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How a good man like you can follow an evil man like Muhammad? I am not a rapist, a pedophile or an assassin, but he was. I am not preaching the hatred of people but he did. I am not inciting violence while he did. How can you hate me and follow him? That defies logic! If you donít know the truth, I am here to tell you. If you think I am mistaken, come forth and tell me. But you canít keep your head in the sand and treat me as untouchable. I am not just one. We are millions and growing fast. How are you going to deal with us? Today Muslims kill those who leave Islam. That has been their solution since the time of their prophet. But what are you going to do when you suddenly realize we have silently become millions? Are you going to create apartheid between Muslims and ex-Muslims? Are you going to ask parents to shun their children, wives to abandon their husbands and brothers slay their brothers, as Muhammad prescribed?  

ďI have no interest of being in touch with youĒ??? Ö What kind of answer is that? That is unholy. Suppose I am misguided! Did Jesus Christ, whom you forsook to follow Muhammad, shun the wrong-doers and the misguided? Did he snob the sinners, the oppressive tax collectors and the prostitutes? You left Jesus, to follow what?  Was Muhammad a better man? Are his teachings superior? Show me! 

All Christians know I am an atheist. They know I do not agree with their faith. Yet no Christian ever has told me such words of estrangement. You will never hear those hateful words from a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist or anyone else. It is only Islam that preaches this much hate.   

You can go back into your cave and pretend you saw nothing and nothing has happened. But youíll have to deal with the apostates sooner or later. Our number is growing fast. Truth is spreading like the rays of the Sun at dawn. There is nothing you can do to stop it.  

You made a mistake in converting to Islam. That is okay. We are humans and fallible. There is no blame in erring. The blame is in persisting in the error.  

I read about you and know you are a good person. As such you are not a good Muslim (except when you wrote this email to me and your Muslim side took a better hold of your goodness.) As a good person you donít belong to this cult of hate. I invite you to investigate the truth just as we did and leave Islam. Good people should not follow evil doctrines. By following an evil doctrine, you become evil too. But not just that, you also give legitimacy to real Muslim killers and indirectly become their accomplice. Not all the Germans were Nazis and not all the Nazis were killers. But all the apologists of Nazism, whether German or not were accomplices of the holocaust. Likewise, by being an apologist of Islam you have your share of responsibility in all these Islamic butcheries. That is an awesome weight for a good man to carry. 

Ignorance is bliss and that is why you have no pang of conscience when your co-religionists murder people on daily basis. You placate your conscience by blaming them when in reality it is Islam, the very cult that you have embraced that is to be blamed and you have a share in all those killings. When thousands of Muslim mobs attack a church and a few of them kill a nun, all of them are murderers, even though not all of them did the killing. The point is would those killers have been able to perpetrate their dastardly crime had it not been for the support of all those thousands of Muslims behind them? 

Just by being a Muslim you are guilty of all these killings perpetrated by your Muslim brothers. They get their moral support from you. For them it is the number game. "We are right because we are many". This is the twisted logic of Muslims. Your words of condemnation are meaningless. It is your very existence as a Muslim that validates the Islamic terrorists. I promise that if Muslims start leaving Islam en masse, the Islamic terrorism will end. Muslims are triumphalists and even though they hate one another and call each other kafir for interpreting the Quran differently, even though they kill each other and I know you have been threatened by them too,  they don't  leave out anyone, including the heretics such as the Ahmadis whom no one recognizes as Muslims, to inflate their number. If they see that a great number of Muslims have left Islam completely, not converting to a different brand of Islam that is allegedly mild but have left this cult and spit at Muhammad and his demonic Allah, they will be disheartened and this madness will end.  

Human mind (the proverbial heart) is like a mirror. If you turn this mirror towards light, it becomes illumined. But if you turn it towards darkness it reflects no light. Islam is sheer darkness. You can't become an enlightened person by following this cult of obscurantism and hate. Why waste a precious life chasing a wild goose? Why follow a man as evil as Muhammad, who raided and massacred innocent people, raped their wives, enslaved their children, looted their belongings, assassinated his critics and had no shame asking his beguiled good friend to let him sleep with his little daughter? How can an intelligent and good man like you follow a fiend like Muhammad? To what end? Look at the deplorable state of the Muslims in the world. What Islam has done for Muslims that you want to spread it in your beautiful country Italy? If this is not treason what is? We Iranians hate Salman Parsi for his treason to our motherland. If you succeed, you would be hated in Italy too. 

The next world, if there is any, would be even worse than this one for Muslims. How could the maker of this universe prize stupidity, ignorance and evilness?  Such an assumption is blasphemy.  Recognizing Islam as a religion of God is an insult to God, let alone to human intelligence.    

Are these slanders Professor Palazzi? Are these lies? Millions of people visit faithfreedom.org and read what we write. Please tell them which part of what we say are lies. Refute us if you can. I will publish your refutation in the front page of this site for everyone to see. If you hate me to the extent that you donít want to be in touch with me, please write your refutation and publish it in your own site. I will link to it.  

Why no one is coming forth to tell the truth if what we say are lies? Why Muslims are so prone to violence, so ready to riot, burn, kill and cause mayhem but are so timid to refute us with logic or prove Muhammad's claim? Why millions of Muslims can pour in the streets shouting death to Denmak, death to Israel, death to America, shoot innocent priests and burn and destroy buildings for a dozen of silly cartoons but no one is coming forth to write a sensible and logical refutation to all the  ďliesĒ we have said in this site? Why all the Muslim scholars become so tongue-tied when it comes to defending Islam with reason but are so valiant in inciting violence?  

Are you telling me that the only way Islam can be defended it through violence and by instilling terror? Or do you believe that supercilious imperturbability, ďto you your faith,  to me mineĒ, is a good substitute for logical arguments?  

You can shun me and pretend I do not exist. But you are now under the spotlight. Many people who read this will want to know why? Why you run away when you are called upon to defend Islam? It is not just us, the worthless untouchable detractors that want to hear you. In fact we don't need to hear you at all. We already know what you are going to say. We've been there, done that ourselves. We participated in that game of deception doing and saying anything to save the image of Islam too. Until we had enough of it. Finally we saw that the joke is on us and we are only fooling ourselves. There is nothing you can tell us that we don't know. It's the Muslim youths in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Jordan that want to know why Muslim scholars are so shy when it comes to answering a bunch of apostates.   

In nowhere I said Ali Sina is a pseudonym. This is what the Wikipedians have written and only a fool would take Wikipedia as a reliable source. Is it really my name? I am not going to tell you. Why should this matter any way. Why should my campaign be unreliable if Ali Sina happens to be a pseudonym? Isn't that a fallacy? I am not asking people to take me for my word or rely on my authority. What I present are logical arguments. Would 2+2=4 become less valid if someone whose real identity is unknown says it? 

You ask for my credential when facts can be proven on their own, and yet you have no problem accepting Muhammad who not only stood to gain personally by his claim but what he said was outlandish, implausible and absurd. Riding a winged horsy to go to the seventh heaven and bargaining with God to reduce the number of prayers? Splitting the moon? Visiting the town of the Jinns and converting them to Islam? How can a professor in this day and age believe in these gobbledygook? 

Did you know that Muhammad's real name was Kotham (he was also known as Halabi) and he adopted the pseudonym Muhammad (the praiseworthy) when he migrated to Medina? How come he is reliable for you? If this is not hypocrisy and double standard what else should we call it? 

I did not write to argue with you about Islam. I wrote to interview you about your take on the reaction of Muslims to these cartoons. I thought if you are capable of not hating the Jews, despite your prophet's instructions, you might also be able of tolerating the apostates. I wanted to hear your opinion as a "moderate Muslim" (whatever the definition of that may be). But now you put yourself in a hot seat. Now you are called upon to answer very tough questions about Islam. You donít have to answer me, but the wordís eyes are on you. Why a person who advocates peace follows a cult of hate and war? This is a question that only you should answer.  

With best wishes  

Ali Sina


A letter to Professor Palazzi from a Muslim youth







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