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37- But then again, why is it after all that, Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world?

This is the biggest lie that Muslims love to tell. The truth is that Islam is a religion in fast demise.  

People in Islamic countries are poor and uneducated. Poor and uneducated people have higher birth rate. That is why the population is Islamic countries is growing faster than the population is civilized countries where birth control is in effect.  

In the Western countries also Muslims are growing faster than other groups because they are escaping from the poverty of their countries of birth and are immigrating in the search of a better. Muslims growth is due to procreation and not conversion.    

The following is taken from Friday Times, Lahore: On not so good news about British Pakistanis by Khaled Ahmed 

"The figure of 700,000 [population of Pakistanis in UK] has grown from 5000 in 1951. Today, because of high birth-rate, fully 47 percent of them are under the age of 16, as compared to 17 percent for whites. They have the highest unemployment rate, five times more than the British average; and crime rate is higher among them than in any other community. Fully 2 percent of the prisoners rotting in British jails are Pakistanis, the highest for any one community."

The number of the people that are embracing Islam is minimal compared to the number of the born Muslims who are leaving Islam. Moreover, those who are enrolling in Islam are often undereducated, lower class people of the American Inner-cities. They are mostly blacks who are resentful of the whites and who see Islam as a sort of protest against the white man and his religion. On the other hand those who leave Islam are the Intellectuals and the educated class who cannot put up with the nonsense that is written in the Quran. However, those who leave Islam leave it silently. They are often concerned for their own safety. They know too well the criminal nature of Islam and the way it deals with the apostates. Therefore they do not announce their separation from Islam publicly. But those who embrace Islam are announced with trumpets.  

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