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Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

12/31/2013 The story of modern-day Egypt is the chronicle of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood from its inception as a religious charity through its development as a political organization and its use of terror to progress to power. Egypt’s narrative entails the use of both the limelight and the dungeons by a Muslim Brotherhood that manipulated andContinue Reading

Attempted assassination of Egypt’s Internal Minister Ignored by world leaders

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah Human rights organization, Voice of the Copts, requests Western leaders to publicly denounce the assassination attempt on Egypt’s Internal Minister, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, this past Thursday in Cairo. Condemnation of this act of terrorism against the Egyptian state would demonstrate solidarity with the Egyptian interim government and the Egyptian people’s struggle forContinue Reading

Arab Spring: Muslim Brotherhood Fulfils Jihadist Vision

Ashraf Ramelah Source: IsraelNationNews  The media labelled the “Arab Spring” as “pro-democrac”, but the Muslim Brotherhood fulfilled its Jihadist vision. In late December 2010, the Tunisia uprising was sparked by a tragic public suicide-burning of a twenty-something street vendor in an act of civil disobedience. Instantaneously, media commentary spread like wildfire around the world andContinue Reading

Egyptian Christians: Where can they turn to?

No, I am very sorry to say. The problem is not about borders or property, but about the racial hatred of Arab-Muslims toward Jews which is embedded in Arab-Muslim cultures and religious textsContinue Reading


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