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 Maulana Ajmal Qadri to  Ali Sina                              


Part II

Mulana Ajmal Qadri
Mr. ALI,
first thing i would like to request is to stop using insulting words about prophet muhammad peace and blessing of Allah be upon him..you must have respect and care for the feelings of more than 1 billion people if you respect humanity.

Dear Maulana:

I am not insulting Muhammad. I am laying charges against him. If I say Muhammad was a thief, a mass murderer or a rapist, I am proving my claim using the Hadith and Sira as exhibits.  It is up to you to disprove these charges.

As for respecting beliefs, who said beliefs have to be respected?  Why should anyone respect a religion that says the unbelievers are filthy (najis) crucify them and chop their fingertips because they are the enemies of God and they will be fuel for hell? This is an insult to me, because I am a disbeliever. Why should I respect an insult against my self? 

We have to respect people and their rights to believe in anything they choose but not what they believe. I must respect your right to believe in absurdities but this does not mean I must respect absurdities.

We hear a lot that we must respect people's beliefs. That is baloney. We do not have to respect any belief, not even our own. We must always question beliefs. This is the only way humans can progress. If we respect beliefs, don't question them and don't challenge them how are we going to get rid of false beliefs?

Furthermore do Muslims respect the beliefs of others? Why is it that they insult  the Jews, the Christians and even kill the Bahais, the Sikhs, the Ahmadis or the Hindus wherever they are the majority and have the upper hand?  Isn't verse 1:7 or the Quran that all Muslims recite daily an insult to non Muslims? Forget the Muslims; did Muhammad respect the belief of the people? Why he rammed into Kaíba and destroyed the temple of the people of Mecca? Wasnít this a sacrilege of their faith? He could start his own mosque elsewhere, why did he have to assault and insult the deities of the people? He set the example for other Muslims to follow and as the result his followers are as intolerant as he was. They constantly fight with each other, call one another heretics and kill one another. Do you know that more Muslims have been killed in the hands of fellow Muslims in sectarian fights than they have been killed in wars in the hands of non-Muslims? This killing is still going on.

When you ask others to respect your faith, please take a closer look at how you respect the faiths of others. Muslims enjoy a lot more freedom and rights in non-Muslim countries than they grant other religions in Islamic countries.


and let there be no doubt in your mind that muhammad pbuh is the final and mightiest messenger of Allah,and quran is the (furqan) criteria to judge from right to wrong whatever is the criteria of faith (eaman) presented by quran is given to the umma of last messenger.

Well I doubt that. That is why I am asking you to prove this claim in a logical way. I wonít believe you just because you say so. Where is the proof of those claims? I wonít believe also just because Muhammad says so. I need proof.  Muslims confuse proof with claim and instead of giving any proof they repeat the claim as if it is self evident. 

i would not go in a logical disscussions with you cause pure logic leads you towards agnostism or atheism, it will always mislead u, unless u dnt belive in "spituality" and let your reason follow your heart.. cause the relation of soul is with heart and soul has its own functions (its own eyes, ears, etc).and quran was revealed on the heart of prophet muhammad pbuh as its mentioned in surah baqarah..therfore Allah addresses "the deaf, dumb" to those whose souls have become dead.

That is a mighty statement. If logic leads to agnosticism or atheism, doesnít this mean that the belief in God is illogical? Who gave us humans our brains, if not God? Why using our brains would lead to agnosticism or atheism?  As Galileo said, if God did not want us to use our brain, why would he give it to us.  If we are not supposed to use logic to find God, how do we know that we are not being mislead by a charlatan impostor?  There is no dearth of false prophets who have mislead countless people with their lies and told them donít use your brains, donít try to reason, donítí employ logic and just believe. Open your heart and believe in anything we say uncritically and blindly, because this brainless acceptance will lead you to guidance. We know very well that these poor people were not saved but were misled. That is the risk you take for not using your brains. If Godís message is not logical how can we be sure it is Godís message?

Contrary to what you say, since God is a rational god and not an irrational god, he would never want us to believe in any gobbledygook.  He gave us the faculty to distinguish truth from falsehood.  If we are supposed to use our brains and be logical in simple matters of life, why shouldn't we be logical in finding God?

Donít you see the ploy? Why do you think Muhammad insisted that we donít use our brains?  It is because he knew that his claim is illogical. He knew that he was a liar. He also knew that if people start using their brains they will soon find the truth and no one would believe in his lies. 

It is unthinkable to believe that God wants us to be stupid when it comes to finding guidance? If we are not to use our brains, how do we know which religion is true? There are thousands of beliefs out there. All of them appeal to our hearts and warn us against using our brains.  Which one is the right one? Should we follow the one that is more logical or the one that threatens us most? 

Only with logic can we find the truth. Truth is logical.  It is falsehood that is illogical. All you need to see that Muhammad was not a true messenger of God, but an impostor, is this. If someone tells you do not use your brain and just believe blindly, you must immediately leave him because that person is not a prophet of God but a liar.  Isnít this enough to see Muhammad was a liar?

Who is deaf, dumb and blind?  The one who uses his brain and finds the truth logically or the one who believes without thinking?  Do you see how easy it is to disprove Islam?

It is not true that with logic you will lose your faith in God. With logic you will lose your faith in Muhammad.  Muhammad had no understanding of God. Whatever he said about God is nonsense.  He envisioned God like a sadist dictator, someone like Saddam Hussein who does what he pleases and abides by no rules, who likes to be adulated, who rewards brainless believers and punishes freethinkers.  That is not the definition of God. A man with such a low intelligence as Muhammad could not understand the greatness of God.  So he described him as a wanton despot. Muhammadís understanding of God is stupid. That is why when you use your brain and try to be logical you lose faith in his Allah. Muhammadís god is illogical. He is not god but a figment of the mind of a very ignorant man.

I found God after I left Islam and I found it with logic. I did not have to abdicate reason in order to find God. Truth cannot be illogical. It is falsehood that is illogical. God is the single principle underlying the creation, but not a despot like deity. 

The reason humanity is divided, is because the majority of people believes in an illogical god. If we stop this insanity and use the greatest gift that God has given us to find him, we will all find the one true God and these divisions among mankind will disappears.

i believe that u are misled by shaitan cause i used to utter the similar things about islam and prophet muhammad pbuh, untill the signs of Allah were shown to me (wich i would not mention in mail).but alhamdulillah Allah proved to me each and everything wat Allah says and HIS messenger says is true.(NO DOUBT).

If the signs of Allah were shown to you, they are not shown to me. I cannot believe in what you believe because I have seen no signs. In the absence of signs all I can do is use my brains and try to be logical. When I do that I see that Muhammad was an impostor and not a messenger of God. I repeat, my beef is not with God. It is Muhammad that I reject.  I do not think Muhammad had any connection with God. It is clear that he did not understand God. 

Would God want us to believe in him irrationally? That is blasphemy. God is not irrational. It is Satan who is irrational. If Muhammad tells you not to use your brain and believe blindly, that is proof that Muhammad is not from God, but from Satan.

That is what has happened to poor Muslims. Because they do not worship God, but Satan, they live in such a misery and are constantly in war with each other. Why do you think that Muslims are the poorest and the most wretched people on Earth? Why are they constantly fighting with each other and everyone else? It is because they worship Satan. 

You say you cannot talk about the signs of God. What good does that to me? If those signs were real, you could explain them in a logical way.  How do I know that you are not misled?  Tell me about those signs and I will prove that you are being fooled.  Am I supposed to use my own brain or yours? If the signs that you have found satisfy you; good for you!  As long as I have seen no signs I do not have to believe. It would be foolish to believe without evidence? Why should I believe in Islam and not in one of a myriad other religions that are also irrational?


and islam is so beautiful and peaceful and everything in it is according to nature of human being.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You find Islam beautiful and I find it ugly. Thatís subjective. Letís not get into esthetics! However, Islam is NOT peaceful. That claim is a joke. Muslims are always engaged in fighting. Muhammad himself launched 78 raids in the last decade of his life. The Quran says  ďFighting is prescribed for you' (Q.2:216) and Allah will punish you with a grievous penalty, if you do not fight in Jihad.  (Q.9:39).

To say Islam is peaceful is ludicrous. When you say Islam is in accordance with human nature, I have to disagree also. If something is in accordance with human nature, it can be understood naturally. Islam is not understood naturally. It must be indoctrinated and sometimes imposed on those who are unwilling to submit to it. This is proof that it is not natural.

Earlier  you said Islam is not logical. How can something natural be illogical? Secondly if it is natural why Muhammad ordered his followers to wage jihad and force Islam on others by the sword? The very concept of Jihad is proof that Islam is against human nature. The very idea of amr bi'l ma`aroof and nahy anil munkar. (enjoining what is permitted and forbidding what is prohibited) is another proof that Islam is contrary to human nature. If Islam was in accordance to human nature, why there would be a need to impose it on people by force?


And for your information there are still true followers of Prophet muhammad pbuh present in this world (to whom Allah has given special sight to see unseen and auliya of Allah and true followers of prophet muhammad pbuh are given special powers from Allah (similar to given to prophet muhammad) they are the open evidence of true prophet hood of muhammad pbuh.May ALLAH BRING you to one of these, but i fear you have gone so far to earn the anger of ALLAH.

Can any of these true followers of Muhammad prove his claim? If so please ask them to write to me. I eagerly want to see what they say.

Forget about me. Suppose I am hopeless. You should not think about me but about millions of people who read this site. Donít you think they need to know the truth? Please sent these Muslims endowed with special powers over and let them establish the truth of Islam once and for all. Muslims have no special powers. It is all demagogy.  You can impress the gullible with these empty talks but not a freethinker. 

I have convinced countless Muslims that Islam is a lie. This number is bound to grow as more people will read this site. I give you my word that I will publish the rebuttal of these enlightened auliya who can see the unseen. Let them tell us about it. Let them give us the signs. Ask them to come and guide those whom I mislead. 


the prophets of bani israel prayed to ALLAH to be among the followers of prophet muhammad pbuh cause they knew what is the status of auliya of prophet pbuh.you have no idea what is the status of this umma.cause you might spent time in wrong hands and your PERCEPTIONS HAVE BECOME UNBALANCED.

This is absurd. Who said the prophets of Israel prayed to be among the followers of Muhammad?  Where is the proof of this preposterous claim? You Muslims are used to make baseless claims and since no one has ever dared to contradict you, because you would not tolerate being contradicted, you kept making up these false claims and now you actually believe in your own lies. Nothing is farther from the truth. No one ever prayed to be the follower of Muhammad because Muhammad is not even a prophet of God. Muhammad is not mentioned in any sacred book of any religion.
it would be long discussion that i guess is useless cause i cant give you hidaayat ,

So why did you write? Did you think that I will just believe in any irrational claim you throw at me blindly if you threaten me with hellfire? I need proof, and you have none. I do not believe in an irrational god and will not be a blind follower.

if Allah has destined to give you hidaya then it will come if HE has not decided to put you in hellfire.im just warning you shut this up all wat u doing immidiately and repent and goto auliya akraam of ALLAH not to the scholars, your solution is there or else the punishment will come to you sooner or later but defintly..Believe me.. very soon inshallah..

Is that all? First you say that logic makes one disbelieve in the god of Muhammad, because his god is illogical and irrational. That is enough to know that he is not God. Then you say that you have the signs but you cannot tell them. Then you say you do not have hedayah (guidance). So far you did not give any proof that Muhammad was a truthful prophet of God. Then you issue threats that if I do not believe in your irrational god and his bogus prophet, I will be sent to hell. Are you trying to frighten a child? We are rational people dear maulana. All you have to do to prove Islam is true is to present logical arguments. Threats are for fools. Smart people do not become scared by threats into submission? God has given us brain to use in order to not fall prey to charlatan impostors. Anyone can issue threats. I want logical proofs. You have none.

Donít be afraid of thinking dear maulana. Use your brain. God wants you to use your intelligence.  With logic you can find the real God. Do not let impostors and conmen mislead you. Do not fall prey to their lies. God will never punish people for using their brain. By following Muhammad you are following Satan. Whatever this man did and said was satanic. Do not waste your life and your eternity following a liar.

You cannot prove Islam is true, but I have proven that it is a lie. Please read my articles. You will find the truth there. I use the Quran and  hadith to back up my claims. I will also send you a digitized copy of my book, if you ask for it. The proof  that Muhammad was lying is overwhelming. You will not be rewarded for following the prophet of Satan. Itís time to wake up. Millions of Muslims are waking up. Donít be the last.

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