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Selections from Hamas charter

True Islam in Hamas Charter selections.

A very courageous gay student

A courageous gay student faces Islamists

Attitudes of the Imams (and leaders), part X

jonmc On Islamic Supremacy 2013, 17th Jan. Abstracted “Aina”. Egypt. The report details how mosques called on their congregations to attack and destroy a fully authorisedCoptic social-centre, which consisted of “a reception hall on the first floor and a kindergarten on the second” on the grounds that the Copts were “building a Church.” Inevitably the [...]

He who sups with the devil must needs use a long spoon : jihad by “collaboration”

A perverse and controversial attempt at a partnership is being made between Oxfam in the UK and the Jewish Board of Deputies (BoD) there for a joint enterprise, the Grow-Tatzmiach Project.  It is beset with difficulties, the reasons for them will become clear below, but particularly intriguing is the fact that we are only just [...]

The Desperate Plight of the Copts of Egypt

The plight of the Copts in Egypt by Islam


1/12/2013 MYJIHAD Jake Neuman   PUTTING A HAPPY FACE ON EVIL FROM ISLAM TO NAZISM TO COMMUNISM FROM JOSEPH GOEBBELS TO AHMED REHAB MY JIHAD – HAPPY FACES MASKING EVIL Editorial note: Before posting this article the FFI editors deleted some exceptionally gruesome pictures of murders, including dismemberment, carried out by Muslims in order to [...]

Inspirational: Imagine ..


Former Muslim Facing Death

Imran Firasat, a Pakistani ex-Muslim residing in Spain is facing deportation to his native country, where he will be arrested upon arrival, charged with blasphemy and executed, provided he can reach the court because it is more likely that he will be killed by the devout Muslim mob upon his arrival. Firasat has spoken openly [...]

An example of one British Trade Union’s codependency with “oppressed Palestinians”

Some background In September 2011, the UK Trades Union Congress, the umbrella organisation for the UK trade union movement, withdrew its links with Histadrut, its equivalent organisation in Israel, links which had been in place since the 1920′s. Seventeen of the largest UK trades unions are affiliated to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which to any [...]


12/31/2012 NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT IN MACRO SETTING BY ISLAMISTS Dr. Babu Suseelan Islamic religious leaders always issue Fatwas to create negative reinforcement in a macro setting. An Egyptian Islamic clergy recently issued a Fatwa that husbands can have sex with his dead spouse. According to the Islamic scholar it is allowed in Islam. In Afghanistan, Islamic [...]

Remembering the Holocaust

12/30/2012 “Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed…. “Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Never shall I forget these things, even if [...]

A mote in your eye

12/30/2012 Kirkiri Sina, There is no fun in Masturbating with one’s own brain I acknowledge that terminal diseases are plaguing a portion of Muslim minds, societies & countries, particularly the mindless killings and exploitation of women. Without counseling, medication and cure the diseases are devouring them & women and also people belonging to other religions. [...]

Akaboshi Rai: FFI is Hateful Site with Hateful People

12/29/2012 Akaboshi Rai All thanks to God and peace and blessings upon the noblest of messengers , the seal of prophets , and God’s mercy to mankind , our teacher Muhammad . And upon his people and friends . After thinking about my experience in your hateful site ( Or a terrorism camp that is [...]

A Non-Arab Muslim’s Prayer

12/28/2012   A Non-Arab Muslim’s Prayer Sher Khan Editor’s Note: This article was first published in June, 2008. It deals with the timeless topic of how Muslims, male Muslims only, think about what they perceive as their needs, and how such Muslims deploy the Islamic prayer, and Allah’s divine attributes, to help promote the Muslims’ [...]

Bribery in Islam.

jonmc We are often told that Muslims are commanded to be just and honest and it is certainly true that the Koran contains many verses requiring exactly this of Muslims (see for example: 2:282; 3:18; 4:58; 6:152 to give but a few examples). This article is only going to consider “Islamic honesty”. “Islamic Justice” is [...]

The Islamization of Copenhagen

 by Bruce Bower. Source: FRONTPAGEMAG Bit by bit, it’s getting worse. In recent years, life in the city of Copenhagen has hardly been free of, shall we say, problems related to Islam. But for the most part, the worst of it has been confined to Muslim neighborhoods such as Nørrebro. And residents of Copenhagen have [...]

New Book: The Sons of Pigs and Apes

12/17/2012 “THE SONS OF PIGS AND APES” Muslim Antisemitism and the Conspiracy of Silence By Neil J. Kressel   Potomac Books, Inc. |ISBN13: 978-59797-702-9 | 288 Pages | November 15, 2012 | $29.95 From the 1950s through the 1990s, antisemitism everywhere seemed to be on the wane. But as Neil Kressel documents in this startling [...]

What Hamas has Learned

12/17/2012 Source What Hamas has learned Dr. Reuven Berko Leaders of Islamist terrorist movements act according to an operational code comprised of their own interpretations of the Prophet Muhammad’s biography. Implementation of the code occurs in stages with the aim of creating a global Islamic caliphate. The Jews’ realization of their dream to return to [...]

The seven countries where the state can execute you for being atheist

12/17/2012 Source: The Washington Post By Max Fisher , Updated: December 10, 2012 The annual “freedom of thought” report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union, an advocacy umbrella group that represents and seeks to protect non-religious people, details laws and practices around the world that punish or restrict atheism. The group presented the report [...]


12/16/2012 MURDERING A QURAN Jake Neuman ACID BURN A MUSLIM WOMAN OR MURDER CHRISTIANS, HINDUS, BUDDHISTS AND THERE ARE NO PROTESTS. BURN A QURAN AND THERE ARE VIOLENT PROTESTS WITH MANY DEATHS Murdering a Quran is a capital offense in Islam. In our society, murdering a Quran is now worse then murdering human beings. At [...]

One failed mega-mosque and the Muslim lobby in the UK – trouble in “paradise”?

12/15/2012 By Babs Barron On 5th December 2012, the Strategic Development Committee of the Labour-led Newham Council, the local authority for the London Borough of Newham in the UK, unanimously rejected an application by Tablighli Jamaat to build a giant mosque in West Ham, London.  Had the application succeeded, it would have been the largest [...]

The Innocent Prophet: A Ali Sina

Today, Imran Firasat, a Pakistani ex-Muslim living in Spain released his Youtube video, titled, The Innocent Prophet. The idea of making a movie came to him after the attacks in Benghazi where four Americans were butchered and the riots the ensued in many Islamic countries. Imran wrote to me and asked for my support. I [...]

It it a Plane? Is it a bird? No, it’s an ISRAELI SPY!

jonmc Let me begin, if not exactly at the beginning, at least near it. Recently (11.12.2012) in a press report I discovered that the Israelis had been using a bird to spy on Sudan – at least that is what the Sudanese claim; based on the fact that the bird, a vulture (no doubt the [...]

Islamic Crusades 4: Lessons From the Thai Jihad

Source: The South-east Asian nation of Thailand is 95% Buddhist. Of 63 million Thai citizens, about 2.8 million, or 4.6%, are Muslim. The Muslim population is heavily concentrated in three provinces in the far south where they make up about 80% of the population; Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala. Since 2001 nearly 3,000 Thai citizens [...]

Sign of Piety or the Mark of the Beast?

By Louis Palme News stories coming out of the Middle East have introduced Western readers to a phenomenon unique to Muslims: a dark spot or scar in the middle of the forehead. For devout Muslims, these scars are a sign of piety, indicating strict adherence to their required five-times-a-day prayers. Below are just a few [...]

The Golden Rule and Islam

golden rule image

11/25/2012 Editor’s Note: This article is a worthy read. It was first published in 2009. However, the topic it deals with is universal in nature, and is timeless. ————————————————- This article was written in May, 2009 Our friend Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, the indefatigable defender of the Western civilization, send me the following email and [...]

Its Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP Bomb Time For Iran

11/24/2012 Its Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP Bomb Time  For Iran Jake Neuman   The latest Hamas/Israel war was a conflict between Iran and Israel. Iran has greatly expanded its nuclear centrifuges and will have enough fissile material (20% enrichment) for a nuclear weapon within 5 to 7 months.   The latest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report suggested new [...]


by A Spade’s a spade  Forget the raging fairy tales of the Koran intermixed with how one must fight and kill unbelievers, and how some verses make so little sense that it must be explained by the Sunnah…kind of. For now let’s concentrate a bit on the Hadith. Is it just me, or do a [...]

Hamas hostility towards Israel – a psychological explanation of why it endures

George Kelly (1905 – 1967) was an American psychologist who researched into personality.  He developed the notion of “man the scientist” and is best known for his research into this particular approach, set out in Personal Construct Psychology (PCP).   I use Kelly’s theories in my work, not slavishly but to inform my understanding of how [...]

Israel has Right to defend itself

Israel under fire

11/17/2012 Self-defense is the right of every individual, group, or nation. The inveterate belligerent Hamas cannot expect Israel to refrain from retaliation when it lobs barrage after barrage of rockets at Israeli populations. Hamas thrives on violence. And violence begets violence. Hamas is in a state of hostility even with its own kindred, the Palestinian [...]

Please Sign the Petition to Permanently Outlaw Sharia Law in the United States

11/16/2012 FFI Readers, This is a time sensitive petition. Please sign the petition. All of us need to be proactive to ban Sharia Law. To sign the petition link on the page after the intro only goes straight to the white house page: ——————————————- From TMI Help me out here guys, to spread the [...]

Forthcoming Movie – The Innocent Prophet: From the point of view of an Ex- Muslim

11/11/2012 From: Imran Firasat – Spain Dear Mr. Ali Sina Good morning sir. Its been a long time we didn´t have any communication. Today I come back with something new. But first I would love to express my feelings about you and for very special faithfreedom. You are my idol and hero since many years [...]

Update- An Email from Khaled Alzberma – a good Muslim

11/6/2012 From the Editor: Islam is bankrupt. Muhammad brought nothing to the world except destruction, hate, evils and pains. Many Muslims of our days think of Muhammad as a great person. He was no more than a gangster, thug and looter. A Muslim thinks of good teaching like not to steal, taking care of the [...]


11/6/2012 Email from N K I am enclosing herewith a video link by Rev. Majed El Shafie of One Free World International,  who traveled all the way to Pakistan and rescued a Hindu family from the jaws of  the uncivilized brutes and brought them safely  to Canada. We congratulate him and express our heart-felt gratitude [...]

Request – Readers, Please Join the FFI Forum

11/5/2012 Dear editors. This is A.., and I am moderator at the international forum and the Dutch forum. For some reason I have for some time been away from international, and when I came back I was sad and frustrated because the international forum is not as lively as before. We, want to bring more [...]

Are American Muslims Better Than European Muslims? PART 2

Jake Neumann In article titled ” Are American Muslims Better Than European Muslims posted at we stated that there is no difference between any Muslims no matter country or nationality. Now we have a poll that proves the correctness of this article. Quoting article: “A Muslim can never believe in the equality of non-Muslims [...]

Islam: The Knife in Our Back By Eric Allen Bell

The racist, Muslim, mad man of decades past, Malcolm X, once remarked that, “You don’t stick a knife in a man’s back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and say you’re making progress”.  And how right he was indeed. At the end of his life, Malcolm X was said to have come [...]

Erdogan irked, warns EU might lose Turks

11/1/2012             Erdogan irked, warns EU might lose Turks Jake Neuman Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Tuesday OCTOBER 30, 2012  the European Union will lose his nation if it is not accepted as a member by 2023. THE 36TH CHAPTER   EDROGEN AND GUL WILL EXPLODE IN RAGE               With the election of [...]

New Book: Muhammad and the Birth of Islamic Supremacism: The War With The Jews 622-628 A.D.

david hayden book

11/1/2012 Here’s a summary review taken from the conclusion, “A Personal Note: What I Have Learned From Writing This Book”:      September 11, 2001.      This date is etched in my memory.  Beyond the fact that homicidal Muslims premeditatedly murdered 3,395 human beings in New York City, the Pentagon, and a field in [...]

Islam’s Weakness is Islam

10/31/2012 ISLAM’S WEAKNESS IS ISLAM  By Ahmed Simon During my recent visit to Manila, I was surprised to read the annals of the 1911 local history. It has been said that one could always learn from the past. The annals go like this (due to brevity, I will cut the stories short). During the US [...]

Attitudes of the Imams (and leaders), part IX

jonmc As before the sources for all these quotes are on the internet. On non-Muslims. 2012 Oct. 1st. Egyptian cleric Abu Islam Ahmad Abdallah: “I would like to say to the Salafis: Stick to piety and leave [political matters] to the Muslim Brotherhood, in the hope that they will make Egypt Muslim Brotherhood-style…I am very [...]

Bigotry and My Cousin Vinny

10/30/2012 Bigotry and My Cousin Vinny Ibn Kammuna In “My Cousin Vinny”, the movie, Marisa Tomei was superb in her role. In a bad timing, she made a statement about not being married after all that time to her boyfriend and “odd” lawyer, cousin Vinny, a role taken by superbly  fine actor Joe Pesci. Her [...]

Islam Not For You: The Quran’s Message to the Non Arabs

10/29/2012 Islam Not For You: The Quran’s Message to the Non Arabs Mumin Salih Introduction As we all know, Islam is based on the Quran, which is regarded by Muslims as Mohammed’s only miracle and the only evidence that he was a prophet. We also  know that Muslims disagree on what the Quran says; Muslims [...]

Islam Destroys Intellect – An Egyptian Apostate

10/29/2012 10/29/2012 Editor’s Note: This is a worthy email of an apostate from Egypt. I chose not to edit the language too much, except for the bare minimum to keep it authentic to the message of the writer. I am also adding a quote from Ayesha Ahmed that I saw fitting to post at the [...]

A Tale of two Saudis

jonmc Saudi King calls on UN to adopt blasphemy resolution Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz on Saturday called on the UN to adopt a resolution condemning blasphemy, AFP reported.   “I demand a UN resolution that condemns any country or group that insults religions and prophets,” he reportedly said. “It is our duty and that [...]

My Testimony and Take on Islam

10/29/2012 By: Freethinker Atheist Ex-Muslim   “Truth” Does Not Demand Belief. Truth Has Merit Of Its Own.. -          If ’You are the Chosen One’ (By God), than the non chosen ones are GODLESS. BAN! Ban and avoidance is the first thing imposed by insecure minds on facts defying religion. The insincerity of looking for confirming [...]

Different Rules for Islam

10/28/2012 Different Rules for Islam Andrew E. Harrod Recent statements by various politicians in Germany demonstrate once again the effects of a “heckler’s veto” exercised by various aggressive Muslims around the world.  In particular, such aggression is creating legal and societal inequalities between Islam and other faiths such as Christianity in democracies including the United [...]

Islam and Insult

Islam and Insult Andrew E. Harrod Western intellectuals have already started the process of surrender to Islam.  In recent weeks, the accustomed defenders of the cultural values of the West have begun laying the doctrinal groundwork for abrogation of free speech, open inquiry, and freedom of expression in response to Islamist demands for an international [...]

There is minimum age for marriage. Hence, Muhammad was not a pedophile II

10/22/2012 Hello, I must say you definitely showed some illogical-statements over there. If it is “acceptable” as you say, then what is your problem if someone marries at the age of 14? You should not have any problem as no normal person would have such. And just calling something “a lie” does not make it [...]

There is minimum age for marriage. Hence, Muhammad is not a Pedophile

10/22/2012  From: FFI Editor Dear Sir Thank you for contacting us. I am forwarding a copy of your email to Dr. Sina. He only debates Muslim scholars. We receive many emails from Muslims who get motivated by their zeal to protect Islam to debate Dr. Sina, then they repeat the same old arguments that have [...]


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