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Malaysia: ‘Bible-Burning Festival’ on Jan 27


Tensions between Muslims and Christians in Malaysia have quickly escalated in the recent days following the advocacy of a “Bible-burning festival,” an idea fueled by a parliament member’s recent comments.

The controversy stems from recent comments made by independent parliament member Ibrahim Ali, founder and leader of Perkasa, a non-governmental Malay Supremacy organization which advocates the rights of the Muslim Malay majority in the country.


Following this controversial proclamation, a small, unknown group has created flyers advocating a “Bible-burning festival” in the Penang state of the country for Sunday, Jan. 27.

5 Responses to Malaysia: ‘Bible-Burning Festival’ on Jan 27

  1. Slurp says:

    no one reacted….but there is a lot of comments on the indepenent new portal….Malaysiakini.com

  2. Slurp says:

    Ecellent idea!!!….lets do one and inform the **** Inrahim Ali!!!

  3. John says:

    I wonder why don’t Europe celebrates THROWING QURAN INTO DUSTBIN MONTH?

  4. Grendell_Fuzz says:

    And, just when I thought that Islam couldn’t sink any lower.

    Yes, ISLAMOFASCISTS enjoying the bullying and oppression of the weak to such a degree that it feels Orgasmic to them.

    These guys and gals openly display for the whole world to see their damaged mentality, that of three-year-old children that has yet to receive proper conditioning.

    They are the products of their EVIL Prophet (Peace and Blessing Be upon His Immaculated Soul).

    At least, Jesus famously quoted: “The Sabbath was made for Man, but Man was Not made for the Sabbath”.

    Christian violent reactions upon Bible Burning: 0.00

    Muslim violent reactions upon Qu’ran Burning: over 180 million and more.


  5. freedom says:

    It would be a slap on their face if no non muslim reacted to it.

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