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Yamin Zakaria vs. Ali Sina 

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When I read the Quran, it was the treatment of the non-believers that shocked and jolted me to reality. I said, if I donít like to be treated like a dhimmi then I donít want to be a Muslim. I had enough conscience to come to that realization on my own. Some Muslims seem to be totally bereft of any conscience. They scoff at the Golden Rule and are unable to put themselves in the shoes of their victims. These people need a more tangible way to feel the pain that they cause to others. They must be literally treated like dhimmis so they can feel in their own flesh and bones the pain that they cause to others. 

It is a mistake to assume all humans are endowed with human feelings and human conscience. As it is clear from Mr. Zakaria's rejection of the Golden Rule, true Muslims do not possess conscience. Conscience has not evolved in them. The Golden Rule can only be understood by humans. Animals and true Muslims do not understand it. Why is it that conscience of true Muslims is at the same level of the conscience of animals? It is because they follow a pathological narcissist. Narcissists do not have conscience. Their conscience has stopped at the age of three or four. They genuinely are unaware that other people have rights and feelings. Intellectually they are conscious about it. But they do not care. They only pay attention to things and people that serve them, but if they seize to be of service to them they will destroy them. They can kill any number of people without any feeling or pang of conscience. By following a psychopath, true Muslims behave like their prophet and their conscience is no more than the conscience of children or animals.  

This reality is so shocking that many good people resist accepting it. But the derision of the Golden Rule by Mr. Zakaria is a clear proof of my argument.  

Ethics has little to do with religion. As Gandhi said ethics is the matter of economics. The question is where to invest our vital energy for a higher yield. If you invest your energy into sensual pleasures you will get a temporary gratification. If you invest it in more meaningful things you will get greater satisfaction.

Leading a moral life is not about renouncing pleasure. A life that is not gratifying is not worth living. It is about choices. What we choose for pleasure? That is the question. One who invests his energy in the service of humanity gets more satisfaction than one who indulges in the pursuit of worldly pleasures.

I sit in front of my monitor and write countless hours. I make no money out of it - not at least until I start selling my books. To do this I had to renounce many pleasures that I used to take for granted, such as vacations, dinging out, going to theaters and not the least, enjoying good wine. I simply can't afford them anymore. But I do not miss any of that. I get immense pleasure in my work. I feel I am doing something of value. In my small way I am contributing to the world and this is very gratifying. So as you see, pleasures are not always carnal or sensual, they can be intellectual and spiritual. The latter ones are more gratifying that the former ones. 

But this is a personal choice, and it derives from oneís maturity and spiritual awareness. Morality should not be imposed by a higher authority such as state or religion. An imposed morality is not morality. One who leads a moral life for the fear of hell is not a moral person because he has not made his choices freely. Fear and greed, the traditional contrivances of religions, used as incentives to force people into accepting their morality, do not make the society moral. No one and no religion should impose its morality on people. The imposition of morality is unethical. Religions that threaten their followers with the hellfire or bait them with the promises of paradise do not make them moral. Stick and carrot have better results in training animals than educating people. Only the person who chooses the higher road freely can be called a moral person.

A moral person chooses to live morally because it gives him immense pleasure. One, who is honest, takes pleasure in being honest. He would prefer to be tortured than to lie or to deceive. Our morality is directly linked to our spiritual maturity. When we evolve spiritually; knowledge, service to humanity and working for peace gratify us more than indulging in sensual pleasures. Nothing is wrong with sensual pleasures. But we get more pleasure in doing something in the service of humanity than gratifying our senses temporarily.

Primitive religions treat you like children (if not animals). They want to impose their outdated morality on you by threatening you with hell and bribing you with heaven to accept their antiquated and often unethical morality. Whether you are moral because of this fear and greed or because you find satisfaction in leading a moral life, depends on your maturity and spiritual awareness

The religious morality is not divinely ordained. It is the morality of the ancient people, their sages and, in the case of Islam, a charlatan. We do not need the morality of the ancient man just as we do not need his technology, science or medicine. The morality of the ancient man must be buried with his bones. Modern humans must chart their own morality. Morality must evolve just as human knowledge and his awareness has evolved. 

New morality does not mean immorality. It means coming out of the dark ages of ignorance and rearing new generations that are responsible. It means teaching the Golden Rule. Humans can no longer be chained with phobias and threats of the afterlife. Science has shed light on the absurdity of religious concepts and shaken the foundation of the beliefs that our forefathers held so sacrosanct. The manacles of obscurantism are broken forever. (Unless we let Islam to destroy our world.) Today we have to raise our kids with awareness. They must learn that mankind is One. Just as our parents taught us the religious lies and we believed, we can teach our children the truth and they will believe. The following is one such truth.  

All human beings are limbs of the same body. God created them from the same essence. If one part of the body suffers pain, then the whole body is affected. If you are indifferent to this pain, you cannot be called a human being. -Saadi

We do not need to lie and frighten our children with hellfire to raise them as moral, loving and good people. That has never worked. The history of inhumanity of mankind and especially that of the standard bearers of religions stand witness to this claim. Religions that are more fear based are more sadistic. Islam is a fear based religion. It is absolutely deprived of any logic and therefore it is the most inhumane and barbaric religion.  

If we love our children, they learn to love. If we are honest, moral and ethical they learn that too. We can build a better humanity by acting humanely today. But first we have to teach our children how to love and how to be ethical and follow the Golden Rule.

Compare the words of Saadi to the words of Muhammad: 

"Fight them, and Allah will punish them by your hands, cover them with shame, help you (to victory) over them, heal the breasts of Believers"  9:14

As you see, the very belief in Islam is unethical and immoral. We cannot heal Mankind until we do not remove Islam. This cancer has reached a point that is going to kill us all. It is either the Humanity or Islam. Mankind will not have a future as long as this disease is left untreated. Islam must be eradicated now. Tomorrow is too late. 

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