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We are Against Hate, Not Faith

Author Archives: Babs Barron


INTRODUCTORY NOTE:  I have no opinion whatsoever about the influx of Roma into the UK.  I know little of the Roma culture, but it seems to me that the reactions of the UK government to the threatened influx of Roma into the UK as a result of EU open borders policies is evidence of itsContinue Reading

The funeral of Drummer Lee Rigby – and the UK Guardian’s spin on it

7/13/2013 The Guardian used to be among the most respected newspapers in the UK.  It had a justifiably excellent reputation for high standards of ethical reporting, and one could be sure not only that what it reported had been researched fully but also that the reporting was ethically sound and without bias. Not so forContinue Reading

The British Government has Betrayed Its People

6/27/2013 It is now official. Yesterday the UK government and the Home Office officially took one giant step closer to dhimmitude and shamed the UK’s glorious democratic tradition by banning Robert Spencer, from Jihad Watch, and Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs from entering the UK to pay their respects to the memory of Drummer RigbyContinue Reading

A Parable about Islam in the West

The following was forwarded to me in an email from a friend.  I do not know who originated it, but I am indebted to that person for this clever illustration of the wilful blindness and Islamophilia of the useful idiots of the left and of Western governments who, in spite of the increase in violenceContinue Reading

Man dead in suspected Woolwich terror attack

Man dead in suspected Woolwich terror attack

  A British soldier is going about his business outside Woolwich Barracks in south London.  Suddenly a car knocks him down and two Muslim males set upon him, wielding meat cleavers and machetes and, so the latest news says, behead him, hack him about and leave him in the middle of the road.  All thisContinue Reading

Has Professor Stephen Hawking been exploited?

5/11/2013 Professor Stephen Hawking’s name has been added to the register of rank hypocrisy of those in favour of a boycott of Israeli academics.  After a week of contradictory “on/off” rumour, where Prof Hawking initially and allegedly cancelled his visit to the Presidential Conference in Israel on health grounds, but was then said to haveContinue Reading

Jew-hatred and mealy-mouthed “apologies” from MIFTAH

The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy, MIFTAH would like to apologize for the recent and brief publication on our website of an article penned by Nawaf Al Zaru that discusses Jewish blood libel during Passover. Continue Reading

An open letter to Lord Nazir Ahmed

Dear Lord Ahmed I note from various sources, including the BBC, that you have “unreservedly apologised” for your insult to British Jewish people in your speech in Pakistan.   My main difficulty with such mealy-mouthed dissembling is that you have actually done no such thing and in no meaningful manner.   I believe that if you areContinue Reading

M.Ansar’s Islamophobia and the Muslim civil rights crisis A response

Babs Barron MAnsar: We live in a time of extraordinary flux, when information can be accessed and disseminated at the speed of light in order to elevate mankind, to blow the whistle or to spark a revolution. Never has so much learning been available at the click of a mouse, and never has there beenContinue Reading

Cartoons as expressions of the artists’ inner life and their role in the spreading of antisemitism

Intelligent cartoons can deflate the pomposity of politicians and others and convey alternative messages in ways that criticising them verbally or in writing cannot.Continue Reading

He who sups with the devil must needs use a long spoon : jihad by “collaboration”

Haitham Al-Haddad, who has said that Jews are “apes and pigs”, and that the Gaza war made him happy because “it clearly encouraged Muslims to prepare themselves for jihad, all over the world”.Continue Reading


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