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Please Sign the Petition to Permanently Outlaw Sharia Law in the United States

11/16/2012 FFI Readers, This is a time sensitive petition. Please sign the petition. All of us need to be proactive to ban Sharia Law. To sign the petition link on the page after the intro only goes straight to the white house page: ——————————————- From TMI Help me out here guys, to spread the [...]

Take Action Now: An Appeal To The UN To Ban Sharia Law

stop Sharia

Ban Sharia
It is abuse of human rights

Vote Against Gungahlin Mosque


7/12/2012 Readers, Please VOTE against this proposed Mosque. The world has more than enough mosques as it is. Thank you

Call to Action: North Carolina’s Wake Forest University Radical Imam


5/21/2012 Editor’s Note: Readers, please read this article below, and email Dr. Hatch, Wake Forest University president, and tell him “No to Radical Muslim Imam Khalid Griggs on Wake Forest Campus.” Dr. Hatch email address is [email protected] It is time for all of us to tell Muslim supremacists wherever they are “You will not silence [...]

Sign The Petition Please: Immediate freedom for Hamza Kashgari


2/18/2012 Immediate freedom for Hamza Kashgari   Target: Amnesty International, Ban Ki-Moon, UNHCR, Navi Pillay Region: Saudi Arabia Web site:… Sign the petition Background (Preamble): KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia deported a Saudi Arabian blogger on Sunday, police said, despite fears voiced by human rights groups that he could face execution in his home [...]

CAIR vs. NYPD – Take Action

The radical Islamic organization CAIR has blasted the NYPD for using our critically-acclaimed documentary, The Third Jihad, to educate its officers in counterterrorism. The NYPD caved in and announced that it will no longer use the film in its training program. Now CAIR is demanding the resignation of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly who has worked tirelessly to protect New York from Islamic terrorism. Express your support for Kelly and the NYPD’s anti-terror efforts by clicking here or on the graphic below.

Announcement: International Judge Muhammad Day

1/28/2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 30th, 2012 MEDIA CONTACT:  352-371-2487 or 352-871-2680 (Stephanie Sapp) or [email protected] Stand Up America Now with Dr Terry Jones Announces: International Judge Muhammad Day The date of the event will be announced later.  International Judge Muhammad Day will be a day that we put Muhammad on trial.  We will examine [...]

Update 1: FFI receives an email from an Indonesian Group

We are a group of international people, indonesian as well as other nationalities, including ex indonesian journalists as well as legal assistants, supporting Alex Aan in regard to his recent arrest and charges under indonesian law for blasphemy due to his posts on the wall of his Facebook group of which he is one of the admin. Alex Aan exercised his right to free speech in a democratic country, Indonesia, by openly questioning the existence of god and criticizing islam.

Act Now: Demand to rebuild Bamiyan Buddhas and other Hindu Heritage sites in Afghanistan


Demand to rebuild Bamiyan Buddhas and other Hindu Heritage sites in Afghanistan OVERVIEW In the nineties, after the emergence of the Taliban as a ruthless and barbaric force in Afghanistan, hundreds of historically significant religious sites were destroyed within a span of 6 years. Of these theBamiyan Buddha Statues, have received the greatest worldwide [...]

Call to Action: Houtan Kian of Iran and others


The Islamic Republic of Iran has sentenced Houtan Kian, the lawyer of Iran stoning case Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, to death by hanging. He had received four consecutive death sentences. Three were revoked; the fourth has been upheld. Reliable reports received by the International Committee against Stoning confirm this fact.

Houtan Kian was arrested in October 2010 along with Sajjad Ghaderzadeh, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s son, and two German journalists during


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