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 A letter from Qadir Sheikh to Waqas 


 Dear Waqas Bhai,

    Thanks for your kind reply. 

    Please do not call me Sir. Just call me Qadir Bhai. I have left Islam not only because of 7/7 but 7/7 was the breaking point for me. Why these people who were my co-religionists and related by same Indian genes would kill themselves and others? If we look around the world we will find that it's only the Muslims who kill themselves and others in suicide attacks.  

    I would advise you to play it safe from now onwards because anybody now having personal enmity and wishing to harm can charge you with blasphemy. 

    The spread of Islam was not a bit brutal but VERY brutal it's called Quwwatul-Islam "The anger of Islam" and 60 million Hindus lost their lives because of that. Do you know how Islam was spread in Persia ( Iran )?

    Do you know that at the time of partition there were 24% Hindus in Pakistan and now there are hardly 2%. ?

    Do you know that at the time of partition there were 41% Hindus in  Bangladesh and now there are hardly 10%. ?

    Do you know Pakistani troops killed 2 million Hindus in Bangladesh during the 1971 war?

    Have you seen the site www.rawa.org ? Have seen the Gallery on this site?   

    This will show you the true face of Islam. Afghanistan is a laboratory of Islam where it was test demonstrated by the Talibs for the whole to see in the current age for those who had missed seeing its real face from the past.

    Do you know what a talib means? Talib means a seeker of truth and they sought their talab (search) for truth in the madarsas of Pakistan went back to Afghanistan and implemented the Islam in it's full glory and gory. If you see the pictures on   www.rawa.org it should be enough for you to leave Islam you wouldn't need me or Ali to convince you. Be a real Talib and see the photo in pictures. Do you realise that Muslims in Pakistan kill one another more each day than they have ever been killed by the Hindus in defence? Each time a Muslim is killed in shia sunni clashes I feel angry .... at the mullahs who encourage it further. I feel that my people are dying and I feel angry at myself for being helpless and unable to stop them from painful death. See the search result for "shia sunni clashes  pakistan " gives 102,000 pages one picture more bloodier than the other. 

   Despite being a minority in India the shias and sunnis fight like dogs and cats among themselves. It's only because the Hindus have a secular system here that they are not allowed to do much damage to each other. But they are always ready to get at. Do you know that 990 shias were killed in Iraq a few weeks back when a sunni mischief monger spread?  

    Do you think you got your Islam right and Osama-bin-Laden, Al-zawahiri or Mullah Omar got it wrong? 

    Have you read this page http://www.faithfreedom.org/Quran.htm 

   I have more congratulatory emails from Pakistanis than Indian Muslims. I have the email of an ex-Pakistani captain of Pakistan Air Force and ex-Muslim who now lives in USA . He told me the truth and regrets what Islam did to non-Muslims but the non-Muslims never did to Islam. 

   Do you know Saddam Hussein killed 300,000 Iraqi shias and many more died in war with Iran and many innocents lost their lives when he invaded Kuwait ?  

    It's my personal jihad to save as many of my ex-brethren like Ali is doing. 

    I have no anger for Muslims because my parents are still Muslims and in their age too set in their ways to leave Islam and not much of Jihad material either.    

   God gave you this to enjoy the company of your family and friends and not to kill other people. 

   You hardly know about Islam and I would advise you stay that way and remain innocent. 

   Take care.


The following  is the email of the above mentioned captain. I [Ali Sina] hide his real name for his safety.   

Dear Qadir!

I am an on-line friend of Alamgir. Although I did not understand most of your Bangla comments; I could feel the spirit behind them. I have already told Alamgir that how my head hangs in shame about the atrocities committed on my Bengali brethren by the Pakistani army. I was there some of the time. I'm sorry, but like you I am a Muslim by birth. I can't help it. Now I am no longer. I HATE THIS CULT!  They celebrate DEATH; while we celebrate God given LIFE.  

Warmest regards.

Capt: XXXXX.  



Waqas's response to Qadir Sheikh

Respected Sir,
i have read your testimony and come to an conclusion that you can be convinced easily.And your faith is very weak.
you left islam because of 7/7 so what is the guarantee that you will not reject hinduism after any act of violence of hindus like demolition of babri masjid and gujrat riots?? so basically you are very much confused
u were quoted saying
 "Now many of my muslim relations ask me if they can get Indian Visa if they become Hindu. "
now if anyone who wants to practice hinduism in karachi(at least) he wil not be stopped here in karachi we have many mandirs.
One of my questions was that whom should a person owe more allegiance to, his maadr-e-watan (motherland) or the Ummah (Nation of Islam)?
Of cource mother nation.in iran iraq war muslim fought with muslim.also some muslim indian solders fought with pakistani soldiers.so your question does not imply
That led me to investigate the land records of my family and led me to the identity of my Hindu ancestors (just five generations back) and I have since decided to come back to the Hindu culture if not the religion. I feel that my Hindu ancestors were subjected to torture and humiliation and also had to pay jaziya taxes which they could not afford due to drought in the region which finally led them to accept Islam
you will be happy to know that my ancestors were also hindu and we were from india(Maharashtra).But we moved to pakistan at the time of division.Now the point is why to convert today only because our ancestors left hinduism.i am really unhappy at the way the convertion took place but nothing we can do in that matter.islam is better.i dont mean to say hinduism is bad but i say that targetting 1 religion to be worst is not a good thing to do which ali sina is doin.mujhe lagta hai ki saare religion barabar hain.koi bara nahi hai aur koi choota nahi hai.raam and rahim are same.bhagwaan and allah are the same thing.we should not disrespect any religion.bcoz all religions are as pure as your own religion.like sometimes hindus did something bad with muslims in gujrat,that does not imply all hindus r muslim hunters and if some muslims killed some innocents,that does not imply all muslims r terrorist.
and i was same as you almost 1 month ago when i got ali sina's website and i made up my mind that i will quit islam.but i thought again and consulted my cleric(whom you made a terrorist) and he told me the reality.
Killing of Hindus in the past is nothing to be proud of by the Muslims but should be a matter of sorrow for all Muslims in India because all our ancestors were Hindus and were forced to convert to Islam under threat. Converting to Islam does not mean that we Muslims in India become Arab.
we dont be happy bcoz even 1 person dies anywhere.Remember AKBAR IS CALLED GREAT IN INDIA not in here.we are very unhappy that our hindu ancestors were killed so what can we do now.the method of the spread of islamin india was a bit brutal and that does not mean islam is bad and mohammed(pbuh) havent india.and islam dont mean ARAB.Does Hinduism and buddhism means india??and christianity means israel??the answer is "NO"..
Now we have an indian background and every pakistani,indian and bangladeshi muslim is proud of our ancestors culture..
i think i made myself clear to you
may allah bless you
Waqas Ahmed

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