & drink, why do we fall ill and equally, why and how are we cured and where does the cure come from???


Your questions are philosophical and I am not a philosopher so my answer is I dont know! 

However, I am quite intrigued by the questions and would like to spend some thought on them and share those thoughts with you. Of course I could be wrong. 

Evolution is a fact not a theory. Strangely, even in this day of science and knowledge there is no want of people who believe in fables such as creation. In an article Chance or Intelligence I explained how evolution takes place. Nature makes simple building blocks and those blocks form more complex blocks that in their turn jointly form yet even more complex and structured organisms. So evolution takes place in steps, through trial and error and no maker or creator is needed. Zillions of chemical reactions take place each second, only one or a few of them succeed. But the sheer mind-boggling number of these reactions makes the successes innumerable. Please spare a few minutes and read that article.

The question is: what is success and what is failure? Why things happen this way? Why when hydrogen and oxygen combine they produce water?  Why the water should always go downhill? Why the Earth rotates around the Sun? How organisms are born, grow and die? The answer to these profound questions amazingly is very simple. There is a natural law in place and all things in this universe abide by it. I call this the Single Principle. The Single Principle is the principle of evolution. It is HOW things become, HOW they work, HOW they interact, HOW they come to be and HOW they cease to be. The Single Principle is HOW and everything else is WHAT. You, I, this planet, and the entire universe are WHAT. We are things, we are beings and all beings are subject to change. We are becoming, evolving, are born, grow and die. We are all subject to this law. This law is the Single Principle underlying the creation. I have explained this subject a little bit more in detail in an article that called "Life Beyond and The Single Principle".









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