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Leaving Islam: Mohammad Asghar

First published in FrontPage Magazine in 2008 Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Mohammad Asghar, an ex-Muslim who came out of Islam after discovering its true teachings. Together with studying the Qur’an for over twenty-five years, he has also been writing his commentary on its verses – an endeavor, he hopes, that will help non-Muslim leaders,Continue Reading

Did the Quran Come Down as a Complete Book?

As it is clear from the above verse, Allah had revealed the entire Quran to Muhammad in the month of Ramadhan, and not in the single Night of Destiny.Continue Reading

Allah: The Great Liar!

Despite the fact that Allah has lied all along to the Muslims, they see no wrong in praising HimContinue Reading

Debunking the Quran

How about Allah saving the Pharaoh’s body so that it could act as a sign for those who were to come after him? Continue Reading

Muhammad: The Real Allah of the Muslims

Intercession in the next world with a Supreme Deity was one of the beliefs of the Pagans, and Muhammad grew up with this belief in his mind.Continue Reading

The Greatest Manipulator and Sadist of the World!

It was Muhammad’s own intention to sleep with Zainab that had made him to lay out his peculiar and inhumane rules of adoption. Continue Reading

On Interpreting the Quran

Perverts and those who mislead the Muslims will become, on the Day of Judgment, the fire of Hell. Continue Reading

Why Muslimas should not lead Muslim men in prayers?

Don’t Muslim women have an ounce of self-respect and dignity that could have prevented them from following a religion that not only degrades them…Continue Reading

Quran Also Carries Muhammad’s Words!

It is not true that only the illiterate or half-literate Muslims are guilty of fundamentalism, even the scholars of Islam harbor it in their heart.Continue Reading

Islam: A Pack of White Lies

This was the greatest lie ever spoken by a man; without it, Islam would have died its natural death a long, long time ago.Continue Reading

Quran and the Muslim Fanaticism

The deadly weapon that the Muslim terrorists carry is the Quran.Continue Reading

Jihad is an integral part of Islam

Striving with ‘might and main’ is not a struggle against one’s inner thoughts and desires. Continue Reading

Muslims Are Responsible For Their Plight

In my opinion, the calumnies and insults that the Quran heaves upon God have backfired…Continue Reading

Muhammad and Islam : Stories Not Told Before

Muhammad’s apostolic office was to greatly supplement his military power, the use of which he would legitimize with the help of revelations from Allah.Continue Reading


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