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Muhammad Creates Islam – The Pharmacy


Cunning Muhammad’s Cartoons


Satire: Mickey Mouse Reverts to Islam

Finally, Mickey Mouse and his wife reverted to Islam. Alhamdulillah.. Jazak Allah Khair…

Mickey promised to revert to Islam if he loses the debate with Muslims against Islamic creed. As he promised, he lost the debate, said the Shahada, him and his wife. ISL news says the the happy couple plan to go do Hajj next year….Alhamdulillah “Yuhdi man Yasha’ “.

Islam in a “Flyer” – 4


Islam in a “Flyer” – 3


Islam in a “Flyer” – 2


Islam in a “Flyer” – 1


Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Islam

Beat This Guy For These Guys

Bags ..


Neqabi Woman in Her Underware

A woman in her underwear and scarf worn as a niqab, queues outside a Desigual fashion store for the ‘Arrive Half-Naked, Leave Fully Dressed’ offer, in central London, on June 16, 2011. Desigual gave away a free outfit to the first hundred individuals who arrived at their Regent street store in London, dressed in just [...]

Muslim Blind Side

How British Muslims Welcomed Obama

Moral Perspective on Koran Burning

Muslims, Can you please tell me what is morally acceptable:     Is it Burning the Koran (some papers)?   Or Burning human beings in Nigeria because they are Christians?

Muslim Moral Clarity

Prophet Muhammad’s “Fair” judgement carried out against Bani Qurayza

Anjem Choudhary Clowning

Bonus Picture – Ibrahim Hooper enjoys a cool moment..

Congratulations Newly Wed Muslims

No comment !! Muslims themselves can judge how correct their thinking about Muhammad is

Evil of our days

Islam and Evil

Regarding the heavenly virgins …

Warped Logic: Penal Law in Iran

Islam is Religion of Peace

No Muslim Restaurant

The safest restaurant   

Media Blind Spot

Freedom of Religion

Muhammad 54, Aisha 8 years 9 months old

There is no need for a lot of argument to prove that Muslims are the stupidest people in the world.  This picture is enough.  If they are not stupid then they are despicable.

Can’t You See The Love


The Face of Evil in Pictures

Pictures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and others in Islam

Alice in U.N.derland

A Ladies undewear shop opened recently in Saudi Arabia

These images may look funny, but they underline the sad reality of the Muslim world.  The segregation between men and women in Islamic countries make young men to grow without any understanding of women and with no ability to interact with them as equals. How can one expect of such men to become normal husbands? [...]

Public beating

A woman is punished by beating according to the Sharia law.

Stoning in Somalia

Islamic sharia in the raw: Somali man stoned to death for adultery and another shot dead for murder..  HOW ‘JUSTICE’ WILL BE DONE IN EUROPE ONCE ISLAM REACHES CRITICAL MASS Sharia buries people up to their chests and then bashes their skulls in with rocks. That’s what awaits Europe in the future if it allows Muslim immigration [...]