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There Is a Frog Inside Every Muslim Prince Charming


8/8/2012 Dear Ali Sina, I would like to share my experience with you and other women in my situation. OK, so where should I begin. I am an educated woman from Norway who went to Oxford to study when I was 20 years old. When I was 24, I fell in love with a man [...]

Betrayed by a Muslim Man

This letter is from Kris, telling her story about how she was betrayed by a Muslim man. I am Hispanic and met my Muslim husband in 1999.  At that time I was 21 years old single mother of one. My child’s father was and never has been involved, so my Middle Eastern partner assumed the role of “Father” towards my [...]

My wife calls me kafir…..I wish I die.

Someone sent me an email asking me to help a Hindu man who is being abused by his Muslim wife.  Here is what this man posted in   InterfaithShaadi @ 4:46 pm I am in a relationship with a Muslim for almost 18 years. I am a Hindu and she is a Muslim, we have 3 [...]

Muslim Men, Nightmare Marriages

Dear Faithfreedom,    Just like the other women in your website, I would like to help women interested in Muslim men to beware. I decided to share this after reading the story ‘recipe from hell’ …because that’s my story as well. Please read the rest of the story here

Recipe to Hell

Make sure the Muslim male courts the European female aggressively until she gives in, in a moment of absent-mindedness and deep loneliness while living in a foreign country

The price of marrying a Muslim

Hana, 21, makes dramatic escape after over a decade in Jeddah

  It was the moment Hana Basrawi had dreamt about for more than 11 years… and at first she was so nervous she could barely speak. Then with the simple words “Hello mum” she knew her ordeal was finally over. At last Hana, 21, was finally face to face with the woman who had been [...]

Help: My Wife Is Converting to Islam


Some Muslims from Egypt have been teaching my wife over the Internet since last Spring. She may be very close to converting. We have five children and I think she wants them to follow her, which I will forbid. I understand that I will automatically become her ex-husband under Islamic law if she converts. What can I do? What could I say to dissuade her? Please help me. Thank you,



Hi Gerald

Problems Faced When Marrying A Muslim

Being born in a secular country, and being a hindu, I was taught to love and respect all religion. This was until I fell in love with a muslim.  A muslim boy courted me when I was in university. He promised me that when it comes to marriage, I would NEVER need to convert. I [...]


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