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Yamin Zakaria vs. Ali Sina 

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Mr Sina also claims Islam exhibits hate. But instead of just elaborating his claims and providing his definitions of hate, it is he that displays the hatred towards Islam and Muslims violating his “Golden Rule”. From the tone, content and deliberate uses of certain pejorative terms he incites hatred. Mr Sina’s website confirms that as it only contains anti-Islamic diatribe but nothing on his so-called “Golden Rule”. Why not? Because he wears a mask and calls others ugly and he is afraid to show his face as it can be also put on the dock. Here it is pertinent for me to quote an Old Persian says “If you don’t like what you see in the mirror break your face not the mirror”. Mr Sina must feeling the cracks in his face now and in his words “lost”, “completely disarmed” and “the circuits in his brain are short-circuited”. This only proves that “freethinkers” are unable to pose intellectual argument and provide an alternative that is as comprehensive as Islam, hence all they do behind their masks is it try and provoke a fight ‘below the belt’ by constantly emitting profanity and obscenity like hoodlums!

I don’t think hate needs to be defined. If you disparage people calling them najis (unclean), children of apes and swine, enemies of God, fuels for hell, etc. you are inciting hate. If you encourage your followers to kill these people, be harsh with them, slay them wherever they find them and smite their necks, this is inciting violence.  

Denouncing Islam is not violation of the Golden Rule, just as denouncing Nazism or fascism is not the violation of the Golden Rule. Actually denouncing any ideology even the good ones is not against the Golden Rule. If an ideology can’t stand scrutiny it is false and it must be denounced. But you can’t denounce the Golden Rule because the Golden Rule is the principle and not a belief.  

What is contrary to the Golden Rule is doing to others what you don’t want to be done to you. For example fighting and killing those who do not share your belief is against the Golden Rule. You certainly don’t like it if someone forces you to submit to his belief and kill you if you resist. So as you admitted Islam is contrary to the Golden Rule and anything contrary to the Golden Rule is evil.  

I don’t wear a mask. I told you I am a humanist and a practitioner of the Golden Rule. In your tradition of attacking your opponent’s beliefs, instead of defending Islam, you took your cheap shot even at the Golden Rule and with that you dug your own thumb. It is okay to attack any ideology, but you should not attack the Golden Rule because the Golden Rule is not an ideology. It is the principle that defines our humanity. This was your biggest mistake that sealed your fate right from the start.  


Sudden attack

Another example of the muddled mindset of Mr Sina is that he cannot distinguish between the status of War, declared between nations and actual military operation. He cites one of the raids of Prophet Muhammad as wanton aggression but the war was declared prior to that. Just like the US declared the war on Iraq but it did not give the Iraqis the battle plan telling them when and how they will conduct the raids.

You are talking about too many things at the same time. When we get to this point I will prove that with the exception of a few wars, almost all the raids of Muhammad were unannounced. In fact the very word Qazwah, by which the wars of Muhammad have come to be known means sudden attack. So let us not get too much distracted. I told you if I do not prove any of my charges, I will withdraw that charge and apologize for it. Just be patient, we will get to that.  


I have decided to provide some entertainment by giving further examples illustrating that he is false and muddled Prophet of the cult of “Golden Rule”. You will have some light entertainment, so please continue. I know it has been long.

Dear Mr. Zakaria. You are here to respond to my charges against Muhammad  and prove me wrong. You are not here in the quality of a comedian. How about leaving the entertainment after your victory and for now you try to rebut my accusations?  

A few weeks ago I had a long debate with Mr. Edip Yuksel, one of the leaders of the Submitters. After the third round of our debate he stopped discussing Islam altogether and instead he wrote extensively about me, making a thorough and free of charge psychoanalysis of me, quoted what others had written about me and finally made a prediction that on February 19 something is going to happen to me which neither the FBI nor my bodyguards can protect me. What could this thing be, I wonder! My hunch is that he is poking needles in a doll that he calls Ali Sina.  

May I suggest you leave the entertainment for later and concentrate on your role as the defender of Muhammad? That is why you are here after all, aren’t you? You are of course welcome to entertain us as much as you like, but that won’t help you win the debate. 

On Islam and Religion – Here are a couple of quotes from Mr Sina:

a) “So far Islam has advanced by camouflaging itself as a religion.”

b) “The reason I am against Islam is not because it is a religion but because it is a political movement of imperialism and domination in the guise of religion.”

He says Islam is not a religion in the first quote then he says it is in the second quote, and again in the latter part of the second sentence he says Islam is not a religion. Exactly what Mr Sina is trying to tell us I will let the audiences judge that and he does not posses a “logical gun” but an “illogical and irrational gun”!

I don’t see any contradiction? I do not see Islam as a religion, even though sometimes I use that terminology.


On Nazism and Fascism - Mr Sina says: “Do the Nazis have the right to have their party and promote their cause? I don’t know of any democratic country that allows such thing. Most democratic systems ban racist and fascist movements.”

Well, almost all leading democracies, including US and Europe permits Nazi parties and the likes to operate e.g. the “US Nazi Party” started by Lincoln Rockwell, the “British National Party” of Nick Griffin, and Vlaamsblok in Belgium etc. This is common knowledge. As for Nazis who will decide who is a Nazi or not. It is Mr Sina who is trying to HYPOCRITICALLY dictate to those whom he considers to be Nazis and Fascists like a Nazi. Nazism and Fascism were born amongst democracies not ISLAM. Its birth place and practice was in Europe . Both pertain to the exaltation of their races as their central theme which is diametrically opposed to ISLAM! Why Mr Sina uses such words to charge other when he does not even have the basic rudimentary knowledge on the subject!

I am under the impression that racist parties are disallowed in most democratic countries. But racist groups form their own groupies and operate under the protection of the freedom of speech act at the fringe of the law. It is the same law that allows hatemongers like you live freely in the West and spew their venom at their hosts. Anyway that is not the area of my expertise and I could be wrong. I could be wrong on many things Mr. Zakaria. You are here to disprove my charges against Muhammad and not the fact that I am not infallible.  

Islam is not against fascism. As I said earlier, the verse (48:29) that says "those who are with him [Muhammad] are strong against Unbelievers, (but) compassionate amongst each other is a perfect description of fascism. Islam does not have the concept of race supremacy, even though Muhammad spoke of the blacks disparagingly calling them “raisin heads” and joked about the dark skin of the Bani Tamim saying they are Indians. Instead he advocated religious supremacy. So in the religious sense, Islam is “racist”. In Nazism the non Arians were considered inferior and the Jews were the escape goats for all the social ills. In Islam the non-believers are inferior and the Jews are the escape goats for every thing that is wrong in Islamic world. In Nazism the Fuhrer was the ultimate authority and no one could question him. In Islam Muhammad is the ultimate authority and no one can question him.  Craig Winn, in The Prophet of Doom, has drawn the comparisons between Muhammad and Hitler and the Quran and Mein Kampf. The similarities are astounding.  


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