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Defence Mechanisms against Dictators

  Since people under the Islamic and totalitarian regimes are kept unaware of their right, complicated set of mechanisms emerge against their own collaboration or passive attitudes because the ruling system cannot be directly challenged. Defence mechanisms, mostly unknown, characterise their unconscious refute of the ruling system. Defence mechanisms are psychologically distinguished from passivity orContinue Reading

Women’s Day faces Islam

The International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 was celebrated with the Clara Zetkin’s idea declared by the International Socialist in a conference of Copenhagen in 1910. Clara Zetkin was a German female activist of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). The claim of gender equality is indeed above any ideology because communist regimesContinue Reading

Why the 1979 Iranian Revolution failed

The 1979 revolution was neither caused by foreign conspiracies nor an alleged “red-black-collaboration” (which refers to an alleged collaboration between the left and clergy), but mainly by dreams of an Islamic utopia. The Islamic Shiite clergymen, Mullahs, fooled a great majority of Iranians into today’s fiasco. The failed revolution is due to the lack ofContinue Reading

How Sharia Works?

1/3/2014 Introduction Sharia or Islamic laws for both civil and penal spheres began to emerge as the new Muslim community grew after the “Hijra” (immigration of early Muslims from Mecca to Medina in 622 A. D.). Sharia became gradually more necessary for the Prophet to address complex questions of order and Islamic practice. Sharia, today,Continue Reading

The Muslim Converts

11/26/2013 Introduction Why the process of 1.5 billion Muslims’ conversion is little discussed? Have these Muslims’ ancestors freely converted into Islam or were forced to do so? This question has been severely banned as a heresy in the Islamised world since the imposition of Islam upon the defeated peoples. Normally, when religions or ideologies expandContinue Reading

Hajj Duty

According to the news, this year around 1.4 million foreign pilgrims went to Mecca to perform their Hajj duty in Ka’be. Ka’be was the chief spiritual place of pre-Islamic tribes-people of Arabia. They singled out one particular local power as mostly believed the universe was animated innumerable spirits. Ka’be was the house of their 360Continue Reading

Slavery goes on in Islam

Slavery is a disgrace on the history of mankind. Like a weed, it grew on most lands, whereas as a fruit of Islam, tens of verses in the Koran and hundreds of Hadiths (sayings) have sown its seeds from Medina along to Iran, Middle East, central Asia, Africa, and Europe. Under the Prophet Muhammad, hisContinue Reading

UN Mandated Intervention in Syria

8/24/2013 According to the French papers, Le Figaro of 23 August 2013, Assad’s regime has very likely used chemical attack killing 1300 people with chemical weapons on last Wednesday. The attack was against the two armed groups around Damascus who were ready for anti-Assad operations. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/171141#.UhVfy9KTTE1 Use of chemical weapon against own people by theContinue Reading

No International Reaction to Massacre of 88 in Iran

We, all freedom-loving people, expect from this tribunal to release an official list of victims and perpetrators. Such a tribunal should not have much trouble forming the lists if political and economic interests of key powers would not dam it. The damage caused in the infamous genocide to the humanity must be handled in a fair and transparent court. To neglect such genocides cannot juggle the superpowers to secure credibility for their own people and peace for the world.Continue Reading

Iranian but not Muslim

Because of my appearance, name, and my lineage I have no complexes. Embarrassing to me is that despite my non-Muslim beliefs, the same people always ask if I am Muslim. To clarify: in totalitarian countries such as Iran, there are no correct statistics, with the help of which can be found, what percentage of the population have any convictions.Continue Reading

18 Tir, Student New Struggle in Iran

7/7/2013 18 Tir or July 9, 1999, a semi-official body of the Islamic regime’s militias (plain-clothes Basiji) attacked peaceful demonstrations organised by students in Tehran and Tabriz. They were protesting the strain imposed on media, particularly the closure of Salam, a newspaper close to a reformist faction of the regime. Student dormitories were occupied andContinue Reading

Syndrome of Iranians’ Submission to Islam

Syndrome of Iranians’ Submission to Islam

Unsaid explanations left many generations of the people in Iran in their long puzzlement of submission to Islam. Although, after the freedom of Iran from the two-century occupation of the Muslim horde Iran became free, people did not restore their previous religion and culture, but remained faithful to Islam.

The reasons of this attitude remained long time a taboo until thanks to the plague of the Islamic regime, inner calls of the new generations finally slipped through approval of the facts. The obvious reasons of attitude are no longer unnoticed, a revolution of collective awareness in Iran. Among other socioeconomic factors, a psychological factor called Stockholm syndrome is one of the hypothetical factors.Continue Reading

Sense of Iran’s Elections under Mullahs

5/20/2013 The presidential candidates for a four-year presidency in Iran will be soon vetted for qualifications by the Guardian Council. The body is charged, among others, to approve the mandatory of any candidate for any election based on loyalty to the regime and its cult of Islam. Like all totalitarian regimes, under the Islamic regime,Continue Reading

Nazis and Muslims Commit Book Burning

5/8/2013 Book burning has a long and fanatical history, the recent examples belonging to the Nazi regime in 1933 and the Islamic regime of Iran short after the 1979 revolution. “Bücherverbrennung”, book burning, of Nazis on 10 May 1933 remains a shame in the history of Germany. So-called “degenerate” books were burnt in Nazi-Germany. TheContinue Reading

Ahmadinejad’s Gaffes: “Ayat” from a petty Dictator

Jahanshah Rashidian Despite almost eight years of presidency, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remains one of the most immature leaders the world has ever seen. He is notorious for his odd personality traits even among the high ranking authorities of the Islamic regime: fierce rhetoric, use of vulgar vocabulary, hectic gestures, lapse of concentration etc., show notContinue Reading

Norooz Resists in Iran

Norooz resisted Islam when, in the 7th century, Muslims invaded Iran and resists today the Islamic regime. Despite all the ups and downs, Norooz keeps its genuine non-Islamic values and remains in the hearts and minds of most Iranians as a joyful festival and cultural heritage of pre-Islamic Iran.Continue Reading

Privileged Caste of “Seyeds” in Iran

It is important to avoid any prejudice towards all Iranian Seyeds who are not clergymen, but happened to be born as Sayed. They are not forcibly close to the anti-Iranian Islamic regime. Many of them do not truly believe in Islam or at least are secular and have proved patriotic duty to defend their country against enemy of Iran. While we have great men with the title of Seyed or “Mirza” (maternal descent to the Prophet), turbaned Seyeds remain the most influential caste in Iran.Continue Reading

Women’s Day versus Islam

Hijab is the central concern of political Islam as it symbolizes the Islamic power as the Swastika did for Nazism.Continue Reading

Cruelty Toward “Nejis” Animals (warning: contains an image of brutal Muslim treatment of animals)

Islam teaches Muslims violent and brutal behavior toward animalsContinue Reading


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