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O Islamophobic Kafers! Do Not Criticize Islam before Knowing the Noble Teachings of Islam Fully, Part 2

Introductory Notes It is our sincere belief that after reading Part 1 of this article, unclean Kafers will rethink about mocking Muslims on the subject of homosexuality in Islam. Indeed, no further discussion is needed when Allah (swt) Himself will supply pearl-like prepubescent boys in abundance for us in His Paradise. The Kafers need notContinue Reading

Quitting Smoking is JIHAD?

Do our peace-loving Muslim brothers know that they are already contributing to Islamic Jihad? Whether or not they knew it, apologists of Islam and various Islamic websites state so. Controlling temper, assisting others, struggling with their own soul, and struggling to quit smoking also come under ‘JIHAD’. These Islamic apologists and websites have been strivingContinue Reading

Death of Noble Abdullah Bin Ubayy and the extreme meanness of Prophet Muhammad

Introduction Curious readers of the Quran, Sunna and Sira know the extent of Muhammad’s terrorizing and horrific actions recorded by devout Muslim scholars themselves. Many such incidents were carried out by Muhammad himself; countless others on the behest of his orders. Many inhuman acts of Muhammad would fill readers with shame and sadness and makeContinue Reading

Digging Out the Graves of Non-Muslims for Vengeance or Looting – A ‘Holy’ Tradition of Prophet Muhammad

Recently a Christian father in Egypt was murdered in broad daylight on the street in front of his son by the followers of the ‘religion of peace’. The killing itself didn’t become big news for the world community, as if it is the right of Muslims to oppress and kill non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries. However,Continue Reading

O Islamophobic Kafers! Do Not Criticize Islam before Knowing the Noble Teachings of Islam Fully, Part 1

Recently, I noticed most western social media making fun about a Saudi Sheikh, who was been killed years ago by a donkey while he allegedly tried to sodomize the poor animal. Never criticize Islam without knowing its noble teachings fully It has become fashion in recent years to make fun about anything and everything relatedContinue Reading

O Allah! Give Hidayah (Guidance) To My Muslim Brethren

Introduction Those, who study the Islamic scriptures with open mind, would never fail to call to question the mental caliber of educated Muslims, particularly of Islamic scholars, as to they could accept the extreme level of lunacy of their scriptures? Do they really accept such absurdities or are simply ignorant of their scriptures? Here isContinue Reading

Sadaqa – Islamic Charity for the Poor and the Evil Mind of Muhammad

1/1/2014 OBLIGATORY SOURCES TO FILL MUHAMMAD’S TREASURY Islamic Scriptures, such as Quran and the six ‘Sahih Siththa’ (authentic) hadith collections are the Pandora Boxes to know all about Muhammad’s nasty character and intentions. He was the greediest founder of a religion ever lived. He was always after money, sex and power. He was well awareContinue Reading

Stoning Adulterers in Islam: Muhammad’s Motives and Double Standard

12/16/2013 Introduction We hear and see from time to time on television and other media outlets about the horrific punishment of ‘stoning to death’ in some Islamic countries around the globe. Those of us, who study Islam with objective mind, know that Islam is a dangerous political ideology in a religious mask. Whatever Muhammad saidContinue Reading

Cursing of Suraqa and Muhammad’s Inner Conscience

11/28/2013 The fifteenth century of hijra to become the death-knell of Islam? After Muhammad, Muslim rulers badly needed fairy-tales about Muhammad to put a veil on their cruelties, and to have control over the subjects in their massively expanded territories captured by surprise raids. So they tried their best to superimpose a “divine label” onContinue Reading

Abi Zara – The Role Model of Muhammad as a Loving Husband

11/15/2013 In a hadith, Muhammad says a person named Abu Zara was his “role model” when it comes his love toward his wives. Some rare humility for one, deemed the finest man ever to be born, who never found any other man superior to himself. And Abu Zara and Muhammad as loving husband is concerned —Continue Reading

The Sunnah of Islamic Beard pt.2

Mirza Ghalib Introduction. The first part of this article—in reference to Major Nidal Hasan’s claim that he grew a beard because his Muslim faith required him to do so and not to show disrespect to US Army regulations—listed a number of impractical hadiths, which ‘clever’ Muslims today conveniently ignore or refuse to practice, because ofContinue Reading

The Sunnah of the Islamic Beard

A Few Words to Fort Hood Shooter Major Nidal Hasan Mirza Ghalib DOES GROWING A BEARD HAVE ANY “DIVINITY”? Few days ago, there was International news about forcible shaving of the beard of the USA Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan, who was sentenced to death for the November 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage, in whichContinue Reading

To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5M

Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: ‘Lailatul Qadr’(2) Mumbo Jumbo Mirza Ghalib In the last two essays (Part 5K & 5L), we have seen lots of confusions about the date of ‘Lailatul Qadr’ or ‘The Night of Power’. The list of confusions is long and continues in this part. ‘LAILATUL QADAR’ SHOWN TO OUR PROPHETContinue Reading

To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5L

Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: Lailatul Qadr(1) – A Mumbo Jumbo Mirza Ghalib LAILATUL QADR AND MUHAMMAD’S FORGETFUL UMMAH My dear Muslim brothers and sisters! In the last part of this article, we found that ‘Lailatul Qadr’ (‘The Night of Power’), i.e. the night on which angel Jibreel (Gabriel) brought Allah’s first revelation ofContinue Reading

To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5K

Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: ‘ITIKAAF’ Mirza Ghalib Itikaaf is a ritual Muslims observe during the fasting month of Ramadan. ITIKAAF – A PAGAN RITUAL Dear Muslim brothers! While of most of us know what ITIKAAF is, but very few us know about its origin. Prior to Islam, ‘ITIKAAF’ was a practice among theContinue Reading

To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5J

Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: Fasting & the Salvation of Muslim Women Mirza Ghalib In this article, I will discuss in full the issue of fasting for Muslim women, our Muslim sisters, who are the most deprived specious on earth. RAMADAN FAST IS FOR ALLAH (OTHER ISLAMIC DEEDS FOR SATAN?) Dear Muslim sisters! MuhammadContinue Reading

To My Fellow Muslims with Love: Revealing Real Muhammad and Islam 5I

Fasting the Third Pillar of Islam: Prophetic ‘Sunnah’ on Sex in Ramadan Mirza Ghalib In the previous two articles (5G & 5H), we have compared the “fasting spirits” — Jesus vs Muhammad, and Modern Muslims vs Sahaaba, respectively. In this article, let us investigate the “fasting spirit” of our incomparable prophet, the greatest Prophet ofContinue Reading

The Horrible Status of Women in Islam, Part 3

You constitute a half of the Ummah. You have to realize this, particularly when you are on the losing side. This is a war that Muhammad brought upon humanity 14 centuries ago. Muhammad’s war was against the entire humanity, and we Muslims are the first and worst victims of his cult. You, Muslim women, are the worst of the worst victims of Islam. Humanity’s struggle against Muhammad’s barbaric cult cannot be won without your participation and support. I urge my Muslim sisters to study our authentic Islamic scriptures and enlighten your children about Islam’s real message, and help them be saved from being a victim of Islamic evil as you and I have been.Continue Reading

The Horrible Status of Women in Islam, Part 2

I urge you again to study Islam, and make your children to aware of what our real Islam is, and help unshackle them from the cursed shackle of Islam. It is also the responsibility of my Muslim brothers, who really respect human values, to understand our beloved religion and free yourself along with your family members.Continue Reading

Muslim Women Cannot Fast on Their Own – Why? Part 1

7/21/2013 DIRECT REWARDS FOR FASTING MUSLIMS FROM ALLAH This title would have shocked both the Muslims and ‘infidels’. But it is true as per recorded Islamic sources. I dedicate this multi-part article to the liberation of all women, of my Muslim sisters in particular. Dear Muslim Sisters! Allah specifically says that the observance of fastingContinue Reading


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