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M.F. Rahman vs. Ali Sina 

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Dear Mr. Rahman

Thank you for reading my site, even if only two articles out of hundreds. Believe it or not I receive protesting letters from Muslims who have not read a word but only have seen the pictures in the Gallery. This is enough for them to form an opinion and express it. When it comes to reading, Muslims are not that great. The entire Arab world consumes fewer books than Israel alone.  

However, had you read a few more pages, you’d have come to see that my criticism of Islam has nothing to do with my experience with it and my views of Muslims. My criticism is directed at Muhammad, what he said and what he did. What Muslims do is the result of following Muhammad. The cause of the problem is Muhammad. The problem must be resolved from its roots.  

You say Islam is not the evil religion that I portray it. If this is a statement of facts and not a mere biased opinion of a believer you must be able to prove it. I have proven that Islam is very evil and I have offered to remove my site should anyone disprove my claims. I have also made a monetary offer to sweeten the deal. That might not be of much interest to you but nonetheless I thought I should mention it. More importantly I have offered to remove this site should anyone prove my accusations against Muhammad are unfounded. Here is the challenge.  

So if you disagree with my views about Islam and my assessment of Muhammad, I invite you to read my accusations and refute them one by one. I will remove the accusations that you successfully refute and once you refute all of them I will remove my site, leaving the home page active in which I would acknowledge having been guided by you to the right path and will gladly cash out $50,000 dollars from my house equity and give it to you in token of appreciation.  

Whether Islam is fraudulent or my diagnosis of it; whether it is a light of God that can’t be extinct or a satanic cult that can’t stand the light of truth, and whether I am just a barking dog or a harbinger of freedom; are things that I invite you to explore with me in an online debate. Do you think that I am quoting the Quran “out of context”? In that case you are welcome to show us it right context.  

You want a panel of adjudicators? I have no problem with that. Provided we do not choose a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer, I agree to invite a panel of adjudicators consisting of journalists, writers, politicians or whoever.  

There is however one “minor” problem and that is the safety of the adjudicators. We know that Muslims are in the habit of assassinating anyone who ruffles their feathers. This is something they learned from their prophet. Muhammad ordered the assassination of many people, including Ka’b ibn Ashraf, Asma bint Marwan, Abu Afak and others, for no other reason than criticizing him. So how can you guarantee that these adjudicators will not be assassinated once they pronounce me the winner of the debate, which means a public declaration that Islam is false and Muhammad was an impostor? Salman Rushdie still lives in hiding. A couple of his translators were assassinated. Theo Van Gogh is killed.  

So unless you can come with a solid guarantee that the adjudicators will not be assassinated after they announce their decree, which obviously you can't, I suggest we leave our readers to be the judges. I am sure people have a mind of their own and they do not need others telling them who won. Furthermore any adjudicator agreeing to this task is more likely one who has already made his mind in your favor and does not fear assassination. Anyone in his right mind would not want to put his life and his family in danger by publicly saying Islam is false.

You asked “If Allah is not The God, who do you say is?” and you wanted to know what religion and deity I offer as the alternative.  Let us cross that bridge when we get there. This requires a dedicated section.

You write with quasi perfect English and you talked about your grownup children. This makes me understand that you are a mature person. But at the same time you make immature statements that make me wonder of your intelligence.

The girl with whom I had that debate used a powerful example to drive her point. She said if anyone called my mother a whore I would be offended;  likewise she is offended if her prophet is referred to opprobriously. And she had the decency to apologize for using that example. I used the same example to answer  her. That is why I spoke of my hypothetical mother, theoretically. But you are wondering why I don’t know the age of my mother and whether she is actually a whore or not.

What is this Mr. Rahman? Did you regress to your teenager mentality and could not resist the temptation of hurling your insults at your opponent? A distinguished scholar of your age and caliber should know better. Alluding to Muslims’ Comments, in my site you wrote:

“The recitation of a torrent of defamatory propaganda cannot be stemmed by protesting letters which only serve as fuel for further diatribes which I am sure delights you.”

Nonetheless you could not resist the temptation and joined the choir of your Muslim brothers. At your age, and knowing that I would use any misdemeanor of Muslims “with delight” to my advantage, I rather say that was a poor judgment on your behalf. Looks like despite your grandiloquent letter and your effort to present yourself as a polite and educated person, you have difficulty to contain the Muslim in you. 

You said that you are suspicious of my claims of apostasy. Well, I must say that you are an astute observer. I confess that I have never been a Muslim in my life. If I ever called myself with that name, I did it out of ignorance. After I read the Quran, it became clear to me that I am not and have never been one. So the question of apostasy is moot. I was never a Muslim to begin with. Only that I did not know. 

I have launched this campaign because I am convinced that more than a billion of the 1.2 billion Muslims are not Muslims. They just don’t know it. I am not trying to get Muslims out of Islam. That won’t be possible. All I want to do is let the “pretend Muslims” know that they should stop pretending and should stop calling themselves Muslims when in reality they are not.

Now to whet your appetite, I should tell you that this site is rapidly growing. As of now we have over 200,000 visitors per month and with this rate of growth, in two years this number will soar to 1,000,000 (The number of visitors has been more than doubling every year).

I am going to share with you a few paragraphs of a politician of a certain country  that I received today. (I am not at liberty to give any hint that might jeopardize the position of this person)

Dear Mr. Sina 

To encourage you, your website is having an effect in my country XXXX. I presently email your articles to about 300 people in our country of which a number of these themselves have large mailing lists.  A number of these are media contacts, people involved in politics as well as Christian ministries and church organisations. I also send material to a few ex-Muslims living in XXXX and abroad. 

Fundamentalism is a problem here. I know personally of brave people like you who have had their lives threatened in our country as they expose Islam and one had to flee this country to the USA . 

I also email some of your articles to 100 or so email addresses internationally.  Some are involved in politics in their countries. The feedback I have from these contacts of mine is very positive. 

I am involved in politics in this country and am fairly well known.  Therefore I would appreciate it if you would not publish this letter as I need to send out material from websites like yours as long as possible.  By next year, it may not be possible.  But already the knowledge I have acquired from your website as well as others, is helping to shape policies within my political party towards the Islamic issue. 

I have compromised myself in this letter but felt that it was necessary just to encourage you.


Well, since I did not give away the name of this person nor his/her country, I am sure s/he will forgive me for publishing it.

This shows that this site is having an impact on the way the world will eventually view Islam and will deal with it. It is my contention that Islam is a political movement that aims to overthrow democracies and establish Khilafat and that religion is only a mask. I am asking the politicians of the non-Islamic countries to be aware of this impostor, identify it and confront it, not as a religion, which is not their prerogative, but as a hostile and subversive political movement. The goal of Islam is political and hence it is up to the politicians and rulers to confront it and nullify it. 

I have received many other letters such as the above from politicians, journalists and writers of various countries. These are the ones who influence the way policies are made. The change is happening as I write these words. You may not feel it yet, but eventually this site will have its effect on how Islam will be viewed and dealt with by various governments in non-Muslim countries. The tide is turning and the downfall of Islam has already begun.

You have a choice: Prove me wrong and I promise to remove this site with an apology. In fact once you prove me wrong, this site becomes irrelevant. Even if I balk and refuse to meet my end of the bargain, I will be so discredited that you can even forget about me. 

Or you may ignore me, keep your head under the sand and contend yourself saying: “Only the foolish would dignify them with response. Your agenda to demonise The Prophet will bring you appropriate rewards.” This kind of response will hardly impresses anyone. It only highlights the intellectual bankruptcy of Muslim intelligentsia. It shows that Muslims are only courageous when it comes to violence and terrorism but meek when it comes to logics. 

You brag that the number of Muslims is growing. Yes Muslims are a philoprogenitive lot. But as the Chinese and the Indians can tell you, this is hardly good news. If you are referring to the conversion of the Europeans, you probably should know that for every European converting to Islam, hundreds of Muslims divert out of Islam.

Furthermore, for how long do you think these conversions will continue? Islam advances through deception and false propaganda yet sites like this are spreading the truth fast. When truth becomes known, for how long will your games of deception last? You have billions of dollars at your disposal to promote your religion and I have none of that. In fact creating and maintaining this site has not been without sacrifices. Yet I am winning and you are losing. Don’t you think it is time that you put an end to this site by refuting my claims?  Hundreds of anti Islamic sites are popping up. If you can make this site shut down with your logical arguments, all the other sites will be forced to back off. You can’t put an end to this site by killing me. If something happen to me, tens of sites will mushroom mirroring this site and I have written enough to help people see the truth even after I am dead. The only way you can stop this site is by refuting it. Also I am not the only person who has risen to fight Islam. We are thousands and our number is growing.

You wrote:
And if you believed in God, you would also understand that He is in Omnipotent control of every minutiae of detail. Your efforts will neither aid nor obstruct Him. They will simply ensure the destiny He has Written for you.”

Was this belief shared by your prophet too? In that case why he assassinated his opponents? Did he doubt the power of Allah? Moreover, can this "Omnipotent" god of yours refute a mortal like me? Why this "Omnipotent, Omniscient" god of yours failed to answer logical questions and all he did was calling the people who asked questions; deaf, dumb and blind and threatened to burn them in hell? These are logical fallacies. They are called argumentum ad hominem and argumentum ad baculum. Can't your god do better? Can he refute me with logics, without condescendence, threats or insults?  

Here is my challenge to you Mr. Rahman:

a)   Give me one solid proof that Muhammad was a prophet of God and not an impostor. All I need is one proof that I can’t refute logically.

b)   Refute the charges that I have brought against Muhammad. Prove that he was not a rapist, a pedophile, an assassin, a mass murderer, a lecher
a misogynist, a narcissist, a looter, a liar, a mentally deranged and a psychopath.  

All these charges are detailed and proven in this site, but if you want, we can go over them one by one and you refute them. Are you up to it Sir? I hope to hear from you.

Cordially yours

Ali Sina 

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