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41- I am a Muslim who, after reading your articles, am having some doubts.  The only thing that is hindering me from apostasizing is the fear of hell.

Appeal to Force is not a logical argument. This is called Argumentum ad baculum and it is a fallacy. It is not a logic but a threat. This argument could be (and is often used) by most of the religions. Since not all of them can be true, the argument is not a valid argument to establish the truth of any claim. 

Argumentum ad baculum is used to bully people into submission with threats and fear mongering. 

Everything that Muhammad said is proven to be wrong. Read about the errors of Quran in this site. This proves that Muhammad was not a messenger of God. He was a narcissist and a psychopath who manipulated ignorant people of Arabia with his lies so they could kill others, loot and make him rich and powerful. How can the creator of this universe be so petty and ruthless to put people in hell and torture them for eternity for not believing in him? Why he should even care that a bunch of naked apes in the planet Earth believe in him or not? Just envision the size of this universe and ask yourself could possibly the creator of this magnificent universe be so sadistic? 

No my friend, Muhammad lied in everything he said. This is obvious when you see how many mistakes he made in Quran. So you can be more than sure that he lied also about Hell. But it worked. Many people throughout the centuries believed in his lies and feared to question his authority. Therefore this sick man maintained his dominance on the mind of the gullible for 1400 years. In fact if you read the Muslims' comments in this page, you'll see this fear is the only argument that they present.  

Do not allow a fear mongering psychopath dictate your life. Read the Quran and see for yourself that Islam is not a religion of God.     








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