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Egyptian Muslim Imam: Destroy the Pyramids


2 Responses to Egyptian Muslim Imam: Destroy the Pyramids

  1. Chiulo-Ruiz says:

    The Egyptian Salafi Murgan Salem is salivating (foaming) at the mouth to destroy international (universal) heritage sites that belongs to humanity.

    Yet Murgan Salem nor any other pious Muslim does or says anything to remove Islam’s bidah (shirk) worship grave monument site (praying to the raised grave of Muhammad, Abu Bakr and Umar) under the Green Dome in Yathrib (Medina).

    Nor does either Murgan Salem or any other pious Muslim remove and seek to destroy the supposedly monotheistic Black Idol worship Stone (statue of offense) of pagan Mecca.

    Muhammad was the partner of al Lah, indeed it is said by some convincingly that Muhammad ibn Abdullah was Allah!

    Muslims (Islam) must first purge its own house of idolatry and its worship (shirk) to other than the Arab deity al Lah.

  2. euxhen says:

    It is shocking to hear and it is proving true about post Mubarak Egypt that fundamentalists will rise up. I only hope that they do not duplicate Taliban of Afghanistan. It will be a shame for everybody in the world to watch them destroy it.

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