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The Illusion of Reforming Islam

 First published in Dec. 2010   Introduction Since, thanks to Islamic terrorism the interest to know Islam has peaked and Islam has come under scrutiny, the westerners began asking, where are the moderate Muslims. Well, there is none. The concept is absurd. Muslims view this issue differently. You are either a ‘good’ practicing Muslim or a bad wishy-washy Muslim. It’s theContinue Reading

Evolution as Science vs the Intellectual Hypocrisy of Creation Theory

(Updated: January, 2014) Introduction For thousands of years, scientists were searching for answer to the mystery of biological origin on our planet, because scientists could not quite accept incoherent religious folklore stories of “Creation Theory” fed by ancient Prophets. Then came the great genius, Charles R. Darwin, a naturalist, born in England on February 12,Continue Reading

Marches & Demonstrations in Paris Demanding a Referendum on Immigration

According to a report of Riposte Laique, the French website dedicated to stopping the gradual Islamization of France and Europe, Daniel Pipes will be present at the manifestations to be held in Paris on Sunday, 9 March, 2014. The following is my translation of the report showing how the French people, who are extremely concernedContinue Reading

Muhammad: A Beast or a Prophet

Introduction In this article, I introduce stories about prophet Muhammad. More than a billion human beings claim him for a prophet. They claim him as al-Insan al-Kamel (the perfect man). So, it is always a useful realty check through stories that we know about him that we can know who he is. My writing willContinue Reading

Betrayal of Islam? Or Betrayal to Islam?

On 22 May 2013, two militant African Muslims armed with knives and Koranic quotations beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight in the streets of Woolwich, London. The murderers praised Allah and stated that the British would never be safe in their own streets anymore. The unarmed man beheaded by the two Islamic fanatics wasContinue Reading

Honor Violence: And why nobody should demand respect

SOURCE Introduction Honor violence is a sort of violence committed where the perpetrator’s goal is to regain his honor. Mostly it’s committed by fathers to their daughters after going against cultural or religious norms like rejecting an arranged marriage, or adopting a Western lifestyle. It’s a huge problem in Islamic communities[1], and it’s something thatContinue Reading

Regarding Islamophobia

Introduction I discuss, in this article, the concept of Islamophobia. Does it Exist? And, Who is responsible for marketing such a concept? And, Who benefits from it? The Concept I believe the concept itself was invented by Muslims in the west to malign anyone who criticizes Islam. It is a way of “shaming” an intellectualContinue Reading

Reflections on Muhammad’s Relations with Poets and Poetry

Introduction For the Arabs before Muhammad, poetry assumed the front-seat in whatever they faced or suffered in life. Pagan Arabs used poetry in keeping records of their genealogy, their exploits, history of their wars, and their personal history. Poetry was a mirror that reflected their lives with all of its ups and downs. Also theContinue Reading

How did Prophet Muhammad make a Living?

Introduction In this article, I try to answer the question: How did Muhammad make a living? What kind of work did he do after his prophetic call? Background Before Muhammad was a prophet, he used to do some odd jobs. He worked as a sheep herder for a while. I would not rule out himContinue Reading

The Sword of Islam: Khalid bin Al-Waleed

Introduction Muslims brag about the early Sahaba. One of the great warriors of Islam is Khalid bin Al-Waleed. His reverence is in such a way that he is called “the sword of Islam” (Saif al-Islam). Well, truth can be stranger than fiction. Khalid was a selfish and despicable human being. He stayed with the MeccansContinue Reading

The Pact of Umar: Who wrote it?

The pact of Umar is an “agreement” between the Christians of Syria who fell under the occupation of the Muslim invaders, led by Umar Ibn Al-Khattab the second successor (khalifa) of Muhammad. In this pact, Umar agreed to allow the Christians to keep practicing their faith with several conditions. Muslims claim that this pact showsContinue Reading

Edward Said on the Innocence of Islam & Guilt of Israel

Paul Austin Murphy . Edward Said on Those Who Dare to Criticise Islam: Despite everything Edward Said has written about Israel, the Jews and Judaism (as well as the existence of the thriving Edward Said Industry in Academic America) , and in spite of all the things Hezbollah, Hamas, the Left in Europe and theContinue Reading

NEW BOOK – God of Moral Perfection

FOR ISLAM TO BE TRUE BOTH ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD MUST BE MORAL PERFECTION  Prologue: In the entire universe which is 2 trillion miles x 14 billion light years in size there is only one book of God – only one book that God wrote – the Quran.  How do we know that Islam is fraudulent? BecauseContinue Reading

A Salute to a Brave German Woman’s Stand against the Islamization of her country!

Riposte Laïque is a French online daily that alerts the public about the gradual Islamization of France and Europe. On Tuesday, 11 February, 2014, it posted a report about Heidi Mund, “The Brave German Woman” The following is my translation of the report about this brave German lady who stood against the desecration of aContinue Reading

Why the 1979 Iranian Revolution failed

The 1979 revolution was neither caused by foreign conspiracies nor an alleged “red-black-collaboration” (which refers to an alleged collaboration between the left and clergy), but mainly by dreams of an Islamic utopia. The Islamic Shiite clergymen, Mullahs, fooled a great majority of Iranians into today’s fiasco. The failed revolution is due to the lack ofContinue Reading

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part XVII

Jon MC As before the sources for all these quotes are on the internet, links correct at date stated. On al-Wala wal-bara (“love and hate” for Allah’s sake.) 2013, 3rd Dec. Abstracted “One India”. A Muslim cleric issued a fatwa to villagers in Uttar Pradesh ordering them to boycott polio campaigns and schools in theContinue Reading

Loonwatch: ‘the mooslims! they’re heere!’

SOURCE Loon noun 1. a worthless lazy fellow 2. a person with confused ideas; incapable of serious thought [syn: addle-head] [As found on the Loonwatch website.] The Loonwatch website uses the subheading: “the mooslims! they’re heeere!” The implication here is that all us “loons” and “Islamophobes” are exaggerating the problem of Islamic terrorism, sharia law,Continue Reading

Hating All Infidels

By Alan Caruba What does it say about Islam that both the Super Bowl in America and the winter Olympics in Russia require massive security against an attack by jihadists? What most people in America and the West have not been able to grasp is Islam’s hatred of the infidel—the unbeliever. It has existed forContinue Reading

Collection of Hadiths on Muhammad’s Pedophilia

1/14/2014 This is a collection of authentic Hadiths on Muhammad’s pedophilia. The list is probably not complete. Readers are invited to post in the comments section other hadiths (with reference please) related to Muhammad’s pedophilia that I have missed. I will later add them into the original file. This paper will be more like anContinue Reading


Jake Neumann Germany Adds Lessons in Islam to Better Blend Its Melting Pot  SANITIZING EVIL   Germany has a long history of fairy tales. It was the Brothers Grimm who catalogued such great fairy tales as Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and hundreds more. The elites of Germany haveContinue Reading


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