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Twisted Morality and Iraq War

The criminality of the Iraq war was in violation of the UN charter clearly stated by Kofi Anan and the rest of the international community. Iraq has NEVER launched an attack against the US or UK in its short history hence the war was unprovoked. The US also violated Mr Sina’s “Golden Rule” since if you don’t like to be attacked or invaded you should not do that to others constantly in distant lands. Hence, any subsequent attacks or deaths as a result of this illegal war are to be blamed on the US . Yet, Mr Sina refers to humanity but note the vast majority of HUMANITY actually opposed the US aggression as massive demonstrations all over the world including within the US and UK , coupled with the opinion polls clearly proved this point. It is Mr. Sina that is on the side of true inhumanity that is dispensed by the US military.


This is more red herring. Whether the invasion of Iraq was justified or not has nothing to do with the discussion of Islam. In other occasions I have written about it and defended it. But even if I am wrong and America should not have invaded Iraq to free the Iraqis and get them and the world rid of a most despotic and criminal regimes of our time, still the charge that Muhammad was a false prophet-pretender remains unanswered.  I invite you Mr. Zakaria to concentrate on Islam and Muhammad and leave the tu quoque fallacy out of this discussion. It won’t get you anywhere and it only highlights your inability to defend Muhammad and Islam against my charges.


Mr Sina then has the gall to speak on behalf of the Iraqis without even asking them. If the Iraqis were happy with the US they would not be killing the US soldiers daily and the freedom fighters could not operate without the support of the indigenous Iraqi population. The earlier opinion polls showed 92% - 95% viewed the US as occupiers. If the Iraqis felt liberated the US soldiers would be showered with roses not bombs and bullets and their leaders would not be sneaking in and out of Iraq like oil-thieves and pirates.


The Iraqis are not killing the Americans. The Iraqis are constantly being bombed and killed by your terrorist brothers. Thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed since the overthrow of Saddam by your terrorist brothers. These terrorists are not Iraqis. They are international Islamic terrorists. The Iraqis are those courageous people who despite all the threats to kill them and their children went to the urns, voted and dipped their finger in the ink, proudly showing it off to the world in defiance of the threats of your terrorist brothers.  


Mr Sina makes laughable claims like “Americans never target the civilians, never kill non-combatants” as if he is a guest on Fox-TV. This is the apex of ignorance and not just the Iraqis but the Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans, South Americans, Hispanic, Afro-Americans and a long list of people would certainly disagree about the US not targeting civilians. As stated earlier the US and UK practically invented the art. There are even videos on the net showing US soldiers executing Iraqi civilians for fun. The eminent TV journalist John Pilger showed in a TV documentary that farmers in desolate places were bombed even the sheep were not spared! When the US drops 500 pound bombs on civilian areas instead of letting their ‘brave’ marines in for a hand-to-hand combats claims of not deliberately targeting civilians is irrational. Now wonder the US does not want to sign up to the International Criminal Court.

It is the American gangsters who have come across the ocean to kidnap people, committing high-tech beheadings en masse using missiles and bombs. This is acceptable to Mr Sina’s twisted morality but not the couple of beheadings done in retaliation using the low-tech methods of knives. The Nazis detached themselves from the victims as they released the gas from the distance, just like Mr Sina is absorbing the sanitised version of the war as morally superior from a distance! Mr Sina is the one displaying true Nazi like behaviour. How perverted and sick yet he has the audacity to charge others with Nazism and twisted morality! If Mr Sina was attacked by burning Phosphorus or Napalm bombs he would be begging Musab Al-Zarqawi to behead him in order to relive the pain. Even the father of Nick Berg courageously made this point that at least his son was not tortured to death like the Iraqis suffered in the horror chambers of Abu-Ghraib and Camp-X-Ray!
Anyway, I can go on refuting few of his remaining points but Mr Sina has enough on his plate and his first task will be to prove his so-called “Golden-Rule” otherwise no allegations can be brought forward and he would be in violation of his first rule as

explained earlier.

Yamin Zakaria
, UK

These are the raving babbles of a logically defeated terrorist sympathizer, who is filled with hate and who has not inhaled a breath of humanity and fairness in his entire life. This man is living in UK among the very people he hates and wants to destroy and behead. This is the irony and may I say the naiveté of the Westerners that allow people like Mr. Zakaria to live freely in their country and spew hate against them.  

America and Britain are countries made of people. People mistake and under threat they act irrationally. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a gross mistake - a mistake that was made under duress by a few men in Whitehouse. The people were not consulted. You can't blame an entire nation, or worse, their grandchildren for the mistakes of a few men. Japanese were the invaders. They were fighting relentlessly and Americans were tired. Americans did not want to destroy Japan or kill them. They wanted them to stop the aggression. After the defeat of their army, America helped Japan to rebuild and become the economical giant that it has become today. Is Japan colonized or occupied? America has fought and won against dozens of countries. Is any of them occupied by America? All of them got rid of their dictators and are better off now than they were before the American invasion. 

Americans bombed the two cities to make the Japanese stop. The Japanese were fighting a war with religious fanaticism. Maybe this should be a warning to Muslims too. You push too far, you can get hurt. The war ended after the bombs were detonated. It had its desired effect and with the end of war more lives were saved. However it was a mistake to target cities and kill innocent people. The Americans should have thrown the bombs in uninhabited areas first and threaten to throw them on cities if the Japanese did not stop their aggression. But those who made the decision to bomb cities were humans and under pressure and fear humans do stupid things. We do not praise what they did. We do not worship the perpetrators of this act. We condemn them. You are praising your murderous terrorist brothers. The westerners are not blinded by an insane ideology. They are free people, but as people they have their weaknesses, some of them are greedy, some are stupid, some are ruthless but many of them are good humans who care about other humans. They can condemn bad deeds and the perpetrators of those deeds. They do not follow our criminals and evil doers. They denounce them [the criminals] and punish them. You are not only following a criminal who had no regards for fairness but you think he set the standard. This is the difference.  

Good and bad people are found in all the societies and among all the people. We are not talking about the people. We are talking about the pattern that a society should choose to follow. All the people of the word irrespective of their religion or belief have adopted the Golden Rule as their torch of guidance. Beliefs vary but the principle is the same. In all the religions and social philosophies, good and bad are defined by the Golden Rule. Islam is the only exception. The Golden Rule is the very concept of fairness. When you mock the Golden Rule you mock fairness. 

All the religions and social philosophies derive their laws from the Golden Rule, i.e. they are based on the concept of fairness. Good and bad are standard everywhere and among all the people. Everyone knows, murder is bad, torture is bad, rape is bad, theft is bad, etc. Muslims are the only exception. They are the only people who consider all these things bad if it is done to them but it's okay for them to do it to others. They are the only people who do not judge the actions of their prophet with the standard of fairness but the other way round. So it was okay for Muhammad to be a pedophile. But the entire Western society should be blame for the actions of a few psychopaths and criminals among them. This is the most bizarre pot-calling-the-kettle-black example that I heard of.  

The same thing can be said about all other crimes that Muhammad committed and Muslims follow. For example the crimes of torture, rape, genocide, plunder, deceit, etc.  

Islam is indeed a doctrine of moral relativism that is contrary to the Golden Rule and everything that is right. It is the only religion that says fairness is not right and defines fairness by the actions of its prophet instead of the other way round. This shows Islam can’t be a religion of God because it is inherently evil. 

There are many verses in the Quran that talk about mercy, justice, kindness, honesty, forgiveness, goodness, etc. But once we get deeper and study carefully the Quran and the biography of Muhammad, a different picture emerges. All the above are demagogical propaganda and nothing but lip service. Even Hitler used these clichés to fool his audience. The message of Islam is a message bereft of goodness and Muhammad was a truly evil man.  It is hard to find a man as vicious and and sadistic as Muhammad in the annals of history. Hitler was an evil man. But he had some good qualities. He was not a pedophile or a lecher. He was not a sexual pervert. Muhammad had no good qualities. This man was the embodiment of everything that is evil. Even his acts of kindness and generosity were manipulative and politically motivated. If Satan really exists, Muhammad was it. But I doubt that even Satan could be as monstrous and evil as the psychopath Muhammad. .  

It is a tragedy of gargantuan proportion that over a billion people follow such a monster and believe he was the one who set the standard of fairness. This means these billion benighted people will happily do evil with no compunction and be proud of their deeds.  

As the readers can see, Mr. Yamin Zakaria is unable to see the beam in the eyes of Muhammad and Muslims when he is quite capable to see the speck in the eyes of others. But the sad reality is that he is not the only one. There are a billion people like him. They act like zombies. Unless they see the light and leave Islam they cannot be trusted. It is not that all of the Muslims are bad people. Good and bad people exist in all the societies. Many Muslims are saints. However there is a veil that separates them from reality and makes them jaundiced. Even the good ones shut their critical thinking and give in to evil of Islam. They could be saints, but flaunt Islam in front of them and they will lose all their humanity the same Superman lost his powers when exposed to kryptonite. Good people become helpless when confronted with the explicit verses of the Quran that incite hate. This is the effect of Islam on Muslims. It is not that they are bad people, but they are mesmerized by the evil ghost of a psychopath. They can easily be possessed and do evil things. So destructive is the influence of Islam on Muslims.     

Muslims live in a bubble universe of moral relativism where good and bad are not defined by the Golden Rule and the universally established standard of right and wrong but by what Muhammad said and did. That is why you never understand when Muslims talks about “goodness”. “Good” for a Muslim is not the same thing as it is for you. Good is what Muhammad enjoined them to do. Read the Quran to see what he enjoined. He enjoined them to kill you, to rape your wife and to enslave your children. This is the interpretation of good in the Islamic dictionary. Your problem as a non-Muslim is that you don’t understand the language of Muslims.  

If you are a Muslim, I urge you to leave Islam. Do not be a follower of Satan. You will not go to heaven by following a  Satanic cult. You will bring Hell to Earth if you do so. Leave Islam! Islam is a lie. You will not be rewarded by following a lie. Don’t fool yourself. You have the unerring compass of the Golden Rule within you. The Golden Rule is not a doctrine or a belief. It is fairness. Anything that is not fair, is not from God.  

You can have any belief you like but you must follow the Golden Rule nonetheless. Compare religions to means of transportation. You can choose any means you want. But you can't break the laws of physics. The Golden Rule is the law of our humanity. It is what sets us humans apart from animals. Only savage beasts can harm others and not feel remorse. Some people are sick and their conscience has not evolved to make them full humans. Unfortunately these people continue to harm and hurt others and feel no compunction. This is part of our struggle as humans. 

We are here to evolve and help each other to evolve too. At this stage of our evolution we must evolve spiritually. We must learn to love our fellow humans and do to them what we expect to be done to us. That is, do good! In our conscious struggle for our spiritual evolution the Golden Rule is our only inner compass and torch of guidance . The purpose of life is not to appease a deity to be rewarded with an orgiastic paradise filled with sensual pleasures. This is a preposterous and lie that only a fool can believe. The purpose of life is to evolve spiritually and to become full humans. It does not matter what religion you follow or whether you have no religion at all. But you must follow the Golden Rule. You must not transgress the standards of fairness. You must Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you. This is the essence of all wisdom. 

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