Criticize Islam: Hate Speech – Insult Jews and Christians: Freedom of Speech

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Islam would collapse if Muslims were to question the Quran. That’s why the Quran has a ‘Accept and Ask no questions Policy’. The Muslims are already in the hell fire of mass ignorance.

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Q Question: Can’t Islam stand up to being criticized ? Answer: : Obviously not. for under the hard light of skepticism with all the facts of reality taken into account Islam will collapse and like wise proven to be a religious hoax .

    Furthermore ,in the classical work of ancient Greek literature, by Plato, entitled THE APOLOGY OF SOCRATES it in written that Socrates had said that “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Likewise, in may also be said that “An unexamined religion is not worth believing in.” This is said about all religions. Yet to be specific, in this case, the topic is about the religion of Islam.

    Moreover , one man who was as a former a Muslim and had lived in one of the Islamic nations of the Middle East but now he is Christian and an American citizen had explained in a book he wrote that “Driving into depths of the word of reasoned thinking and research in Islamic societies has always been costly. Some Muslim who have done this have even been excluded from their social rights and even sentenced to death.” [1]

    [1] ISLAM AND THE SON OF GOD by Daniel Shayesteh page 70.

  3. DH says:

    “As Dr. Bill Warner, founder for the Study of Political Islam said: “When I’m called the worst of creatures, does this qualify for hate speech?”

    The answer in todays deranged climate is that Bill Warner’s question is itself “hate speech”!

  4. All true and clearly laid out. There is a recent update on the Martin Hewitt situation though.

    He and Neil Basu (another top cop who recently declared that terrorism is caused by lack of social mobility and that Muslims shouldn’t be expected to assimilate) have contacted the APPG group and been reassured that everything is okay:

    So that’s nice then. Except it isn’t. When you ask a snake oil saleman if his snake oil is snake oil you shouldn’t take his reassurance at face value.

    Additional details about other people’s concerns here:

  5. Truth Triumps says:

    Islam is Afraid of Collapse. if Fault finding is allowed. So kill the Fault Finders!!!!!!