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Taken from http://islamic-world.net/economics/public_borrowing_in_history.htm

The sixth case is that of borrowing a substantial sum of money from a Muslim individual for financing a major battle. "Isma'il son of Ibrahim son of Abdullah, son of Abu Rabi'ah al-Makhzumi has reported to us from his father who reported about his grandfather that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) was to attack Hunayn he borrowed thirty or forty thousand from him. He repaid it when he came back. Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) told him: 'May Allah bless you with prosperity in your family and your property. The proper recompense for lending is repayment and gratitude'. In another version of this tradition recorded by Nasa'i, the amount of the loan is a definite forty thousand. The same is true of Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad. As regards the source of payment, both versions mention money that accrued to the Prophet (peace be upon him) subsequently. The battle of Hunayn took place in the eighth year after hijrah immediately after the conquest of Mekkah. These were comparatively better days for state finances. The accrual of money referred to in the tradition could have been from the spoils of war consequent to the victory at Hunayn. The above is clear case of borrowing for defense purposes. It is also evident that the sum paid back equaled the sum borrowed and no extra payment were involved. 


This site explains how Muhammad borrowed money to furnish his army and paid it back after looting his victims. It is basically a confirmation that Muhammad gained his wealth through looting. Why Mr. Zawadi uses this passage that confirms my claim that Muhammad was a looter, is not clear to me. Wasn't he supposed to refute me?  


Taken from http://www.islamonline.net/english/introducingislam/Economics/article03.shtml

When the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) came to Medina , he encouraged the wealthier supporters to financially aid the poor Emigrants. Then, when war booty fell to the lot of the Muslims, he would divide the wealth according to economic condition – the poor segments of the Muslims would receive larger portions. Through such measures, he sought to reduce the gap between rich and poor. 


This is again another argument that confirms my claim. Muhammad looted innocent people and then distributed that loot among his followers. Isn’t this what any gangster godfather would do?


Now these are Mr. Zawadi's own words:


The Muslims did not fight and take the spoils of war for their own personal gain. They used it to help the needy and the poor and to establish a system. They took it in the time of war. They did not invade people intentionally to pillage their towns and villages and to take the booty. It was only during time of war. So they obviously they are going to take it. They are not just going to leave it lying around. It is completely justifiable what they did. As a matter of fact, no army in the world will consume the spoils of war in such a generous and beautiful way as the Muslim armies have done. 

You can also read  http://www.studying-islam.org/articletext.aspx?id=679   


Despite all these evidences that Mr. Zawadi himself has given that Muslims looted the wealth of non-Muslims and Muhammad distributed that loot among his followers, he still has the cheek to say “The Muslims did not fight and take the spoils of war for their own personal gain.”  

This kind of absurdity blows the mind of any rational person. But it does not blow mine. I know how the Muslim mind works. Muslims genuinely cannot see that their thinking is demonic. For years I heard these very absurdities and never once I thought they are evil. My conscience was numbed. Muslims’ conscience is numbed. They are genuinely incapable of rational thought or human feelings when it comes to Islam. There is nothing we can say that can bring them to their senses. Nothing can make them reason. It happened to me and it has happened to many others but it is extremely hard. It is as if Muslims suffer from mental paralysis. You know what they will write after reading this? "My faith in Islam increased". This is how brainless these wretched souls have become.

Mr. Zawadi says: “They did not invade people intentionally to pillage their towns and villages and to take the booty. It was only during time of war.”  

No of course it was not intentional. The Muslims were blown to the towns of their victims by wind and accidentally their swords killed their men. Therefore the innocent Muslims had no choice but to clean the town and bring the wives and children of their victims as slaves. It was after all the "Bounties of Allah". How could they reject it?

It was during the time of war”. This is the typical logical fallacy that Muslims love to engage in. Who started those wars?  First of all they weren’t wars but raids. Muhammad raided caravans, villages and towns with no warning.  He ambushed them. Of course you can only loot when you attack and kill people. How else could you loot? Would people give you their property if you don’t raid them, and don't "cast terror into their hearts"? This means that by virtue of the fact that Muhammad raided people and killed unarmed civilians, he was entitled to rape their wives and daughters and steal their property. This logic escapes human rationality. But Muslims' brain does not work in quite the same way. They are followers of Satan. Woe to you if you don’t take my warnings seriously. Woe to your children if you do not stop Muslims in their track in time. Every argument and counter argument that these Satan worshippers present depict the depravity of their mind and lays bare their demonic souls.  

Mr. Zawadi ends his argument saying: “They are not just going to leave it lying around. It is completely justifiable what they did.”  

Of course! Once you raided innocent people and killed them, why let their property go to waist? It is yours, take it. It is all “Bounties from Allah” in gratitude for being a good servant. Their wives and children?... They too are your slaves and sex slaves. They are all yours. You have "legal" rights on them and "divine" authorization. 

Enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good.  8:69  


What we learned from this debate? We learned that Islam, far from being a religion is a gangster organization that sustains itself by looting. Muslims are incapable of producing anything. They must loot to survive. Muhammad built his empire by looting and by casting terror in the hearts of his victims. Muslims did the same throughout the history. You are a fool if you think they have changed or they will change. As long as they call themselves Muslims and follow Muhammad they will do what he did. They are gangsters, they are looters, and they are terrorists. Don’t believe me? Just listen to what they say.  

And don’t think just because Muslims don’t engage in these activities now they will not do it once they come to power. If they don’t do it now it’s because they fear the bigger powers. Once that fear is no more there, they revert to their original barbarity and follow the Quran and the sunna to the letter. Until Muslims do not leave Islam and do not denounce Muhammad, it would be foolish to trust them. Treat them as enemy, just as they treat you as enemy. Direct them to this site where proof is given exhaustively. If they leave Islam and curse the evil Muhammad, receive them as one of your owns and show them love. If they insist to call that demon a prophet, cast them aside and kick them out of your country because that is what they intend to do with you. 


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