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Women must wear hijab to testify, Islamic court in Jordan says

Amman Sharia Court of Appeals adopts a fatwa which deems any women who doesn’t wear the hijab as “a slut.” Women who do not wear the traditional Islamic head-covering will not be permitted to testify in court, according to a decree handed down by a Jordanian religious court. The Jordanian news agency Al-Madenah reported onContinue Reading

Sharia law enshrined in British legal system for first time

By JPOST.COM STAFF 23/03/2014 British Law Society produces guidelines by which solicitors can draft wills in accordance with Islamic law which are valid under UK law. Sharia law is set to be enshrined in the British legal system for the first time ever, as lawyers will be given guidelines for drawing up “Sharia compliant wills,”TheContinue Reading

Pakistan: Man gunned down despite being acquitted in blasphemy case

A Pakistani man, who was recently acquitted in a blasphemy case, was gunned down in Jehlum district of Punjab province. Sharafat Gola told police that his brother – Ashraf Gola, a former chairman of a district council – was travelling along with a friend Iftikhar Ahmed in a car when unidentified men intercepted it nearContinue Reading

Nova Scotia High School Bows to Radical Muslim Student Refusing Interactoin with Women

A Nova Scotia high school student is asserting she was reduced to “second-class citizenship” after her Halifax aikido school followed provincial human rights law and accommodated a male student’s religious request not to touch his female classmates. “I felt degraded, discriminated against, I felt like a woman in the 1950s,” said Sonja Power, 17, aContinue Reading

Kazakhstan: Politicians discuss possible legalization of polygamy

Baku, Azerbaijan, March 19 By Elena Kosolapova – Trend: While currently illegal, there have been numerous proposals in recent years to legalize polygamous marriage in Kazakhstan. A number of politicians, public figures and ordinary people have been promoting such an initiative since Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991, at the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Continue Reading

US: Texas dad kills his lesbian daughter and her lover – leaves Quran open to a page condemning homosexuality

A Texas dad disgusted with his daughter’s lesbian lifestyle murdered the young woman and her lover, the girl’s mother said in a shocking twist to a gruesome case. James Cosby, 46, bludgeoned his daughter Britney Cosby to death and shot her lover, Crystal Jackson, on March 6 before dumping the bodies near the ferry gateContinue Reading

UK: Couple Jailed For Glorifying Lee Rigby Murder on YouTube

A married couple have been jailed for posting videos on YouTube glorifying Fusilier Lee Rigby’s murder. Royal Barnes, 23, of Hackney, east London, recorded and uploaded three videos shortly after the murder in Woolwich, south-east London, last May. In one of the videos, he hailed the murder as a “brilliant day”. At the Old Bailey,Continue Reading

South Korea: Muslims all over the world are angered by use of Qur’anic Verses in Song Lyrics

Quran: Chapter 78:32-34 32. Gardens and grapeyards; 33. And young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age; 34. And a full cup (of wine). South Korean girl band 2NE1 have angered Muslims all over the world after it was discovered that they used a verse from the Qur’an as lyrics in a track from their latestContinue Reading

Iranian cleric: Albert Einstein was Shiite Muslim

Ayatolla Mahadavi Kani says in a video circulating in social networks that the Jewish scientist found proof to his Theory of Relativity in the ascension of the Prophet Mohammed. An Iranian cleric claims that the Albert Einstein, the great 20th century scientist who developed the Theory of Relativity, was a Shiitie Muslim, Israel Radio reportedContinue Reading

Turkish lawmaker: Jew or atheist behind Erdogan corruption scandal

Zafer Caglayan is a member of the Turkish PM’s ruling party and was forced to resign in wake of the December graft scandal. A member of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling party has said that he would understand if a Jew or an atheist were behind the premier’s graft scandal, but he questionedContinue Reading

Not like a fairy tale: Saudi princesses reportedly locked in castle by king for 13 years

King’s daughters complain of human rights violations in e-mails, say they haven’t left palace since 2001 except to bring groceries. The King of Saudi Arabia is keeping four of his daughters captive in his grand palace, their mother told the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the Sunday Times reported Sunday. Alanoud Alfaye, theContinue Reading

UK: Muslims secretly plan to turn schools into Muslim academies based on Islamic principles

Birmingham City Council is investigating allegations that a group of radical Muslims is trying to oust head teachers and secretly turn schools into Muslim academies based on Salafi Islam principles, British media reported. A letter passed to Birmingham City Council outlines a plan dubbed ‘Operation Trojan Horse,’ aimed at taking over at least four schoolsContinue Reading

UK: Briansworth Manor Infant School bans pork sausage and replace with Halal food

  Parents have condemned a school’s decision to ban all pork products from the menuand replace other meats with halal versions. Pupils aged between three and 11 at Brinsworth Manor Infant and Junior Schools in Rotherham – which Ofsted identifies as having only a small number of pupils from minority ethnic groups – will noContinue Reading

Qatar, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates ban ‘Noah’ movie

Paramount’s upcoming Noah, which recently came under fire from religious groups, will not be released in three Middle East countries, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Egypt, Jordan and Kuwait will likely follow suit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the issue is over the film showing a prophet, which goes against Islamic law. TheContinue Reading

‘China’s 9/11′ Shows Jihadists Now Hitting Soft Targets

Global Jihad: Muslim terrorists hacked to death 29 people and injured 143 at a crowded China train station, but the Western media dismiss the attackers as “separatists” making a “political” statement. Jihad? What jihad? Over the weekend, a terrorist cell of eight Islamists — six men and two women — traveled hundreds of miles fromContinue Reading

Nigeria: ‘Boko Haram” kills thousand of people

Suspected militant Islamists have killed at least 29 people in an attack on a town in north-eastern Nigeria’s Borno state, a lawmaker has said. Government troops fled when the militants raided Mafa town on Sunday night, Ahmad Zannah added. The attack brings to about 150 the number of people killed in Borno since Friday inContinue Reading

China:Ten Knife-wielding (peaceful!) Muslims stab and kill 29, injure 130 at a train station

A mass-terrorism spree in a southwestern Chinese city that killed at least 29 people was carried out by assailants from the northwestern region of Xinjiang, which is home to the Uighur ethnic minority, according to China’s official news service, Xinhua. Knife-wielding attackers, dressed in black clothes, stormed the railway station of provincial capital Kunming shortlyContinue Reading

Syria: Christians face new threat — “convert, submit to Islam or face sword”

“Convert. Submit to Islam. Or face the sword.” In recent days, the besieged Christian community in Raqqa – a city in northern Syria – has faced those three stark alternatives. The terrorist group known as ISIS – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – made their demands after seizing control of the region.Continue Reading

YouTube quietly removes ‘Allah’ symbol from Katy Perry video

After (pendant symbol on left absent), before (pendant symbol on left clearly visible) Petition urging removal of “Dark Horse” video reaches 50,000 signatures; Perry under fire for disrespecting a symbol of Islam. YouTube has quietly edited a Katy Perry music video, after a petition launched on Change.org, urging the online video streaming company to remove theContinue Reading

USA: Influence of Muslim apologetic – ‘Muslim scholars studying with Aristotle’ in school textbook

If you saw a book stating that America was not a republic but a democracy, that a role of our government was to “socialize the young,” and with a picture labeled “Muslim scholars studying with the Greek philosopher Aristotle,” you might think it was a work of bad fiction, not an American school textbook. ButContinue Reading


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