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Death and Fear are at Center of Islamic Society

Nonie Darwish

Source: The Jewish Press
The main concern of Muslim citizens in any Islamic state is staying safe, alive and away from being accused of doing or saying anything against Islamic teachings.

The most influential Sunni leader in the Middle East has just admitted what many of us who grew up as Muslims in the Middle East have always known: that Islam could not exist today without the killing of apostates.
Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the most respected leaders of the Sunni world, recently said on Egyptian television, “If they [Muslims] had gotten rid of the punishment [often death] for apostasy, Islam would not exist today.”

The most striking thing about his statement, however, was that it was not an apology; it was a logical, proud justification for preserving the death penalty as a punishment for apostasy. Al-Qaradawi sounded matter-of-fact, indicating no moral conflict, nor even hesitation, about this policy in Islam. On the contrary, he asserted the legitimacy of Islamic laws in relying on vigilante street justice through fear, intimidation, torture and murder against any person who might dare to leave Islam.
Many critics of Islam agree with Sheikh Qaradawi, that Islam could not have survived after the death of the prophet Mohammed if it were not for the killing, torturing, beheading and burning alive of thousands of people — making examples of them to others who might wish to venture outside Islam. From its inception until today, Islam has never considered this policy inappropriate, let alone immoral. In a recent poll, 84% of Egyptians agree with the death penalty for apostates; and we see no moderate Muslim movement against this law. That 1.2 billion Muslims appear comfortable with such a command sheds light on the nature of Islam.

Unlike Americans, who understand basic principles of their constitution, most Muslims have no clue about the basic laws of their religion. Most Muslims choose ignorance over knowledge when it comes to Islam, and often refuse to comment negatively out of fear of being accused of apostasy. While in the West it is considered a virtue to try to understand one’s religion, ask questions about it and make choices accordingly, in the Muslim world doing the same thing is the ultimate sin punishable by death. What the West prides itself on, is a crime under Islamic law.
The main concern of Muslim citizens in any Islamic state is staying safe, alive and away from being accused of doing or saying anything against Islamic teachings. In such an atmosphere of fear and distrust, harm can come not only from the government, but from friends, neighbors and even family members, who are protected from prosecution for killing anyone they regard as an apostate.

It is not a coincidence that Muslim countries have the highest rate of illiteracy and that they lack education: in an Islamic culture that criminalizes not only apostasy, but also asking questions or doubting, ignorance is a virtue that protects you.

The Islamic and Judeo-Christian cultures are polar opposites when it comes to value systems and moral compasses — the core divisions between Islamic and Western morality. No religion other than Islam kills those who leave it — probably a sign of Islamic leaders’ lack of confidence in Islam’s ability to survive among other religions that do not kill to keep their followers in line.

In a different Egyptian television show on the “Al-Tahrir” channel, in a discussion of Islamic textbooks from Al-Azhar — the world’s premier Islamic University, in Cairo — students were told that “any Muslim, without permission of the ruler, can kill and barbeque a murtad [apostate] and eat him.” This lesson was confirmed to be in official Egyptian government books for high school students. The stunned guest on the TV show could not believe that Egyptian students of Islam are being taught that cannibalism of apostates is halal [permitted].

Policies such as these should be of great concern to the West. The West, however, appears to be in denial. It refuses to be openly concerned; and when its citizens are concerned, they are suppressed. They are sued [Geert Wilders, Lars Hedegard, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant]; assaulted [Kurt Westergaard in Denmark, Lars Vilks in Sweden, Charlie Hedbo weekly journal in France]; threatened with deportation [currently, Imran Firasat, from Spain to Pakistan, and Reza Jabbari from Sweden to Iran, where both will most likely be either imprisoned or sentenced to death]; issued death threats [Salman Rushdie, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan, M. Zuhdi Jasser], and sometimes murdered [Theo van Gogh].

Instead of soberly facing the threat of Islam, the West has become desensitized to all the murderous videos pouring out of the Muslim world. There is no outrage in Western governments, media or NGOs over what we hear and see sluicing daily out of the Middle East: the photos of hundreds of Christians burned alive by Muslims in Nigeria; the videos of beheadings and burning-alive of apostates to be found all over the internet; or the daily Islamic reminders — from many political leaders, Arab television, and the pulpits of mosques, Arab television and political leaders — that, in their opinion, Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs.

If we are to preserve Western freedoms for future generations, it is time to change our dismissal of, and indifference to, the deep-rootedness of these views.
Westerners have been investing a lot of time, effort and money trying to understand Islam, when all they need to do is listen to what Muslim leaders are saying. American foreign policy priorities should not be the appeasement of an Islamic culture desperate for approval, but protecting its citizens, culture and constitution from all morally bankrupt and tyrannical ideologies.

5 Responses to Death and Fear are at Center of Islamic Society

  1. Grendell_Fuzz says:

    I’m practically upset for the negligence, dismissal, and indifference of Western Governments letting slide human rights abuses perpetrated by Islam.

    Those government agents are simply kowtowing to the Islamofascists and Islamic apologetics due to the pressuring issue of oil money, that’s it what it needs to be known.

    Why they cannot see that what Islam teaches is EVIL. The evil of inhumanity, that Is?

    I’m fed up and sick that innocent people get to be slaughtered in fear, brutality, and humiliation while evildoers like, for example, the Islamofascists, to name one amongst many, not only get scot-free of their crimes but also get cheered up for their deeds in their society.

  2. Rosh says:

    Jon Mc, I agree with your post and particularly with “once free speech goes…”

    Free speech IS going! All Muslim/Islamist excesses in the UK for example are almost invariably selectively reported and/or played down.

    The BBC, a prime example of dhimmitude if ever there was one, was could once upon a time be relied upon to tell us the truth and be a prime representative of UK democracy. Likewise the Guardian used to be a well-regarded, honest newspaper of the thinking Left, rather than the hate-filled apologist for Islamism it has become.

    Both are so stifled by the perverted interpretation of political correctness that they are no longer capable of recognising the truth, let alone telling it.

    I agree with you that once the kid gloves come off things will be made right in the UK, but governments, police and loony Left are too craven and phobic to make that happen there

  3. proudest kafir says:

    Thank you for your considered reply!
    Is it true or not that the west ( British and The US) has sided with moslems and islam? In the recent example the British deliberately gave a disproportionately larger land mass then to dirty moslems and supported the same during wars with non moslem countries! Let me remind you the US bombed the non moslem Serbs in to submission in the war between moslems and non moslems, started by dirty moslems. The west in general is likely to support moslems in any war between non moslems and moslems. For example Indo Pak war, west has always sided with the porkisthanis and the US brought the aircraft carrier of the coast of Bay of Bengal. Need more examples? Money, oil and violence are the threats the west takes note of. We Indians are unused to mindless and needless violence.We do not believe in killing for the sake of establishing a religion! We do kill when our own existence is threatened.Like what happened in Gujarath. In India moslems have always been running amok and time we give these sewer pigs a fitting reply.The only language moslems understand and respect is that of violence.So time we speak that language to them!

  4. Jon MC says:

    Beg to differ.
    The “West’s” kid-glove attitude to Islam, Muslims and Muslim Countries in general (though Mali, Iraq and Afghanistan -initial stages of latter two – show what can happen if we take the gloves off) is more based on fear than oil imo.
    Neither India nor Israel are likely to launch terrorist attacks on “the West” no matter how nasty it is to them, yet Muslims both home-grown and from “overseas” do – or try to – incessantly.
    Neither in history has their been a “Jewish Jihad” or a “Hindu Jihad” that threatened to destroy all other civilisations.
    Thus whilst “Islam” is seen as a threat to our Countries (whether this is right or wrong in absolute terms is irrelevant, it is a perception that Islam has inculcated and introjected) whereas Judaism and Hinduism (plus the other indigenous religions of India) are not.
    - – -
    I do agree with your comment about democracy, however, or more accurately it’s “small-L” liberal form.
    Once free speech goes, then democratic institutions are indeed threatened.

  5. proudest kafir says:

    The west is pretending to be riding high moral horse, but only when it concerns the infidel countries like India and Israel.When dealing with gutter countries liek prokistahn or Middle east, the west deals with them kid gloves. This is purely due to oil! and nothing else. The end of west as I see it is not too far off. Democracy can only exist and thrive when there is honest examination of all the things.Nothing is above scrutiny.This attitude is lacking in the west while dealing with Moslems and the moslem infested contries

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