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Confronting the Hired Muslim Missionaries

By Louis Palme  More and more in the United States, we are seeing hired Muslim missionaries stationed in shopping malls and in front of libraries and coffee houses.  These are not just some local Muslims who are handing out free Qurans or reaching out to their own community to improve understanding and social harmony.  MostContinue Reading

Open Mosque Day – Muslims Serve Up Tea and Taqiyah

11/01/2013 Sunday, October 27, was Open Mosque Day at twenty-two Mosques and Islamic Centers in Southern California. An invitation communique from the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California assured non-Muslims that “Muslims are happy to answer questions about their religion.” Based on reports from those who visited the mosques, their hosts were very cordial. TheContinue Reading

Pity, Pretext, and Prerogatives: Islamists’ Tools for Insinuating Themselves Into Our Culture

When Muhammad and his followers arrived in Medina, there were five tribes in the town – 2 Arab and 3 Jewish. Because of the fighting and friction among the tribes (particularly between the Arab tribes), Muhammad was called to Medina (originally called Yathrib) to resolve the differences. He had already indicated his opposition to the Jews prior to arriving in Medina, and his twelve co-leaders were chosen only from the non-Jewish tribes. (Ishaq, para. 297)Continue Reading

Self-Radicalized or Self-Realized?

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing which resulted in five deaths and 264  people injured, the conclusion of many in the government and the media was that the perpetrators, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  had self-radicalized themselves by information on the Internet.  Americans were told this was a much more onerous root cause thanContinue Reading

There is no excuse for domestic violence except in Islamic Shari’a Law

Islam’s legal system is radically different: the father is a “governor” or “administrator” of his extended family. That is, he is a sovereign within his domestic realm, and he has an obligation to use violence to control his wife, children, and others. That alone makes Sharia Law incompatible with the Western concept of human rights.Continue Reading


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