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What you write are all facts and true. Like what the present Jews say "The only good Arab is the Dead Arab"

Yes what I write is true, but I do not foment hate against people. I love all humanity and make no distinction between Arabs, Jews, blacks or whites and I don't think this is what the present Jews say. 

The reason I fight Islam is because it is a doctrine of hate. I am against Islam for the same reason I am against Nazism. Judaism and Christianity have had violent pasts too. But few Christians or Jews turn to terrorism because of their faith. If they do, it is despite of it. Muslim terrorists are destroying lives everywhere and have plunged many countries into the Dark Ages. We have to get rid of the doctrines that inseminate hate so we can be able to embrace each other as humans.  

You must make a distinction between Muslims and Islam. Muslims are the primary victims of this barbaric cult. You must love them despite their arrogance, bigotry and hatred towards non-Muslims. I am not preaching turning the other cheek, but we have to realize Muslims are hostages of Islam.  Violence only breeds violence. It is the hate, and the doctrines that promote hate that we should make the target of our attack not the people.  Many Arabs have turned away from Islam and they are the salt of the earth. 


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