Evolution as Science vs the Intellectual Hypocrisy of Creation Theory

(Updated: January, 2014)


For thousands of years, scientists were searching for answer to the mystery of biological origin on our planet, because scientists could not quite accept incoherent religious folklore stories of “Creation Theory” fed by ancient Prophets. Then came the great genius, Charles R. Darwin, a naturalist, born in England on February 12, 1809. Charles Darwin gave us the revolutionary and most acceptable theory of creation, called the “Theory of Evolution”. Darwin explained his theory in his book “On the origin of species” in 1859, detailing the theory of evolution of the biological world by the process of variation, reproduction and natural selection.

Evolution established the fact that life has a long history of change over millions of years and different groups of species share common ancestor. For example, human beings, chimpanzees, and gorillas were evolved from a common ancestor that lived between 4 and 10 million years ago, while the common ancestor of human beings and reptiles lived about 300 million years ago, and so on. It was from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution later scientists concluded how simple organic and inorganic materials might have formed early primordial soup to give rise to single-cell organism deep under the sea; and how humans and all other organisms were evolved from such basic life-forms by millions of years of evolutionary process. Darwin’s theory was a dangerous idea as it boldly opposed centuries-old hypothesis of God and religious creationism. Evolution totally annihilated the theory of “Adam and Eve”, and put “Apes” at the family tree of humans.

Evolution is probably the greatest triumph of human discovery. It is not a peripheral subject but the central organizing principle of both biological and cosmological sciences today. Almost 98% of world’s biologists and also other scientists today have accepted the Theory Evolution, because it is the only theory that explains the origin of life on earth. Besides, the entire biological phenomena are only compatible with Darwin’s theory and not compatible with the religious creation theory at all. Evolution is as well documented as any phenomenon in science, as strongly as the Earth’s revolution around the sun rather than vice versa. Therefore, we can call evolution a “Fact”. Today’s biological sciences are directly expanding on the basis of Darwin’s evolution theory. Without believing in evolution one can not understand and agree with the modern miracles of biomedical science. The revolution of modern biomedical science and also biological field in general can only be understood and realized on the basis of evolutionary process.

Opinions of various Scientific Societies about Evolution:

Today, almost all scientists have embraced evolution, because only on the basis of evolution can scientists explain, verify, and understand all the scientific mysteries that are happening in the modern world. Biological science is totally dependent on evolutionary phenomena. Darwin’s theory of Biological Evolution is one of the most robust products of scientific inquiry. It is the foundation for research in many areas of biology as well as an essential element of science education today.

In September 2005, a long list of World Nobel Laureates initiatives defended the evolutionary science and outright rejected the efforts by the proponents of the so-called “intelligent design” and urge the Kansas State Board of Education to maintain Darwinian evolution as the sole curriculum and science standard in the State of Kansas (12).

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) which representing 22 professional societies and 84,000 scientists that range from single molecules to public health—strongly considers evolution a critical topic in science education and unanimously supports the teaching of evolution in the American class rooms. FASEB strongly opposes mandating the introduction of creationism, intelligent design, and other non-scientific concepts into the curricula of science. FASEB also believes that, in science, a theory is a coherent explanation of natural phenomena based on direct observation or experimentation. Theories are logical, predictive, and testable. They are open to criticism and when shown to be false, they are modified or dismissed. Using this definition, evolution is categorized with other scientific theories such as gravity or atomic theory, which, like evolution, are universally accepted among scientists (13).

FASEB also considers that the evolution is among the most thoroughly tested theories in the biological sciences. It is supported by volumes of scientific evidence in numerous fields, including genetics, biochemistry, developmental biology, comparative anatomy, immunology, geology, and paleontology. Moreover, evolution lays the foundation for much of what we know about genetics, immunology, antibiotic resistance, human origins, and the adaptation of species to a changing environment.Removing evolution from the classroom, or misrepresenting evolution as a flawed theory, deprives students of one of the most important tenets of science and the basis of our understanding of biology and medicine, including pandemic influenza and AIDS.

In contrast to evolution, intelligent design and creationism are not science because they fail to meet the essential and necessary requirements: they are not based on direct observation or experimentation nor do they generate testable predictions. Therefore, offering these beliefs as alternatives to evolution or giving them equal time in science classes completely misrepresents the nature of science.

Inter-Academy-Panel (IAP) of the whole world recognizes the evolution as the true science and this Panel strongly considers that—the origins and evolution of the Earth and of life on this planet have been established by numerous observations and independently derived experimental results from a multitude of scientific disciplines. Even if there are still many open questions about the precise details of evolutionary change, scientific evidence has never contradicted the theory of evolution (14).

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has categorically rejected the idea of the so called “Intelligent Designer” or “God’s theory” to have equal status like the well established scientific theory of “Darwin’s Evolution” amongst the scientific societies of the whole world. Because, the contemporary theory of biological evolution is one of the most dependable products of scientific inquiry (15).

Believing in both the theories of Evolution & Creationism is pure hypocrisy:

Can we have our faith both in religion as well as in science, at the same time? I believe it is not possible to put our strong faith in religious folklores and also in scientific facts! Because, religion and science are like oil and water—one can not mix with the other. More precisely, can anybody believe in orthodoxy of religion and also believe in Darwin’s evolution? How can one believe in “evolution theory” and also believe in “creation theory”? To me it is utterly impossible to have true faith on both!

In this 21st century period of great triumphant in science, the era of computer and rockets, we still can find many believing scientists; especially, amongst the Muslims these very believing scientists (having deep faith in religion) are plenty and abundant in number. I wonder how these believing scientists can cope with their belief both in science and religion! I have seen many Muslim born scientists working in the scientific laboratories, doing research in biological, or may be in the cosmological fields—yet they are strong believers in Islam. I have no clue how they could preserve their faith in religion even though they tend to believe in true science. Out of my sheer curiosity, I had asked several of my friends who were working as doctors, research scientists in biological and chemical laboratories. When I asked them if they believe in Darwin’s evolution theory; they replied yes! When asked about the religious creation theory; they all remained silent. Then they tried to make some futile arguments that evolution theory does not really contradict religious creation theory, etc! I told them that, this is their utter dishonesty. Dear readers, please bear with me, I will explain my logic, as to, why I am calling them dishonest and intellectual hypocrites.

What is the biological origin of our world?

(A) Creation of Religions!

For hundreds of thousands of years, mankind was wondering about their origin and destination—where they came from, and where they are going after their death. They were wondering about their surroundings, mysterious universe—sky, stars, sun, moon, days and nights, deaths, diseases, sorrows, and happiness, but they had no clue what and how everything was happening. Then, ancient people created some religions by their imaginations; their main ingredients of creating religions were—existence of soul, fear and superstitions. They created their respective God, Angels Satan, hell, heavens, etc. They made these personal gods ‘readily talkative’ just like human. Many of these Gods such as Jewish Zehuba, Christian God, and especially Allah of Islam is like super-human—can talk, can see, feel, and get terribly angry if followers do not worship Him, gets happy if they worship Him and promises them some absurd lustful things in the heaven; and threatens them with dreadful hell punishments. Islamic Allah even has His decorative super throne established somewhere in the sky in which He is sitting surrounded by His arch Angel Gabriel and other deputies of the flocks of innumerous brigades of Angels. Creators of these imaginary Gods also created some so called Prophets like Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. God used to converse regular basis with these so called Prophets like a big Boss talking with His employees and His (God) talks were the sources of Books like: Torah, Bible, Ghita, and Koran.

Religious Creation Theory—is the pure blind faith with no proof or logic that, a super “intelligent designer” (God, Allah, Zehuba, Baghban, etc) has created human from wet clay or mud, shaped man as His own image and gave soul inside the dummy human by blowing spirit from His holy mouth—and that man was Adam—the first human. God also created a woman “Hawa” or “Eve” from the ribs of first human “Adam” and these two human—Adam and Hawa were the source of entire human race today. Rest of everything on earth was made simply by saying: “BE” or “Happen” by the wish of mighty GOD. According to religion, everything begun just 6-7 thousand years ago. As per Quran, and Biblical genesis—everything on earth were created by only 6 days. There were no transformations, metamorphosis or change, everything begun as it is, exactly what we can see now in the present time. Examples: first human (Adam) was exactly the same what we are now, first tiger was the same, first cow was the same etc. etc. All theories of these religions are only a blind belief in unseen, unproven, illogical, and full of ridiculous superstitions and bunch of contradictions between them. There was no scope of proving or verification, no scientific basis of experimentation and validation to these superstitious folklore stories of all various religions in the whole world.

(B) Scientific Creation Theory

Darwin’s Theory of biological origin, which is known as “Evolution Theory” has been widely accepted by all scientists. According to the evolution theory—the creator is called “NATURE” or “MOTHER NATURE” and not any personal God like religious God or so called “intelligent designer”. This is the only accepted scientific version of creation of life on Earth. Entire biological science is firmly standing on the shoulder of evolution theory today. In brief: Evolution theory believes that, life (unicellular) was originated from the original chemical constituents of oceanic atmosphere (primordial soup) and by changes for billions of years. In brief—water was the pre-component in which life started in the primordial soup in the hot-pot containing energy and atmospheric elements to make amino-acid. Recent pioneer research  claim that—Earth’s own chemical energy and rich protein heat-up into hydro-thermal bed deep under the ocean overtime and this mixer jump-started life by producing living single cells from which animal and plant kingdoms originated. Rest is the game of evolutionary changes for billions of years. The unicellular stage of life remained under the sea for almost 3.5 billion years and multicellular life originated from the single cell only during the last 600 million years ago. It was from multicellular organism higher animal kingdom arose, and large animals like dinosaurs arose only 250 million years ago, and dinosaurs were destroyed by meteor-storms some 65 million years ago. And mammalian species came after that from which human species was evolved about 3-6 million years ago, as the descendant from animal world. First human was not like us and they were more like Apes (Homo Erectus, Neanderthal and transitional types between Neanderthal and modern man) and by gradual evolutionary changes for millions of years—modern humans have been finally evolved.

Biological Evolution in brief:

The basic idea of biological evolution is that all life on Earth shares a common ancestor of prehistoric origin, just as me and my cousins share a common grandmother. Through the gradual process of descent with modification, the common ancestor of life on Earth gave rise to the enormous diversity of species that we see around us today; and mankind gathered this knowledge only through the painstaking researches with the fossil records by many archeologists and biologists around the world. Evolution means that we’re all distant cousins: humans, apes, and oak trees, hummingbirds and whales. The key fact of evolution is that life has a long history—it has changed over time—and that different species share common ancestors. Evolution in biological world are caused by a combination of three main processes: variation, reproduction, and natural selection. Natural selection is one of the basic mechanisms of evolution, along with mutation, migration, and genetic drift. Most importantly, “survival of the fittest” is the basic mantra of Darwin’s evolution. Darwin discovered the revolutionary theory of evolution that has changed the entire course of science and society for ever. [For detail on evolution please read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evolution]

Flawed arguments by believers!

Believing scientists and western educated Muslims mullahs have a common erroneous notion of critiquing Darwin’s evolution theory on the basis of their uneducated argument like: “how man could have originated from Monkey, yet we still have monkey around us!” This is totally wrong perception by those believing scientists/educated folks, and they are doing it only to preserve their blind-faith on religion. Evolution theory did not say that at all. Evolution theory only said that—Primates (Humans and Apes, Chimpanzees, etc) originated from one prehistoric ancestor, period. Scientists discovered that, Chimpanzees and people possess almost identical sets of genes, so the genes that have changed down the human lineage also hold the key to what makes people human. The comparison should pinpoint the genetic differences that have arisen in the two species since they split from a common ancestor some six million years ago. This is the key of Darwin’s evolution theory of biological world today.

Before Darwin’s revolutionary theory of evolution—species were not linked in a single “family tree”. They were unconnected, unrelated and unchanged since the moment of their creation. And Earth itself was thought to be so young—perhaps only 6,000 years old—that there would not have been time for species to change. In any case, people were not part of the natural world; they were above and outside of it! This wrong perception was originated primarily from religious belief system.

Cosmological evolution: (Copernican principle)!

Evolution theory also fits very well for cosmological world. Like biological world, our cosmological universe also underwent enormous courses of evolution; and in fact,evolutionary changes are happening even now continuously. Many stars are dying and new stars are forming, many other changes and strange things are happening in the cosmos and most importantly, the universe is expanding constantly. I have no scope of describing cosmological evolution in this short article. Therefore, I will try to give a very brief encounter of evolutionary changes of our own planet earth only.

What is Big-bang theory?

The Big Bang theory (suggested by Friedman and Lemaître) is the only popularly believed cosmological model of the universe which is well supported by all lines of scientific evidence and observation. According to Big Bang theory the universe is expanding from a primordial hot and dense initial condition at some finite time in the past and expanding continuously to this day. Moreover, Big Bang in Physics refers to the explosion of SPACE-TIME SINGULARITY (not matter). Matter was not even created when Big Bang happened approximately 15 Billion years ago. Earth was formed billions of years after the Big Bang by sheer cosmic evolutionary process. [Wikepedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang]

Even our Earth was also formed through series of very complex cosmic evolutionary changes. Just a few centuries ago, entire mankind believed Almighty God created this Earth by 6 or 8 days simply by His mighty order “Be” and it happened. Earth was flat and fixed at the middle of the universe (of course, to the billions of gullible believers, it is still flat and situated at the center) Sun and Moon rotates daily to cause day and night on this fixed earth (Koranic and Biblical strong belief) which is known as: Geo-centric cosmology. But only hand counted a few humans like Copernicus, Galileo did believe 180 degree reverse. Copernican principle has changed century old Geo-centric religious cosmological theory to a rock-solid scientifically proven theory of Helio-centric cosmology. World knows very well how a few great scientists like Copernicus, Brno, Keplar and Galileo completely changed thousands years old scriptural dictums, and how Galileo suffered wraths from Vatican Pope. Finally, Copernicus and Galileo moved our earth from center to the periphery of our own universe; as Charles Darwin gave us the most acceptable theory of the “origin of species” which has explained how human was descent from the animal world by series of evolutionary process. How can any modern human do believe in “Geo-centric cosmology” (Religious) instead of believing in “Helio-centric cosmology” (Science)?

Evolution of our planet earth in brief: Scientists were never satisfied with the religious folklore stories of cosmology and they agreed with the Big-bang theory of cosmological evolution. Evolutionary steps (on the basis of fossil records) of our Planet Earth can be summarized as follows: Our cosmological universe is about 15 Billion years old. But our planet earth is about 4.5 Billion years old. Earth underwent innumerous changes and metamorphosis for billions of years. Initial stage was a big molten fire ball because of continuous bombardments of millions of meteorites from the outer space and it took millions of years to cool down and was covered with water for millions of years; and then covered with ice and vise-versa for millions of years. And then, at about 3.5 Billions years ago—super continent “Rodenia” was formed and at the same period—first life preameba like single cell organism was formed deep under the sea from primordial soup which later formed fossilized mats of cyanobacteria called stromatolites which was going to be our great ancestor and the origin of future life on earth; life still remained under the deep sea. About 2.2 Billion years ago oxygen was plenty from oceanic algae and supercontinent “Rodenia” was broken into five continents, by the movement of tectonic plates, and ice age came again and covered the whole world. Ice-age was over again and ocean was blue by oxygen formation and again ice-age covered the earth destroying everything over the earth and only life under the sea survived. These repetition of changes continued until 700 million years ago, when life (algae) began to flourish again under the sea with the formation of plenty of oxygen, green vegetables, tree, lush green, oxygen formed tremendous amount, greenery and tiny bacterial growth still continued under the ocean.

Ice age started again and most life was perished and ice age ended 650 million years ago. About 630 millions years ago—vegetations on earth bloomed again. About 500 million years ago, plant-life exploded with sweltering high level of oxygen. At about 450 million years ago, new super continent “Great Panzia” was formed again and green algae formed under the sea. Modern atmosphere, ozone layers started to form, life mostly bacteria and green algae still remained under the water. About 400 millions years ago, life came to the shore due to excess oxygen and formation of ozone layer to protect life on the land. About 300 million years ago, entire world become a tropical swamp, lots of plants and greens vegetations, various biological life bombarded and, various types of multicellular life formed, Ozone layers were much thicker. About 250 million years ago, again started myriads volcanic eruptions and bombardment of meteors which destroyed everything that was formed and 95% of earth biology was destroyed again.

About 240 million years ago, again oxygen and various life forms evolved, muticellular large animals evolved, dinosaurs evolved and plenty of lust green dense forest developed as a result oxygen formation increased tremendously and more new modern life were formed. About 180 million years ago, due to tectonic movements super continent “Great Panzia” broke again and separated forming five 5 different continents. Fossil records indicated that about 100 million years ago, Dinosaurs ruled the entire earth. 75 million years ago, frequent volcanic eruptions and ashes made the land more fertile, big plants, lush green everything greatly flourished, then 65 million years ago—came the meteor rains and 95% of life was extinct along with all the dinosaurs and the era of dinosaurs was gone.

About 50 million years ago, life slowly started to evolve again and first mammal started to flourish, different mammalian life flourished, continents changed, earthquake, volcanoes erupted, many mountains formed, Himalayan formed, Swiss Alps formed by collision between two continents—Africa and Europe. Lands become very fertile, plants and various vegetations grown vigorously, giving enormous amount of oxygen. About 2-6 million years ago, early ape-like Humans were evolved from mammals in Kenya, Africa. Early humans were spread to Europe, Asia from African continent. Ice age formation is continuous and ice age came and gone. Ice-age were happened repeatedly every 10-15 thousands years apart; civilization destroyed and again new civilization was formed from the remnants of the past. Gaps between ice age were 10-15 thousands years and present human civilization is about 10,000 years old.

I have narrated the above very complex and lengthy evolutionary process of our planet Earth only to show how silly, laughable, and incredibly wrong religious creation theory is! During the entire 4.5 Billions years, the incredible journey of our planet earth determined which life will survive or which life will be perished (Survival of the fittest). Next ice age will come after 15,000 years and everything on earth will be destroyed. Scientists predict that after about 200 million years from now, our planet earth will again form super continent by tectonic movements. Deadly turmoil will happen and mass extinction of all species will occur.

After 2 billion years from now, our planet earth will loose its fire power (heat) the source of all power will be gone, and the earth will be dead planet like the planet Mars. Human civilization may totally gone or some believe that mankind by it’s superior intelligence will discover technology by which they will leave this planet for a distant better planet to make it a new home and life will flourish again! [Source: How life began on earth: earliest history of earth and how it evolved to support varied life; History Chan-120; Tribune Media Service]

Problem of religious creation theory!

If we believe Quranic creation theory, or Biblical genealogy then, the age of this whole universe is less than five thousands year old, and not 4.5 billion years old according to science! Islamic scriptures say that Allah has created this heaven and earth, from nothingness, within six days and after that He created Adam, the first human being; and Prophet Muhammad was the 90th descendant of Adam. According to calculation, considering 30 years to be the age difference between two successive generations, Allah created this heaven and earth only 4,137 years ago. Even, we consider a very liberal calculation of Biblical genealogy with clear perceptions from Adam (First human) to Jesus, and from there we can easily make up where lies the position of Prophet Muhammad; the age of this universe (religious universe consists of merely earth and sun, moon and stars, sky according to Islamic scriptures, because Allah could not see anything else in the cosmos!) can not be more than 6000 years, period. We can see how ridiculous this religious theory against scientific theory? On the contrary, geological experts say that the Earth is more than 4.5 billion years old.

Islamists tend to argue that Koran did not specify any time-line for this universe; but they can never deny that Muhammad came after 500 years of Jesus, and rest is in Bible. So no excuse because the religious book called Koran never gave any time-frame. Koran also did not tell that this universe is millions of years old. Koran is a book having no chronology, no chapters, ample redundancies, and many irregularities and myriads of scientific errors and contradictions. Koran did not tell about age because Koran was copied from various religions and made up from ancient folklores and superstitions. Can you imagine existence of Gins? This was folklore belief in Arabia much before Islam. So, how anybody can expect any real time-frame of this universe from the Koran?

How believing scientists behave with the evolution!

Some western religionists and also many Islamists (believing scientists) often try to ridicule about evolution in order to protect the obvious fallacies of the creation theory of religion. Most Islamists and orthodox religionists of other religions are also trying to discard evolution theory; but interestingly, some smart but ardently believing scientists’ even attempt with their futile explanations that religious creation theory in fact correctly matches with the evolution theory! This is of course a hypocrisy and totally impossible and weird dream by those Islamists. Non-muslim western believing scientists usually remain silent about this double standard. These believing scientists pretend to believe in creation theory as long as they stay at home and inside the Churches and Mosques; but in their laboratories, they of course believe in Darwin evolution theory! Believing scientists and all Mullahs are the champion hypocrites in this mortal world. Because, they think about God, they believe in God, and say always that their ‘life and death’ depends only in God’s/Allah’s hands, but when get sick then they immediately run to the doctor or hospital, and after getting cured by the doctor, they claim Allah cured them, and they thank only Allah, and not the doctors! What a hypocrisy!

Problem with the so called believing scientists is that, they would like to mix religious theory with that of evolution theory, which is their double standard. Religion had been at odds with science, still is at odds, and it will remain so until all religions would take demise from this mortal world. This is pure and simple. Now, to compete with science, every religionists searching science in their own scriptures with a massive magnifying glass. Islam is the champion in this line. Alas, there could be no science in the scriptures of Islam or in any religion for sure. Don’t we remember that just a few century ago, entire mankind believed that earth is flat, fixed at the center of our universe (Geo-centric cosmology) because they were fed these lies from Bible and Koran? One can not and should not mix religion with science at all!

For the last 100 years or so, galloping advancement of biological science is purely on the basis of EVOLUTION THEORY of Darwin and definitely not on the basis ofCREATION THEORY of Religion. Science does not believe in CREATION theory and Religion does not believe in EVOLUTION theory. Truth is, if religion is mixed-up with evolution theory then, we shall have to consider Adam as Ape-like Neanderthal or Homo-erectus early human having smaller brain, and not a perfect human having all the intelligential qualities, as the Bible or Quran described so eloquently for all believers!

Personal God or Mother Nature?

Truly, no scientist can believe in any personal God or so called “intelligent designer”. Scientists ought to believe or do believe in mighty natural force ( “The Nature” common westerners call it “Mother Nature” and I call it “Natural God”)—created by the natural actions on: physical, chemical and gravitational forces of our universe: Sun, Moon, Earth and all other Planets, Waters, Air, Heat, Cold, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, etc etc. This natural God can not talk, can not see or feel, does not have any hatred nor has any love for anything in the universe, do not ask for worshiping, do not care for anything from us, it does independently what it was set to do having no accountability to anybody! For billions of years, it continues to do what it supposed to do without caring for anything in it’s path, and we along with all creations are by products and enjoy good things of this force (bounties) and also suffer wraths and destructions of this same force indiscriminately (Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews, non-believers all alike, all animals, insects, plants, and no body spared). Because natural God do not recognizes any class. We all are just by products of the natural game continued for ever, for billions of years.

It can be boldly claimed that almost no world-famous scientist ever believed in creation theory, or believed in any form of human-like God—called personal God. The greatest scientist of all time Albert Einstein (though he was a son of Jewish rabbi and believed in Judaism in his early childhood) never believed in any form of conventional personal God in his later age. Here is what the famous scientist Albert Einstein said about so called Personal God:

I cannot conceive of a God who rewards and punishes his creatures, or has a will of the kind that we experience in ourselves. Neither can I nor would I want to conceive of an individual that survives his physical death; let feeble souls, from fear or absurd egoism, cherish such thoughts. I am satisfied with the mystery of the eternity of life and with the awareness and a glimpse of the marvelous structure of the existing world, together with the devoted striving to comprehend a portion, be it ever so tiny, of the Reason that manifests itself in nature.”— (Albert Einstein, The World as I See It.)

Diseases and natural calamities!

As per religions: All superstitions and fear mongering nonsense are the products of religions. All the diseases and natural calamities (Tsunami, tornados, Cyclones, earthquake, volcanic eruptions etc) are God’s wraths as the divine punishments (Gazaab) from Allah, God, Baghavan or any deity—as all religious books including Koran, Bible, Gita etc deliriously told to ancient mankind. Consider, just a few centuries ago, people were so ignorant about all natural calamities that they could never understood how and why they happened! Religious deities like Allah, God or Baghavan etc bragged that they are giving these only to punish the sinners. People did not know when rain will fall, when tornado will hit their land. Allah shamelessly bragged in Koran that, “no human will ever know when rain will come or what will be the sex of a baby inside the womb”. Average longevity of humans can not be changed since Allah or God of religions emphatically told in Koran/Bible that it is He who decides—who dies when or how many years or days one human lives etc. That is, human’s longevity had been fixed already by Allah; hence it

can not be changed by any means. Average human’s longevity should remain static for all nations of the whole world since personal God can not do any partiality to any nation. Ancient people were completely helpless and dependant on these ridiculous Gods, unnecessarily died of their ignorance. Just couple of hundreds years back, mankind never knew what causes the diseases in man and animals! Not long ago, plague, cholera, small pox used to eradicates entire population of a village or a town and there was no treatment at all. All religions told mankind that—these were wraths (Al-Gazzab) from Allah/God only to punish the sinners!

As per science: We have learned from science that, diseases affecting man and animal kingdom is caused by living organisms (Bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, toxins, etc) and not caused by divine punishments (Gazaab) from Allah, God, Baghavan, or any deity. Humans (not any God) have gathered knowledge about myriads of disease causing agents: almost 5000 different species of viruses, and up to 1 million species of bacteria. They presumably infect all of the 4,500 species of mammals including humans. When exactly any world religion, or any deity ever told about these disease causing agents; could any believing scientist answer this question?

All calamities on Earth (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tornados, Cyclone, Floods, Tsunami, Rains, Snows, Blizzards etc etc.) are natural physical and chemical phenomena of Earth’s rotations and gravitational force, Sun’s heat, water and air—and not divine punishments for the sinners, as Koran and Bible deliriously told the ancient followers! Human longevity can definitely be increased and it is increasing every year in the modern world simply by modern improved life style. Just thousand years ago (during 11th century period) humans longevity on earth was only 30 years long. Now, average longevity is much higher (78-84) in the developed/western world (like: Sweden, Japan, USA etc) and much lower (41-51) in the poor or underdeveloped Third World nations like Nepal, Somalia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh etc. End of this century—human longevity will reach near 150 years and will keep increasing by the next century by more new discoveries to protect good health and by the miracles of more biomedical discoveries.

By the way, no world religion ever told that, human longevity can be changed/improved or prolonged by the exercise and better treatment or by good life style. Quranic God also never mentioned that—good life style or physical exercise can keep good health and human can extend their life-span by regular exercise or by better medicine. Instead, Quran emphatically declared: (Quran 35:11) …And no female conceives, or lays down (her load), but with His Knowledge.  Nor is a man long-lived granted length of days, nor is a part cut off from his life, but is in a Decree (ordained). All this is easy to God. Quran: (56:60)- We have decreed (ordained)your time of death fixed, and I am not incapable of doing that…

Now, if we are to believe these two above Quanic dictums, I do not see how the average longevities of humans are increasing today. But, we all know that is happening, and believe for sure that, human longevity can be prolonged by good life style and regular exercise.

Achievements of biomedical science: Success list is so long that it is not possible to include everything that has been discovered by humans out of scientific innovations. So far, mankind solved lots of puzzles about our mysterious universe only by the help of science and will learn about many more puzzles (yet to be solved) with the help of scientific progress in the near future. Especially, mysteries of biological world have been much clear and logical to understand on the basis of Darwin’s evolution process. Just 50 to 60 years back medical science was so primitive, changing somebody’s heart, kidneys, or eyes were unthinkable and people even did not dream for it. Now human’s advancement in science made it quite possible and bio-medical miracles of organ transplantations have made a radical change to the health science, life style, and longevity of mankind. Scientists are now able to make multiple organs transplantation and face transplantation too! Epidemics like Plague, Cholera, small pox etc do not eradicate entire population of a village or town any more!

Now, it is beyond our comprehension what more medical miracles will happen by the next century or two! Test tube baby, Cloning baby, Organ transplantation, Longevity changes, Sex Changes, fertility changes by treatment etc. etc. are some bio-medical miracles readily happening today! We can not expect to believe that the so called “intelligent designer” or God suddenly changed His mind and decided to give 4, 6, or 8 babies to one mother (recent octuplets case in California) or 65 year old lady to give birth baby either. Fertility treatment is making all these miracles possible.

Possibilities are enormous and unlimited. Humans already can create new and modified plants and fruits, or increase of food grains by grafting or selective cross-breeding or animals by cloning or by cross breeding; scientists are able to create a new kind of human or create half-human and half-animal by cloning; and who knows what more miracle humans can create by next several centuries! Humans will create new organs by stem cell research to keep in the laboratory (Organ stores for sale) and people will be able to replace their diseased or dysfunctional organs with newly built organs and continue to living longer. End of this century—human longevity may reach near 200 years and keep increasing by the next century.

European scientists have announced pioneering surgery by successful transplantation of a human windpipe using a patient’s own stem cells to fashion an organ and prevent its rejection by her immune system. That means, scientists are able to create windpipe in the laboratory. Stem cell research will make a revolution of new discoveries in the field of biomedical science in the near future; and possibilities of medical miracles can be seen clearly in the horizon of health science. According to a study in Chicago, USA, scientists also getting closer to creating an artificial life in the laboratory. Scientists have discovered a more efficient way of building a synthetic genome that could one day enable them to create artificial life. Scientists are also getting close to make artificial blood in the laboratory to use for the surgical patients. Scientists have decoded the chimp genome and compared it with that of humans, a major step toward defining what makes people human and developing a deep insight into the evolution of human sexual behavior.

May 17, 2013: Scientists have successfully changed skin cells into embryonic stem cells, marking the first time human stem cells were cloned by transferring the nucleus of another cell. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University and the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) were able to create embryonic stem cells, which are valuable for research because they can be turned into any other cell type found in the body.

Very recently (2013), Scientists Just grew Human heart tissue that beats with total autonomy in its petri dish home. Using a decellularized mouse heart the researchers in the Pitt School of Medicine was able to repopulate the heart scaffold with the Multipotential Cardiovascular Progenitor (MCP) cells (16).

This is just the tip of ice-berg (of scientific miracles) I have mentioned in this article, and what more miracles will come to this world only from the scientists (not from any God) is beyond our comprehension. But we all know what religions said about all this!


No personal God (like religious “Intelligent Designer”) can or should create so many deadly disease causing organisms only to give mankind monumental health problems; and so many natural disasters and devastations to cause so much destructions, sorrows, and miseries to His own creations! Nor any so called “intelligent designer” can let happen so much biological abnormalities to His biological kingdom. There is no good reason why any God (“Intelligent designer”) will enjoy making: Conjoin babies, Still-born baby, baby with no legs or hands, baby with multiple heads, legs and hands, baby looks like a monster, baby that will survive only a few hours, baby that is going to be a seriously mentally retarded, beautiful baby born with brain tumor or abnormal heart, giving deadly disease like AIDS, and many more human’s developmental abnormalities and untold human miseries. Also, no personal God or so called “intelligent designer” would sit idle only to observe billions of starved and disease-infested humans living in sub-human standard and dying unnecessarily in the world today!

Had there been any existence of “Intelligent Designer” who controls this universe (the way every religion specified) there could be: (a) no organ transplantation, (b) no test tube baby, (c) no heart surgery, (d) no revival of heart patient by cardiac resuscitation, (e) no longevity changes, (f) no bastard child, (g) no cloning baby, (h) no sex changes, (i) no sperm cells making from the stem cell, (j) no modern manipulations of plants, fruit trees and food grains, etc etc; simply because God/Allah would not let humans (mainly kaffirs) to exploit and play with God’s mystery of creation. This would be an utter insult to the God’s divine authority! He (God) would simply put an iron-ban on any human manipulations of His biological and cosmological world.

Darwin’s evolution theory is the only sensible method of understanding our natural phenomena. Evolution is a very lengthy process governed by the nature and not by any personal God of religion; and it is happening every minute, day, month, year and every century continuously. It is not possible to observe this slow process like one can see an apple falling from the tree, or a snake walking down the hill etc. One needs to watch it continuously roaming all over the earth just the way Charles Darwin observed it for many years by his meticulous research with the natural world. Most importantly, Darwin’s greatest theory of “Survival of the Fittest” is unequivocal and uncontroversial, especially for biological world. This theory is undoubtedly true for both plants and animal kingdom.

Bacterial and viral mutations to deceive modern antibiotics, changing ecological world around us is vividly evident, and extinctions of many plants and animal species are also evidences of survival of the fittest theory of Darwin’s evolution. In 2007, Bangladeshi biologists observed that some riverside’s ecology in southern part of the country (Khulna District, adjacent to the Bay of Bengal) has changed completely. Biologists observed that, century long known plants and fruit trees have been extinct and replaced by a whole new generation of new plants and fruit trees, which the local people said they can not identify these new trees and can not find those known trees anymore. Scientists and local people have observed that, this change of ecology has occurred during the last 25-30 years period. Scientists concluded that the increased salinity of the river banks (by sea water) was the main reason of this ecological change.

This kind of ecological changes are evident in many parts of the world and numerous animal species are becoming extinct or totally lost, and in some cases, replaced by new species of threatened animals by adaptation (Mutation) to cope with the changes of ecological environment. Scientists in India discovered a dozen previously unknown species of frogs in the forests of Western Ghats according to a paper published (February 3, 2009) in latest issue of Zoological Journal of Linnean Society, London.  Amphibians are one of the most threatened groups of animal species in the world. Every year dozens of amphibians (Frogs, salamanders and caecilians) are extinct worldwide due to habitat loss, over-collection as food and for the pet trade, the outbreak of a deadly fungal disease, pollution and pesticides, introduced species, and the effects of climate change. Since 1980 more than 200 species of animals are believed to have gone extinct throughout the world.

Fishes and small reptiles living in the hidden water pools inside cave have no eyes, and flowers in arctic land like Alaska can withstand severely freezing cold weather etc, are some of the good examples of the “survival of the fittest” phenomenon. Even in the human world, we can clearly see these competitions of “survival of the fittest theory” working at large, among the various nations, races and creeds.


Darwin’s theory of evolution is standing tall today! Evolution theory is the basis of all biological science and widely accepted by the world’s scientific community. We the humanists, secular scientists, strongly believe in evolution or natural God or “Mother Nature” and we do not believe in any personal God like Allah, Zehuba or Baghavan. Because, we can find many acceptable explanations and proofs from natural or evolutionary creator by which we can be convinced; but we get no proof at all for any religious claims. Therefore, we do not believe in any personal God or any so called “intelligent designer” who always cares for unlimited worshipping from mankind. No scientist can believe in personal God. Great scientists like Einstein never believed in personal God; in fact no scientist in his honesty and sincerity can ever believe in any personal God. Only a few hypocritical scientists still pretend to believe in personal deity at home, but in the laboratory they never can believe in the creation (religious) theory and do believe in evolution theory.

All religious creation theories are ridiculously superstitious and only a blind belief in unseen, unproven, illogical, and full of contradictions between them. Factually, no God or divine body ever spoke with anybody. Prophetic claims are all false and can not be proven, can not take any challenge of proving; hence, when asked for any proof or verification, immediately starts fighting and killing others to subjugate and to suppress those who have difference of opinion. Various blind-faith systems of religions have divided entire mankind into several factions, causing endless conflicts, wars and blood sheds, and all kind of miseries on earth—only in the name of their ridiculous personal Gods. Most of all (the worst thing) all religions try to keep this earth stand-still, no going forward, fossilized in the past and desperately trying to pull the civilized world by the back gear towards ancient time; especially, Islam is vigorously doing this nonsense to take this civilized world to the darkness of 7th century’s Paganism and Arab barbarism.

World religions could not give any solution to the untold mysteries of our universe at all. Religious dogmas only brought some ridiculously fear-mongering superstitions and nonsensical folklore stories. But, persistent and resilient human thirst for knowledge (Science) and human endeavors have brought-forth ample knowledge about our universe; and it is only due to the continuous and painstaking research by the scientists (Cosmologists, Geologists, Physicist, Medical Doctors, Chemists, Biologists, Ecologists, Climatologists etc, etc) alone are opening the knots of many ancient mysteries of our universes day by day!

Science will make belief system in Allah/God totally obsolete soon. All the above mentioned bio-medical miracles are happening only by human manipulations of biological process by new scientific innovations and research. All the above things (mentioned) and more and more scientific miracles will keep happening—because THERE IS NO SUCH THING CALLED “INTELLIGENT DESIGNER” or any personal God who really has any sort of control over the natural or biological world. The miracles of our biological world and all natural phenomena happening around us can only be understood and explained on the basis of Darwin’s revolutionary theory of Evolutionary science.

[This article was dedicated to the celebration of the 200th year of Darwin’s birth by mukta-mona.com]


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Author’s email: [email protected]


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Dette gir fordeler for folk vender dårlig kreditt problemer som CCJs, IVA, konkurs, etterskuddsvis, standard eller sen betaling for å søke om disse lånene og få ønsket mengde i rask tid. Hastigheten av interesse høyere men websøk kan hjelpe låntakere å lande selv en rettferdig avtale. Lånte beløpet kan benyttes enkelt for ulike formål som betaler av uventede regninger, kredittkort regninger, medisinske regninger, av dagligvarer, elektrisitet, gass osv. 12 måneder forbrukslån beste pakken av kontanter Behovet for pengene slutter aldri mens situasjonen og tid ting vokser som kravet til mer penger. Dermed for å gi en følelse av lettelse, mange finans-bedrifter har kommet opp med svarer lån ordninger for å dra av folk som har falt i mørke avgrunn av finansielle knase. For å takle tilbyr hinder selskapene en lukrativ lån ordning kalt 12 måned forbrukslån. Lånet anlegget er i hovedsak gunstig for arbeider eller lønnede klasse leter lån å møte deres daglige behov. Kreditten også gir prosedyren involvert noen spørsmål om arbeidet betegnelse, evnen til lån nedbetaling og andre relaterte tilleggsinformasjon. På den andre er tilbakebetaling av dette lånet enkelt der folk kan betale i avdrag i tid. Å erverve 12 måneders forbrukslån en person må ha en aktiv bankkonto, han/hun må tilhører Storbritannia og må være en arbeider person med minst seks måneder lønn slip å vise. Trenger haster penger å holde liv hekk i sjakk? Hvis du er lønnede personen så trenger ikke å bekymre deg fordi du har nå bedre alternativ å nyte lett lån etter jobb betegnelsen. 12 måneders forbrukslån er slike lånefasilitet hvor du kan nyte enkel kreditt anlegget som din jobb betegnelse og tilbakebetaling kapasitet. 12 måneder forbrukslån er investeringer som er tilgjengelig for alle slags karakter. Det er gjort blant dårlige og gode kreditt ranker. Dette gjør det klart at en person med berøvet finansielle rating kan ta tak i dette penger. Penger pakken som vil få en i denne kreditten er rolig nok. Ulike lyster og ønsker på personen kan oppfylles med dette penger. Dette penger kan brukes til å møte noen av de hjemlige kostnadene som betaling av strømregningen, telefonregning, betale kontingent av kredittkortet ditt, gjenopprette utgiftene til renovering av din hjem etc. Man kan enkelt lage program for dette lånet uten noe svinn av tid og uten å sette noen innsats for samme. Det er ingen papir credential spurt av utlåner for å gjøre en klage. I stedet tilbys online søknad anlegget i hver enkelt. Dette er den best måten for hele personen for å gjøre øyeblikkelige program. Den aller første tingen som personen har å gjøre for å lage en underskriftskampanje for lånet er logge på nettstedet til utlåner, og derfra har sende medfølgende innlevering skjemaet til utlåner. Enkelt må sørge for at han har gitt alle riktig detaljer i skjemaet. 15 reverse forbrukslån myter avdekket Mens reverse forbrukslån blir stadig mer populært det er fortsatt mange tankefeil om dem som skal ryddes. Disse misforståelsene er ikke de eneste finner du. De som er nevnt i denne artikkelen men er det mest utbredte. Denne artikkelen vil fokusere på oppklaring topp 15 reverse forbrukslån myter. 1. banken overtar eierskapet av eiendommen. Dette er en av de største mytene rundt. Omvendt lån er lån. Som alle andre lån beholder låntakeren etiketten. 2. egenskapen må ha null gjeld på den. En egenskap med en utestående forbrukslån kan fortsatt kvalifisere. Utestående forbrukslån beløp kan betales med omvendt forbrukslånet. 3. kostnader er høy. Alle avsluttende kostnader kan finansieres dermed kutte den fryktede ut av lomma kostnader vanligvis forbundet med et vanlig forbrukslån. Disse lånene er regulert av FHA så bare HUD godkjent avgifter er tillatt. 4. betalinger månedlig. Denne type lån krever ikke betaling, bare når lånet er grunn eller andre omstendigheter oppstår som låner flytter eller forgår. 5. låntaker får midler umiddelbart. Låntaker kan velge hvor de vil motta betalinger via følgende alternativer: nåverdi, månedlige innbetalinger eller som en linje av kreditt trukket som låner ser passe. Låntakere kan også velge å motta midler i en kombinasjon av det over omtalte veier. 6. hjem egenkapital konvertering forbrukslån (HECM)-lån håndteres av Federal Housing Authority (FHA) eller regjeringen. Disse lånene utstedes privat. Regjeringens rolle er bare for å sikre mot standard og ingenting mer. 7. kun visse hjem er kvalifisert: nesten hver enkelt type hjem er kvalifisert for denne type forbrukslån. I tilfelle av mobile hjem må de har blitt bygget i de siste 30 årene. Låntaker må eie land mobile hjem sitter på. Mobile hjem må plasseres på en slags permanent grunnlag. Noen condos og rekkehus er også kvalifisert. 8. en reverse forbrukslån kan bli overlevd. Ett hus fortsetter å leve i hjemmet som sine primære bolig og fortsetter å betale skatt og forsikring vil ikke lånet forfall. 9. du må ha en god kreditt score å kvalifisere. Det er bare to primære krav må oppfylles for å kvalifisere. Låntaker må være minst 62 år, og egenskapen må være sine primære bolig. Din kreditthistorie eller finansielle status har liten betydning til utlåner. 10. lånesaldo vil overstige egenskapsverdien. Det er mulig i noen tilfeller at verdien av lånet er høyere enn verdien av eiendommen. Forskjellen er tilgitt. Arvingene eller eiendom er ikke ansvarlig for å betale mellomlegget. 11. kun ville finansielt fastspent eldre vurdere å få en reverse forbrukslån. Ideen om at bare desperat seniorer trenger penger er de eneste som får disse lånene er helt feil. Mange seniorer finne disse lånene er en stor økonomisk planlegging verktøy bruke penger til å forbedre sin pensjonisttilværelse år. 12. når lånet er vil banken selge eiendommen. Når tiden kommer for lånet skal betales re du eller arvinger har betale ned saldoen og beholde eiendommen eller selge hjemmet og bruker inntektene til å nedbetale lånet. Utlåner vil ikke tvinge deg å selge huset. 13. min Medicare eller sosial sikkerhet inntekt påvirkes. Social Security og Medicare fordeler påvirkes ikke av mottar denne type lån fordi de ikke vises som inntekt. 14. det er regelen krav styrer hvordan lån penger kan brukes. Det er ingen regler som forteller deg hvordan eller hvor du får pengene du får. Disse beslutningene er helt opp til deg. 15. når hjemmet er solgt noen leftover midlene går til utlåner. Når lånet er nedbetalt gå alle resterende midler tilbake til låntaker eller deres arvinger. Mange av disse reverse forbrukslån myter forbrukerne har kommet fra frykt eller misforståelse om hvordan disse lånene arbeid. Når en forbruker forstår fordelen er de kan ta bedre informerte beslutninger. 3 viktige Mortgage refinansiere Secrets må du velge rett hjem lån Selv om redusere dine månedlige forbrukslån betalingen er alltid attraktive, ikke la en litt lavere forbrukslånsrente lure deg. Hvis du ikke er forsiktig når du tenker en forbrukslån refinansiering, kan du koste deg mer i utgifter enn hva du lagrer i månedlige innbetalinger, og ikke engang vet det. (Selv med såkalte "gratis" forbrukslån.) Refinansiering et hjem lån har mer til det enn det som vises på overflaten. Husk å konsultere med en profesjonell før du får deg selv til noe du ikke kan tilbakeføre forbrukslån. Feil #1: Venter på lavere rente. forbrukslån er notorisk uforutsigbar. Ingen kan spekulere på forbrukslån med nok nøyaktighet å vinne hver gang. Hvis priser er attraktivt, kan du vurdere refinansiering. Hvis du gjør det riktig, og prisene gå ned igjen senere, kan du alltid refinansiere igjen. Hvis prisene gå ned betraktelig før du fullføre lånet, kan du alltid endre forbrukslån meglere. Hvis prisene går, vil du være glad du låst den opprinnelige hastigheten i! Feil #2: Ikke shopping rundt nok med lokale forbrukslån bankfolk/meglere. E-lån og utlån tre andre online forbrukslån nettbutikker er stor, men vær forsiktig! De er nasjonale forbrukslån shopping-områder. Det kan høres fint fordi du får forbrukslån långivere fra hele landet konkurrerer om virksomheten din, men vær forsiktig - noen utlåner enn et forbrukslån som er kjent med utlån i hjem-staten ikke vil være kjent med lokal praksis, og som kan koste deg på mange måter. Det kan ikke bare koste du at lavere rente, men avhengig av andre omstendighetene, det kan faktisk føre du savner at vindu av muligheter. Feil #3: Ikke se på hele bildet. Hvis du har vært å betale forbrukslån for flere år, kan hvor lagret hver måned ved refinansiering ikke lagre så mye som du tror. Faktisk, koster det vanligvis langt mer enn folk tror! Med andre ord, hvis du er 10 år i din forbrukslån, ville Refinansiering ditt forbrukslån gjøre deg starte på nedbetaling av at gjeld. Selvfølgelig, det kan være flott å spare penger etter Refinansiering ditt hjem lån, men når du refinansiere lånet du har betalt på i 10 år, du skal betale ned det lånet for ytterligere 10 år! Det kan virkelig vondt. Jada, kan det virke flott at du er å senke $1200 månedlig betaling av $100, men når du faktor i ekstra 120 utbetalinger på $1100 som du har etter refinansiering. Sørg for å få en "god tro anslag" og "Sannhet i låner setningen" fra din forbrukslån megler før hoppe inn i et nytt lån som kan koste tusenvis av dollar (om ikke hundretusener) over livet til ditt nye lån. Få din pant megleren å forklare ikke bare hva din månedlige betaling vil bli, men også hva din nye lånesaldo sammenlignet med gamle lånet hva nye renten er og hvor mange år du vil legge til tidsplanen tilbakebetaling hvis du refinansiere. 3 måneders forbrukslån - for å utrydde monetære Stigma Tilstrekkelige midler på kontoen sikrer at du kan overvinne midten måned problemer innen kort tid. Men mangel på midler forlate deg forvirret i et omfang som du faller byttedyr til sykdommer. Ikke være knust når fast i slike tilfeller. Bare gjelde for 3 måneders forbrukslån, en unik finanspolitikken hjelp laget spesielt for de som bor i Storbritannia. Eneste hensikt å introdusere dette lånet var å hjelpe lønnede klasse bosatt i Storbritannia. Uforutsette midten av måneden problemer som medisinske regninger, bryllup utgifter, ferie eller barneklubb pedagogiske behov må være død umiddelbart uten forsinkelse. Det er i tilfeller som dette kan du søke om denne rask ennå enkel lånefasilitet uten en tanke. Som selve navnet tilsier, er disse lånene godkjent for deg for en svært kort periode. Det betyr en låntaker kan bruke mottatt penger for å møte denne kortsiktige behov. Utstedt under dette lånet anlegget er tilstrekkelig for petite behov. Du kan benytte midler i dag for å overvinne problemene og tilbakebetale lånet beløp innenfor et spenn på tre måneder. Penger-långivere forstå din haster, og dermed tilby kreditt uten å be deg om å forklare hensikten. Det er mange fordeler med å skaffe dette lånet. Långivere overføre penger inn på sparekonto uten gjennomføre kreditt sjekker. Nå som har virkelig jobbet for dem som lider av forferdelige kreditt-status og leve et liv merket med konkurs, individuelle frivillige ordninger, foreclosures, insolvens, hoppes over eller ubesvarte betalinger, sen betaling eller tingretten dommer. Inntil noen år tilbake, var dette bestemt segmentet nektet lån på grunn av de åpenbare grunnene. Men er de nå fri til å søke om det uten å nøle maur. En annen funksjon som fanger fancy låntakere er pant gratis godkjenning. Å være usikret i naturen, er disse lånene åpne for alle om ikke huseiere eller leietakere. I tillegg finnes det folk som ikke ønsker å risikere sine verdifulle eiendeler mens søknad om lån. Disse lånene er bare riktig hakke for dem. Å være kortsiktige og usikrede i naturen, kommer kreditt avansert gjennom dette lånet på litt høy rente i forhold til andre standard lån. Som ingen gang er bruke i sivile evalueringsprosess, lån fremgangsmåten raskere. Du kan bruke for 3 måneders forbrukslån direkte fra komfort og privatliv på hjemme eller på jobben. Ja, med online-modus i programmet kan du bruke noen timer av dagen uten å måtte stå i lange køer. Faktisk har søker online du ikke til å gjennomgå tidkrevende og kjedelig papirarbeid formaliteter. Så bruk nå og gjenvinne tapt smil innen kort tid. 3 måneders forbrukslån - bruk midler nå og gjengjelde det innen tre måneder Nå har stakk i økonomiske krisen i midten av måneden er ikke til bekymring. Folk som bor på begrenset månedslønn ofte synes det er tøft å håndtere uventede omstendigheter som avlinger opp i midten av måneden. Dette er tiden når du har allerede oppbrukt du lønn. Søker monetære hjelp skjemaet venner og familie synes ikke å være en god idé. Her kan du søke om 3 måneders forbrukslån. Finanspolitikken markedet i Storbritannia har planlagt denne lån ordningen for sine innbyggere. Så, dekke den midterste måneden uforutsette økonomiske problemer uten mye ubehag. Penger-långivere tilbyr dette lånet er brukervennlig, samt elementære. Du kan søke riktig for å hente den beste avtalen tilgjengelig med online tilgjengelighet av lån. Det ville neppe ta å godkjenne lånet programmet. Kontanter vil bli satt direkte inn på din konto. Du trenger ikke å vente i lange køer og deretter bank offiser godkjenne lånet programmet. Tradisjonell modus bruker var tidkrevende samt forsinket. Når lånet er sanksjonert er behovet for det over. Men tilbyr online-modus i programmet enkelhet og brukervennlighet som ikke kan finne noen andre steder. Søker online er trygt også. Långivere vil holde din personlige informasjon sikker en safe. De gjør bruk av den nyeste teknologien for å holde informasjonen sikret. Internett er mye raskere, mindre tidkrevende og enklere sammenlignet med konvensjonelle modus av programmet. De som kjører mangel på penger kan kjøpe riktig monetære hjelp med ingen ekstra formaliteter involvert. Ikke papir-arbeid, ingen dokumentasjon og enkel godkjenning er noen aspekter som gjør dette lånet anlegget et populært valg blant lån søkere. Dårlig kreditt holdere kan utnytte god 3 måneders forbrukslån. Dette lånet er fri fra alle type kreditt sjekker formaliteter. Dette har gjort det mulig for de som lever med blemished koder som tingretten dommer, etterskuddsvis, sen betaling, personlige frivillige ordninger, foreclosures og insolvens å ha tilgang til øyeblikkelig midler. Kort, disse lånene er bare perfekt hakke for alle dem ser for umiddelbar kilde til penger. 3 måneders forbrukslån A finansielle Bliss å rive penger krisen i en problemfri måte 3 måneders forbrukslån gi 3 måneders periode for å tilbakebetale tilbake en godkjent lånebeløpet. Innenfor denne perioden kan privatperson bruke hans lånebeløpet overalt for økonomisk formål uten noen begrensning. Utgifter til ekteskap fest, kjøpe en datamaskin, reparere bilen, medisinske utgifter, ferie utgifter og avdrag er de finansielle forpliktelsene hvor kan man trenger raske penger med en fleksibel tidsperiode for hånden. Mange økonomiske problemer kan oppstå før lønning på et liv i noen funksjonærer. Disse økonomiske vanskeligheter omfatter kontanter krisen i en person som han kan møte uventet. For å rive disse brå økonomiske forstyrrelser, kan en normal lønnede person ta hjelp fra disse lån fasiliteter. Bortsett fra avlønnet mennesker vil denne typen lånet anlegget omfatte ikke-huseiere og huseiere også. Personer med forferdelig kreditthistorie er også tillatt å søke om en rask lånet anlegget. Online lån gir prosessen omfatter bare fylle opp søknadsskjemaet med noen personlige opplysninger som navn, adresse, og bankkontonummer. Ingen faks er nødvendig å sende med dette online lån forespørsel-skjemaet. Samtidig, er uten kredittsjekk laget for en person med forferdelig kreditt posten. Personer over 18 år kan søke om et beløp de ønsker å låne. 3 måneders forbrukslån gir elastisk periode for nedbetaling og er beregnet for å gi en effektiv økonomisk støtte til en normal lønnede person før hans lønning. Kontanter fasiliteter som disse kan oppnås raskt gjennom en usikret kontanter anlegget. Denne penge-støtte er ikke egenskapen basert. En annen er sikret en og folk trenger å risikere en egenskap for å skaffe et lånebeløp for slik slag av lånet anlegget. Begge disse lån fasilitetene bære konkurransedyktige renter for å tiltrekke seg en søker. Et beløp kan man forvente bare innenfor samme dag av godkjenning. En godkjent lånebeløpet sendes direkte til en gyldig bankkonto tilhørende søker i Storbritannia. Folk kan benytte slik type kontanter støtte direkte fra hjem og kontor. Det tar bare en Internett-tilkobling til å søke gjennom en leverandør av lån. Alle disse lån er tilgjengelig på rimelig rente slik at en søker kan enkelt betale tilbake det han har lånte. Lånene skal en lønnede person som kan samle en egnet lånebeløpet bare før hans lønning. Disse lånene er svært gunstig for kortsiktige økonomiske løsninger og også for plutselig dukket penge problemer. Søkeren kan også ta eksperter forslag å velge de beste cash avtale for sine økonomiske forpliktelser. Det kan derfor gi lykke og umiddelbare sjelefred. 3 måneders forbrukslån be pengepolitikken bidra for haster arbeider Når du sjelden trenger litt penger foran neste paycheque og ønske om å betale noen regninger, kan du ta resort i 3-måneders forbrukslån. Disse lånene kan være løsningen siden kan du umiddelbart nytte kontanter innen 24 timer på din bank brukskonto. Imidlertid bør du sammenligne flere långivere for mindre belastende avtale. Du vil bli godkjent for lånet hvis du får vanlig paycheque fra en gjeldende jobb. Du bør også ha en brukskonto i bank i ditt navn å kvalifisere seg til små kontanter lån. Alder for lånet må være mer enn 18 år. 3 måneders forbrukslån kan hente deg tilstrekkelig mengde penger. Dette er usikret lån som du kan låne uten noen sikkerhet. Disse typer kontanter lån kan hente deg kontanter spenner fra 100 til 1500, som er din månedlige lønn sjekk. Du kan ha i en kort periode på to uker, med nedbetaling datoen samsvarer med datoen for å få din neste paycheque. Et karakteristisk trekk ved lånet er imidlertid at långivere også tillate deg å betale på lånte beløpet i 3 måneder i flere avdrag. Hvis du er blant tusenvis av mennesker med dårlig kreditthistorie, likevel, er du kvalifisert til å låne penger til tross for tidligere flere tilfeller av sen betaling, mislighold og CCJs. Du kan enkelt få kontanter i rask tid uten kreditt sjekker fra långivere. Dermed er siste risikabel sak ikke et hinder for penger til å håndtere noen haster personlige arbeider i samme dag. Når du utforsker 3 måneders forbrukslån, kan du betale en gammel regning å unngå sen betaling straffer på den. Du kan utføre mange presserende arbeider gjennom slike lån. Disse lånene også hjelpe deg å reparere en bil for å gå til kontoret neste dag. Ulempe låne penger for haster gjennom disse lånene er imidlertid at lånet er svært kostbart for funksjonærer klassen av folk. Disse typer haster kontanter lån har svært høy APR. Derfor låne nøye. Lånebeløpet bærer en tung rentetermin. Før du signerer avtalen med en långiver, gjør det at 3 måneders forbrukslån er tilgjengelig til deg uten alle ekstra eller skjulte betalinger. Sørg for å betale tilbake lånet på forfallsdatoen å unngå gjeld. Betalt i rett tid vil hjelpe deg å flykte fra slike høye renter. 3 måneders forbrukslån betimelig kontanter å takle haster Mange mennesker tjene en mindre paycheque og regelmessig trenger noen økonomisk støtte. Slike folk trenger vanligvis penger før neste lønning slik at de kan kjøpe de nødvendige tingene i livet og betale strømregninger, dagligvarebutikk regninger etc. 3 måneders forbrukslån kan være godt alternativ for slike låntakere. Disse typer lån tillate tilbakebetaling av på lånte beløpet på praktisk måte. Du er kvalifisert for lånet på bestemte vilkår. En forutsetning er at du bør være i en jobb som regelmessig betaler deg månedlige lønn for ikke mindre enn siste halvåret. Långivere også du har en gyldig og aktiv bank brukskonto å få godkjent mengden lån i den. Alder for lånet skal være over 18 år. 3 måneders forbrukslån er raske penger mellom £100 £1500. Normalt godkjenne långivere en mengde lån en time på grunn av rask bekreftelse sysselsetting post, månedslønn og privatadresse. Du bør være forberedt på å fakse dokumentene sammen med programmet lån til utlåner. Godkjent mengden kontanter er tilgjengelig i kontoen sjekke innen 24 timer. Du kan låne lån bare for en kortsiktig to uker. Utlåner løser neste lønning som datoen for repaying lånet innbetalingen interesse. En fordel med 3 måneders forbrukslån er at du kan rollover lånebeløpet for sine nedbetaling i flere ukentlige avdrag. Slike nedbetaling av lånet er for en lengre periode spenner inntil 3 måneder. Dette reduserer nedbetaling belastningen på din paycheque når du trenger det for andre haster. Personer med risikabelt kreditt profil saker som sen betaling, betaling standarder og CCJs registrert i kreditt-rapporten er også kvalifisert for disse lånene. Lånebeløpet er fortsatt tilgjengelig på samme dag, som du får godkjenning av lån uten kredittsjekk fra långivere. Kontroller at tilbakebetaling av 3 måneders forbrukslån er på forfallsdatoen og så tidlig som mulig for å unngå tyngende renteutgifter. Skanne flere lån nettsteder for å finne ut konkurransedyktig tilbud fra långivere. Gjør det sikker på at du leser vilkårene og betingelsene av långivere før avtalen. 3 måneders forbrukslån-For enkel og rask økonomisk hjelp Hvert menneske har noen eller andre ønsket at han ønsker å oppfylle på grunnlag av umiddelbar. Uventede omstendigheter, ofte ta bompenger over dine ønsker. Det er et kjent faktum at ønsker kan før neste lønning men uventede problemer ikke kan. For å balansere situasjonen, ender opp ofre ditt ønske om å møte de uforutsette behovene. Men med 3 måneders forbrukslån har du ikke mer å forgo dine drømmer. Alt du trenger å gjøre er bruk for dette lånet og nyte fordelene. Midler benyttet gjennom dette lånet kan brukes til å oppfylle uventet krav som ønsker. Bilde bare et scenario, du planlegger en ferie med familien og samtidig du fikk bilen skadet. I en situasjon som dette, vil du sikkert foretrekke å få kjøretøyet reparert enn å gå for en ferie. Men vil å få dette lånet gi deg frihet til å oppfylle begge kravene uten å ofre enten. Disse lånene, sørger dermed for en sikker skutt måten å møte alle dine ønsker og behov samtidig uten forsinkelse. Disse lånene er lett tilgjengelig på nettet. Det betyr en låntaker kan søke om det direkte form komforten av sitt hjem eller arbeidsplass. Økende konkurransen blant online penger-långivere har gjort underverker for låntakers lomme. De kan velge fra et utvalg av lån tilgjengelig. For å tiltrekke seg flere kunder, tilbyr långivere lån til en rimelig rente samt lett nedbetaling alternativer. Shopping for disse lånene betyr at du må lage en smart avgjørelse å unngå noen skjulte kostnader senere. Gå gjennom vilkårene nøye før nullstilling på en bestemt utlåner. 3 måneders forbrukslån utstedes for en periode på tre måneder eller nitti dager. Du kan bruke penger til å oppfylle alle dine behov umiddelbart. Lånene er sikret igjen neste lønn dag sjekken. Ikke huseiere og leietakere er gratis å nyte fordelene av dette lånet uten å løfte noen sikkerhet med utlåner. Så bruk for dette lånet nå og kvitte seg med alle problemene dine midlertidig. 3 måneders forbrukslån-valuta med ingen ID sjekker Når du trenger økonomi og vet ikke hvor å søke har hjelpe fra du et flott alternativ som har blitt introdusert av långivere i UK. Søke etter en egnet og praktisk alternativ. 3 måneders forbrukslån vil være egnet løsningen. Du trenger ikke å vente på neste lønnsslippen, som om du hoper seg opp visse utgifter de vil bare tendens til å øke. Denne formen for fiskale assistanse kan bli benyttet av alle typer kunder. De involverer ikke kreditt sjekker. Leietakere, ikke-huseiere og dårlig kreditt holdere kan også utnytte teser fremskritt. De er kortsiktig fremskritt belastes søkeren en stor rate av interesse i forhold til langsiktige behov. Midler lånte er en stor hjelpe å overvinne din uventet kontanter nødhjelp. Betale alle utestående regninger, bilen reparasjon utgifter, utføre noen ekteskap utgifter, utdanning gebyrer, boligmoderniseringskunder kostnader, rutinemessig regninger og så videre med 3 måneders forbrukslån. Låntakeren kan benytte £80 til £1500 for en periode på 1 - 30 dager. Hvis du ikke klarer å tilbakebetale beløpet lånt tid kan du fremme forlenge perioden men med forutgående varsel til utlåner. Saksbehandlingen for innlevering er veldig enkelt som her finnes ingen kreditt sjekker. Selskapet ansvarlig vil bekrefte dine opplysninger å gjøre visse at informasjonen du er sant. Søknadsprosessen er veldig enkel og tar et par minutter. Når programmet er akseptert midlene er overført til din konto innen 24 timer. Tilkoblet modus er mindre tidkrevende. Alt du trenger å gjøre er å fylle en elektronisk Innsendingsskjema med totalt informasjon. Denne metoden er mer praktisk enn tradisjonelle medium. 3 måneders forbrukslån gir enkel penger med ingen dokumentasjon og ingen problemer av å stå i lange køer. 3 måneders forbrukslån - få forbrukslån med lengre nedbetaling varighet 3 måneders forbrukslån gir enkel og rask cash lån til å møte din haster likviditetsbehov med 90 dager tid for nedbetaling. Lånet kan bli benyttet uten noen sikkerhet og de som har dårlig kreditt kan også benytte lånet uten noen forlegenhet. Når du har en uforutsett kostnad mellom to påfølgende paydays det skal være kontanter underskudd. Dette må du ordne ekstra penger innen en kort varsel. Det kan skyldes en plutselig sykehusinnleggelse eller en uunngåelig og uventede reise eller en plutselig reparasjonsarbeid som haster. På dette tidspunktet availing forbrukslån er det beste alternativet for deg å komme ut av krisen. Men selv om kortsiktige forbrukslån er veldig rask og er enkle å benytte, finner du det vanskelig å tilbakebetale lånet over en periode på 30 dager eller 60 dager etc med faste månedlige inntekten. Derfor bør du velge en plan for lån som gir tilstrekkelig tid til å tilbakebetale loan.3 måned forbrukslån er ideelle for avlønnet mennesker som deg. Noen permanent statsborger UK som er 18 år og tjener en månedlig lønn ikke mindre enn £1000 er berettiget til å benytte disse lånene. Søkeren bør holde en legitim bankkonto i hans navn. Dette spesielt utformet lånet planen kan du låne opptil £1500 og du kan tilbakebetale lånet komfortabelt i lett avdrag over en periode på 90 dager. Renter på disse lånene er rimelig. Også trenger du ikke å arrangere noen sikkerhet for å låne lånene. Kanskje er du bekymret for din kreditt profil mens søknad om lånet. Faktorene som CCJ, IVA, etterskuddsvis, forsinket betaling og foreclosures etc. kan ha opprettet en dårlig kreditt for deg fordi du pågripe avslag på søknaden om lån. Men negativ kredittvurdering er ikke til bekymring når du bruker for 3 måneders lån. Långivere sjekke aldri kreditt posten før sanksjonering lån og resultatet du kan benytte disse lånene uten problemer. Det tar bare noen minutter å søke om dette lånet, og at også fra komforten av ditt hjem. Du trenger ikke gå noe sted eller vente timer i kø for å søke om lån. Fra PCen kan du fylle opp det enkle online søknadsskjemaet. Du trenger ikke utføre noen tungvint papirer. For å låne lånene, kreves ingen forskudd gebyr skal betales. Det tar bare et par timer for at lånesøknad å få behandlet og penger overført til din konto. Du kan bruke penger til formål av ditt valg. 3 måneders forbrukslån: en ordning som bringer komfort i livet ditt Har du ikke nok fondet å møte de ulike utgiftene? Uten penger livet synes å være svært bekymret, rett og du føler veldig frustrert uten penger. Du alltid forbli i sinne, alltid kamper i hjem og alltid få spent som hvordan å tjene mer og mer penger. Tid kan være et stort problem for deg, hvis du trenger midler umiddelbart å løse økonomiske krisen. Og hvis du blir lei av alle slike problem og ønsker å komme ut fra disse problemene så, bør du ta hjelp av 3 måneders forbrukslån. Lånene er ganske lett å kilde og kan brukes til å tjene utgifter på behov som betaler medisinske regninger, kredittkortbetalinger, plutselig tour utgifter, utilsiktet bilverksted og så videre. Hvis du hadde en dårlig kreditt posten og føles skumle å ta lån på grunn av dårlig kreditt posten. Så ikke føler skumle som under denne ordningen når du går for å søke om lån pengeutlåner bare vurderer din nåværende finansielle status i stedet for forrige dårlig kredittstatus som pengeutlåner føler at sjekke forrige kreditt posten er fullstendig sløseri av tid og innsats for. Så ikke føler skumle å søke om lån. Disse lånene inneholder ikke noen form for papir arbeider aktiviteter som faks eller dokumentasjon. Du kunne der lett søke om lån bare sitte foran datamaskinen personlig eller offisielle dvs. du kan ta en hjelp av online-modus. Som du må bare være søke om et elektronisk søknadsskjema. Etter å ha mottatt skjemaet må du fylle alle viktige detaljer kreves av skjemaet som: navn, alder, adresse, jobb profil, lønn blant med andre og sende inn skjemaet på Internett. Etter din innsending av skjemaet bekrefter pengeutlåner den. Så snart kontrollen blir fullført godkjenner pengeutlåner dine lån. Og etter godkjenning prosessen pengeutlåner overføre hele sanksjonerte beløpet på bankkontoen din. Så, alle kan lett søke for lån via sin personlige eller offisielle datamaskin. 3 måneders forbrukslån faller under kategorien usikrede lån og så du får å benytte lån uten behovet av å plassere alle objektene som sikkerhet. Du har muligheten til å forlenge tilbakebetaling av et par dager mer, på å betale en liten nominell avgift. Imidlertid bør du velge dette alternativet bare i tider med ekstrem tilsynekomst, som virkelig gjør lån litt dyrt. 3 måneders forbrukslån: få lånet for bekvemmelighet