Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, Compendium.

Following the re-design of the FFI website I have been asked to re-submit this series as a compendium. This Compendium contains the first nine articles of this series.


Attitudes of the Imams and leaders I

The sources for all these quotes are on the internet.

Need I add that these are less than a tithe of a tithe of the outpourings of bigotry, hatred, vile anti-semitism, calls-to-violence etc. that are the stock-in-trade of many Imams and Sheikhs – when speaking to Muslims that is?

Let me assure the reader that this is merely the flavour of what is said – much inevitably goes unrecorded and unreported. In other words, these are what the Imams deemed “fit for public consumption” rather than what may be said in “closed session”.

On non-Muslims.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed (Syrian-born British cleric): “We don’t make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians… Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value.” Comment: Bakri is being very hard on Kaffirs here. According to the Laws of Qisas the non-Muslim’s life is worth half that of a Muslim, but this may only apply to dhimmis.

Sheik Riyadh ul Haq (Leicester UK Mosques): “the ones who are bitterest in their enmity towards Muslims, the most unrelenting, unforgiving, are the Jews and the idolators in all their forms [this use of “idolators” means all non-Muslims in effect]. And lest someone say that’s provocative or that is anti-Semitic, Allah, the creator of the Semite, says that.” Comment: So that’s all right then. I can be a nasty, racist, xenophobic promoter of Islamist intolerance because my god is too!

Abu Usamah: “No one loves the kuffaar [non-Muslim], not a single person loves the kuffaar, we hate the kuffaar! Allah has not given those people who are kuffaar a way over the believer. They shouldn’t be in authority over us. Muslims shouldn’t be satisfied with anything other than a total Islamic state.” Comment: I had trouble deciding whether to put this here, under Al-War’a wal-bar’a or Islamic supremacy. Usamah gets the lot in here!

Anjem Choudhery (A self-styled British “Imam”): “When we say innocent people we mean Muslims. As far as non-Muslims are concerned, they haven’t accepted Islam … [that’s] a crime against god.” Comment: Implicit here is that no (adult) kaffir is an innocent and that all Kaffirs are “fair game” to be murdered.

Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army: “We Will Restore the Caliphate and You [the West] Will Pay the Jizya or else we will bring the sword to your necks.” Comment: so much for the “religion of Peace”TM. Also note that this isn’t “compulsion” since we have a choice – Jizya or death.

On Islamic supremacy.

Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri (Imam in Britain, Finsbury Park Mosque, London): “The real weapons of mass destruction are the desire for martyrdom… Half a million martyrdom shaheed is enough for Muslims to control the whole of earth forever. In the end of the day, Islam must control earth, whether we like it or not.” Comment: Thus the Imam is pursuing the Koran-mandated goal of world domination. It sounds like a bad B-movie plot, but it isn’t – and that is something that should concern us all. He is also calling for a half-million suicide-bombers to blow themselves up whilst murdering non-Muslims.

Dr Ijaz Mian (Derby mosques): “You are in a situation in which you have to live like a state within a state, until you take over.” Comment: And we wonder why Muslims do not integrate? And waste time on “Outreach” etc.

Dr Ijaz Mian: “[The] Queen, [the] House of Commons … if you accept it, you are part of it. If you don’t accept it, you have to dismantle it. So being a Muslim, you have to fix a target. There will be no House of Commons … Muslims just grow in strength … then take over.” Comment: At least we know the plan … not that Western governments of any political stripe seem to care.

Anjem Choudhery: “One day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House… One day the flag of Islam will fly over Downing Street … Buckingham Palace will become a Mosque.” Comment: honesty is so refreshing. “Andy” Choudhery is always clear in stating his aims.

Imam Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali (Masjid Al Islam mosque, Oakland, CA): “We must implement Islam as a totality (in which) Allah controls every place… the home, the classroom, the science lab, the halls of Congress.” Comment: this is what full-blown Islam means. Everything, every act, every thought, is subordinated to Islam. It makes Orwells’ dystopia “1984” look benign and enlightened.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj (Masjid Al-Taqwa mosque. Brooklyn, N.Y):“In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing left will be Islam.” Comment: and the world will return to the stone-age.

Imam Zaid Shakir (Former Chaplain at Yale University): “Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the existing American order, since it is against the orders and ordainments of Allah.” Comment: Don’t think that is limited to America – any non-Sharia governed order must be overthrown.

Omar Ahmad (Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR, not an Iman, but a “representative” of American Islam): “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth…” Comment: as above.

Ihsan Bagby (CAIR, as above): “Ultimately, we (Muslims) can never be full citizens of this country [America] … because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country…” Comment: nor any other non-Sharia Country.

Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris (Sheikh ‘Ijlin Mosque in Gaza) “We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule Britain.”

Sheik Abu Imran: Just as we ruled many European lands… we are coming to take back what belongs to us, to regain our land and purify it of unbelief and of the unbelievers. We are coming with “There is no god but Allah.” We are coming because we reject democracy. We do not accept democracy. We accept nothing but the tawhid of Allah. We accept nothing but: “There is no god but Allah.” We accept nothing but the shari’a of Allah. Comment: Implicit herein is a threat to massacre all non-Muslims.

Shaykh Safwat Hegazy (Egypt): “Jerusalem belongs to us and the whole world belongs to us. Every land upon which Islam has set foot will return to us, the Caliphate will return to us… the greatness and glory of Islam will return.”

Dr. Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif (Saudi Arabia): “The only thing that the sheiks, preachers, and scholars are demanding is that Islam rule the world once again.” Comment: and they want so little!

Imam Ahmad Nawfal (Jordanian Imam): “If fundamentalist Muslims stand up, it will be very easy for us to preside over this world once again.”

Sheikh Sayyid Qutb: “It is Allah and not man who rules. Allah is the source of all authority, including legitimate political authority. Virtue, not freedom, is the highest value. Therefore, Allah’s law [Sharia], not man’s, should govern the society.” Comment: therefore all other governments, laws, societies and systems must be overthrown.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “Britain is dar-ul Harb…There should be, will be, new operations [terror attacks] in London, inshallah [god willing].” Comment: why terrorist attacks? To “strike terror into the hearts” of the Kaffirs, of course – and to deny them a legitimate target in return.

Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri:You must know the cause of Allah and you must help that cause in fighting, by fighting and when you fight you kill, you fight to kill.” Comment: He could not be much plainer could he? He is a “plain warner”. You help the cause of Allah (“fee sabili Allahi”) by fighting and killing; not building hospitals, nor schools for girls. You help Allah by killing Kaffirs.

Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri: “Killing a Kafir for any reason, you can say it, it is OKeven if there is no reason for it.” Comment: killing Kaffirs is just fine and dandy with Allah.

Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri: “It [murder-bombing] is not called suicide [in Islam], this is called martyring, because if the only way to hurt the enemies of Islam [is] by taking your life for that then it is allowed.” Comment: if you can’t fight in an open Jihad against Kaffirs, it’s definitely Okay to blow yourself up, provided you take some Kaffirs with you.

Imam Abu Mounisa: “He [Mohammed] went and destroyed them [non-Muslims], killed them, chopped their heads off, beheaded them! …We need to attack the leaders, David Cameron, we need to attack him.” Comment: If he was not a Muslim he would now be in gaol for incitement to murder of the British Prime-Minister (as of 2010).

Imam Abdullah el-Faisal (roving hate-preacher): “You have to bomb the Indian businesses, and as for the Jews you kill them physically”. Comment: as above.

Imam Abdullah el-Faisal: “An army of Muslims will arise against the non-Muslims in England”. Comment: incitement to civil war, he too, were he a non-Muslim, would be prosecuted and imprisoned for “hate-crime”s and sedition.

Imam Abu Mounisa: “You need to provoke society for society to be changed…You need to attack law and order… Every day we should attack their system, just like the prophet did.” Comment: again he incites violence against Britain, in particular the Police and security services.

Imam Latif (Sutton “Companions of the Mosque”): “We don’t have Muslim terrorists… they do not exist.” Comment: he’s right – according to Islam. They are not terrorists, they are “Shaheeds” – murderers for Islam (seems a common theme in prisons, btw).

Imam Abdul Alim Musa (Al Masjid mosque, Washington, D.C.) “If you don’t give us justice. If you don’t give us equality. If you don’t give us our share of America. If you don’t stay out of our way and leave us alone, we’re gonna burn America down.” Comment: a clear statement that (some) American Muslims want their own state(s) and a separate society within America.

Imam Muhammad Al-Asi (Former Imam at the Washington, D.C. Islamic Center): “Now, all our Imams, our public speakers, should be concentrating on militarising the Muslim public … Only carrying arms will do this task.” Comment: a ‘call to arms’ as a prelude to starting a civil war.

Nihad Awad (CAIR): “I am in support of the Hamas movement.” Comment: Therefore you are a terrorist, possibly a “passive” one, but a terrorist nevertheless.

Dr. Esam Omeish (Muslim American Society, MAS): “You have learned the way, that you have known that the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.” Comment: a call for Muslim-Americans to wage jihad to “liberate” America from the Kaffir.

Sheikh Abu Ishak Al Huweini (Egypt): “The reason we are poor now is because we have abandoned jihad. If only we can conduct a jihadist invasion [of a non-Muslim Country] at least once a year … and if anyone prevents our dawa or stands in our way, then we must kill them or take [them] as hostage and confiscate their wealth, women and children. Such battles will fill the pockets of the Mujahid who can return home with 3 or 4 slaves, 3 or 4 women and 3 or 4 children. This can be a profitable business if you multiply each head by 300 or 400 dirham. This can be like financial shelter whereby a jihadist, in time of financial need, can always sell one of these heads (meaning slaves). No one can make that much money in one deal (from hard work) even if a Muslim goes to the West to work or do trade. In time of need, that is a good resource for profit.” Comment: thus today, in 2011, we still have a Muslim leader promoting sex-slavery and despoilment of the non-Muslim as a “get-rich-quick” scheme for Mussalmen.

Edina Lekovic (Muslim Public Affairs Council, MPAC): “When we hear someone refer to the great mujahid Osama bin Laden as a ‘terrorist’, we should defend our brother and refer to him as a freedom fighter…” Comment: To the Muslim there are no terrorists in Islam, just freedom fighters and shaheeds. This despite the fact that ‘Mujhaid’ bin Laden’s organisation killed more Muslims than non-Muslims.

Shukri Abu Baker (Holy Land Foundation): “I swear by Allah that war is deception… We are fighting our enemy … Deceive, camouflage, pretend you are leaving while you’re walking that way. Deceive your enemy.” Comment: A call to taqqiya – or Muda’rat – to deceive the Kaffirs as to the intentions of the Muslims.

Ayatollah Khomeini: “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those (who say this) are witless. Islam says: kill all of the unbelievers as they would kill you all.”

Sheikh Qaradawi: the army leadership is not a purely civil job. It is one of the worship jobs in Islam because Jihad is on top of the Islamic worship acts.” Comment: Qaradawi is making clear that sword-jihad (the Muslim army is the “sword of Islam”) is the most “holy” or devout worship act a Muslim can carry out.

Khairat Al-Shater, (the deputy guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its recently announced presidential candidate): “The mission is clear: restoring Islam in its all-encompassing conception; Subjugating people to God; instituting the religion of God; the Islamisation of life, empowering of God’s religion; establishing the Nahda [re-birth] of the Ummah [Muslim nation] on the basis of Islam.” Comment: thus the Copts of Egypt can look forward to having their “Dhimmi” status reinforced.

On al-War’a wal Bar’a (love and hate for Allah’s sake)

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “I belong [i.e. am loyal] to Islam. I did not belong [i.e. owed loyalty] to Britain when I lived there. I refused to pledge my allegiance to the Queen. I refused to swear that I would obey the Queen or the laws. I obey only Allah and the messenger [Mohammed].” Comment: Bakri clearly considers himself and indeed all Muslims “above” the laws of Britain because they are not Sharia Law. Note: thepledge of allegiance” is required for a foreign national requesting British citizenship.

Imam Abu Mounisa: “We should have the zeal in our hearts, for the sake of Islam, to destroy all their [the non-Muslims’] system and replace it with Islam.” Comment: practical out-working of the doctrine of al-War’a wal Bar’a.

Anjem Choudhery: “You must have allegiance where Sharia says you must have allegiance, you must hate and love for the sake of Allah [al-War’a wal-Bar’a]. So I must support my Muslim brothers and sisters wherever they are in the World, I must have allegiance with them, I must cooperate with them, I must love them… I must have hatred towards anything that is non-Islam.” Comment: this means, in part, “I must help, shelter and protect terrorists”.

Anjem Choudhery: “As far a Muslims are concerned, their allegiance is always with the Muslims, so I will never condemn a Muslim for what he does even if he is an oppressor.” [Said in relation to the 7/7 London bombings]. Comment: as above, note also that implicit here is that no matter how evil the act of a Muslim, other Muslims must side with him/her against non-Muslims.

Sheikh Mohammed Nassar (Egypt): “When a child is brought up in a good home and receives a proper education in faith he loves martyrdom, which becomes like an instinct to him and he can never give it up.” Comment: this was part of a children’s TV program with a live audience of children. Martyr here means “mass murderer”.

Sheik Abu Imran (Belgian Islamist): “Oh Sarkozy, enemy of Allah, dog of the Romans, son of the unbeliever, we are on our way. We are on our way with “Allah Akbar,” “Allah Akbar.” We are coming, with our nuclear bombs of “Allah Akbar.” We are coming, with our black flags – the black flags of “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” Comment: the “black flag” of Islam is a war banner. It is a declaration of war on the Kaffir.

On Muslim “hypocrites”.

Imam Abu Hamza al-Masri: “These [supporters and members of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain] are the pussy-cat Muslims, who do not understand anything about Islam … What can the Muslim Parliament do? Just sit like monkeys among the real MPs.” Comment: the MPGB members are known as “moderates”. Here Bakri exposes them as what they really are: half-hearted, un-knowledgeable believers – i.e. “hypocrites” according to the Koran.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

Imam Arshad Misbahi (Manchester Central Mosque): “the execution of gay Muslims is part of the central tenets of Islam: sex outside marriage is forbidden; this is stated in the Koran and the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had stated that these punishments [murder] were due to such behaviours.’ Comment: He knows his barbaric Sharia!

Abu Usamah, (American convert, resident in UK): If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered … that’s my freedom of speech, isn’t it?Comment: actually no. That crosses the line into incitement to murder (‘who should be murdered’).

Muhammad Rateb Al-Nabulsi (Syria): “Homosexuality involves a filthy place, and does not generate offspring. Homosexuality leads to the destruction of the homosexual. That is why, brothers, homosexuality carries the death penalty.”Comment: Another rampant Muslim homophobic rant.

Sheikh Khalifa (Kenya): “We are asking Kenyans to shun businesses owned by such people [homosexuals] and further show them open discrimination as a way of stopping the beastly act. [they] should not be accepted among the society. “Death is the only punishment prescribed by Islam for such people. We urge our government to consider allowing us to use such methods to deal with the dehumanising acts.” Comment: murdering people isn’t “dehumanising” but being a homosexual is?

Imam Abu Hamza al-Misri: “If a kaffir person (non-Muslim) goes in a Muslim country, he is like a cow. Anybody can take him. That is the Islamic law. …If a kaffir is walking by and you catch him, he’s booty. You can sell him in the market. …If Muslims cannot take them and sell them in the market, you just kill them. It’s OK….I say the reality that’s in the Muslim books anyway. Whether I say it or not, it’s in the books.” Comment: (Unless you are an acknowledged dhimmi), you are fair game for Muslims in Islamic Countries. You can be caught and treated as “ghanima” (war-booty) and enslaved.

Abu Usamah: ‘[women are] deficient, even if they have a PhD. Her intellect is incomplete. She may be suffering from hormones that will make her emotional. It takes two witnesses of a woman to equal the one witness of a man.’ Comment: How comforting for Usamah to know he’s so very superior to every woman.

Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf (former leader “ground-zero mosque” project): “I do not believe in religious dialogue.”

Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan (Suadi Arabia): “Someone who denies Allah, worships Christ, son of Mary … do you like these things he says and does? Don’t you hate the faith of such a polytheist? … Whoever says, ‘I don’t hate,’ is not a Muslim. This is not racism, we don’t hate a polytheist because of his colour, gender, blood, country. But, if this person is an infidel, even if this person is my mother or father, Allah forbid, or my son or daughter, I must hate him.” Comment: in short, “hate the Kaffir, the non-Muslim”.

Abu Bakr (Australian Cleric): “My religion [Islam] doesn’t tolerate another religion. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to spread, it can be here or anywhere else, has to be Islam.”

Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman (Pakistan): “Such people [homosexuals] are the curse of society and social garbage, they don’t deserve to be Muslim or Pakistani.” Comment: Nothing like equal rights for all, no – seriously, NOTHING like equal rights.

Shaykh Muhammad Hassan (Egypt): “The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: ‘It is not permissible (to shed) the blood of a Muslim who witnesses that there is no god but Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah, except for one of the following three conditions … (Third), the one who abandons his religion, and separates himself from the community.’ The hadith is in both of the Sahihs (i.e. Bukhari and Muslim). ‘The one who abandons his religion, and separates himself from the community.’ Islam does not compel anyone to enter it. This (concept) needs to be firmly established. Islam does not compel anyone to enter it. No. There is no compulsion in religion. But rather we preach (Islam) in truth, mercy, propriety, and humility. Whoever says after the preaching—whoever says after (receiving) the preaching and the call (to Islam), “No, I will not enter this religion.” We say to him, “There is no compulsion in religion. Truth stands out clear from error.” We recite the saying of Almighty Allah, “Let him who will believe, and let him who will disbelieve” (Qur’an 18:29). We recite the saying of Allah Almighty, “You have your religion and I have my religion” (Qur’an 109:6). Beautiful. This is after the preaching and the call (to Islam). But if he enters Islam of his own free will and choice, he does not have the right to leave the religion of Allah whenever he wants, to shake the foundations of Muslim society. No, he does not have the right. Absolutely not. But he does have the right, after having (Islam) preached to him, to say, “I will enter” or “I will not enter this religion.” But to enter it just to leave it whenever he wants? No. This is something which is unacceptable in the religion of Almighty Allah. Show me a constitution anywhere on earth which grants this for its citizens. But rather whoever comes out against the constitution of any nation is accused of treason. Everyone familiar with treason knows that the penalty is death. So what do you think about the one who betrays the religion of Allah Almighty, the one who betrays Allah and His Messenger? “O ye who believe! Do not betray Allah and His Messenger, nor knowingly betray your trusts” (Qur’an 8:27).” Comment: Here we see how Islam interprets the “no compulsion in religion” verse, regards apostasy as a “betrayal” of Islam (rather than a matter of personal choice) or as “treason” (because Islam acknowledges no separation between temporal and spiritual authority) and how Islam supports the murder of apostates. It is also worth noting that the Sheikh makes no mention of the fact that if you refuse to convert you are required to become a Dhimmi, which means that whilst you do get to keep your religion, you lose your citizenship.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, (the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia): “[it is] necessary to destroy all the churches of the region [Arabian Peninsula].” Note: The Grand Mufti made his assertion in response to a question posed by a delegation from Kuwait: a Kuwaiti parliament member recently called for the “removal” of churches (he later “clarified” by saying he merely meant that no churches should be built in Kuwait), and the delegation wanted to confirm Sharia’s position on churches. Accordingly, the Grand Mufti “stressed that Kuwait was a part of the Arabian Peninsula, and therefore it is necessary to destroy all churches in it.” Comment: thus we see how Islam reacts to other faiths within its own borders.

On correct Muslim behaviour.

Imam Omar Shahin (Tucson, Arizona Islamic Center): “A Muslim must try his best to abide by the rulings of Sharia (Islamic law) whenever possible as much as he can. He should not allow himself to be liable to those western laws that contradict the clear-cut Islamic rulings.” Comment: this is a reference to the doctrines of Tayseer (“ease”) and Darura (“necessity”) – dispensations from following Sharia, born out of necessity – or more accurately, to not over-using this dispensation. In other words it is an obligation to hew as closely to Sharia as possible and (implicitly) to seek to extend Sharia’s sway when possible -e.g. get all Public institutions to offer Halal food as the default, get Muslim-only sessions in Libraries, swimming-pools etc., object to overt displays of Xtian (etc.) symbolism and so forth.

Sheikh Muhammed Al-Munajid (Saudi Arabia): “A wife needs to comply with her husband’s desires in bed. This is why he [Allah] ordered the wife to consent to her husband. The wife must consent to her husband’s wishes and obey him. The wife in the West is not obliged to do so. Moreover, a wife can be raped by her husband there.They claim that if he has sex with her against her will, this is rape! They consider this rape! They claim she must be willing! They claim she must want it! Therefore the wife doesn’t submit [to] the man whenever he wants. Comment (sarcastic): fancy thinking that sex with an unwilling woman is rape! Whatever next? Not being allowed to beat the cr*p out of them if they don’t submit to you?

Zakir Naik (In Pakistan): “If a Muslim becomes non-Muslim and propagates his/her new religion then there is a death penalty in Islam for such a person.” Comment: In this case, Naik is rationalising apostasy as “treason” to the Umma, but he still maintains it is right to murder people for leaving Islam. This from a “moderate” Muslim.

Marzan Al-Sarsawi (Egypt): “Someone who converted and got a taste of the perfection of Islam is not allowed to leave the fold of Islam whenever he feels like it.” Comment: true, he’s murdered to stop him leaving.

Although not an “Imam” of any sort, this woman extolling using women for sex-slavery (provided they aren’t Muslim of course) was too dreadful to overlook.

Salwa Al-Mteiri (Kuwait): “The Mufti [in Saudi Arabia] that it requires that there to be a Muslim Country raiding [=Razia] a Christian Country, sorry, a non-Muslim one and taking PoWs… He said that Islam does not prohibit having slave-girls. On the contrary. The law pertaining to slave girls is not the same as for free women. … With the free woman the man must make a marriage-contract, but with a slave-girl all he has to do is buy her. It’s as if he married her. [Kuwaiti scholars said] that for the average, good religious man the only way to avoid forbidden relations with women is to purchase slave girls. …I very much hope that such a law is legislated… they should allow slave girls. We don’t want our children to fall into the abyss of fornication and similar filth, god forbid. There are Countries like Chechnya which are at war with another Country. In such cases there must be PoWs, so why not go and buy these prisoners? Is it better for them to be slaughtered over there? Go and buy them and sell them to traders here in Kuwait.” Comment: O where to begin? Just to hit the lowest of the low points: here we have a Muslim woman advocating the capture of foreign women for the sex-slavery – with the proviso that they aren’t Muslim of course. She re-defines the meaning of “PoW” to be “any woman you can capture” and implicitly states that Muslims murder their PoWs (as has happened in Afghanistan to captured Western troops). The worst of it is that what she says is all in accordance with the Koran and Sharia law. Further she regards the repeated rape of a slave as preferable to consensual sex outside marriage. And Muslims call others “immoral”!

Sheikh Majid Khadduri: “The term spoil (ghanima) is applied specifically to property acquired by force from non-Muslims. It includes, however, not only property (movable and immovable) but also persons, whether in the capacity of asra (prisoners of war) or sabi (women and children). … If the slave were a woman, the master was permitted to have sexual connection with her as a concubine.” Comment: Let’s be clear: Khadduri is advocating that Muslims use force to despoil non-Muslims, taking their land, goods, chattels, men (as slaves – if they survive the process of castration which was commonly applied), their women (as sex-slaves to be raped whenever the “master” wants) and their children (as child-slaves and sex-slaves) – think Aisha: if its good enough to marry a six year old girl-child and have sex with her at nine then the “master” can, I presume, have sex with a nine-year old girl-slave too; not to mention “thighing” at any age).

Imam Mas’oud Anwar (Egypt): Wisdom and compassion require that a killer be put to death, that a married adulterer be stoned, and that the hand of a thief be chopped off. That is true compassion. Chopping off the treacherous hand of a thief, to protect the entire nation, is compassion, mercy, and wisdom. Comment: Thus Islam has an “interesting” definition of “compassion” – Compassion as murder.

Marzan Al-Sarsawi: “you tell them [non-Muslims] to convert, [if] they refuse, you tell them to pay the jizya [if] they refuse it means they have evil intentions, [so] fine, we will fight them.” Comment: the “jizya”, a special ‘head-tax’ for non-Muslims – it allows you to keep your head on your shoulders. “Evil intentions”, such dreadful things like preserving liberty and freedom.

Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni:Whoever insults the Prophet (PBUH), if he later comes and apologizes, and kisses the shoes (of the ruler), and says, ‘I want all Muslims, every one, to return and strike me with the soles of their feet’—does the ruler have the right to accept this? I bring up this question, as it was asked of me. The answer is that it is not permissible for anyone to accept this. Then what do we do with him? We kill him! But he told you that he repented. We still kill him, even if he repents!” Comment: The merciful attitude of Islam revealed again.

Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi: The Islamic shari’ah governs all of the actions of those who are obligated (to it). There is no act or occurrence which exists without a corresponding ruling from one of the five shari’ah rulings (obligatory, recommended, prohibited, reprehensible, or permitted). This has been confirmed by fundamentalists and scholars from every faction and school of thought associated with Islam… Whoever reads the books of the Islamic shari’ah, I mean the books of Islamic jurisprudence, in its different schools of thought, will find that they comprise all of the affairs of life, from the jurisprudence of purity, to that of the family, society, and the state. This is very clear for every elementary student, not to mention those in the world who are more capable.” Comment: Thus the governance of Sharia is all embracing.

On the treatment of women.

In response to a gang rape, the Chief Mufti of Australia said, “If she was in her room, in her home, in her Hijab, no problem would have occurred. The Koran gives a similar justification for a head to toe covering for women, “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies that they may thus be distinguished and not molested.” (Koran 33:59) Comment: thus any woman who isn’t burkha’d is definitely asking, nay begging, to be gang-raped according to the ‘Imam’. You will note there is not the slightest condemnation of the rapists here.

A Kurdistani Mullah: “Allah says if a woman disobeys her husband he has the right to beat her, but the lashes should be according to the Sharia … The issue of female circumcision in Kurdistan. The mothers and sisters of more than half of your party members were circumcised. This means that you insult your own grandmother. You insult your own mother. You accuse them of ignorance. Circumcision [FGM] is a tenant of Islamic law (sharia).” Comment: Many Muslims claim that FGM has a social basis – not that that is any better – but this Sheikh gives the lie to that claim. FGM is based in the Sharia.

On anti-semitism.

Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi chief theologian of the Muslim Brotherhood: “Oh Allah, take this oppressive, Jewish, Zionist band of people. Oh Allah, do not spare a single one of them. Oh Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.” He also declared: “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the people [Jews] who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler.” Comment: Islamic jew-hatred alive and well in the 14st Islamic century – just like every other Islamic century.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi:Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon them (Jews), people who would punish them for their corruption. The last was Hitler …. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hands of believers (Muslims).” Comment: This sounds alarmingly like a call for another holocaust.

Imam Miqdam Al-Khadhari (Egypt):This is a very important book, a textbook reader … at Al-Azhar. …the book moves to a topic with a large title, as clear as day: “The Treachery of the Jews.” This title shows what the student is about to learn. It is not talking about something marginal. It’s an important topic. I haven’t seen any curriculum that presents this subject so explicitly. This is the curriculum of 2008. I’m not talking about something ancient. This is now! It’s a textbook from this year or last year. The next title, right after “The Treachery of the Jews” – I think that the camera can show the title… I’d like you to read it, dear brothers… “Islamic Jihad and Its Various Forms.” They teach these topics so that the student will be militarized when he graduates [from Al-Azhar].” Comment: by “militarised” he means indoctrinated to hate Jews (along with all other non-Muslims, but mostly Jews).

Imam Unis Al-Astal: “The Jews are brought in droves to Palestine so that the Palestinians and the Islamic nation [Umma, i.e. ALL Muslims] behind them will have the honour of annihilating the evil of this gang. [All other threats] are less dangerous than the Jews. In a few years all the Zionists and settlers will realise that their arrival in Palestine was for the purpose of the great massacre by means of which Allah wants to relieve humanity of their evil. When Palestine is liberated and its people return to it and the entire region, with the grace of Allah, will have turned into the United states of Islam, the land of Palestine will become the capital of the Islamic Caliphate and all these Countries will turn in to states within the Caliphate. When this happens any Palestinian will be able to live anywhere, because the land of Islam is the property of all Muslims. Until this happens we must reject all the resettlement plans, naturalisations, or even reparations prior to the return of the refugees.” Comment: There is a lot here, the usual anti-Semitism, the fact that all the land of the Dar-ul-Islam is solely the property of Muslims (irrespective of who’s living there). Also an admission that the “Palestinian refugees” are self-selecting – they will refuse any naturalisation etc.

Sheikh Hussein Ye (Malaysia): “Always in the Koran when it says ‘magndub’ [cursed] (or) ‘ghadab’ [hated] it goes to the Jews.” Comment: thus anti-semitism is institutionalised in Islam by the Koran.

Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis (Imam at the Grand Mosque in Mecca): “The scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the violators of pacts and agreements, the murderers of the prophets, and the offspring of apes and pigs [ are the Jews].”

Sheikh Saad al-Beraik (Saudia Arabia), “Muslim brothers in Palestine, do not have any mercy neither compassion on the Jews, their blood, their money, their flesh. Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women? Why don’t you wage jihad? Why don’t you pillage them?”

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (2012): “our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs [i.e. Jews] is a war of religion and faith… since Umar came and continuing until the end of days, the reliable Hadith [of] Bukhari and Muslim says: ‘The hour will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind stones or trees, then the stones or trees will call: “Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!” Except for the Gharqad tree, therefore it is no wonder that you see gharqads surrounding the settlements and colonies [of Jews].” Note: Caliph Umar captured Jerusalem in 637 A.D.

Hazem Shuman (Egypt), 2012: [After castigating Egyptians for not fighting Jews, assuring Jews that all 85 million Egyptians hate them and want them dead, he finishes with] “Jews are a cancer. These Jews are a catastrophe. There is not a catastrophe in the world that is not the handiwork of the Jews. These Jews are a cancer in the body of planet Earth, and if permitted, it will spread and infect the entire body. Getting rid of these Jews is a must.”

Other “interesting” quotes.

Imam Muhammad Hassan (Egypt): “We are talking about the principles of the shari’a. The truth is that democracy in the Western sense is for the people to rule itself in disregard for the law of Allah, and this I do not accept.” Comment: In other words the only form of ‘democracy’ permissible under Islam is one that conforms to Sharia Law, a-la Iran.

Sheik Nasr Farid Wassel (Egypt): “The martyr Bin Laden, Allah’s mercy upon him, waged Jihad for the sake of Allah against the Soviets and against America…There was a call at the Al-Nour Mosque to pray for the soul of Bin Laden since he is a martyr. But I said that we were forbidden to pray for the soul of a martyr and that Bin Laden lives on. He is not dead. “Do not consider those who were killed for the sake of Allah to be dead. They live on, sustained by their Lord.””Comment: And I thought that (some of) the mosques weren’t praying for OBL because they did not agree with his actions. Oh silly me!

Shaykh ‘Abd-al-‘Azim (Egypt): I want to say that democracy is a bad idea. We should not feel ashamed to say it. It is a bad, backward, and retarded idea, which is taken from Greece. Democracy is spoken of like it’s a modern discovery, but it’s not. Even the freedoms, what are they? Among the freedoms inherent in the democratic system are freedom for women, freedom of ownership, freedom of homosexuality, personal freedom, freedom of conscience and expression, freedom to disbelieve in the Creator of Heaven and Earth. There’s mixing (of men and women), usury, all of this is in democracy, which is why I condemn it. Comment: In Islam, therefore, there is no freedom for women, personal freedom, freedom of speech or religion etc.

Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “Islam allows me to take the benefits the system offers. I’m fully eligible. It is very difficult for me to get a job. Anyway, most of the leadership of the Islamic movement is on [state] benefit.’” Comment: nice to know he was not adverse to getting hand-outs from the Kaffir he hated and despised. Also note that he and most of the Islamist leadership is unemployable – I wonder why?

– – – – – – – – – – –

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part II

On the Status and treatment of non-Muslims.

2011, December 2nd: Unnamed Hamas preacher: “Our banner is “There is no god but Allah,” our slogan is “Allah Akbar,” our mantle is “Death to the Jews and to America.”Comment: America is the “poster boy” for the free world, thus this really means “death to the free world” and the Jews (of course).

2012, March 18th. Egypt. Sheikh Wagdi Ghoneim, “Yesterday, thanks be to Allah, the head of infidelity and polytheism, this so-called Shenouda [the Coptic Pope], died—may Allah be avenged on him. He perished, and all were relieved of him—people, worshippers, trees, and animals; Egypt is relieved of him.” Comment: thus it is a “relief” to Muslims when a non-Muslim leader dies – especially if dared to stand up to Muslims for minority rights.

2012, March 30th. Sudanese Governor of South Kordofan, Ahmad Haroun. Note: Not an Imam, but clearly a leader amongst Muslims and wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes – but supported in power by the Islamic Gov.t of Khartoum. Quote:The rest [of the mission] should be completed with high morale.[Crowd chanting “Allah-akbar!” in response.] Make it clean. Wipe them out, crush them, don’t bring them [Nuban Xtians and Muslims] back alive. Eat them uncooked. .[Crowd chanting “Allah-akbar!” in response.] Don’t cause us any paperwork. Are you ready, people? [crowd chanting “Allah-akbar!” in response.] Comment: this is incitement to commit (multiple) genocide, apparently with the enthusiastic support of “rank and file” Muslims. Also worthy of note is the fact that all Muslims – including Nuban ones – are supposed to be “brothers”, yet Northern “Arabised” Muslims think killing and eating Nubans is okay. Further note the parallel with Dafur here.

2012, April 19th. Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir Note: Again not an Imam, but clearly a leader amongst Muslims and indicted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity: “Our Lord, open up a new gateway for us – a gateway to Paradise, Allah willing. Our [Muslim] casualties go to Paradise and theirs [Christian] go to the Hellfire. Our lands in the Blue Nile Province and in South Kordufan continue to be defiled by their forces. … We don’t want any [Christian] vermin left in the Blue Nile Province. We don’t want any insects left in the Nuba Mountains. We want [Defense Minister] Abd Al-Rahim [to] leave the land of Sudan free of any poisonous vermin. My message to our people and our fellow [Muslim] citizens in the South is that we thought those people were interested in peace, and in the well-being of the South. So we signed an agreement with them. We implemented the agreement and handed over the South to them. But now, we have realized that we were wrong. We want to rectify the mistake. We want to liberate our brothers in the South from those vermin.” Comment: Non-Muslims are poisonous vermin and insects, echoing the Koran’s attitude to such people. This also sounds like a call to sword-jihad to re-capture South Sudan and commit genocide against it’s Christian majority, or at least one to ethnically cleanse (North) Sudan from all non-Muslims.

2012, May 3rd. Pakistani Mufti Muhammad Bashiruddin, (in a leaflet): “On the issue of increasing activities of the believers of Mirzaiat and Qadiyaniat, the Islamic Sharia Council has made it clear that in all parts of the world Qadiyanis [Ahmadhis] have been declared non Muslims. … pass the bill in coming Assembly session to declare them non Muslims in our state as well so that grievance of all the people of state is addressed.” Comment: thus the only truly peaceful Muslims in the world are not Muslims at all. If this bill is passed, persecution will increase since many will regard them as apostates (Murtadds).

On Slavery.

2009, November 10th. Indian Islamic ‘expert’ Dr. Zakir Naik: “There are slave women and you are allowed to have sex with them even without marrying them. There are many verses in the Koran that say you can have sexwith your wives AND those whom your right hand possesses. Right hand possesses means they are your slaves. If you do not have the means to get married [to a free Muslima] then marry a slave and give her freedom as her Mahr [bride-price]. The Koran encourages [you] that if you don’t have the means to get married, marry a slave woman. Vice versa not possible, it [is] only for the woman slaves…The Koran talks about slavery as justified, why not? You know why? … Islamic law is far superior in how it treat the slave than the UN charter [of human rights].” Comment: This specifically links the Koranic phrase “ those whom your right hand possesses” to sex-slaves and states that that sex-slavery is “far superior” to the UN charter of Human rights – which Naik wouldn’t support anyway being Muslim, he’d use the “Cairo Declaration” which circumscribes all rights by Shari’ah law.

2012, March 16th. Dr. Saud Al-Fanisan, (Former Dean of Islamic Law at a Saudi University): “Allah permitted the purchase and sale of slaves. Slaves are the property of their owners. This is slavery in the shari’a, yet a slave enjoys a great deal of freedom. The only thing he is deprived of is the right to own [himself]. That’s it. He enjoys freedom of thought, freedom of belief, the freedom to work, the right to deny [Islam, in the sense of not converting to it], and the right to command good and forbid evil. A slave enjoys all these liberties, so how can it be claimed that there is no freedom [in Islam]?” Comment: Thus Islam supports slave trading and ownership and since Allah permitted it, no ‘mere man-made law’ can abolish slavery either. Thus Muslims today must believe that slavery is, indeed, a good thing (provided they are the Masters, I suspect).

On correct Islamic attitudes.

2011, Feb.15th. Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami: “We say to the Americans and to the Zionists that we consider them to be the real instigators of the fitna [anti-government riots]. We will never forget who the main enemy is. We continue to shout passionately: Death to America, death to Israel.” Comment: Khatami is demonstrating a common Islamic attitude, that of denying any responsibility – “it’s not our fault, it’s all the fault of the [insert favourite “enemy” of choice]”. Along with the inevitable anti-Semitism, of course.

2011, April 30th. Gaza Strip, Sheik Ahmad Bahr.: “Allah has given me the honour of visiting the homes of the martyrs [homicide bombers and similar], where you hear peculiar things. Nowhere [else] in the world do you find people with such a culture. The father says: “I have nine children. Two are gone, and I am ready to sacrifice the remaining seven.” The same goes for the wife. She wants to sacrifice her sons … She hides her son’s AK-47 so that no one will find it. She puts on her wide cloak and brings it where it is needed, and his little sister walks ahead of him to make way for him.” Comment: the ‘culture’ he speaks of is so perverse that it wants its children dead – provided they die as murderers – and it uses children as human shields.

2011, May 2nd. U.K. Imam Hani Al-Siba’i: In my view, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden – as he is referred to by his followers and by those who love him – is the reviver of Islam in our times, and he is one of the lions of Islam. Sheik Osama Bin Laden did not leave his country for a trip of pleasure, or in search of a good time. He left his country as a mujahid [one who performs jihad], putting himself in harm’s way, and leaving his previous life behind. I love Sheik Osama Bin Laden as a Muslim. … Sheik Osama is loved by millions of Muslims. Sheik Osama is a hymn in the hearts of the downtrodden [Muslims] – from Jakarta to the Hindu Kush Mountains, to the villages and rural areas of Egypt… Ask those downtrodden and poor people, and they will tell you that they are grieving for Sheik Osama Bin Laden.” Comment:Al-Sib’a clearly thinks bin Laden a “true Muslim” a “Lion of Islam” and supported by “millions” of Muslims. He’s probably right.

2011, May 5th. Sheikh Omar Bakri: “ I’d like to take the opportunity to send the Islamic nation my condolences on the martyrdom of the leader Sheikh Osama Bin Laden. This is a sad occasion, because the Islamic nation needs great leaders like Sheikh Osama these days.” And in an interview the previous day., May 4thwe say that we consider him to be a martyr, but Allah will judge him. That is what we were taught by the Prophet Muhammad. Indeed he fought just like the Prophet Muhammad did. …Al-Qaeda, just like the other Islamic Jihadi organizations, works to implement the word of Allah”. Comment: Bakri states that Mohammed used terror-tactics and killed innocent people and that the Islamic nation needs leaders who will use terrorism. He also notes that all jihadi organisations” share the same goals.

2011, May 11th. Moroccan Senior Alem, Sheikh Abdelbari Zemzami:I do not have the right to prohibit things. Fatwas are not shaped according to one’s will or whim. Rather, they reflect the law of Allah. Therefore, I do not have the right to prohibit that act [necrophilia] merely because I consider it deplorable. The evidence I relied upon in this case was that a wife’s death does not sever her relations with her husband. A wife’s death does not sever her marital relations with her husband. She remains his wife post mortem, in the Hereafter, just as she was his wife in her lifetime. It is perfectly clear that marital relations are not severed by a wife’s death. She remains her husband’s wife. This being the case, the husband has the right to do whatever he wants with her. For instance, he may kiss her. It is common for a husband to kiss his wife after her death, out of love and sorrow. This is something that is done, and there is nothing wrong with it. The fact that such an act is permissible does not make it commendable or even acceptable. Having sex with your wife’s corpse is permitted but not commendable.Comment: EEEEUUUUWWWW!Okay, let me be fair to the Sheikh. He also said the act was “disgusting” – but still “halal”. I think that makes it a “reprehensible” act in the Islamic grading. It’s still a “necrophiliac’s fatwa” though. See also the “Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! Do they?” section below.

2012, March 16th. Egyptian ClericMuhammad Hussein Yaaqub: “My brothers, how are we to deal with bullying? First thing by means of religion, by restoring religion to people’s lives. To the lives of people and to the life of the Islamic nation… The shari’a must be exalted. The Islamic punishment of hiraba must be implemented. The Koran says: “Those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive to spread corruption in the land…”If someone robs people of their money, it is as if he fought our Lord and His Messenger. Hiraba applies to a highway robber. A robber who stops someone in the street and says: “Give me your purse” is fighting Allah and His Messenger. If he stops someone in the street and says: “Give me your car,” he is fighting Allah and His Messenger. The punishment for all this is called hiraba, and it is applied to someone who fights Allah and His Messenger. Anybody who attacks a home, a shop, a bank, a factory, or anything [i.e. any crime] …when an armed gang enters a place in order to take things by force, they are fighting Allah and His Messenger. The [hiraba] punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and who strive to spread corruption in the land, is for them to be executed, or to be crucified, or to have their hand and foot chopped off on opposite sides, or to be banished from the land. The implementation of this punishment will guarantee security. Comment: note how any crime is deemed to be ‘fighting against Allah and his messenger’ – which is also a sin. Also note the calm way the barbarous punishment is stated.

2012, May 3rd (?). Egyptian Sheikh Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal : “I call upon the Egyptian people to go to Al-Abbasiya Square, to besiege the SCAF and the Ministry of Defense, to grab the SCAF members, one after the other, and to bring them to a just trial. … A just trial means nothing less than executing, killing, and slaughtering them at Al-Abbasiya Square…” Comment: here we see Shari’ah “justice” in all it’s glory, there’s nothing like a “fair trial” to establish guilt or innocence; no, there’s NOTHING like it. This is a call to form a Lynch mob.

On anti-Semitism: Note: this is just a tiny sample. The outpourings of such hate-preach is so great that were I to give it equal billing in terms of prevalence, anti-Semitism would form most of this document.

2012, Feb.24th. Friday sermon from Khan Yunis, Gaza (preacher un-identified):We say loud and clear: The struggle for Palestine is not a political struggle. It is a purely ideological struggle. It is a clear religious struggle between Islam and Zionism. It is a struggle between Truth and Falsehood, between Islam and heresy, between light and darkness, between good and evil…We cannot possibly accept [Al-Aqsa] remaining under the control of those whom Allah described as a bunch of apes and pigs [Jews], the scholars of whom Allah describe as asses carrying books, or as a dog that pants when you beat it and pants when you don’t. After all these descriptions of the base position that befits them – these contemptible people cannot lord over the great people, these slaves cannot lord over the masters.The masters today are all the Muslims. Comment: Jews are not human, they are only animals. Also note the Supremacist here – “The Masters are the Muslims.

2012, March 6th. Egyptian Cleric Dr.Gharib:“There are many characteristics of the Jews [such as] the violation of commitments from which the whole world suffers today, their hard-heartedness… they were deported from [long list of Countries] …if they are a good people how come [other] peoples get rid of them? Allah punished them by transforming them into apes and pigs.”Comment: once again we see Jews likened to pigs and apes. Note also that according to Dr. Gharib being persecuted is the fault of the persecuted, not the persecutor – at least where the Jews are concerned. I doubt he’d apply that “logic” to persecution of Muslims.

2012, March 6th. Egyptian Cleric Dr. Shihab: The speaker recites a famously fabricated quote of Benjamin Franklin denouncing the Jews “…they have corrupted the morals and lowered the level of honesty, they isolate themselves and never mix with othersthey are parasites … they will destroy our people [Americans] … they will change our form of government for which we sacrificed … our children will have to work to feed the Jews …the values of the Jews are not the same as the values of Americans and will not be the same even if they live amongst us for generations …The Jews will pose a danger to America if they are allowed freely in, they will destroy US institutions. Comment: How ironic. Replace Jew with Muslim in this piece … but that would be “Islamophobic” now wouldn’t it.

2012, March 6th. Egyptian Cleric Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sawi: “[the Jews] are donkeys, what can you do with donkeys? [You have to] beat a donkey with a stick [and it will] leave the house [of Islam]. The Jews support all the means of corruption …whorehouses … satellite dishes … birth-control pills [others]” Comment: A call for violence to be used against the “Donkeyish” Jews to drive them out of the “house” of Islam (Israel). Note also that this Cleric stereotypically objects to giving women control over their own bodies and reproduction.

2012, May 9th. Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim: “Our enemies [the Jews] are keeping our youth busy with nonsense, in order to turn them into idiotic fools. They wrote it all down in a book called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. We call it The Protocols of the Ignorant Elders of Zion – we don’t call them “learned” because they are not. …The [Israelis] enter Egypt without a visa, bringing with them drugs. They bring heroin. Their girls who go to Sinai – to Sharm Al-Sheik and places like that – transmit AIDS to our youth. These [Jewish] girls wear shorts, and then they get naked and fornicate with an Egyptian boy, leaving him a message: “Welcome to the AIDS club.” Comment: sometimes I simply despair …

2012, May 11th. Mufti Sheik Ikrima Sabri: “Omar Ibn Al-Khattab didn’t find any synagogues of the Jews. There weren’t any. They build new synagogues, but there are no archaeological remains [pertaining to the Jews]. For many years, they have been digging for archaeological remains, but they haven’t found anything. How can we acknowledge something when they themselves admit that they have found nothing?” Comment: thus a ~three thousand year history is dismissed at a stroke. I suppose this could just be breath-taking ignorance and stupidity; but somehow I doubt it…

2012, May 11th. Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: “In 2006, we definitely could have struck Tel Aviv to a certain extent. But we wanted to protect our capital, Beirut, so we did not strike Tel Aviv. Today, however, not only are we capable of striking the city of Tel Aviv as a whole, but we are capable – if Allah wills it – of striking very specific targets in Tel Aviv and anywhere else in occupied Palestine. Gone are the days when we would leave our homes, but they would not leave their homes, which they built on plundered [lands]. Gone are the days when we would be displaced, but they would not be displaced. Gone are the days when our homes were destroyed, but their homes remained intact. Gone are the days when we would be afraid, but they would not. I say to you: The time has come when we will survive, and they will be annihilated. Comment: a call to commit genocide against the Israelis.

On Homophobia.

2012, May 12th. Kenyan Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa: “Simply because he [Obama] has risen to be the President of a super power does not mean he can now start acting as God. He is nothing in the eyes of God and his plans [legalising gay marriage] will not succeed just like those who preceded him in such plans.”

On Muslim Politics.

We are all aware of the “Arab Spring”; that paradigm of democracy, liberality and political freedom …

2011, ~April. Note: Although not an Imam, in this quote we see how bitter the likely fruits of the Arab Spring will be for non-Muslim minorities.Khairat Al-Shater, (the deputy guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its recently announced presidential candidate): “The mission is clear: restoring Islam in its all-encompassing conception; Subjugating people to God; instituting the religion of God; the Islamisation of life, empowering of God’s religion; establishing the Nahda [re-birth] of the Ummah [Muslim nation] on the basis of Islam.” Comment: thus the Copts of Egypt can look forward to having their “Dhimmi” status reinforced and persecution increased still further.

2011, Dec. 6th. Egyptian Sheikh Mahmoud Amer (fatwa): “…It is forbidden by Islam to vote for them [Copts or ‘secular’ Muslims] and whoever does that will be committing a grave sin.” Comment: ah, the freedoms granted by the Arab Spring. Political choice isn’t a matter of politics, it’s one of religion – and not voting the “right way” is sinful – you heretic!

2012, April 12. Egyptian Sheikh Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal: “The winds of Islam have begun to blow lately in the countries of Islam, after a long period of atheism and heresy. Yes, dear brothers, the city of ‘Adh was destroyed by the dabour wind – that western wind blowing from the countries of the infidels, the countries of Europe and the US. Allah will destroy them and support you against them, but you must support Allah, His Messenger, and His religion. I hereby issue a fatwa that people must vote for Hazem Sallah Abu Ismail and that it is forbidden – let me repeat it, forbidden – to vote for anyone else. Why? Because the shari’a is mandatory. We don’t have any choice in that matter. I know of nobody else who takes it upon himself to implement the shari’a. Comment: There’s nothing like good democracy in action. Seriously, NOTHING like it.

2012, April 4. Jordanian ‘Imam’ Abu Muntaser: “The most important impact [of spending time in Afghanistan] was the love for Jihad… We have Jihad in the name of God and to establish the laws of God on earth and his shari’ah, praise be to Him. If this is what the Jihad is for, then it is a good thing, but other than that there is no fight for freedom. … For [true] Islamists, it is either an Islamic authority or no authority at all. We do not believe in a civilian authority.” Comment: Take your pick: Caliphate or anarchy – both brought to you courtesy of jihad (with a side-helping of sex-slavery probably).

On the Status and treatment of Muslim women.

2011, July 5th. Saudi Imam Muhammad Al-‘Arifi: “There is no agreed-upon minimum age for the marriage of a boy or a girl. It depends upon their maturity. … in the days of Prophet Muhammad and his companions, people would get married at a younger age. For example, how old was ‘Aisha when the Prophet Muhammad … had sex with her? She was nine years old. People might think it is strange that he married such a young girl. But this was the age at which they used to get married… There is no minimum age for a girl’s marriage set by Islam.” Comment: It’s always a little odd when “Mohammed, eternal paragon for male behaviour” has his behaviour justified on the basis of “that’s what they did then.” Note that the Imam states that “there is no minimum age for marriage in Islam”, thus ‘justifying’ the continued practice of old men marrying( pre-)teen girls.

2011, Dec. 6th, Egyptian Imam Mustafa al-Adawi (fatwa): “A woman can only wear high heels for her husband but she is not to do so outside her house, they are a source of seduction for men.” Comment: I have visions of Mussalmen ‘cuddling’ those oh-so-erotic high heel shoes.

2012, April 17th, Pakistan. (Wafaqul-Madaris Al-Arabia and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl along with others have joined forces to “resist” the passage of a Bill outlawing domestic violence.) Here are a few “gems”: Maulana Abdul Qadoos, Wafaq Spokesperson: “The government is bent on ruining Islamic values and traditions by introducing such laws”; Qari Hanif Jalandhry, Wafaq Spokesperson: “We cannot let the government legalise anti-Islamic values in the name of so-called rhetoric of women’s emancipation,” Senator and Professor Ibrahim, “The domestic violence bill should be based on Islamic principles [K.4:34 and many hadiths, i.e. beating allowed].” Comment: if introducing laws that outlaw domestic violence are anti-Islamic, then Islam supports domestic violence, as the Koran says in K.4:34 “if you fear rebellion from your wives … then beat them”. Thus “modern Muslims” still believe is is fine and dandy to violently abuse women.

2012, April 19th. Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al al-Sheikh, “a girl becomes ready for marriage at 10 or 12 according to Islam … Islamic law is not by any means oppressive to women. Our mothers and grandmothers got married when they were barely 12. Good upbringing makes a girl ready to perform all marital duties [i.e. sex] at that age.” Comment: It’s nice to know what a “good Islamic upbringing” does for you, isn’t it girls.

2012 April (?). Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi “I personally support this [FGM] under the current circumstances in the modern world. Anyone who thinks that circumcision [i.e. FGM] is the best way to protect his daughters should do it,” he wrote, adding, “The moderate opinion is in favour of practising circumcision [i.e. FGM] to reduce temptation.” Comment: So even among “moderates” (and Qaradawi is considered one) it’s a “good idea” that girls’ genitals are cut off to ensure their desire is nipped in the bud. Pun intended.

2012, April 29. U.K. Imam Mohammed Abdul: “In this country, it is not possible, we cannot do that [FGM]. Any Muslim who likes to practise the way of Prophet Muhammad, the best way is to go to other countries. Some families, they go to Africa or Arab countries. In this country you have to fight for your religion, your cultures, They [the British] don’t like your Muslim culture.” Comment: Another Imam – here a Western one – advocating Female Genital Mutilation. He also places Islamic Shari’ah law above Western Law of course.

2012, May 5th. Association of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) senior committee member Dr. Hatem al-Haj, PhD, MD: In the summary to a 41 page document “Circumcision of Girls: Jurisprudence and Medicine” he concludes: “Regarding women, perhaps the most correct view is that it [FGM] is recommended, however there is consensus that it is (at least) legitimate. Muhammad also endorsed it… female circumcision was prevalent during his day, and he did not repudiate it. …it is clear that performing circumcision [FGM] must be preferable to not performing it…However there is still no evidence for making it obligatory.” Comment: thus in the 21st Century (or rather 15th Islamically speaking) we have a western-educated member of the Ulema (Jurist) stating that FGM is recommended, though not obligatory. Of course, all “good Muslims” will practice what is “recommended” as well as what is obligatory.

2012, May 6th. Pakistani Maulana Abdul Haleem: “It’s immodesty to equip girls with secular education…[it is against] Islamic Shari’ah [our] culture does not allow parents to send their modest girls to schools.” Comment: Yes, I can see how an “anti-Shari’ah” secular education might interfere with a Muslima’s willingness to provide sex-on-demand from age 10. See April 19th report this section.

2012, May 6th. Pakistani Maulana Abdul Haleem: “When they [male members of a family] permit their women to work, they give them a free hand to mix with na-mehrum [men to whom they are not related by blood] – by doing so, the girl’s father, brother or husband become dayoos [someone who accepts the wrongdoings of female family members] in the eye of the shari’a. … Such people will never enter Paradise…. The only responsibility men owe to women is sustenance, not education…. In return, the women should stay at home and look after their children and relatives….” Comment: thus a Muslima’s role is to be “bare foot, pregnant and at the kitchen sink” – when not satisfying Hubby’s “needs” that is.

2012, May 6th. Pakistani Maulana Abdul Haleem: “Killing of women in the name of honour is a local custom and religious practice in Kohistan…. If someone witnesses female relatives roaming with ghair mehram (other than close relatives), he can kill her without producing four witnesses [as required under Islamic law for such a punishment].” Comment: if you’re seen outdoors without your protector (Mehram), girls, you are dead meat. (But at least you are not uncovered meat.)

2012, May 16th. From “The local”, English language Swedish newspaper: “two women posing as abused spouses visited ten of Sweden’s largest mosques as part of a report put together by Sveriges Television (SVT) investigative news programme “Uppdrag granskning” …The women then asked leaders at the mosques for advice about how to address issues such as polygamy, assault and non-consensual sex [i.e. rape]. [In] Six out of the ten mosques visited by the women …[imams] told them that they should nevertheless agree to have sex with their husbands even if they didn’t want to. Six of the mosques also advised the women against reporting spousal abuse to the police [elsewhere in the article at least one Imam is quoted as saying ‘you need to tolerate that these men hit you.”]. The advice, which in many cases advocated violating Swedish laws, came from imams or family counsellors at the mosques.” Comment: The mosques have received state funding, they have also committed to following Swedish law and the basic principles of democracy – but only when talking to ethnic Swedes it seems.

On Jihad.

2010, April 5th. ‘British Muslim’ “Imam” Anjem Choudery: “You can’t say that Islam is a religion of peace, Because Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. So the Muslim is one who submits. There is a place for violence in Islam. There is a place for jihad in Islam.” Comment: great going “Andy”! You’ve torpedoed the “Islam means peace” argument and the “religion of peace” argument in one paragraph. (No wonder the Taqqiya merchants and apologists hate you.)

2012, April 1st. Indian Imam Zaheer Ahmed Siddiqui (speaking on Palestine TV): “we have no objection to conducting marches [to Jerusalem] and bringing people who will be armed with weapons, [who] will clash [with the Israeli forces] and will sacrifice their pure blood, like the martyrs preceding us…When we were in Iran, we heard the news that Israel informed its neighbouring countries that if this march tries to enter Jerusalem, or even occupied Palestine, it would not hesitate to open fire. We said: Praise be to Allah. A believer does not fear martyrdom. On the contrary, he yearns for it.” Comment: this is a common jihadist theme, the desire to be “martyred”, but this means not “to die for your beliefs” but “to commit murder for your beliefs” in the Jihadist dictionary.

2012, May 6th. Sheikh Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal “We say to the SCAF: We don’t want you. The people hate and curse you. If they could overcome you, they would kill you. Begone, may Allah kill you. I pray for Allah to kill you and relieve the nation of you. I say to the people of all the factions: It is time for Jihad for the sake of Allah. It is time for Jihad for the sake of Allah. Come to Jihad. Come to Jihad. Come to Jihad. There is no way to raise the banner of the nation and of Islam other than Jihad for the sake of Allah.” Comment: this Jihad is to murder people. There is a link between “Allah kill[ing]” and jihadis murdering, in that in Jihad it isn’t “really” the Jihadi who murders, it is Allah (K.8:17); so the Jihadi has a double ‘moral exemption’ from responsibility: 1. it’s Allah’s will and 2. It’s Allah “really” doing the murdering anyway.

2012, May 14th. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Islamist Mohamed Morsi: “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.” Comment: this is simply a re-statement of part of the MB “constitution”, so no surprise there. Note that jihad leads to death, thus jihad involves violence.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

A “mixed bag” section to show that ordinary Muslims actually believe what the Imams spout. To be fair, they may all not be entirely ordinary, since they are on TV or in the Press. Anyway…

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies scanned about 40,000 Arabic and English posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, message boards, and similar sites from January to June 2011. FDD Vice President for Research Jonathan Schanzer said “A staggering 75 percent of the Arabic-language posts we saw reflected xenophobic beliefs, or hostility toward the United States, the West, and non-Muslim cultures.” Comment: xenophobia and supremacy alive and well.

2011, May 12th. vice president of the University of Tripoli, Lebanon; Rafat Muhammad Rashid Al-Miqati, “When we realized that Islam carries compassion to the world, and that people convert to Islam more than to any other religion, and that the 9/11 attack, which took place in New York, was one big American farcical show, which mocked the Islamic world…When we realized all that, when we read what the truthers in the West have written, when we read the book written by a French journalist, titled No Plane Crashed into the Pentagon, in which he exposes the Jews who made this long American “movie,” in order to turn Iraq, Afghanistan, and the entire Islamic world into fair game…After having read all this, we can no longer accuse the prevalent discourse in the Islamic world of being inflammatory or unobjective.” Comment: favourite Islamic tacks, denial and anti-Semitism. It’s a little ironic that he does not appreciate the irony in the name “truthers” of course …

2012 March 19th . (from BBC report on “honour violence in UK”): “Laura’s killer was just 17, an Asian [Muslim] born and raised here [U.K.], but when she challenged his traditional culture, Laura had to be silenced… Within minutes, Police believe, Ashtiaq began a frenzied knife attack on Laura before throwing her into the canal. He was found guilty of her murder last year [2011]… he showed no remorse…The latest survey of Police force statistics found… 2823 honour crimes a year, that’s nearly 8 per day and that doesn’t include a quarter of [Police] forces who did not respond. Many of these [abused] women come from Pakistan as young brides”…[the reporter and a women’s rights worker are looking at a piece of paper with the name “Banaz Mahmood” at the bottom] “She had been told the people who were going to be responsible for killing her and the people she named in there [pointing to paper] are the people who were convicted of her murder.” Comment: scaling up for those Police forces that did not respond suggests that ~3700 Mussalmen prove their misogyny, violence and dedication to “honour” per year in the UK in the 21st Century. (May I remind the reader this is an entirely separate issue from domestic violence.)

2012 March 23rd. Egyptian TV Host Hussam ‘Aql (as part of an anti-Israeli rant): “Look at The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This is no book of poetry or stories. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a matter of indisputable science.” Comment: Seems he’s bought into this lie then.

2012, March 23rd. Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad: “If you do not point your compass toward Palestine, Al-Aqsa, and Jerusalem, in order to uproot the Zionist enemy, the US will trample you underfoot, it will besiege you with its conspiracies and will finish you off. Therefore, you must hoist the banner of Jihad, the banner of “there is no god but Allah”… all the conspiracies, throughout history, have been shattered – the conspiracies of the Crusaders, and the conspiracies of the Tartars. … The [West] does not want this noble history to repeat itself, because the Jews and their allies would be annihilated – the Zionists, the Americans, and the imperialists.” Comment: a call to wage a war of annihilation against Israel and the free world as “enemies of Islam”.

2012, April 1st. Kamal Khatib, deputy leader of the Islamic movement in Israel: “I swear – and I ask Allah to make this come true – that there will be no Uzi Goldbergs, or Brawers, or Benny Begins in this land. Not a single one of them will be here. This blessed land is bound to vomit all these foreigners!” Comment: Turn this around and make it a non-Muslim saying the like in an Islamic Country and the speaker would probably be killed for “fitnah” or treason, either by the State or extra-judicially. In the West s/he would certainly be labelled as a “racist, Islamophobic, hate-mongering bigot”.

2012, April 3rd. Saudi Sports Commentator Fahd Al-Raoughui, (speaking about whether Saudi women should attend the 2012 Olympics🙂 “These women will mix with strangers! … A woman’s beauty lies in her chastity, and in how she raises her children in the private kingdom of her home.” Comment: for “kingdom” read “prison”.

2012, April 6th. Egyptian TV Host Wael El-Ebrashi: “It is a disgrace that Egyptian Christians go to the Israeli embassy to obtain visas. No Egyptian citizen… should ever disgrace himself in such a way. … The aerial convoy taking Christian Egyptians to Jerusalem constitutes treason against the nation, and the Christians must, at the very least, apologize for this grave mistake. Religious tourism is not more important than the homeland. We must stop this aerial convoy of Egyptian Christians by any possible means. This constitutes treason against the nation rather than personal freedom. Comment: the date of this comment coincided with Easter. Therefore the Copts were going to celebrate Easter, rather like Muslims going on Hajj. This is treason in el-Ebrashi’s lexicon. ‘Treason’ against the Islamic state is punishable by death (this is how Islamists justify killing apostates), therefore el-Ebrashi’s “any possible means” presumably includes murdering participating Copts. El-Ebrashi’s clearly a well-rounded Muslim: anti-semitic, “Christophobic” and the jihadi desire to kill.

2012, April 25th. Following the “necrophiliac’s fatwa” (see above) Al-Arabiya English language website: “Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW) has appealed to the Islamist-dominated parliament not to approve two controversial laws on the minimum age of marriage and allowing a husband to have sex with his dead wife within six hours of her death”. Comment: you can’t keep a ‘good idea’ down it seems. Update 2012 May 3rd. Members of the Egyptian parliament said that this draft [law] does not exist and that it was a story made up by the media.” Comment: this is odd since the NCW thinks this bill is real, but it may have been killed off and given a decent burial. (Did anyone have sex with it first, though?)

2012 April 30th. Unnamed reporter on Al-Arabiya TV: “The issue of slavery has taken centre stage in Mauritania once again. A human rights organization fighting slavery burnt books of the Maliki school of jurisprudence, prevailing in Mauritania, claiming that they provide a religious justification for continuing slavery. … Demonstrations erupted throughout the country in condemnation of what was perceived as an affront [burning books on slavery] to [Islam’s] sanctities. The president of Mauritania met with the protesters, and promised to implement the Islamic law upon the leaders of the manumission movement… The president ordered them arrested and handed over to the courts.” Comment: I’m not sure which is the greater affront: protesting about slavery or burning books of law. Sadly, given that it is Mauritania, I suspect it is protesting against slavery. Update May 2012. Those leaders have been arrested and await trial on “insulting Islam”.

2012, May 1st. From the “Yemen Observer”: “Outrage erupted in Yemen and more specifically in the Sunni community when a video posted online showed the body of a Salafi being dragged throughout the northern city of Sa’ada by al-Houthi militants, whose Quran, which dropped from the deceased’s pocket was seen being trampled over. Ahmed al-Sofi a political analyst based in Sana’a, the Yemeni capital warned that such an event and a clear attack against the Sunni faith could potentially sets the region ablaze. ‘Yemenis do not take lightly to religiously driven insult, especially when it comes to its most sacred and revered book, the Quran. Unless some apologies are formulated, Salafists will retaliate in the most violent manner possible as it constitutes for them a clear call for Jihad [holy war].’” Comment: Note that what is prompting this outrage is not the murder of a man, but “Quran trampling”. Thus we see how little value Muslims place on a Muslim’s life – and we may infer how much less on a non-Muslim’s.

2012, May 3rd. From the Turkish newspaper “Zaman”: “A 13-year-old girl from Şanliurfa province sold by her father in order to pay off a TL 30,000 debt was discovered in Adana and put under the protection of the state on Thursday. [A man] who was initially accused of abducting the young girl, told police that [her] father sold the girl to him to settle a TL 30,000 debt owing between the two men. [The man] was released after being interrogated by the chief public prosecutor at the Karataş Courthouse.” Comment: slavery returns to Turkey. Note that whilst the man was thought to have abducted the girl, he was placed under arrest. Once it was discovered he’d “only” enslaved her, he was released. Remember: a Mussalman is explicitly allowed to have sex with slave-girls – “those whom your right hand possess” as the Koran puts it.

2012, May 9th. Article in Canadian Press concerning the curriculum of a Madrassah in Canada. Quote: “According to the rules of Islam, the lands conquered through war and military power are the property of all the Muslims and their administration lies with the ruler of the Muslims. However, those lands that are submitted to the Muslims without war, as in the case of Fadak, belong to the Holy Prophet (S) and after him, to the Holy Imam (A) of the time. They have the right to distribute such properties as they see fit. This is evident from the following verse: “Whatever God has bestowed [in booty] on His Prophet from the people of the towns is for God and the Prophet and his relatives and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer, so that it may not circulate among the rich ones of you…” Hashr, 59 : 7(Part) [Koran 59:7] Comment: how to “incentivise” potential jihadis at a young age.

2012, May 14th. From “Al-Arabiya” English language website: Egyptian Abdul Moniem Abul Fotouh, a front runner in the May 23-24 election according to polls, … described Israel as an enemy… I still view the peace treaty as a national security threat to Egypt, and it must be revised. Israel [is] a racist state built on occupation with 200 nuclear warheads that continues to pose a threat to Egypt. During the TV interview, Abul Fotouh also criticized linking Islam with terrorism, adding that the way al-Qaeda leader Osama bin laden was killed by the United States should be considered a form of state terrorism [he] also refused to describe Bin Laden as a terrorist, saying the term was used by the United States to “hit Muslim interests.” Comment: the inevitable anti-Semitism AND killing bin Laden is “state terrorism” whereas Muslims are not terrorists (ever).

2012, May14th. Mohammed Abdul Salam, writing in BikyaMasr: “CAIRO: A number of Egyptian human rights groups have submitted a communication to the Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud against the Muslim Brotherhood`s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) to investigate the complaints of people in the village of Abu Aziz in the Minya governorate, south of Cairo, over … [a] medical convoy organized by the party that wanders streets and does … female genital mutilation, in violation of Egyptian law.” Comment: so the “moderate” (according to the US gov’t.) MB is promoting and performing FGM, notwithstanding that this is illegal according to current Egyptian civil law. What “law” are they following to do this? (Answers in blood, on a rusty scalpel to: Quran is our [email protected] MB.Egypt)

2012, April 20th. Egyptian Philosopher Murad Wahba: “For the Muslim Brotherhood, war is something one initiates, in an effort to convert the region and the entire world to Islam. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood is ideologically required to start wars.” Comment: the MB has a wide membership of “ordinary” Muslims in Egypt, who (according to Wahba) wish to initiate offensive jihads, thus (according to the US Gov’t at least) starting offensive jihads for world domination now falls within the ambit of “moderate” Islam, which rather makes one wonder what “extreme” Islam is, does it not.

2012, May 17th. Report in Pakistan Daily times: “Hate campaign against Ahmadis reaches new heights: LAHORE: The hate campaign against Ahmadis reached new heights in Pakistan and even innocent children are not spared now. These were the findings of an annual report, which said “There was an open hate campaign against Ahmadis in Pakistan and young children studying in nursery grade classes are not even spared from this horrific discrimination and hatred. The hate filled posters; stickers, fliers and calendars were openly distributed across Pakistan,” it added. The report specifically mentioned the hate campaigns … calling people to kill Ahmadis. … Expelling children from educational institutions also increased and even kids studying in nursery were not spared. Ahmadi children faced expulsion from schools or outright refusal by the educational institutions to admit them….All the acts, perpetrated after the Anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance 1984, were against the fundamentals of the constitution. The report [added] “Ahmadis are facing legal, social, cultural and political discrimination because of these laws which are against the very base of our society where equal rights of individual are prime,” it added. “There have been 210 deaths after the imposition of these discriminatory laws in 1984, 254 assassination attempts on various Ahmadis, 23 Ahmadi places of worship were demolished and 28 were sealed by the administration, 16 places of worship were forcefully taken over, 29 graves of Ahmadis were opened and desecrated and 57 Ahmadis were refused burial in common graveyards…during 2011 Ahmadis were not allowed to build places of worship anywhere in Pakistan. At many places, police forcefully stopped the construction of places of worship…” Comment: Thus the Ahmadis are now being treated just like Pakistan’s Christian minority because the Ahmadis too have been declared “non-Muslims”. Once again we see how Shari’ah impacts non-Muslims.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part III

On non-Muslims.

2011 December 3rd. Egyptian Salafist Sheikh Yasser al-Bahami: “Appointing infidels [i.e. Copts] to positions of authority of Muslims is prohibited. Allah said: ‘never will Allah grant the unbelievers a way to triumph over the believers.’ We are not afraid of losing the elections or not getting votes, we are not trying to ingratiate ourselves with the people. Can the Christians of Egypt be compared to the Jews of Medina? The case of the Jews of Medina is one example of the relations between Muslims and Infidels. The Muslims can implement any form of conduct used by the prophet Mohammed. When the prophet Mohammed was still in Mecca he dealt with the Infidels in a certain way, and when the Muslims are weak they should deal with the Infidels this way: ‘Refrain from action, pray and pay the Zakat.’ In many Infidel Countries, such as occupied Palestine, we instruct Muslims to do just that. We are not telling Muslims in Gaza to launch rockets every day which would lead to the destruction of the entire Country, we tell them to adhere to the truce [i.e. the Hudna]. When the prophet Mohammed first arrived in Medina he signed a treaty with the Jews without forcing them to pay the Jizya [head tax]. This was necessary at the time, but when they breached the treaty he fought themand he eventually imposed the Jizya on the People of the Book [Jews and Christians]. The Christians of Egypt can be dealt with like the Jews of Medina, this is permissible. Comment: what is most important here is the way that Muslim behaviour depends on whether they are weak or strong. If weak they act like “normal citizens”, once strong they impose Dhimmitude on non-Muslims. Also of note are the following: a “hudna”, usually mistranslated in the West as “peace treaty” is a limited-term truce that Muslims seek if they are weak (non-Muslims can buy one from strong Muslims by tribute), but since it is limited-term there is an expectation that fighting will resume – when the Muslims are strong enough to win. Al-Bahimi says that the Copts “can be dealt with like the Jews of Medina”. This could mean: forced into Dhimmitude, expelled from Egypt or simple slaughtered. Mohamed did all three to various different Medinan Jewish tribes. Finally, as ever, we have the inevitable Israel-bashing and anti-Semitic undertones.

2012, April 28th. Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “The Shari’ah has defined human rights for Muslims and for non-Muslims. The non-Muslim has chosen not to accept the judgements of Allah, therefore, yes, his rights differ from those of the Muslim. I say they are not equala non-Muslim under the Islamic Shari’ah cannot have any rights except those Allah has legislated [in Shari’ah] for him. Allah has legislated that he may have his belief, religion, clothes and everything that is needed by all citizens, Muslim or non-Muslim. The Muslim has greater rights and respect because he is Muslim. He [Allah and/or Mohammed] commanded us to not make them equal ” Comment: setting aside the supremacism, Bakri Mohammed makes it quite clear that non-Muslims are disenfranchised under Shari’ah. Note also that he is saying that UN resolutions etc. are worthless since the only rights a non-Muslim may have are those defined in Shari’ah.

On Islamic Supremacy

2012, April 28th. Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “Islam is above others and never below… I have the right to marry a Christian or Jewish girl, but it is not permissible for a Jewish [or Christian] man to marry a Muslim girl. This is correct, I am not calling for equality.” Comment: agreed, you are calling for crude tribal-based supremacy.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2011 Dec ?. Belgian Islamist Sheik Abu Imran: “This is a short message to the King of Belgium and specifically to the Muslims in Belgium. This is the flag [shows black flag of jihad] that, Allah willing, will soon be flying on top of that building over there . There you see the flag [Belgian flag] of the Taghut [idolaters], the infidels, and soon the flag of ‘there is no god but Allah’ will be flying there, on top of that palace, and on top of all the other palaces in Europe, until Allah willing, we reach the White House…We will not rest, we will not stop, until this flag flies on top of that building [the royal palace].” Comment: This is a call to (Belgian) Muslims to wage sword-jihad against the Western world.

2012, May 17th. Précised from Compass News: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, sought by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in Darfur, has vowed to rid the Nuba Mountains of Christians and those he claims are agents of the West. On April 20 he ordered the Sudanese military to rid South Kordofan state’s Nuba Mountains of everyone who opposes his Islamic rule, and [in] the past several weeks he has repeatedly declared jihad against the ethnic Nuba peoples, Christians in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile state. State-owned TV and radio play songs urging Muslims to “fight the infidels” and “cleanse the land” of their presence, increasing the fears of ethnic South Sudanese Christians trapped in the hostile north. Humanitarian agencies consider the Islamic government’s targeting of civilians in the Nuba Mountains an ethnic cleansing against non-Arab peoples in the multi-ethnic state, with the added incentive of ridding the area of Christians.

2012, April 28th. Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “When I go to Britain or Europe I have the right – my blood and property are inviolable – in exchange their blood and property are also inviolable through this peace treaty. Their blood and property have no protection except through a peace treaty or Dhimma pact. Thus Allah has commanded it, you can either accept or reject it. [When I go to a Western Country] I invite them and if they accept the command of Allah then they may do so, if they don’t accept it and kick me out of the Country then we will fight against them. The relationship between us is either a pact of belief in Allah, a peace treaty or war. The general rule is that the blood and property of non-Muslims is permissible for us so it is in their interests to have a peace-treaty or dhimmi pact with me. It is in your interest, you who say you do not believe in Islam, to accept that their be a peace-treaty or dhimmi pact between us. The Dhimmi pact falls under the Islamic Shari’ah, but the peace-treaty does not subject you to the Shari’ah. That’s the way it is, either you accept it or we live in a state of war. The general rule is that the blood and property of non-Muslims is permissible for Muslims. The prophet Mohammed even said, “I was sent to fight against the people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and I am the apostle of Allah”… It is either through faith or a peace treaty that man lives [in peace] with his neighbour, but a Muslim coexists with an infidel [non-Muslim] either through a peace treaty, a dhimmi pact or a state of war. This is the relationship between a Muslim and an infidel.” Comment: there is a lot here, Bakri is saying that unless the non-Muslim either has a “peace treaty”(more on that in a moment) or accepts Dhimmitude, then a “state of war” exists between Muslims and non-Muslims and thus it is in non-Muslims’ interest to accept Dhimmitude – this is a threat to non-Muslims. He also states clearly that “ the blood and property of non-Muslims is permissible for Muslims” thus claiming that Muslims have the (god-given) right to murder, rape and despoil non-Muslims. Turning to “peace treaty”: I’m not sure whether Bakri meant “Hudna” or “Sulh”. If the former, we should read “fixed term cease-fire bought by tribute”. The latter case is more interesting in that the concept of a “house of treaty” Dar-ul-Sulh, (i.e. those Countries that Islam is at peace with due to treaty obligations) is something framed in Ottoman days. What is of note is that the signatories to such a peace-treaty are bound only by its terms: there is no inherent “right of protection”. In Ottoman days such treaties varied from acknowledged equality to vassal-states. Thus it is hard to determine what is in Bakri’s mind when he speaks of a “peace treaty”.

2012, May 19th. British Imam Abu Usamah: “According to the opinion of some of the younger brothers, this place is ‘Dar-ul-Harb’ and because it is ‘Dar-ul-Harb’ the ‘land of war’ we are at war against these people [the British] they [the younger brothers] have concubines [sex-slaves].” Comment: to be fair I think Usamah is saying these “younger brothers” are wrong to have “concubines”. Neither am I sure whether he means non-Muslim girl-friends or whether this is an oblique reference to child-grooming, Usamah does not say. Setting that aside, Usamah states clearly that some of the “younger brothers” regard themselves as being “at war” with the host-community; this he does not repudiate.

2012, May 20, 2012., Tunisia. Un-named speaker: “Some Tunisians and some Muslims are afraid of the jihadists We must ask, How come? Because the enemies have distorted the image of the jihadists, presenting them as the enemies of the Muslims. We say: no! Every Muslim is a jihadist! Every Muslim is a jihadist… The enemies of Islam want us to be like sheep, to act like women [i.e. be cowed and submissive] … Let us all cry ‘Allah akbar’ together, so that Obama the ape can hear us. Say ‘Allah Akbar! … We are coming, We are coming.” Comment: following this, “Mujahideen” perform martial arts displays on stage. Hmmm. Martial arts, all jihadists, “our god is greater! We are coming”? Sounds rather like a declaration of offensive jihad against the USA. And Obama is an “ape”. Racism as well. Nice.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

2012 may 27th. Report in Jakarta Post: [Kelantan state] Local Government Culture, Arts and Tourism committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan said developers must incorporate some Islamic elements in their plans [for a Buddhist Temple] or the proposals would be rejected. “We will ensure development will be based on Islamic principles and features,” he told a press conference. He claimed the ruling was well-accepted by the majority of developers, including non-Muslim developers. “I do not see it as an issue or something that could cause religious tension, as it only involves architecture and design, they have accepted the new ruling well.” Takiyuddin was commenting on an appeal by the Kelantan Buddhist Association for the state government to approve its building [for] construction with Chinese features. … It is understood that the association had been told that its building design should have dome-shaped motifs [i.e. mosque-like], which have created a controversy in the Chinese media. Kota Baru MCA division chief Tan Ken Ten slammed the directive: “The ruling is an extreme attempt to impose [Muslim] beliefs into other people’s culture or religious beliefs.” Comment: An attempt to render non-Muslims “invisible” in Malaysia. Hassan is either unaware or uncaring about how non-Muslims (here Buddhists) really feel on the issue.

2012 May 27th. Reported RNW: “The Sharia4Holland speaker called Mr Wilders “this dog of the Romans”, who will be dealt with once the Netherlands is an Islamic state. He also warned that lessons should be learnt from “the case of Theo van Gogh”.” Comment: here we have a Muslim “speaker” issuing death threats against an Islam-critic. Nothing new here then.

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012, May 5th. n Bonn, Germany. Un-named speaker: “We are here to show those Nazis [German citizens] that we are defending the Prophet Muhammad. If they want to curse us and deride us as individuals, we don’t care, but if they wish to curse the Prophet Muhammad, I swear to God that we will not let it pass peacefully. Therefore, we say to those people: Go to your homes and stay there. Do not curse our prophet, because this is where we draw the line. No one should cross that line. Comment: curse = insult. A not even veiled threat to attack people in response to anyone who ‘dares’ to criticise Mohammed. Remember that Islam considers it perfectly justifiable to “take revenge” against the “enemies” near to Muslims if they can’t reach those who have “harmed” them (by saying nasty things about Mo for example) because they are too far away.

2012 May 20th. Reported in “the Star” Malaysia: Irshad Manji has found herself in a spot following strong protests against her presence here to promote the Malay version of her controversial book, “Allah, Liberty and Love.” Political parties and non-governmental organisations have opposed her visit to Malaysia, claiming that the writer reported to have openly admitted to being a lesbian has insulted Islam with her writings and attitude. The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha will review her book…. [He said] that although there were complaints that Irshad’s work was insulting to Islam, the department needed to go through the book first. “We will be getting copies of the book soon. Once we have gone through and discover reasons that it should be banned, we will propose it to the Home Ministry.” Comment: The ministry will go “through and discover reasons” to ban it, not “and IF we discover…”. Thus the decision is made, but we’d better make it look like we are being “fair”. I’m just glad this isn’t the ministry of justice…

Update: June 6th. Manji’s book has now, predictably, been banned according to “American Spectator”.

On anti-Semitism

2012, May 13th (?). Iran: Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi: “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause and that is the full annihilation of Israel.” Comment: thus the “cause” of Iran in toto amounts to nothing less (or more) than the total destruction of Israel (once Iran has nuclear weapons one assumes).

2012 June 2nd. Abstracted from “Daily Caller”: A pro-Nazi association now operates a Persian-language website in Iran, promoting anti-Semitism. It includes a public forum whose members routinely discuss their hatred of the Jewish people. A published set of ground rules prominently displayed for forum participants includes the warning that “All members must respect the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” They also include requirements that members should promote “the expansion of Iran’s nationalism” and “make known the true picture of Zionism. … We as an Internet media outlet consider it a duty to show the ugly and oppressive face of Zionism, which rules the world’s media who have hidden its true face.” Comment: Iran’s Islamic regime strictly regulates all forms of communication. But a Nazi propaganda website is permitted (and consistent with the proclamations of Iran’s military and political leaders. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have made repeated anti-semitic statements and calls for violence).

On Islamic Politics.

2012 May 18th. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi: “[I call] on all Egyptians to vote for one of the Islamist candidates, [they are] best for Egypt [because they will] apply the Islamic Sharia and achieve justice.” Comment: once again we see how Islam dictates politics. The ‘justice’ spoken of is that Shari’ah will be fully implemented and non-Muslims Dhimmified. And so much for free and fair elections.

2012 May 21st. Egypt: Al Ahram, (Sharia Body with members from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, and Al Azhar) fatwa: “[It is] impermissible to vote for anyone not intending to apply Islamic Sharia, and it is obligatory to vote for those who do seek to implement it… [the] presidential election is a modern way of directing the state, and therefore it behooves Muslims to use it as a way to enforce Sharia.” Comment: thus it is sinful not to vote for Islamists and Shari’ah law. So much for “free and fair” elections – again.

2012 May 23rd. Mauritanian Sheikh Aslamo Ould Sidi al-Mustafa. “Women can run for the presidency as long as they have no chance of winning. They can just do that for fun.” Comment: Since I’m a bloke I’ll leave commenting to the ladies – once they’ve run out of profanity that is.

2012 May 26th. Malaysian Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat: “[It is] Okay [for the President] to be non-Malay, so long as he is a Muslim. How to lead Muslims if he is not a Muslim? Will a democratic nation give the post to a communist? And in the same vein, will a Communist country accommodate a democratic leader? No such thing! A Communist country will be helmed by a Communist, a democratic country will be led by a democratic leader,… So, a Muslim nation must be led by a Muslim, regardless of race.” Comment: democratic Countries do not “give” the Presidency to anyone, they elect a President, thus Mat misunderstands democratic processes (no surprise). The parallel between totalitarian Communism and Theocratic Islam is apt however. Also: Mat is saying that Islam is anti-democratic since he separates a “democratic leader” from a Muslim leader, thus implying that a (true) Muslim leader isn’t a democrat.

2012 May 29th. Egypt. Tarek el Zomor (Gama’a al-Islamiyya): “I demand an apology from the Copts [for voting for secularist Shafik] …this was a fatal error.”. Comment: a pretty unveiled threat to murder Copts for either voting at all, or not voting “Islamist”. Other Muslim “leaders” and groups have called the Copts “treasonous” for voting for Shafik. Treason is punishable by death under Shari’ah.

2012, May 30th. Egypt, Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate: “[I will] achieve the Islamic conquest (fath) of Egypt for the second time, and make all Christians convert to Islam, or else pay the jizya… or emigrate. …We [Muslim Brotherhood] will not allow Ahmed Shafiq [his contending presidential candidate] or anyone else to impede our second Islamic conquest of Egypt.” Comment: My, isn’t he modest? HE will “achieve the Islamic conquest of Egypt”. Note also that he intends to impose dhimmitude on the Copts and that the MB “will not allow anyone to impede” the Islamisation of Egypt. That’s so very democratic of them now isn’t it.

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012, May 17th. (Khartoum Sudan) Précised from Sudan Tribune: – A court in the Sudanese capital Khartoum has sentenced an unidentified woman to be executed by stoning for committing the “crime of fornication” under Islamic Shariah laws, local newspapers reported on Wednesday. According to “Al-Ahram al-Yawm”, the court issued the sentence after the defendant refused to “retract her earlier confessions” that the child she gave birth to is from a man other than her husband. The man she said she had a sexual relationship with has denied the charge and was therefore acquitted by the judge… The sentence has been referred to the Supreme Court for final approval. Comment: note that her “confession” means she may be murdered, but his denial means acquittal. Note also that his word is accepted – no DNA tests done. This is an example of how the “four witnesses” rule plays out in practice. Without 4 (male) witnesses she can’t prove rape (if it was), but by simply denying the accusation the man goes free. Is it any wonder that rape is so grossly under-reported in Muslim Countries when the accusation makes the woman guilty of “illegal intercourse” of one sort or another. Let me also add – to be fair – that Sudan has yet to enforce this “punishment” on anyone.

2012, May 24th. Report via Reuters: “Afghan officials say more than 120 schoolgirls and three teachers have been poisoned at a school in the northern Takhar Province. The attack was blamed on [Muslim] fundamentalist radicals [Taliban] who used an unidentified toxic powder to contaminate the air at the school… Last month 150 girls were poisoned in Takhar when they drank contaminated water…A spokesman for Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said the Taliban was trying to make families afraid to send their children [esp. girls] to school.” Comment: Once again we see the Students of Islam (Talibs) wanting women to be un-educated illiterates who will be easier to control. Update 2012 May 27th: Another attack on school-girls has occurred with 43 hurt.

2012 May 25th. British Imam Abu Mussad: “By not wearing hijab you are torturing all Men, you are committing a sin of seducing these men.” Comment: thus the sin of “seduction” – i.e. a man feeling lust for a woman – isn’t his fault, oh no, indeedy not; it’s all your fault girls for not burkha’ing up (you abandoned hussies you!).

On Slavery – including sex-slavery.

2012, May 19th. British Imam Abu Usamah: “[Some] Muslims want to deny … the permissibility of ‘what the right hand possess’. A man can have a concubine [sex-slave] in al-Islam when al-Islam is being practised correctly. For every man who is in this Masjid [Mosque] right now, he can have, one man, this many [waving to indicate number of his audience] concubines [sex-slaves] in addition to his four wives. That’s the religion of Al-Islam. If he has money is it permissible for him to have [many] concubines [sex-slaves]. If you are embarrassed [by this] then something is wrong with you and your religion. That [sex-slavery] is what Allah has revealed in his book [Koran].” Comment: he could not be clearer, Mussalmen are allowed to take sex-slaves. Note that this taking of sex-slavers is not limited to war-booty – the Mussalman just needs the money to purchase them from someone, somewhere.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

2012, February 28th. Al-Faraeen TV Egypt, Tawfiq Okasha: “I implore the viewers: Don’t call the phone numbers that appear on your TV screens, guys! They say to you: A call costs only 19 or 54. This is all a Jewish economic policy. I say this loud and clear: Jewish! The goal is to steal the money of the poor in particular. How come? Well, let’s take a look at who calls these numbers. …Some poor guy with no money can only dream of 5,000 pounds. So he calls, and he finds himself spending 200 or 300 pounds. He gets no 5,000 pounds. All he gets is 5,000 slaps on the back of his neck. This is the industry of toying with the dreams of the poor. This economic policy is aimed at destroying the poor and their aspirations, and inflicting mental maladies upon them. This is because there are many of these poor, but the Jews are few in number. There are only 17 or 18 million [Jews] in the world, and therefore, they cannot rule – because there are billions of people in the world. [So they say]: “First, we need to divide these billions up into groups. Then, we must turn whoever we can into an expendable person, so that we will be able to better control him.” The [Jews] are using the same policy used by Hitler [mass extermination], but in a different way – a way that does not involve bloodshed. However, their methods do involve bloodshed elsewhere, such as in Palestine, in Iraq, in Libya, in Yemen, and in Syria. There they implement their bloody policies … Allah be praised, the Arabs have begun to discern truth from deception – which TV channels collaborate with the US, British, and Israeli intelligence, and which TV channels are patriotic, and love the soil of their homeland and of the Arab nation. Allah be praised. …You need to think about this, and you will realize the conspiracy. Comment: another well rounded Muslim: anti-Semitic, anti-Western and paranoid it would seem.

2012 April 1st. Urdu-language Pakistani daily Roznama Islam published an article on April Fool’s Day by Abdul Wadood Rabbani, and titled “April Fool – Joke with Humanity.” In it he writes: “… In fact, April 1st, according to the Jewish and Christian traditions, is the date on which Jesus Christ was mocked by Romans and Jews. The details of which is there in the Bible … Jews celebrate April first every year remembering that shameful day. If it is true and encyclopedia ‘Mello-Roos’ (?) [unclear] has termed it right with much conviction and has given argument on it, then it is clear that since this tradition is observed in memory of the blasphemy against Jesus Christ, therefore it is most probable that Jews must have started this tradition. This is a matter of concern as [to] how Christians could accept the custom which the Jews started in the memory of making a mockery of Jesus Christ. … The irony is that some of the festivals of our Eternal Enemy are celebrated at Government level…” Comment: Here Rabbani is clearly spouting (ludicrous) anti-Semitism. But also note that Rabbani links Jews and Xtians together prior to the “eternal enemy” part. Thus I can’t help but wonder if Rabbani sees both Jews (of course) and Xtians as “eternal enemies”. Let me add that historians place the origin of April fool’s day in the sixteenth century A.D., thus Rabbani is, apparently, writing rubbish in saying “… Jewish and Christian traditions…

2012 May 4th. Reported Pelagon; Skopje, Macedonia: “Around 1500 radical islamists [Salafists] protested today in the Macedonian capital Skopje and demanded the release of five incarcerated islamists who are suspected of having murdered four young [Christian] men aged 18-20 years and a 45-year-old man on April 12th of this year. … Two other suspects in the crime are fugitives, possibly in bordering Kosovo. … The murder occurred on Good Friday and thus just before the Orthodox festival of Easter. …[As a result] a deep shock and a deep fear came upon the country’s whole Christian population this Easter weekend. … The demonstrators began their march in front of the Jaja Pascha mosque in Skopje and ended it in front of the Macedonian government building. Such shouts as “Allahu akber,” “Kill the Christians,” and “Jihad” could be heard more and more. The strong police presence saw to it that the demonstrators could commit only minor damage to property.” Comment: Muslims are one third of Macedonia’s population, two thirds are Christian. Here we see a large, violent, anti-Xtian protest as the result of the arrest on murder charges of some Muslims. The Salafists object to their “brothers” being held and sent for trial in a non-Islamic court. Consequently, they use terror to try to get their release (see Koran 4:151, 8:12, 59:2, Bukhari vol.4:Bk.52 No.220, Muslim Bk 4, Number 1062-7).

2012, May 14th. South Dafur, Sudan. Précised from Compass News: “Security agents in Sudan’s South Darfur state have closed down the Nyala offices of the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC), a church clinic and relief group Sudan Aid, sources said. Agents from the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrived at the organizations’ compound in Nyala at 8 a.m. on April 22, ordered SCC staff members to hand over keys of offices and vehicles and, without explanation, ordered them to leave immediately. Three staff members from Sudan Aid were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location. …The agents also took 5 cars and three motorbikes from SCC …and four cars and five motorbikes from Sudan Aid. The actions came as Christianity is increasingly regarded as a foreign faith to be excised from Sudan, which has begun transporting ethnic South Sudanese to South Sudan following the latter’s secession last year. An estimated 350,000 ethnic South Sudanese, many of them Christian, remain in the Islamic north, with many having never lived anywhere else. Comment: Ethnic cleansing of Christians, but I guarantee there will be no protest from the World’s governments. The property stolen is part of the “spoils”, in this case “Fai”, promised Muslims by Allah, see Koran 21:43-44.

2012 May 16th. Reported in Mystagogy: “Abet Hasman, the deputy mayor of Patras and head of the municipal social services, left a secret revealed only in his obituary, read at his funeral by Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Patras – that he was secretly baptised an Orthodox Christian…. Abet was born a Muslim and came to Greece from Jordan to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Thessaloniki and finally settled in Patras.” Comment: [irony on] why would a Muslim keep his conversion to Xtianity secret? After all Islam supports religious freedom doesn’t it? Many Muslims tell us so! [irony off] Note that he felt obliged to keep this a secret in a Christian Country (not an Islamic one) for fear of reprisal from the Muslim community.

2012, May 17th. Indonesia. Reported in Jakarta Globe: “A mob of Islamic hard-liners threw stones and bags of urine at the … congregation of the Batak Christian Protestant Church in Bekasi, on the outskirts of Jakarta, at an Ascension Day service on Thursday. Police tried to stop the mob of some 300 people but were also attacked, according to reports. “They assaulted the congregation members,” Rev. Palti Panjaitan told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday. “Police tried to talk to them, but the mob passed through police and showered us with urine and dirty water. Others threw stones at us.” The mob reportedly attacked the congregation as the service started, and also shouted profanity and [death] threats.” Comment: Interfaith “dialogue” alive and well in “moderate” Indonesia.

2012 May 21st. Tunisia. Report in EJP: “Thousands of Salafist Muslims marched on Kairouan in Central Tunisia, waving Salafist black flags as part of the Islamic movement’s annual assembly. Many participants …[chanted] slogans, reciting “We are all the children of Osama (bin Laden) and “Jews, Jews, the army of Mohammed is back”. Comment: this chant is significant for two reasons: firstly it is a reference to the brutal massacre and rape of the Khaybar Jews and Jewesses respectively. Second the black flag is the flag of sword-jihad (war/terror) which would be carried by “the children of Osama”. Put those together and you have a not-so-veiled threat to kill Jews. The march also followed a resumption of the Jewish pilgrimage to the Tunisian Island of Djerba, (over which Israel’s National Security Council expressed fears that Tunisian “activists” were planning attacks on Israeli or Jewish targets).

2012 May 24th. Reported in “The News”/AFP: PESHAWAR. A Pakistani surgeon [Shakeel Afridi] recruited by the CIA to help find Osama bin Laden was on Wednesday sentenced to 33 years in prison for treason, officials said. The doctor had worked for years as a surgeon in lawless Khyber, part of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda infested tribal belt. Afridi was not present in the court and not given a chance to defend himself, officials said. Under the tribal system, he would not have had access to a [defence] lawyer. “He has been sentenced for 33 years on treason charges and has been moved to Peshawar central jail after the verdict was announced by the local court,” said Mohammad Siddiq, spokesman for the administrative head of Khyber. Afridi’s trial took place over several days under assistant political agent Nasir Khan in Khyber. Critics said Wednesday that he should not have been tried under tribal law in the tribal belt for an alleged crime that took place outside their jurisdiction. Comment: To what is he a traitor? He is tried in an Islamic Court under Shari’ah law. The article does not say this explicitly, but a clue is in the fact that under the Shari’ah legal system the accused has no legal representation and a second clue is in the fact that the court acted extra-jurisdictionally – Shari’ah “trumps” civil law in the Islamic view. Therefore Afridi’s “treason” is against Islam – helping the Kaffirs against a ‘good Muslim’ and a ‘Lion of Islam’ like bin Laden. Thus we can conclude that (some) Muslims would rather support a mass-murdering terrorist who killed more Muslims than non-Muslims than someone who “shopped” him to a bunch of Kaffirs. Islamic “justice” at it’s finest.

2012, May 29th. Translated and précised from Gazzetta de Modena: [following the earthquakes in northern Italy, camps have been set up for displaced persons and people with nowhere to live. Food is obviously a primary need.] On Saturday 26th a riot took place [in a camp] when a Muslim girl was served a pasta dish containing bolognese sauce in error when she should have received Tuna sauce. Her family accused the camp administrators of deliberately insulting Islam by offering her “haram” food. A riot ensued. Civil protection forces had to intervene to restore order. Comment: let’s get this straight: you’ve lost your home to an earthquake, you are in a camp and are being fed by charity and yet you still demand special food even though the Koran says (K.5:5) that “the food of the Xtians and Jews is halal for you”? And you riot over an admitted mistake? I must be wrong but to me this smacks of an over-weening sense of entitlement. The irony is that the meat in the sauce was probably halal anyway since this is becoming the “default” slaughter option in many cases.

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012 May 24th. Egyptian Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahlawi: “[Members of the Ulemas must not] appear … on TV programs with women who do not wear the hijab … those who do not wish to apply Allah’s Sharia… love the West, and wish to implement homosexual marriage.” Comment: he’s packed a lot in here: a fatwa, declaring takfir [labelling as “non-Muslim”] against anyone who does not want to apply Shari’ah (they “love the West” implicitly more than Allah- thus they are “Mushrikoon” – “associators”) and managed a homophobic statement. A “three for the price of one deal”. I’m impressed – in a sickened sort of way that is.

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Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part IV

On non-Muslims.

2012, June 11th. Abstracted “Fides”: “An exodus of Christians is taking place in Western Syria: the Christian population has fled the city of Qusayr, near Homs, following an ultimatum issued by the military chief of the armed opposition, Abdel Salam Harba. Since the conflict broke out, only a thousand of the city’s ten thousand [Christians] were left and they are now being forced to flee immediately. … The city’s mosques have issued the message again, announcing from the minarets: “Christians must leave Qusayr within six days, ending Friday.” The ultimatum therefore expired on 8 June and spread fear among the Christian population. … [Some] Sources reveal a continuity in discrimination and selective repression [and] have reiterated that groups of Salafi Islamists within the armed opposition consider Christians as “infidels”; they confiscate their belongings [and] carry out mass executions [of Christians].” Comment: whilst the main Western Media is keen to talk and write about the problems of Muslims in Syria and the mass executions carried out by the Assad regime, it ignores mass executions of Christians carried out by the Opposition. From the above we can see that Christians are being religiously cleansed from Qusayr. The Salafi groups’ actions show they have declared sword-jihad against Syria’s Christians (the property of victims of jihad is “war-booty” for the ‘noble’ Mujahideen). If the Syrian ‘revolution’ succeeds, will we see Syria’s Christian population exterminated?

On Islamic Supremacy

2012, June 4th. US-based Sudanese professor of political science Muhammad Waqi’ullah: “ the Muslim fights for the sake of good, while the infidel fights for the sake of evil.” Comment: Waqi’ullah clearly sees only Muslims as good people.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2012 June 4th. Abstracted New York Post: “Issa Qaraqi, the PA minister of prisoners’ affairs, announced that the rally to celebrate the return of the [remains of] 91 martyrs [suicide bombers] would be held in Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ presidential compound in Ramallah, with the families of the 91 martyrs [mass-murderers] as honoured guests. After that glorification of [mass] murder, the remains will be sent to their individual home-towns, for more rallies as each killer is buried with a military funeral. Qaraqi also declared Thursday a national “day of celebration … in memory of the martyrs”. Comment: on the one hand there is nothing new in the celebration of terrorists as “martyrs” in Islam. But even though this is a commonplace, we should never forget that Islam truly does honour and glorify mass-murderers and killers – provided they murder for Allah. In Islam a “Shaheed” (which is usually translated as “martyr” or – worse – “holy martyr”) is NOT someone who is killed for his/her faith (as is a “martyr” in Western thought) but someone who KILLS for his/her faith – and incidentally dies in the act.

Bosnian Salafist Preacher Bilal Bosnić excerpts from “Songs of Jihad”.: “American had better know that I am performing da’wa. God willing, it [America] will be destroyed to its foundations. Our Taliban brothers will come from all over, And they will sentence you with their swords. Jihad is our destiny and our only desire. We raise the banner of Islam. We shall become Your martyrs, we do not fear death. Jihad, Jihad, oh Allah, will be the redemption of the believers. America and all the other tyrants had better know that all the Muslims are now like the Taliban, With explosives on our chests we pave the way to Paradise.” Comment: These are excerpts from songs sung from 2009-2012 and I’ve put them together to make a paragraph I’ll admit. But this is a reasonable summary of his Jihadi beliefs. Bosnic sees sword-jihad as part of Islamic “Da’wa”. He also sees suicide bombing “explosives on our chests” as a legitimate jihad tactic that produces martyrs (i.e. murderers) for Islam, who are thus “redeemed”. Da’wa literally means “issuing a summons [to Islam], so Bosnic is believes in spreading Islam by the sword and terror.

2012, June 7th. On-line ad by “al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” (posted to Jihadi web-sites): “The aim of this [terrorism] training [in Yemen] is to continue [i.e. work] with our brothers who are seeking to carry out operations that make for great killing and slaughtering of the enemies of Islam… It is clear now that the individual jihad, or what is called the “lone wolf”, has become more widespread and its features have started showing… in summary, it is a complete jihadist operation to be carried out by a single bomber… [the targets of the attacks are] those who are fighting the Muslims and Islam, …[specifically the] economic, military and media interests of the enemy…. Their identity must be, according to priority, American, Israeli, French and British.” Comment: For these real Muslims jihad is equated to “great killing and slaughtering” and yet we are told that Jihad is all about “spiritual struggle” and has nothing to do with violence (yeah, right). Note that the “enemies of Islam those who are fighting the Muslims and Islam” simply means those who are opposed to Islam. If you resist Islam by not converting you are fighting against it and thus are an enemy. The emphasis on Media targets is, at first sight, odd; but orthodox Islam does not support true free-speech (I wonder why?) so it’s suppression is a “priority…target”.

2012, June 4th. Reported BosNewsLife: Boko Haram spokesman Abul Qaqa: “We thank Allah for giving us victory. We successfully carried out a suicide bombing on a church at Yelwa in Bauchi state.” Comment: another suicide attack , another round of praise for Allah. [Irony on]. But there’s no link between Islam and such attacks, of course. [Irony off]

On Muslim “hypocrites” and apostates.

2012 June 4th. Reported “Gatestone”. (Abstract of completely graphic video): “A young man appears held down by masked men. His head is pulled back, with a knife to his throat. He does not struggle and appears resigned to his fate. Speaking in Arabic, the background speaker, or “narrator,” chants a number of Muslim prayers and supplications, mostly condemning Christianity, which, because of the Trinity, is referred to as a polytheistic faith: “Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate“; “Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists“; “Allah, defeat the infidels at the hands of the Muslims,” and “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.” Then, to cries of “Allahu Akbar!”— Allah is greater!”—the masked man holding the knife to the apostate’s throat begins to slice away, severing the head completely after approximately one minute of graphic knife-carving, as the victim drowns in blood. Finally, the severed head is held aloft to more Islamic slogans of victory. Comment: Allah is “avenged” on the apostate by the Muslim killing him. Thus, when the Koran threatens Allah’s retribution this is not seen as something “for Allah alone” but as something to be carried out by the hands of Muslims. Also: this is a “victory” for Islam “(our) god is greater (than yours)” because they can kill this person. Thus killing apostates etc. is seen as “Allah’s work” and a victory for Islam.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

2012 May 24. London-based Kuwaiti Shiite cleric Yasser Habib: “Anyone who consents to being called “Emir of the Believers” is a passive homosexual. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, for example, who willingly assumed this title, was, without a doubt, a passive homosexual. The same goes for the caliphs Othman Ibn Affan, Muawiyya, Yazid, and the rulers and sultans of the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties, as well as some of the rulers and sultans of our day and age. For example, the king of Morocco bears this title, and he is referred to as “the Emir of the Believers” by the [Moroccan] media. This is how you know that he is a passive homosexual. This is in addition to the evidence revealed by Western media, which showed that the current king of Morocco is indeed a passive homosexual who belongs to the homosexual community. This was leaked from his palace by his assistants, his servants, and his “boys,” whom he would penetrate and who would penetrate him. They fled to Europe, sought asylum, and exposed all this. Another such example is the person who ruled Afghanistan for a short time – the so-called “Mullah” Omar. It is told [in the hadith] that Omar Ibn Al-Khattab had an anal disease, which could be cured only by semen. One should know that this is a well-known medical condition, which is also mentioned in sacred texts. Someone who, God forbid, has been penetrated in the anus – a worm grows within him, due to the semen discharged in him… A disease develops in his anus, and as a result, he cannot calm down, unless… That’s right, it becomes like an addiction, and he cannot calm down unless he is penetrated again and again. … The Shiites are undoubtedly protected from this disease, and from committing this abominable and hideous act. … As for the Nasibis [roughly: non Shia Muslims], they are definitely afflicted with this homosexuality. … One of the devils is present at the birth of every human being. If Allah knows that the newborn is one of our Shiites, He fends off that devil, who cannot harm the newborn. But if the newborn is not one of our Shiites, the devil inserts his index finger into the anus of the newborn, who thus becomes a passive homosexual. If the newborn is not a Shiite, the devil inserts his index finger into this newborn’s anus, and when he grows up, he becomes a passive homosexual. If the newborn is a female, the devil inserts his index finger into her vagina, and she becomes a whore. Comment: Where to start? Hatred of non-Shias, raging homophobia (homsexuality is a parasitical disease?, a homophobic ad-hominem attack on two of the “rightly guided Caliphs” – Omar & Othman, but no Shia is gay). All non-Shia women are whores and all whores have been penetrated by the devil. How can anyone believe this vicious but asinine drivel?

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012, June 8th. Abstracted Bikyamasr: “Tunisia’s Human Rights Minister Samir Dilou has rejected calls by the United Nations Human Rights Council to decriminalize same-sex acts, saying that [homo]sexual orientation is a “western concept” that is “incompatible with Islam, Tunisian culture and tradition.” [Tunisia’s] LGBT community, say that since the uprising ousted the former government in January 2011, the gay community has faced numerous challenges [due to] … the rise of ‘moderate’ Islamists in the country … [which has] thrown LGBT rights into the forefront, especially after the publication of the country’s first gay magazine. [An LGBT spokesperson] said: “Despite the positives of the revolution, the conservative [Islamic] backlash is hurting the overall human rights struggle in the country.” Comment: Once again human rights are subordinated to Islamic Shari’ah.

2012 June 8tth. Abstracted “Ahram Online” report: “A police patrol found Imam Ali Wanis (An Egyptian MP, Salafist Al Nour party) in a car parked on a highway near the city of Toukh in Benha – which Wanis represents in parliament – engaging in an indecent act with a 19-year-old college student. … his son vehemently denied the allegation on behalf of his father and said [he] had gone out to [give] his Friday sermon. Wanis …accused the police of ‘fabricating a scandal to get back at him [for an earlier incident and said] the allegation was part of a blackmail campaign aimed at smearing his reputation and the image of the Islamist political current.’ Wanis was permitted to leave the police station due to his political immunity.” Comment: I’m always impressed with Islamic “morality”. Thursday: have sex with 19 year old girl in car. Friday: preach about how Islam only allows sex between married couples in the Mosque. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.) Of course, for a true follower of Mohammed, she was a little old wasn’t she? (Still being a tad tongue-in-cheek.) Note how quickly Wanis denies it’s his fault: it’s either Police corruption and/or part of a “blackmail campaign” not merely to impugn him, but also to “ smear … the image of the Islamist political current” thus this “attack” on him is really an attack on Islam – sword-Jihad declaration to follow no doubt. It must be wonderful to have such a degree of ‘moral and religious rectitude’ (cough, cough) that when you are literally caught with your trousers down this is somehow transmogrified into an attack on your religion. Note how honour/shame is involved in his (attempted) deflection of blame.

2012, June 3rd. Lebanese Cleric Amin Al-Kurdi: “They [Arabs] are now talking about the liberation of Andalusia [i.e. invasion of Portugal and Spain], …They now have their sights set on Andalusia, which the Muslims lost. Comment: In Islam everything belongs to Allah – and thus it “really” belongs to Muslims (see K6:12-13 and 7:128); so anything held or owned by non-Muslims is “stolen” from it’s rightful Muslim owners. Thus any land once “returned” to Muslim control (i.e. conquered – stolen from it’s indigenes) is forever Islamic land and must be recovered if lost.

2012, June 13th. Abstracted “IBNLive: “Islamabad: Maulvi Ibrahim Chisti declared the anti-polio [vaccination] campaign as “un-Islamic” and announced at the local mosque that [sword] jihad should be carried out against the polio vaccination team. [He] went to the largest mosque in the area and declared that polio drops were “poison” and against Islam, [warning] that if the vaccination team forced anyone to participate in the campaign, then jihad would be “the only option”. Residents said the cleric had tried to convince them that the polio campaign was a “Western conspiracy” to render the population impotent.” Comment: Another sex-and-reproduction obsessed Imam it seems. Sadly this attitude of rejecting non-Islamic medicine is in keeping with the doctrine of “al-Wara wal-bara” (i.e. love and -especially it seems – hate for the sake of Allah).

On anti-Semitism.

2012, June 1st. Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hassan: “Allah disgraced the Jews, those repulsive and despicable creatures. He said: “Is it only a part of the book that you believe in, while you reject the rest? And what is the reward of those among you who do so, save disgrace in this world, and on the Day of Judgement they shall be consigned to the most grievous doom.” Comment: In Hassan’s eyes Jews are sub-human creatures.

2012, June 3rd. Lebanese Cleric Amin Al-Kurdi: “They [Arabs] are convinced, because of their faith in Allah – and we are with them – that the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is a done deal. It will be liberated, and Jerusalem and Palestine in its entirety will be in the possession of the Muslims.” Comment: and the “Zionists” will be driven into the sea, one assumes.

On homophobia.

2012 June 9th. Reported GSN: “Homosexuality is not an offence under Indonesia’s national laws. … [but] the Tasikmalaya [City] law [criminalising homosexuality] was originally passed by councillors from Islamic parties in 2009 but city officials have taken until now to develop the regulations needed to implement it. … City secretary Tio Indra Setiadi told that ‘the city would set up a squad of Sharia police to enforce the law like those already operating in Indonesia’s autonomous province of Aceh.’ [He added] ‘This bylaw is intended mainly to educate people to live in accordance with Islamic teachings.’ Comment: homophobic laws to be enforced and implicit is that all people – Muslim or otherwise – will be “educated” (i.e. compelled by law enforcement) “’to live in accordance with Islamic teachings.’”

On Islamic Politics.

2012, June 1st. Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hassan: “The American mentality is mighty in materialistic matters and in science, but look what it is like in matters of faith and values. It worships Jesus, son of Mary, instead of Allah. It defended abominable racism, based upon skin colour. They came from the end of the world to export the accursed, so-called “democracy” to Muslim countries.” Comment: Democracy? Whatever next? Equal rights for women? Disgraceful! How dare America (and the West) seek to export such a dreadful thing to the poor oppressed Ummah! Once again a cleric shows that Islam and democracy are totally incompatible.

2012 June 3rd. Grand Ayatollah Kadhim al-Hairi (in written response to question): “It is haram (forbidden by Islam) for any part of Iraq’s ruling (authorities) to vote on the side of a secular person.” Comment: As ever we see that Islam and secularism cannot co-exist. The Islamic “Church” must also be the state, or at least in charge of it.

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012 May 30th Reported “Rawa News, Afghanistan. At least 97 students of the Bashirabad girls’ high school in the northern province of Takhar were poisoned on Saturday [26th May] officials said. Seven schoolgirls are [still] in critical condition Comment: this on-going use of chemical weapons against school-children and girls in particular is amounting to a sword-jihad by the Taliban against education in general and girls’ education in particular.

2012 June 3rd. Kohistan, Pakistan. Reported “Express Tribune: Five women in Kohistan, four of whom were filmed ‘singing and dancing’ with men at a wedding party, were [reported] killed on May 30 after a tribal jirga ordered their execution, claimed Muhammad Afzal – brother of the two accused of filming the video and uploading it on the internet. The women were kept in captivity for a month and were tortured by pouring boiling water on their bodies before they were killed. [The women’s relatives] uploaded the video on the internet and also released it to some media outlets. This caused uproar in the community, which felt the video had stained the honour of the tribe’s women. Officials in the area denied the report and said the women were still alive and well. Comment: Let’s assume that the Authorities are right. Even so, consider the underlying argument: the women’s “honour” was stained, so the reaction is to kill the women, not (even if we accept the general brutality) to kill those who created the stain! Here we see how “honour” in Islam works – violently against women.

2012 June 4th. Egypt. Reported Guardian (UK) (highlights): “[Dr.] Manal Abul Hassan is a spokeswoman for the Muslim Brotherhood, and thinks there is “no problem whatsoever” in having only a handful of women [12 seats or 2.4%] in parliament. “Social justice will be delivered anyway,” She condemnsthe women demonstrating against the excesses of the military …. Dr Hassan, arguably the most powerful female politician in Egypt, believes it is up to “fathers, brothers and husbands to march and protest on behalfof women”. Comment: thus one of the few remaining female MP’s in Egypt (there were many more under Mubarak) thinks that women should be silent. Note also that this is a highly educated woman saying this, but no doubt she considers her intellect deficient compared to a man’s – as the Koran and hadith tell her it is.

2012, June 9th. Abstracted from “Ahram Online” report: Egypt. “A mob of hundreds of men have assaulted women holding a march demanding an end to sexual harassment, with the attackers overwhelming the male guardians and groping and molesting several of the female marchers in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. From the ferocity of Friday‘s assault, some of the victims said it appeared to have been an organised attempt to drive women out of demonstrations and trample on the pro-democracy protest movement. … The persistence of the attack raised the belief of many that it was intentional, though who orchestrated it was unclear. … Sexual harassment of women, including against those who wear the Islamic headscarf or even cover their face, is common in the streets of Cairo. A 2008 report by the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights says two-thirds of women in Egypt experienced sexual harassment on a daily basis. A string of mass assaults on women in 2006 during the Muslim feast following the holy month of Ramadan prompted police to increase the number of patrols to combat it …” Comment: thus it appears that Mussalmen think any woman outside the home is “fair game”. The really horrifying statistic is that two in three Egyptian women experience some form of “sexual harassment on a daily basis.” That means every day any given Egyptian woman has a 2/3 chance of being subject to sexual harassment. Also, why do so many attacks take place on Fridays – after the Jummah prayers? What is being preached in Mosques that so stirs up the Mussalman?

2012, June 12th. Abstracted “Al-Arabia News: “Tunisian police have detained 86 people, after Salafi Islamists, angered by an art exhibition they say insults Islam, attacked government offices and clashed with security forces overnight … [in a] violent rampage by a mixed group of ultra-conservative Salafists and other attackers, who torched and pillaged a local court in west Tunis and attacked several police stations in the north of the capital” ministry spokesman Khaled Tarrouche said. “Seven officers were slightly injured in the clashes [and] … the fact that the violence erupted in several places at the same time makes us think that it was organized.” Other areas, including Ettadhamen and Intilaka in the west of the city, were also hit by the violence. … The Salafists have in recent weeks intensified their violence in Tunisia, and Jendouba was among towns whose police stations were torched and bars attacked by the Islamists, some armed with clubs and swords. Moderate Tunisians have also expressed deep concern over the rising power of the radical Salafists since the revolution that toppled the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Comment: Again we see indiscriminate violence as the ‘response’ to an ‘insult’ to Islam.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

2012 May 20th. Egyptian singer Amr El Masry, (on Melody TV via YouTube): [starts singing] “Amr El Masry: My name is Amr El Masry, [refrain]:I love Israel. I love Israel. I love Israel. I love Israel. May it be destroyed. May it be colonized. May it be destroyed. May it be colonized. May it be wiped off the map. May a wall fall on it. [refrain] May it disappear from the universe. Allah, please have it banished. May it disappear from the universe. Allah, please have it banished. [refrain] May it dangle from the noose. May I get to see it burning, Amen. I will pour petrol on it. [refrain] I am an Egyptian man. I am not a coward. Everywhere I go, my name is Amr El Masry. [refrain] [refrain] May it be targeted. May it go up in flames that will never subside. May it be targeted. May it go up in flames that will never subside. From the bottom of my heart – may a wall fall on it. [refrain] May it destroy itself. May we never hear of it again. May it destroy itself. May we never hear of it again. [refrain] May it cease to exist, not even on the border. May they say on the news that there is no more destruction. [refrain] My heart is broken under my smoking jacket. I see that you [Palestine] are occupied, so I’m off. Goodbye. Comment: El Masry is clearly another well-rounded Mussalman, anti-semitic and a lover of violence up to and including mass-murder. Also note that this tells us exactly how Islam “loves” the non-Muslim.

2012 May 31st. Transcript of News item in Belgium: “Police arrested a women wearing a niqab, [which is banned in Belgium]. When the Police asked the woman to identify herself, she refused and head-butted a female Police Officer, breaking the Officer’s nose. The [Niqabi] was arrested [for assaulting an officer] and had to be forcibly restrained. Even at the Police Station she refused to remove the veil, which had to be cut open with scissors. She was then taken to hospital when it was then found that she had a concussion [from head-butting the officer]. In hospital she sent a text requesting the Muslim Community to “take action”. A group of 25 [Muslims attacked] the Police Station and Municipal offices causing some damage and filming the events. Eventually they were ejected. Later 150 [Muslims] surrounded the Police Station and stoned the station. 8 people were arrested. Comment: a Muslima breaks the law, refuses to identify herself -as she is obliged to do, thus breaking the lawagain, assaults one Police officer causing a serious injury and fights with others, that’s three separate offences at least. Finally she is “forced” to remove her veil after her arrest (both serve her right). The Police discover that she’s concussed herself in assaulting the officer – note her concussion could not have been discoveredhad she remained veiled – she is taken to hospital for treatment, then instigates a riot by text. Clearly she and her “supporters” (i.e. rioters) think themselves above the law – Wait, they’re Muslims so of course they are (in their own minds at least), only Shari’ah law applies. The remaining question is will she be prosecuted and gaoled? One can hope, but probably not –it would be “Islamophobic” to hold her to account for her actions.

2012 June 4th. Reported “Herald Sun”: “A SUICIDE bomber who tried to drive an explosives-packed car into a church in Nigeria has killed at least 15 people, including himself…The attacker approached a checkpoint near the church in Bauchi State, which has previously been hit by Islamist group Boko Haram …he rammed the car into a security gate and the car exploded. [Services] found 15 dead bodies at the blast site and evacuated 40 injured people to a nearby hospital. … The force of the blast near the Harvest Field of Christ church … caused the building to collapse on the worshippers inside. …No group has claimed Sunday’s attack, but Boko Haram, responsible for more than 1000 deaths since July 2009, has repeatedly targeted Christians, typically while they are worshipping in church.” Comment: more death and injury by Jihad.

2012 June 4th. Reported “Star Advertiser”: “Mali. Rebels who captured the city [of Timbukto] in April have imposed …Islamic rule, prompting many residents to flee in fear and changing the face of what had been a tolerant and easygoing destination that drew tourists from around the world. Women are now forced to wear full, face-covering veils. Music is banned from the radio. Cigarettes are snatched from the mouths of pedestrians. And the look of the ancient mud-brick town is changing. An ancient monument, the shrine of a 15th-century saint, has been defaced, bars have been demolished and black flags [of jihad] have been hung around town to honour Ansar Dine, or Defenders of the Faith, the Islamist movement. “There is no liberty,” said Abdoulaye Ahmed, “[the Islamists] are constantly circulating with their guns. This is scaring people. The town is sinister.” … “Women are living in terrible fear,” said Baba Aicha Kalil, a well-known civic activist who is still living in the town,… “They want to put a veil on everything…We don’t want the Shariah here, truly we are living in misery. Personally, I am deeply concerned.” …The Islamists of Ansar Dine supported by al-Qaida … are aggressively promoting … Islamic law, or Shariah. Alpha Sane Haidara, a farmer with deep ties to the region, said: “They have brought the population to heel through terror. I’ve seen them beat up youth watching television in the street.” In the northern town of Gao, Ansar Dine followers defaced [cut off] the ear of a woman for wearing a short skirt and flogged men who drank alcohol and were accused of petty theft, Human Rights Watch reported. Mahaman Alidji Toure, a history teacher at a leading school in Timbuktu, said in a telephone interview, “They’ve told us our trousers can’t descend to our ankles.” He added, “If they find you with a cigarette, they will take you directly to the Islamic police.” A spokesman for Ansar Dine … Sanda Ould Boumana, said by telephone. “when you accept that there is Islam, you have to accept that there is Shariah …. Shariah obliges us to cover women, we are obliged to apply it … Al-Qaida “are our Islamic brothers.” Comment: first there was sword-jihad with the Tauregs as allies, then the sword of Islam turned on it’s allies until the Islamists alone ruled. Now we see full-blown Shari’ah instituted and casual brutality used in it’s enforcement in an Islamic state. No news here then.

2012, June 5th. Indonesia, Reported The Jakarta Post / Asia News Network: The Tasikmalaya City Council will soon pass a regulation that will require all Muslim women, including visitors to the West Java city, to wear headscarves. The regulation, which is currently being drafted by the local administration, will enact the Bylaw on “Community Values Based on Muslim Teachings” that was passed in 2009. Tasikmalaya city secretary Tio Indra Setiadi said on Monday that preparations for the regulation would be finished soon. ‘Hopefully, preparations for the enactment of the new bylaw will be completed this month,’ Mr Tio said. Comment: And Muslims tell us sooo often “there is no compulsion is religion”. Yeah, right, we see how true that is.

2012 June 6th. A truly revolting video from Saudi Arabia:


showing the humiliation of a Bangladeshi man, in fear of his life, by a “gentleman” from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi beats him, spits on him, forces him to kiss the Arab’s hand and foot, calls the Bangladeshi a “dog” – a dog is a ritually unclean animal in Islam – and an animal, whilst repeatedly offering him “salam” – peace! Comment: exemplifies one Islamic idea of “peace”. Note also that this is how a “brother” is treated. In Islam all Muslims are supposed to be brothers and equals, yet in a typically Orwellian gloss, some Muslims are more equal than others. I’m not even going to bother speculating about whether the release of this video will result in a prosecution – unless it be of the Bangladeshi, that is.

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012 May 25th. Dr. Suhbi al-Yaziji ( Dean of Koranic studies, Univ. Gaza): “The conquest of Andalusia [Spain, Portugal] is an old dream, something Muslims proudly hope for and will hope for in the future. We place our hopes in Allah and trust that the day will come when our triumph will not be restricted to Palestine. Our hopes go beyond that, to raise the banner of the Caliphate over the Vatican, the “Rome” of today, in accordance with the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed: ‘Constantinople shall be conquered and then Rome’. Comment: From the Islamic perspective once a piece of land (etc.) is “claimed” by a Muslim, it forever belongs to Muslims alone. (Think about the out-workings of that!) Here al-Yaziji is maintaining the Islamic claim that “really” Spain and Portugal are Islamic lands “conquered” by the Christians (the fact that the Christians were re-taking land invaded by Islam is irrelevant to him since everything before the advent of Islam in a given area is “jahilliyah” – ignorance – and thus ignored). Further he states that Muslims should seek to bring Mohammed’s words to reality by Islam conquering “Rome” – the Vatican (read destroy Christianity). Also here is a subtle call to sword-jihad in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Mostly for laughs.

Its not all doom and gloom in the good ol’ Dar-ul-Islam. Some things are just too funny or silly for me to ignore …

2012, June 11th. Abstracted NYT: “CAIRO: An advertisement broadcast on Egyptian television this week warned a talkative public not to open up to foreign visitors. … The commercial appeared on both state-controlled and private channels… A version of the advertisement shows three young Egyptian activists in a café freely sharing their discontent over the nation’s economic and political problems with a “mysterious foreigner”, who takes notes on a mobile phone as ominous music swells. … [The ad] struck [many] Egyptian observers as a heavy-handed attempt to cast the dissatisfaction of many young revolutionaries with Egypt’s halting transition and the military council that still holds power as unpatriotic. … [A] Tourism advocacy group [said] “if the Mossad wanted to destroy Egypt’s tourism, they [c]ouldn’t do anything better than the “spies” ad on state TV.” Ali Abderrahman, who oversees the two state channels that broadcast the ad this week, said the commercial was pulled “because we were concerned that it was being misunderstood. We are a country that aspires to raise the number of foreign visitors. The ad will be revised so it does not appear as if it is incitement against foreigners.” Comment: It’s rather nice to find something truly hilarious in the Dar-ul-Islam. Mind you, if Egypt is serious about it’s aspiration “ to raise the number of foreign visitorsnot having an Islamist dominated government might be a good first step.

– – – – – – – – – –

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part V

On Islamic Supremacy.

2012, June 8th. Al-Jazeera T.V. Tunisian cleric Mokhtar Jbeli:Mokhtar Jbeli: “Islam will be victorious, whether the atheists, the infidels, the secular, and their ilk like it or not.” Comment: As ever, subjugate the non-Muslims.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2012, June 19th. Boko Haram spokesman Abul Qaqa: “Today Almighty Allah has given us victory against Christian Churches in Kaduna and Zaria which led to the deaths of many Christians and security operatives. For peace to reign in the land, all Christians must convert to Islam. Allah has tasked all Muslims in Quran chapter 9 verse 29 to continue to attack Jews and Christians who refuse to believe in him and his messenger, Prophet Mohammed”. Comment: another great victory by ‘noble Mujahideen’ against unarmed Christians and undefended Churches. At least Qaqa is clear as to why BH is killing Christians.

2012 June 20th. Boko Haram spokesman Abul Qaqa: “The Nigerian state and Christians are our enemies and we will be launching [terror] attacks on the Nigerian state and its security apparatus as well as churches until we achieve our goal of establishing an Islamic state in place of the secular state.” (In a second source): Abstracted “Christian Post: Boko Haram is now threatening to poison food in the (mostly) Christian South of the Country in it’s latest escalation of its terror and violence. A particular target is thought to be the popular food “Suya” (a shish-kebab type of food made with a variety of meats) which both Christians and Muslims eat, but the Muslim version is Halal and so the poisoning can be targeted. Also BH is reported to have sent cadres of it’s terrorists to the South of Nigeria to open new fronts in their sword-jihad for Islamisation. Comment: he could not be clearer, BH will continue to terrorise (Northern) Christians until Nigeria is fully Islamised, in fulfilment of K.9:29 of course. Note that this is fully consonant with Islamic practice. Sword-jihad (including terror) is primarily used to expand the Islamic Hegemony – as is being attempted here by violence and terror including it would seem poisoning people (perhaps taking a leaf from the Taliban play-book).

2012, July 2nd. Un-named Azawadi woman: “We, the Azawadi diaspora in Algeria, declare to the world that we reject all forms of terrorism, whether state-sponsored terrorism, or that of movements or of individuals. We ask the world to give consideration to the state of Azawad, and its suffering from oppression by Mali, from the escalation of terrorism and the silence of the media regarding this country. We ask the world to view our country as a Muslim country, which rejects terrorism, and seeks freedom, democracy, education, and progress.” Comment: Note that what is being complained about is Muslim-on-Muslim terror (“green-on-green” terror). But of course, she destroys here case and shows herself to be a “hypocrite” in Islamic terms by seeking four things Islam detests.

2012, July 3rd. Abstracted “Daily news: “Kabul, The arrest of two children [here sub-teens] and a teenager with bombs and remote-controlled devices in Afganistan’s former Taliban stronghold of Kandahar has sparked fears that the [Taliban] could be training more children as suicide bombers. They were arrested … while carrying multiple improvised explosive devices and home-made explosives. Unicef spokesman in Kabul, Aziz Farotan, said at least 316 children under 18 were recruited [by Islamists as suicide bombers and fighters] in 2011. Afghan officials said Taliban-run “madrassas” or Islamic religious schools in Pakistan’s northwest tribal belt along the border with Afghanistan train young students in terror tactics and send them to Afghanistan to fight. In August 2011, Afghan President Hamid Karzai set free … around two dozen would-be child suicide bombers, the youngest of them aged only eight. When the [latest] potential bombers were brought before journalists, an 11-year-old boy said his teachers told him to “just get close to a group of foreign soldiers and touch these two wires together”. He said … his trainers told him he would be able to detonate his vest and kill the foreign soldiers without killing himself.” Comment: Just when you thought Islam could stoop no lower, they can always find a knew depth of depravity to which to sink. Remember folks, Islam commands Muslims to honesty (yeah, right).

On Muslim “hypocrites” and apostates.

2012, June 8th. Al-Jazeera T.V. Tunisian cleric Mokhtar Jbeli: “That man [an expat accused of insulting Mohammed] had the audacity to affront us and all that is sacred to us. He does not respect the Tunisian people. He must be punished. We demand that he be placed on trial and punished. Anybody who affronts the Prophet Muhammad must be punished by death, even if he repents. The punishment for heresy must be imposed upon him. Even if he repents, he must be killed, because it is the decree of Allah.” Tunisian cleric Shihab Al-Din Tleish: “Let everybody know that for the sake of the Prophet Muhammad, we are willing to sacrifice our fathers, our mothers, and ourselves. We will be slaughtered for your sake, oh Messenger of Allah. We will not allow the Messenger of Allah to be cursed.” Comment: Yet again it is affirmed that any insult to Islam is ‘punished’ by murder., which certainly makes such an ‘insult’ “audacious” – life-threateningly so in fact. Admittedly Tleish also thinks that it’s worth dying over but that makes you a martyr – onward for paradise and virgins.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

2012, June 8th. Al-Jazeera T.V. Tunisian cleric Fawzi Gara: The secularists participated in the Tunisian revolution, [but] as I have said on many occasions the revolution did not express demands for food, drink, social [reform], or freedom, as some believe. The revolution expressed true demands, pertaining to religion.” Comment: And there I was thinking that these “revolutions” had something to do with democracy, freedom, social reform etc. Now who told me that? Ah- I remember, it was the Western Media and politicians. Still, it’s nice to have that misinformation corrected, now isn’t it.

2012, June 12. Abstracted “Jerusalem Post: ‘Iran has stepped up its crackdown on the country’s struggling Christian community by closing a church in Tehran. … Hadi Ghaemi, a spokesman for the group International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, said “The ability to join a church or mosque or temple is one of the most fundamental religious freedoms, … This drive to close churches is an assault on free religious practice, in violation of Iran’s international commitments, and a sign of growing religious intolerance within the Iranian government.” Those who embrace Christianity [in Iran] do so at great risk and are frequently targeted for persecution – including death – because of their religious beliefs.’ Comment: thus we see how “protected” non-Muslims are in the world’s ‘foremost Islamic state’.

2012, June 13th. Muhammad Hussein Yaaqub: “The Shura Council of the Islamic Scholars [convened], and decided unanimously to support Dr. Muhammad Mursi for president. …But I told him [Mursi] all the things that you want. I said to him: I want a Salafi president, [who follows] the Koran and the Sunna like the early Muslims. He said: “Yes, ours is a Salafi call.” He said so. …I asked him about the Shiites, and he said that the Shiites are more dangerous to Islam than the Jews. He said so.” Comment: you may recall the diatribe in part IV by the Shiite cleric (Yasser Habib) in which he claimed that Sunnis were passive homosexuals … Here Mursi goes one better in his hatred of Shias. What’s worse than being a gay? Why, being a ‘worse enemy’ than the hated Jews of course! So now we know: all Sunnis are passive homosexuals and all Shias are less than apes, pigs and dogs. Muslims clearly have no respect for each other and yet they still demand respect from the rest of us! (If this sort of fraternal hatred – if that isn’t an oxymoron – weren’t so serious and the cause of so many murders, I’d have put both these quotes under “Mostly for laughs” since the attitudes are to pathetically childish.)

2012, July 1st. Jordanian cleric Omar Mahdi Zeidan: “Our people [i.e. “true” Muslims] in Libya, Afghanistan or Iraq are fighting disbelievers amongst their own just like the Prophet, Allah’s peace and prayer be upon him, fought his people,… The Prophet, Allah’s peace and prayer be upon him, didn’t start with fighting the Romans or the Persians, but he started by fighting his [own] people and made the criterion in that to be this religion ….” Comment: Thus we see justification for killing “apostate” and “half-hearted” (i.e. non-Islamist/Jihadist) Muslims – both are called “hypocrites” in the Koran.

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012 June 5th. Egyptian Presidential candidate (at time of writing) Muhammad Mursi: “We don’t have the notion of child abuse. No woman beats her child in Egypt. That concept does not exist here. … There are tens of thousands of cases filed at police stations, in many countries that purport to give women their rights – cases of sex involving beatings. In Egypt, we don’t have that. It’s forbidden to Muslims as well as Christians.” Comment: Thus Mursi is in denial about child-abuse in Egypt. Of course a lot of what would be considered abuse in the West isn’t under Shariah (sex with children from nine years old, “thighing” etc.). “Sex with beatings”? Mursi might actually have a point – under Shariah the beating comes if the woman (tries to) decline sex and there is no concept of marital rape either.

On anti-Semitism.

2012, June 13th. Hamas Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad: “Allah says: ‘Prepare for them what force and steeds of war you can.’ The Prophet Muhammad says: ‘Prepare for them what force you can.’ Force means shooting. The Prophet Muhammad also says: ‘Lands shall be thrown open to you, and Allah will protect you, but none of you should give up playing with his arrows.’ None of you should give up playing with all the tools of force and equipment, which will bring us closer to our aspirations: Jerusalem, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Haifa, Akko and Jaffa. … The officers of the class graduating today [from Gaza Police Academy] will become the Police Chief of Jaffa, the Police Chief of Haifa, the Police Chief of Akko, the Police Chief of Lod, the Police Chief of Ramle, and of all other places. … we declare to all those who usurped our lands that they must prepare to leave, because we have prepared for Jihad, … we are summoned to battle. … We say: There shall be no reconciliation with secularism. There shall be no reconciliation with any path other than that of Islam. This is an opportunity for you to study at our academy how to defend our battlefront and how to be soldiers of Allah. … We are determined to proceed along the path of Allah. … Yes, victory is imminent. Victory is ours … Indeed, victory is coming. Victory is imminent. Comment: I thought that a Police Academy turned out Police men, not Jihadi killers, upholders of the Law, not breakers of every civilised code. Silly me, I must be naïve! Hammad calls on Police officers to perform Sword-jihad to destroy Israel.

On homophobia.

2012, June 19th. KUALA LUMPUR: Former Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed: “Men marrying men, women marrying women… It’s not natural. Just imagine if we all indulge in that. No children. One generation and the whole human race is wiped out … now we have institutions for men and men, women and women. I want to see how many children they have.”Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Mashitah Ibrahim [added]: “We see that LGBT happens following what is happening in Europe. It is not only individual but a movement. They are being mobilized to come out, as if they have been oppressed, on the excuse that their human rights have been taken away.” Comment: So the fact that they are discriminated against in law (and, therefore, their human rights haveindeed “been taken away” )is only an “excuse” to “come out” and LGBTs should stay in their closets?

On Islamic Politics.

2012, June 23rd. Egyptian Presidential Candidate Mohamed Morsi, speaking to Ciaro University Students: “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal. … Today we can establish Sharia law because our nation will acquire well-being only with Islam and Sharia. The Muslim Brothers and the Freedom and Justice Party will be the conductors of these goals.” Comment: The first part of this is a re-statement of part of the Muslim-brotherhood mantra. Together we see how “moderate” Morsi will be – assuming he lives down to his words that is. Update: June 24th . “Mr. Moderate” Morsi has been duly elected as Egyptian President. I wish Egypt well.

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012 June 14th. Abstracted Al-Arabiya News and Bikyr Masr. In the last batch of these reports I recorded the case of the Egyptian Salafist caught with his pants down with a 19 year old. UPDATE[the girl] has been detained for four days under orders by the prosecutor and is pending a “test to determine if she is a virgin or not.” Comment: He goes free and she is detained and subjected to a humiliating test. Ah, the joys and fairness of Islamic justice!

2012 June 19th. Abstracted “Rawa News”: “[Afghan] Justice minister Habibullah Ghaleb told a conference organised by the women’s affairs committee of the upper house of parliament on Sunday that foreign-funded rights awareness groups had been encouraging young women to defy their parents.

‘Mostly they were encouraging girls, saying, “If your father says anything bad to you don’t listen to him, if your mother says anything to you don’t listen to them. There are safe houses for you where you can stay…. What safe houses? What sort of immorality and prostitution was not happening at those places?” Syeda Muzhgan Mustafahi, deputy women affairs minister, [retorted that] “the shelters were inspected every week and there was no evidence to back up the minister’s statement.” Significant progress has been made on women’s rights since the fall of the Taliban, but many fear those gains are under threat as Nato troops leave and Kabul seeks peace with Islamist insurgents. Under the Taliban regime from 1996 until the 2001 US-led invasion, girls were banned from going to school, women were whipped in the street if they did not wear the burqa and those accused of adultery were stoned to death, often in public. In the past 10 years, the number of girls in education has soared and women’s employment opportunities have improved, but there have been ominous signs for the future. In March, Karzai endorsed an edict by the Ulema Council, the country’s highest Islamic authority, saying that women were worth less than men, and should avoid mixing with men.” Comment: thus Ghaleb would remove the possibility for women to escape abusive relationships through spurious ‘moral’ grounds. Which figures since Islam supports wife-beating (K.4:34). Note also that things have improved for women thanks to the U.S. primarily, but that retrogression is likely when the U.S. leaves Afghanistan and certainly so if Ghaleb is typical of Afghani politicians.

On Slavery

2012 June 21st. Abstracted “Nigerian Tribune”: “Islamic Cleric, Mojeed Oyelami, and three of his suspected accomplices were last Wednesday arraigned before a Chief Magistrate in Ibadan on a three-count charge of conspiring, unlawful imprisonment and deprivation of liberty of 18 children [of both sexes] and 7 adults without their consent. Fourteen others, who are parents of the children (often mothers!) were arraigned with the Islamic Cleric and his suspected accomplices on a one-count charge of unlawfully abandoning and exposing their children to danger, according to the prosecution, Mojeed Oyelami, et al conspired to commit felony to wit; offences against liberty: (1) slave dealing (2) Deprivation of liberty of [various] persons.” Comment: stripped of its “legalese” elements what this means is that the Cleric et al has been accused of enslaving these people (with the consent of at least some of the parents) and also of slave trading.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

2012, June 13th. Abstracted “family matters: “An Afghan police officer [Second Lt. Mohammad Daoud] accused of killing two Marines and wounding four others during an attack last year in Helmand province told investigators … with the Naval Criminal Investigation Service that he is not connected to Al Qaida or the Taliban, and shot the Marines as part of his own personal “Jihad,” or holy war. [He said] “it was ‘God’s will’ to kill the Marines…[and] he felt lucky that he killed and wounded so many.” Comment: Killing in jihad, you passport to Paradise and 72 (perpetual) virgins (and the perpetual erection to go with it, according to some Muslim ‘Theologians’.).

2012, June 16th. Abstracted “Express Tribune”: “QUETTA, Pakistan. A mob attacked a police station in Quetta on Saturday, demanding a man detained for allegedly desecrating the Quran be handed over [to be murdered]. [The riot left] at least two children dead and 19 [people] with gunshot wounds. Violence erupted after police arrested a man said to have burnt pages of the holy book …senior administration official Qambar Dashti [said] “Angry protesters, mostly Afghan refugees, torched several vehicles and pelted police with stones. …Chanting the man should be killed for blasphemy, they [then] entered the police station and started firing,” he said. Comment: sometimes you wonder if these types care who they murder. They give a whole new meaning to “women and children first”.

2012, June 14th. Abstracted “BosNewsLife”: “ZANZIBAR CITY, TANZANIA. Tanzanian Christians were seeking justice Thursday, June 14, after hundreds of supporters of a separatist Islamic group burned two church buildings in the East African nation’s semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar. Last month’s clashes were the latest in a series of attacks that saw dozens of churches destroyed in recent years, Christians and activists said. Police accused the Uamsho (Awakening) group of ordering its followers to destroy the churches on May 26 and May 27 as part of protests against the recent arrest of 30 of its members. … Local Christian leaders have suggested that the Islamic government of Zanzibar at least indirectly supports anti-Christian violence by not giving permits for church buildings [to be rebuilt] and … some politicians have reportedly openly supported the destruction of churches. Recent attacks are part of a wider anti-Christian trend in the region, stressed International Christian Concern (ICC), an advocacy group investigations the incidents. Comment: Another Muslim-majority Country, another set of attacks on Church buildings and state-authored discrimination against the non-Muslim.

2012, June 17th. From BBC website: ‘“Hardly a Sunday goes by without reports of churches being attacked [by Boko Haram] in Nigeria,” the BBC’s Will Ross reports from Lagos.’ Comment: this is the “tail” to a piece about yet another set of attacks by the “noble Mujahideen” of Boko Haram on Churches in their war to force Northern Nigeria to adopt Shariah law. This single sentence sums up the scale of the violence. The tragedy is that it is hardly reported in the Western Media (this did not make TV news in the UK).

2012, June 17th. Abstracted “Telegraph and Argus”, U.K.: “A Bradford mother has been found guilty of drugging and kidnapping her daughter after she refused to enter an arranged marriage. S******, 58, took the drastic action after her youngest daughter, N**** refused to honour a pact she [the mother] had made with her sister, for their children to marry. After breaking off the engagement to her first cousin,N**** ran away to Newcastle to secretly marry the man of her choice because she thought she would be killed. Detectives have described the mother’s crime as “every child’s worst nightmare”. [S*****’s] son and her son-in-law also pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, kidnap and two counts of administering a drug with intent. The court heard that [the daughter] and her new husband A*** were in bed when [S**** and the two sons arrived. They] pressured [N] to go back to her sister’s home. Unknown to N****, her mother, her brother and brother-in-law then travelled back up to Newcastle in the middle of the night, confronted A*** and collected her belongings, including her passport. DS John Rigby, from the community cohesion team said: “I encourage any member of the community to come forward and speak to us if they are concerned with an honour- based crime.” Comment: Keeping it in the family; Mum, brother, brother-in-law, son-in-law all ganging up on a young woman to forcibly separate her from the man she loves. This is (trying to) treat a young woman like a chattel. Thus we see again how highly Islam “honours” women.

2012, June 19th. Abstracted Asian Age: “[India] A 24-year old man was [beaten] to death allegedly by the brother of a Muslim girl and his associates for marrying her, triggering tension in Idalakudi area of the district. R***, a goods carrier operator based here, had married the girl belonging to Idalakudi some months ago though her family had opposed it. …On June 14, two persons had stopped R***’s vehicle and taken him to Idalakudi where a seven-member gang including the brother of his wife attacked him with iron rods, police said, adding he succumbed to injuries at a hospital yesterday. Comment: another example of “tolerant” and “peaceful” Islam. I suppose there is a positive though – the girl hasn’t been ‘honour’ killed (yet).

2012, June 19th. Abstracted “Worthy News: “PAKISTAN Thousands of Pakistani Christians live as slaves in Punjab’s Muslim-owned brick kiln industry. Working as bonded labour (i.e. slaves), employees rise at 4 a.m. to make more than 1,000 bricks from mud; although the government has set the price for this task at 500 rupees, employees are only paid 200 rupees, or $2.25 U.S. They live in company towns called Bhattas in small, single room residences whose rent and utility costs are continuously billed to their company-owned accounts, these unpaid bills continue for generations as a family’s debt is passed from the parents to their children. Due to lack of basic medical care, hundreds die annually from TB and other health issues. Should any worker attempt to flee, they are hunted-down and charged 50,000 rupees for the “expenses” incurred by their employers to bring them back to the Bhatta. There are even accounts of Christians being forced to sell their own kidneys in order to pay off their debts to their Muslim masters and buy their freedom. “Christians are slaves in Punjab while Hindus from lower casts are also slaves in Sindh province in Pakistan,” said Nazir Bhatti, president of the Pakistan Christian Congress.” Comment: slavery alive and well in Pakistan. Note the generational aspect to this which is according to Shariah “the child of a slave is a slave”.

2012 June 20th. Report UK “Guardian”, see here on a thwarted anti-semitic terror attack by a couple of “normal” U.K. Muslims. They were only caught preparing bomb(s) due to Police being called to a domestic incident at their address. Comment: hat tip to Guardian for making an honest report. Again we see the religion of piece peace in action (I’ve linked to the article since it’s worth a read.) with home-grown terrorists.

2012, June 16th. Video (see here and jump to ~2 min 15 secs) of Christians being pelted with eggs, bottles, chunks of concrete – basically anything the Muslim mob could get its hands on – in Dearborn Michigan to chants of “Allah akbar”. This in America. The question now is whether any Police action will be taken against members of that mob or not. (Update: As of Dec.2012, the answer is apparently “not”.)

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012 May 1st. Categories: Terror, violence & Jihad and anti-Semitism. (Sadly I missed this earlier, but here it is anyway). Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi speaking at a rally for Mursi: “We can see how the dream of the Islamic Caliphate is being realized, Allah willing, by Dr. Muhammad Mursi and his brothers, his supporters, and his political party. We can see how the great dream, shared by us all – that of the United States of the Arabs… The United States of the Arabs will be restored, Allah willing. The United States of the Arabs will be restored by this man and his supporters. The capital of the Caliphate – the capital of the United States of the Arabs – will be Jerusalem, Allah willing. … Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca, or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing. Our cry shall be: “Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem.” Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem. … Indeed, all the lovers of martyrdom are Hamas. I say from this podium, from Al-Mahalla, from the heart of the Delta, the heart of Egypt, so that the whole world may hear. We say it loud and clear: Yes, Jerusalem is our goal. We shall pray in Jerusalem, or else we shall die as martyrs on its threshold. Millions of martyrs [will] march toward Jerusalem.” Comment: there is an expectation here that Mursi, if elected, will declare war on Israel and “liberate” Jerusalem to make it the capital of a new Caliphate. Note also that Higazi acknowledges that all Islamic “martyrs” are in fact terrorists.

2012, June 26th. Reported Al Arabiya: “An Egyptian plumber in Alexandria beat his pregnant wife to death upon learning that she had not voted for Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohammed Mursi, reported the Egyptian daily al-Wafd on Sunday. According to police reports, the initial argument between the couple who was not named escalated into violence, despite her pleas. Battered and bruised, she was reported to have died at the hospital from injuries sustained. Domestic fights have dominated Egyptian news headlines when the bid fell on the two most feared and most controversial candidates, Mursi and former prime minister Ahmed Shafiq.” Comment: Set aside the individual case for a moment (horrific though it is) and consider: If this is indicative of voting patterns, why do women in particular not vote for Mursi? Answer: they know they will be victims (along with non-Muslims of course) under an Islamist regime (no matter how “moderate” it calls itself). Turning to the incident itself: we know that wife-beating is sanctioned in the Koran (4:34), but in his Tafseer (commentary) on this verse Al-Qurtubi writes: “However, it is not a crime if it [the beating] leads to death.” thus (in his eyes at least) even beating a woman to death whilst perhaps “reprehensible” is not “haram”.

Mostly for laughs.

Its not all doom and gloom in the good ol’ Dar-ul-Islam. Some things are just too funny for me to ignore …

2012, June 16th. Un-known English wannabe Arab “The Dawah kid”: “It comes in a narration of the Prophet. One day he passed two graves … in which the people were being tortured and the Prophet said that the reason they were being tortured was because one of them used to tell tales and the other one didn’t take precautions when going to the toilet. … Today I want to talk about urination … Unfortunately many of us … don’t take precautions when going to the toilet, some people stand up when they go to the toilet … and without them knowing drops of urination[sic] land on their thighs and clothes. When this happens your Salat [prayer] is incomplete, invalid and also your Wuduh [ritual washing] is incomplete and this is very serious. Many, many people will be punished in the grave due to this lack of consciousness, weakness and laziness. As Muslims we should sit down when we go to the toilet. … Do not stand up when you urinate. Do we want Allah-ta-Allah to love us? Of course we do! So we have to [sit down] when we go to the toilet. After you go the toilet it’s important to clean yourself correctly [after urination or defecation] and there are rules and regulations on how this should be done. It’s important … we’ll be more pure … we’ll get that connection to Allah-ta-Allah. One of the reasons so many brothers and sisters in the world today are so weak is because they are not pure. This is due to the Western way of life.” Comment: Is he serious? Allah will have people “tortured in the grave” because of a few stray drops of pee over a lifetime? I’ll grant that “cleanliness is next to godliness” any day but has “the kid” thought what this means for a Muslim who is incontinent? Come to that, has he thought at all?

2012 June 13th. Jordanian Sheik Abd Al-Mun’im Abu Zant: “The responsibility for the complete liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus – and I emphasize this on purpose – … is a duty incumbent upon us and upon the Christian world in the West. They do not realize this, because alcohol, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and AIDS have made them forget all these values, I’m sad to say. And let’s not forget usury…” Comment: Let’s have a friendly competition to see who can come up with the funniest.

– – – – – – – – – –

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part VI

On non-Muslims.

2012, July 5th Abstracted “AFP”: Kashmir, Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman Zahid Ali: “Some tourists, mostly foreigners, are in short miniskirts and other objectionable dresses, which is against the local ethos and culture and is not acceptable to civil society, Guests are supposed to respect the sentiments of the host [community]. For simple monetary benefits, no nation can compromise on its morality and customs and endanger future generations. We ask the authorities not to encourage cultural aggression against Kashmiri Muslims and remain vigilant against elements who promote vulgarity and other immoral activities.” Comment: Okay, I can go along with that. So when Muslims visit the west they should shed their burkhas etc. and wear short skirts and crop-tops. I’m looking forward to hear Jamaat-e-Islami promulgate that! As ever the usual hypocrisy, “respect” is a one-way street for Islam, it must be given to Muslims, but never by them.

2012 July 8th. Sheik Farook al-Mohammedi: “Today as I breathe the air of our newly founded Islamic State of America before my trip this week to Eurabia I leave behind me an Internationalist Islamic Ideology which will be the future of America and Europe Inshallah. None will resist, you will [all] submit! Islam will conquer … all christiandom [sic], this is a definite reality. Every government has surrendered to the Revived Global Caliphate and those nations who resist will be placed under a police state within their realm…. The Dhimmis [i.e. non-Muslims] have no empire and no right to rule anywhere in the world. [The] Earth belongs to us, all of it.” Comment: A typical attitude towards non-Muslims, expressed in plain language. Sadly he is not far wrong when he says “ Every government has surrendered to [Islam]”.

2012, July 16th. Canadian Islamic street preacher Al-Hasshim Kamena Atangana: “The reason … these sex attacks are continuously happening is because [of] Canadian laws, which give too much freedom to women (when it comes to how they dress). You [non-Muslims] should take your example from the way Muslim women dress Why does sic) Muslim women who wear long dress and covers her head aren’t targeted for sex attacks? The reason … a woman gets raped is because of the way she [dresses], Toronto [should become] the first city in North America to introduce laws that would make it illegal for women to dress provocatively. If [women] want to prevent being sexually assaulted, they should cover themselves.Comment: Thus in his eyes rape is the fault of the victim, since a (Mussal)man can’t be expected to control his lust unless a woman looks like a (full) bin-bag. What a “rubbish” attitude to women is on display here and it isn’t as if rape does not occur in Muslim Countries either.

2012, July 19th. Indian Mufti Fuzail-Ul-Rehman: “Instead of performing voluntary service at the gurdwara as penance for crimes committed by the Taliban, he should have offered prayers to [Allah] following Islamic tenets. Moreover, offering penance for the deeds of the Taliban has no meaning, such activities not only malign the image of the Muslim community, but also hurt their religious sentiments.” Comment: So if Muslims commit crimes against Kaffirs (in this case mass-murder at the Golden Temple) then don’t offer a penance to the Kaffir, offer prayers of thanks to Allah. Such a penance has “no meaning” because the acts are sanctioned by Islam anyway and thus it is demeaning to Islam and hurtful to Muslims to apologise for “halal” acts. Or am I being overly cynical?

2012, July 23rd. Abstracted Jihad Watch: Egyptian Salafi Dr. Yassir al-Burhami, has just issued a fatwa, published in the “Voice of the Righteous Salaf,” forbidding Muslim taxi-drivers and bus-drivers from transporting Coptic priests to their churches, which he depicted as “more forbidden than taking someone to a liquor bar.Comment: never help the non-Muslim, it’s so un-Islamic.

On Islamic Supremacy

2012 July 6th. Abstracted ANI: Islamabad: “[Foreign] Non-Government Organisations in Pakistan’s Kohistan district have suspended their activities, and would not resume their work unless the region’s administration guarantees their security. The move came after clerics in Kohistan refused to reverse their ‘final edict’ against NGOs operating in the area, describing their activities as ‘haram’. The local ulema had called the authorities to immediately revoke the NGOs’ no-objection certificates. Over 150 ulema from the northern district had earlier accused the NGOs of conspiring against Islam, the ulema and local customs and decided that any funding for development schemes in the district, must come through the government.” Comment: This is actually al-Wara wal-Bara (“Love and hate for the sake of Allah”) in action. Non-Muslim aid is forbidden – even if to do so will cause suffering.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2012, June 23rd. Jordanian Cleric Riyadh al-Bustanji: “What motivates me to visit here [Gaza] time and again is the fact that on the first day that I entered Gaza I was met by a child of Gaza. The Islamic world in its entirety was yearning to see the children of Gaza, to embrace them, and to kiss them. When I met this child, I embraced him, kissed him, blessed him, and said to him: “I pray to Allah that He will make you know the Koran by heart.” He looked at me, and said: “I already know the entire Koran by heart. Pray to Allah that I may meet Him as a martyr [i.e. terrorist] on the land of Jerusalem.” No matter what I have done in the service of Islam, I am dwarfed by that child. This is no child – this is one of the giants of our times. I was dwarfed by that child. Although not yet ten years of age, he knows the Koran by heart, and he wishes to meet Allah as a martyr on the land of Jerusalem. Today, when we entered the home of our leader and Emir, Ismail Haniya – may Allah preserve him – I said to his wife: “Tell the women of Gaza that I have brought my daughter to Gaza, so that she can learn from the women of Gaza how to bring up her children on Jihad [and] martyrdom-seeking”. Comment: Normal people want their children to grow up, Muslims it seems want them to blow up (whilst committing murder of course). Note also that this implies that children should be used as murder-bombers.

2012, July 4th. Abstracted from “Michigan Live”: “ALLEGAN, MI – The city of Allegan said it shut down a controversial speaker [Kamal Saleem] over safety concerns, not the content of an alleged former Muslim terrorist’s speech. Police Chief Rick Hoyer shut down the event after police received information that Saleem was the subject of death threats from Muslim extremists with a $25 million bounty on his head under a Fatwa. “(The city) learned this information immediately before the event began,” attorney Thomas Meagher wrote … “Several other activities were taking place at the school at the time of the event. After learning of the death threats and significant bounty, overriding safety concerns – not the subject matter of the speech – compelled a decision that the event should not go forward.” The attorney said federal courts have held that police are protected on qualified immunity grounds [in cases in which people were] deprived [of] First Amendment rights “where the officer faced a situation he reasonably believed could have escalated into violence.” Comment: How to stifle criticism in one easy lesson. Make the Authorities so fearful of your violence – jihad – that they do the job for you. Thus “stealth-jihad” (or, more precisely,“hand-jihad”) takes another step towards making the USA fully Shariah compliant. (This sort of thing happens in UK/Europe too, btw.)

2012, July 18th. Categories: Jihad and homophobia. Translation of YouTube fatwa: “[Sword] Jihad comes first, for it is the pinnacle of Islam, and if the pinnacle of Islam can only be achieved through sodomy, then there is no wrong in it. And if obligatory matters can only be achieved by performing the prohibited, then it becomes obligatory to perform the prohibited, and there is no greater duty than jihad. After he sodomizes you, you must ask Allah for forgiveness and praise him all the more. And know that Allah will reward the jihadis on the Day of Resurrection, according to their intentions. And if your intention, Allah willing, is for the victory of Islam, and not the pleasure from sodomy, then Allah will place you in paradise after your death…” Comment: I almost started a new category for this one called “The Utter hypocrisy of Islam”. Not only does Islam frequently plumb the lowest depths of depravity (e.g. fooling children into being suicide bombers) it also plumbs the depths of hypocrisy too. Once again a real Muslim tells us that killing people is “the pinnacle of Islam”, not that the PC brigade would ever listen. We all know (or should know) that Islam and many Muslims hate gays and kill them – when it can; but here we find out that it’s okay to indulge in homosexual acts – with the proviso that it’s all in the name of Jihad.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

2012, July 5th. Abstracted “Mail Online”: In an attack that took place on June 25th, An Egyptian group calling themselves ‘Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Authority’ modelled on the “morality Police” concept have claimed responsibility for the Murder of a an Egyptian Engineering student they caught walking with his fiancée. The group demanded they go their separate ways because they were not married and walking together was contrary to Shariah. The young man declined, thus “insulting” the Islamists, who responded by fatally stabbing him in the left thigh (severing the femoral artery). Comment: thus if you don’t abide by Shariah, you can be killed.

2012, June 27th. Saudi Shite Cleric Nimr Al-Nimr: “Where is [Crown Prince] Nayef’s army now? Will it protect him from the Angel of Death? Where are his intelligence agencies? Where are his officers? Can they protect him from the Angel of Death? He will be eaten by worms and suffer the torments of Hell in his grave. Why doesn’t a king retire when the time comes? Must the Angel of Death come to take his soul? Nayef did not retire, so the Angel of Death had to take his soul to rid us of him. …Allah be praised! May He take their lives, one after the other – the Saud, Khalifa, and Al-Assad dynasties.” Comment: Ah, the heart-warming expressions of brotherly love between Sunni and Shia. It’s obviously a match made in (the Islamic) heaven.

2012, July 10th. Comment: when Muslims persecute and murder non-Muslims it’s always the victims’ fault, even if the victims are just the “wrong sort” of Muslim.

2012, July 27th. Abstracted “Bianet”. Turkey’s Supreme Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday in a case against an NGO building “cem houses” [places of worship for Turkey’s Alevi minority] ‘that no place other than a mosque or a masjid could be recognized as a house of worship’ in the verdict that it passed through a majority vote.” Comment: although the case was originally brought against a particular organisation, the Court widened the case to de-legitimise all non-Muslim places of worship in Turkey. So much for “secular” Turkey.

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012, June 28th. Moroccan cleric Abdallah Al-Nhari: “Someone who accepts such a thing [sex outside wedlock] for his wife or sister – what is he called? A dayouth [someone who is not jealous for his womenfolk]. What is the punishment for a dayouth in Islamic law? Whoever has no zeal – kill him. A dayouth is denied entrance to Paradise. Comment: So it’s not enough just to kill adulterers and whip fornicators, if someone isn’t zealous about enforcing those punishments they should be killed for a lack of Islamic zeal. And people wonder why 95% of ‘honour ‘murders are committed by Muslims.

2012, July 6th. Update to previous story on this. Abstracted from Reuters report: CAIRO (Reuters) – An Egyptian Islamist politician [Ali Wanees] will face trial on public indecency charges after being caught in a compromising sexual act with a young woman in a parked car [in June]. He is a member of the Salafi al-Nour party, which advocates a strict interpretation of Islam and prohibits sex outside marriage. The woman has been in police custody since then but Wanees was released because he had parliamentary impunity. However he no longer has that protection, after the parliament was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Constitutional Court last month. Wanees denied the accusations at the time, saying the woman was his relative and he was only trying to wake her up after she suffered from an ailment which he did not specify. Reports said he was caught with the [fully veiled] woman on top of him. Comment: Partial hit-tip to the Egyptians on this one, at least Wanees ill be prosecuted along with the young woman, but note that whilst she has been in custody ever since the “crime”, Wanees has not been re-incarcerated following his being charged. Thus there is still inequality at work here. Also: can anyone tell me what sort of “ailment” a woman has to suffer from so that to “wake her up” she has to be bounced up and down on top of a man?

2012, July 7th. Abstracted Al-Arabiya News: Morocco. ‘Three prominent conservative clerics have publicly backed a death threat against a journalist who supported a call by Moroccan human rights activist Khadija Riyadi to decriminalize sex outside of marriage. Imam Abdullah Nahari then made a YouTube video condemning the Journalist and calling for his murder. Abu Hafs, Omar al-Heddouchi and Hassan al-Kettani, the three most prominent clerics of the Salafists in Morocco, all spoke out in support of Nahari on their Facebook pages late Thursday. “The arrogance of the secularists has become intolerable,” said Kettani. He “tells the world he would let his family sin and is then denounced by a sheikh and then it is the latter who is threatened with prison?”’ Comment: Public support for incitement to murder by three Clerics i.e. hate-preach, and the idea that a man must not “let” his family sin, presumably by any means necessary. Is this a back-handed endorsement of ‘honour’ crime?

2012, July 13th. U.K. Imam Haitham al-Hadadwas asked at what age Muslim girls should be married. Here is his reply: “There is no particular age but, as you know, the earlier the better, especially for girls, but you have to be careful of legal issues. There are many laws in the Country [U.K.] here that are anti-Islamic, not Muslim [or] Islamic laws. So if there is a way to live and avoid those anti-Islamic laws and provided you don’t put [i.e. get] yourself into trouble, you should go for that choice. … Normally the younger the better, the younger is the better but you have to take into consideration the legal side. Comment: al-Hadad is clearly supporting illegal child marriage here. He is also calling laws that do not conform to Shariah “anti-Islamic/Muslim” and telling the questioner that if he can break the law (without getting caught) he should do so (if doing so is “Islamic”), thus al-Hadad sees Muslims as above the Law of the land.

2012, July 19th. According to a “Barnabus fund” website article : Egypt. A charitable childrens’ heart surgery hospital that treats children (irrespective of sex, colour, creed or any other differentiating factor) set up by Sir Magdi Habib Yacoub (who not only supports it from his charitable trust but flies out to perform surgery on patients) is threatened (literally) with closure by Islamists who object to the Hospital being run by a Christian. Comment: This is an example of Islamic doctrine of al-Wara wal-Bara (“love and hate for the sake of Allah”) in action. Because Islam teaches Muslims to hate non-Muslims and all their works, in the eyes of the Islamists it is preferable for people (inc. children) to die rather than receive any treatment from Kaffirs.

On anti-Semitism.

2012, June 20th. Palestinian’ Sheik Yunis Al-Astal: “Allah punished the Israelites many times throughout history. He punished them by means of the Assyrians and the Babylonians. He punished them by means of the Companions of the Prophet in the Arabian Peninsula, at Al-Madina, and at Khaybar. He punished them by means of the Germans [i.e. the holocaust], and before that by means of the Romans. Today, it is the turn of the Islamic nation to punish them once again.” Comment: Again we have a “blame the victims” mentality towards Jews and a call for the “Islamic nation” to “punish” – i.e. to attack – them again – in the manner of Khaybar one presumes.

2012, June 29th. Un-named Qatari Preacher: “A gang of Jews incited the Arabs and other people against the Prophet Muhammad. That’s the Jews for you – they are always like parasites, living off others, rather than striving for self-improvement.” Comment: you have to admit the man’s sense of irony here, but as ever what we see is raving anti-Semitism.

2012 July 24th. Abstracted “Daily Caller: “CASABLANCA, Morocco. It’s not every day that an Arab government is forced to apologize for publicly embracing a pro-Palestinian peace activist. But Ofer Bronchtein’s peculiar offence is that he’s a Jew. The latest uproar came after Moroccan newspapers showed photographs of Bronchtein, a former adviser to the late Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, smiling with Islamist Justice and Development Party leaders including Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane. The episode reached its climax Monday as PJD’s own supporters forced the party to apologize for inviting Bronchtein to the party’s conference. Comment: Note what this means. It does not matter how pro-Islam/Muslim you are, you are still to be hated and shunned if you are a Jew. There is a lesson here for the rest of us Kaffirs too.

On homophobia.

2012, July 19th. Abstracted “BikyaMasr”: “Malaysia’s government, Prime Minister Najib Razak [said] ‘ Anything that is against the religion [Islam] including pluralism and homosexuality, will not be tolerated.’ Deputy Minister Mashitah Ibrahim [added] A series of rehabilitation and treatment courses will also be given to Muslims who have deviated from societal norms, while Jakim and Jain have conducted a Mukhayyam program with repented transsexuals to obtain positive feedback from them.’” Comment: another ‘modern’ Islamic Country treating LGBT people as deviants who will not be tolerated.

On Islamic Politics. Comment: normal methods of “discourse and debate” in Muslim politics?

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012, July 8th. Abstracted “Gulf News: A spokesperson for the Central Bank of Abu Dhabi said: ‘We apply the provisions of Islamic Sharia in this regard. Mothers are legal guardians and trustees [but] they are not custodians or natural guardians, … The UAE is a Muslim country. Only fathers can open bank accounts for their children as they are their natural guardians or custodians.” Riyad Kirdasy a legal expert added: ‘If the father is dead, the custodians are either the uncle, the grandfather or the brother from their father’s side.’ Comment: see how it is “unnatural” for mothers to be the guardians of their children under Sharia? Only males of the family can be guardians of children in the Islamic system. Once again womens’ second class status is shown.

2012, July 11th. Abstracted “Mohabat News”: “The legal affairs committee of the Majles, the Iranian parliament, has told the press that they regard the law that prohibits girls below the age of 10 from being married off to be ‘un-Islamic and illegal‘. According to recently released statistics, in the past few weeks over 75 female children under 10 were forced to marry much older men. In [other] cases, bride and groom were both under 14. Conservative law-maker and spokesperson for the Majles committee Mohammad Ali Isfenani said: “Before the revolution girls under 16 were not allowed to marry. Parents determined to get around the law would often tamper with their daughter’s birth certificate. Under the previous constitution, people were legally regarded as adults when they were 18. After the revolution the age at which children were regarded as going through puberty [i.e. become notionally adult] was lowered to 9 for girls and 15 for boys. As some people may not comply with our current Islamic legal system, we must regard 9 as being the appropriate age for a girl to have reached puberty and qualified to get married. To do otherwise would be to contradict and challenge Islamic Sharia law.” Comment: This follows directly from Mohammed’s example in having sexual relations with nine year-old Aisha.

On Slavery

2012, July 16th. Abstracted “Al-Arabiya”: “Wealthy Arab tourists from Gulf countries are paying money to purchase under-age Egyptian girls as “summer-brides”, the marriages … end when the men return to their home countries [and] are facilitated by the girls’ parents who profit from the transaction [which ranges] from anywhere between $495 and $4,950.The young victims are then forced to serve as sex slaves as well as servants to their husbands. In many cases, the family agrees to marry their daughter without her consent, but often the girls are willing participants as they see it as the only way to help provide for their families. In some cases the men take the Egyptian girls back to their home country to work as “maids” for their first wives. Girls who stay in Egypt … often become ostracised by society and find it difficult to re-marry, particularly if the “summer marriage” resulted in a child. Many of the young women end up in a cycle of temporary marriages with Gulf tourists, and others are targeted by Egyptian men who marry them in order to force them into prostitution. [Many “summer children” are abandoned] out of shame, either to orphanages or by leaving them to join the hundreds of thousands of street children that already exist in Egypt. Comment: This “summer marriage” is legal under (Shia) Shariah as “Muta-Nikah” (i.e. a “pleasure sex-contract”). Here we see sex-slavery and (later) prostitution alive and well in the Middle East and Egypt. Al-Arabiya omits to point out that the “maids” will still be sex-slaves.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these attitudes! … Do they?

2012, July 23rd. Abstracted “Emirates 24/7”: “A restaurant’s food delivery man tried to rape a housewife … [who] wriggled out of his grip and managed to run away. … At 12.30pm police arrested the accused from the restaurant. Confronting him with the accusation, the accused confessed to the accusation and said that he was tempted as the woman was wearing inappropriate dress when she opened the door. When he entered the flat … he saw inappropriate pictures on a computer that tempted him more.” Comment: So that’s what happened. It’s all her fault for dressing “inappropriately” – must not have been fully Burkha’d and that poor poor man was just soooo tempted by the sight of, I dunno, ankle? wrist? he couldn’t restrain hisself. As ever in Islam, blame the victim not the perpetrator.

2012, July 24th. Abstracted “Express Tribune”: Pakistan. Muhammad Anser stands accused of having sold his 12-year-old sister to his two brothers-in-law for Rs20,000. The two men sexually assaulted [i.e. raped] the child and forced her to do their household chores. The girl escaped detention and arrived home in Solwe Awan village a couple of days ago. The girl’s mother said her son had earlier sold her for Rs30,000 to a man in Gujranwala a year ago. “He wanted me to marry the man but I never signed the marriage deed. I fled as soon as I found the chance to do so,” she said. Comment: Slavery Islamic style strikes again. I suppose we should be grateful that Anser waited until his sister was as old as 12, I’m sure sex-slavery must be legal in Islam from age 9.

2012, July 26th. Abstracted “Express Tribune: LAHORE: A woman was shot dead on July 20 by her brother, a police constable, for not withdrawing a case registered against him in April. Background: Her brothers objected to her wearing trousers and riding a motorcycle, so to make their point to her warned her then beat her with clubs. To their amazement she filed a case against them and even more astoundingly wouldn’t withdraw it when told to do so, so her brother shot her dead. Comment: I’d call this misogyny, but that’s unfair. It’s just Islam’s attitude to women.

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012 July 13th. Categories: Jihad and anti-Semitism. Jordanian Sheikh Muhammad Abd Al-Qader: “When the Jews sense security and stability, …[they initiate] security, economic, and political enterprises. They build sky-scrapers. That time, [their punishment] will be worse, and [their enemies] will “visit with destruction all that fell into their power.” In other words, the Muslims will destroy these security and economic enterprises, as well as these buildings, until not a single Jew can hope to remain on this sacred land, and until not a single Jew living outside this sacred land can hope to come here. That is the path – the path of fighting and of martyrdom-seeking…this will happen soon, because when you examine the state of the Islamic nation, you see that it had been tamed by oppressive rulers for 70 years, who threatened people’s livelihoods, imprisoned them, killed them, and so on, but these Islamic peoples have begun to understand their duty toward this land [Israel]. Look at these Jihadist movements, like Hamas and others. We have heard brother Abu Abed [Ismail Haniya] say: “We shall never recognize Israel, and we shall work toward the liberation of Palestine in its entirety, from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea.” This is what happened when the Palestinian cause became alive in the souls of its people. A cause is sustained in people’s hearts by means of blood. Just as a plant derives its life from water, and the more you water that plant, the more it will take root in the depths of the earth, and shoot its branches up to the sky, thus the people of Palestine shed their blood, and when this blood boils, and the veins explode, the people become more inspired and motivated to fight them. Therefore, this is the path. The Jihadist operations the martyrdom operations constitute the path to which Allah guides us.” Comment: here we have a call to exterminate Jews from Israel using jihad (i.e. terror and war). Note that Al-Qader identifies terrorist organisations “like Hamas and the others” as “ Jihadist movements”, thus equating terror and Jihad. From the mouths of babes and sucklings – and Sheikhs it seems.

2012, July 25th. Categories: Islamic tolerance, treatment of Muslim women. Abstracted “Midi Libre: “Police in the south of France have launched an investigation after a Muslim woman claimed she was beaten up twice in one evening by seven men in Viviez for attending a party during Ramadan. The young woman, originally from Morocco, was driving home from the party on Friday night when two other cars trapped hers. According to her report the men beat her up before driving off without saying anything. After they had left, the woman drove home. Shortly afterwards, she headed towards the local police station to report the attack. On her way to the station, the seven men tracked her down again and assaulted her a second a time. The men issued threats and said: “You are a bad Muslim”, and “you bring shame to Islam because you went to a party on a day of Ramadan.” Comment: Saudi style “Religious Police” at work in France? Again we see the tolerance of Islam and how highly Islam ‘honours’ women.

Mostly for laughs.

Its not all doom and gloom in the Dar-ul-Islam. Some things are just too funny for me to ignore …

2012, July 21st. You may recall the incident of the Egyptian Salafi Sheikh Ali Wanees arrested whilst “helping” his (purported) sick niece by bouncing her up-and-down on his lap in a parked car. Initially he couldn’t be arrested since Egyptian M.P.s have immunity. However parliament was disbanded by the Supreme Court and thus he lost his immunity and was arrested and tried. Abstracted “YNet”: “An Egyptian court sentenced an ultraconservative former lawmaker and cleric to a year in prison for public indecency on Saturday, after police said they found him fondling a woman on his lap in a parked car at night. The court also sentenced him to six months in prison for contempt of the police. The police report claims Wanees called the officers “sons of dogs” when they knocked on his window asking to see his license and registration. The ultraconservative cleric’s whereabouts are unknown [i.e. he’s now on the run!]. [This case] is especially embarrassing for Salafis, who advocate the segregation of unrelated men and women. Comment: Apart from the “Doh!” factor it points up two things: one – good news, Egyptian courts are still, at present, independent; two – yet another case of hypocrisy amongst Muslims/Islam.

– – – – – – – – – –

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part VII

On non-Muslims.

2012, Aug.5th Abstracted “The Malaysian Insider”: YAN. The Islamic Religious Council in the states can take action against non-Muslims for trying to spread their faith among Muslims in the country. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharum said this can be done based on existing enactments that prohibit non-Muslims from doing so. “Distribution of reading materials and in the form of audio [or] video is disallowed as it will lead to dissatisfaction of Muslims,” he said at Yan Hospital here today. Jamil said the case of a man who was fined and jailed in Pahang in 2002 for trying to spread his faith to Muslims should serve as a lesson to non-Muslims. Comment: Malaysia is supposed to be a “tolerant” Muslim society, yet it seems that it’s tolerance is defined in terms of a Dhimmitude contract for non-Muslims. Muslims can proselytise freely, non-Muslims are forbidden to do so. Yet again, one rule for Muslims, another for non-Muslims in the Islamic state.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2012, July 12th. Egypt. Al-Azhar Cleric Hashem Islam Ali Islam: “I say to people who object to martyrdom operations [suicide bombings] that martyrdom operations [suicide bombings] are among the deeds most pleasing to Allah. They constitute a religious duty in this day and age.” Comment: what is really significant here is that Ali-Islam is a University “Professor”. This isn’t some “fringe wack-job cleric” as some might term many such hate-preachers, but someone holding a position in Islam’s foremost (religious) University. Thus we can definitely take it that his views are “mainstream” in orthodox Sunni Islam.

2012, Aug 6th. Abstracted AFP report. Mali armed groups using hundreds of child soldiers who have been forced into armed groups in northern Mali, some serving as soldiers and others used as sex slaves, rights campaigners told reporters Sunday. “We have several hundred children aged between 9 and 17 years old within the ranks of the Islamists who control northern Mali,” said Mamoud Lamine Cisse, president of a Malian child rights coalition. “After investigations, we have corroborating information that these children are used as soldiers, minesweepers, scouts, spies, messengers, look-outs, cooks and sexual slaves in the case of young girls,” Cisse told journalists. The Islamists, who have controlled the vast desert north of Mali for four months, recently told AFP they were ‘recruiting’ children of “all ages” throughout the Sahel “to fight in the name of God.” The Islamists have enforced strict sharia law, whipping smokers and drinkers and last week stoned an unmarried couple to death. In the city of Gao on Sunday, residents intervened to prevent their Islamist rulers from chopping off the hand of a thief. Members of Ansar Dine, another Islamist group, have destroyed ancient Muslim tombs and other World Heritage sites in Timbuktu because they consider them idolatrous. Comment: young girls as sex-slaves, courtesy of Mohammed’s examples with Aisha and women captured in his murderous attacks.

2012, Aug. 16th. Abstracted “Arutz Sheva”: The army of Islam the Salafist terror organisation behind the Sinai attack on an Egyptian border post has said, “No one will condemn the people of Sinai if they react with a car bomb in the heart of Cairo, The Muslim Brotherhood has begun persecution, led by the agent (Egyptian President Mohammed) Morsi. Things are moving rapidly. Washington tells Morsi it will help him defend Sinai … The United States is entering Sinai on the back of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Comment: The MB wants a global Caliphate, but is prepared to use (generally) non-violent means, so along comes a more orthodox group who believe in following Mohammed more closely who will kill MB people for not being “Muslim enough”. As with Islamists, so with fleas: “big fleas upon there backs have little fleas to bite ’em, little fleas have smaller ones and so add infinitum.” Just as you can never plumb the full depths of depravity of Islam, so you can never reach the full extent of “extremism” (i.e. orthodoxy) in Islam.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

2012, June 31st. Abstracted “Asia News”: “Karachi – At least 11 nurses, including three Christians, were poisoned at Civil Hospital Karachi for eating during Ramadan. During their afternoon break yesterday, the 11 nurses went to the hostel cafeteria for some tea and food. Rita, a Catholic nurse, collapsed first after drinking her tea. Now all the nurses are in the hospital’s intensive care unit, some in very serious conditions. In Pakistan, eating in public during the Muslim month of fasting is illegal. For Muslims, fasting is compulsory. However, hospital workers and travellers are exempt.

Civil Hospital Karachi staff is made up mostly of Muslims who do not tolerate their non-Muslim colleagues eating during Ramadan. In the wake of the incident, hospital officials have opened an inquiry to find the culprits. Comment: firstly in a non-Muslim Country attempting to poison multiple people would be attempted mass-murder not just an “incident”, thus the attempted murder inquiry would be a Police matter not a hospital one. Second, we see here the “tolerant” face of Islam yet again and (third) how utterly despicable to harm those dedicated to saving life – once again Muslims plumb the depths of depravity.

2012, Aug. 15th. From Egyptian Jihadi group El Fegr’s website: (translated Aina): “An Urgent and Important Notice, we call on all brothers and sisters to kill or physically attack the enemies of the religion of Allahthe Christians in all of Egypt’s provinces, the slaves of the Cross, Allah’s curse upon them” The website promise a monetary reward for whoever helps “achieve Allah’s rights against his enemies.” Feeling safe under the new regime, the usual cryptic language is dropped, as the website names contact points and even a mosque, Sheikh Ahmed Mosque in Kasfrit, where those interested should rally “after Friday prayers where new members to the organization will be welcomed.” These assaults has been called until Egypt’s Christians “return to the truth,” a reference meaning that Egypt’s Christians must either embrace Islam or, alternatively return to the truths of the religion, which holds that Christians must embrace their subhuman dhimmi status (Koran 9:29). Both forced conversions and dhimmi status for Christians are a regular feature of Egypt’s landscape, past and present.

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012 June 26th. Muslim brotherhood spokesman Kamal Helbawy: “These criminals, with the administration, their system, and their institutions – the Pentagon, the White House, the CIA, Homeland Security, the FBI, and others… They are all criminals, planning the killing of people, young and old, planning to kill the revolutions in their cradle. They deceive all parties. They have defended that criminal and plundering state of Israel. We should not fear America or whoever is behind America. We fear none but Allah. If we use the capabilities at our disposal properly, America will be brought to its knees, and will be defeated like the Soviets in Afghanistan. This is no difficult task for Allah. Comment: the “revolutions” he speaks of are the revolutions of the ‘Arab Spring’ which Obams et al did so much to facilitate. Now that the secularists like Mubharak, ben Ali etc. are out of power and Islamists are in power we can see precisely how much gratitude the Islamists will have. This should be expected from al-Wara wal-Bara.

2012, June 31st. Abstracted “The”/AFP. Northern Mali: Sanda Abou Mohamed, A spokesman for the ruling Islamist group Ansar Dine says a couple who had an adulterous relationship were executed by being stoned to death this weekend in the town of Aguelhok in accordance with Shariah law. This was independently verified by a resident of the northern city of Kidal, who had spoken to witnesses in nearby Aguelhok, said the man and woman were buried up to their necks, then pelted with stones until they died earlier Sunday. The resident requested anonymity because he feared for his safety. Comment: Shariah law in action, violent, vicious and barbaric.

On anti-Semitism.

2012, July 28th. Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum: “The visit [of Ziad Al-Bandak to Auschwitz] helped Israel to spread the lie of the Holocaust, and does not serve the Palestinian cause. It has been clearly proven that the Israeli narrative [of the Holocaust] is fraudulent. [The Israelis] exaggerate what happened in order to garner international sympathy, which for years has come at the expense of the Palestinians.” Comment: this would be funny were it not indicative of the Palestinian fantasy world where any admission that Jews have or do suffer in any way is “Verboten” – only Palestinians are (perpetual) victims and “the Jews” their oppressors.

2012 Aug. 1st. Pakistani Cleric Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai: “When the last Jew will be killed from this world, then peace would be established in the world.” Comment: As usual everything is the Jew’s fault! (Every war, suicide bombing, truck bombing, ‘honour’ killings, etc. all the Jews’ fault.)

2012, Aug. 3rd. Egyptian Cleric Sallah Sultan (friday sermons): “I travel all over the world, and I met supporters of Al-Aqsa, the prisoners, of Jerusalem, and of Palestine – people who thirst for the blood of the Jews, and who are eager for the promised war against the sons of Zion, until Palestine is liberated in its entirety. …Under the previous [Egyptian] regime over 30,000 Zionists entered Egypt every month, defiling its land. The Egyptian police were forced to protect them, while they were getting drunk and picking fights . … There was a great scandal, when [alleged Israeli spy] Misrati and some Jews entered Egypt, in order to commit all kinds of crimes here: counterfeit dollars, taking photographs of military bases, girls with AIDS seducing young Egyptians in order to infect them, and the vilest act of all – for the price of one Egyptian pound Misrati and his gang would seduce young Egyptian boys from Cairo, Alexandria and Upper Egypt. They took young children who did not know any better and sodomized them.” Comment: Typical hate-preach from the Mosque, it’s so common that it’s “de jeur” in the Dar-ul-Islam and increasingly in the West too.

2012, Aug. 7th. Hizbullah MP General (ret.) Walid Sakariya: “My analysis is the following: If Iran becomes a nuclear state, the entire equation in the Middle East will change. … This nuclear weapon is meant .. to finish off the Zionist enterprise, and to end all Israeli aggression against the Arab nation.” Comment: Will any politician in the West believe this man? Of course not! He makes it plain that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons with which to attack and destroy Israel. And that would not fit the Western “narrative” on the Middle East, now would it.

2012, Aug. 13th. Saudi cleric Salman Al-Odeh: “The Holocaust has an historical basis. The problem lies, first of all, in the exaggeration of the Holocaust. It has been turned into a myth of tremendous proportions [and] has been made sacred… Refuting it, or denying it is sometimes a legal offence… It has become, in effect, a sacred historical event… [and it] has become a source for extortion. Through this Holocaust, the Jews began to extort many government worldwide – in Europe and in the US. The Jews even began to perpetrate the same thing themselves against the Palestinian people, carrying out a Holocaust in Gaza and the occupied land. They attack children, women, and the elderly under the pretext of the Holocaust that they are trying to substantiate. The role of the Jews is to wreak destruction, to wage war, and to practice deception and extortion. For thousands of years, the Jews were subject to persecution, deportation, killings, and accusations. Maybe much of this stemmed from their moral values, their treacherous nature, their schemes, and the ploys, which made other nations be wary of them.” Comment: Holocaust denial, Jew-hatred, a failure to appreciate what “The Holocaust” actually was, etc. Odious Odeh is on song here.

2012, Aug. 13th. Saudi cleric Salman Al-Odeh: “It is well-known that the Jews celebrate several holidays, one of which is the Passover, or the Matzos Holiday. I read once about a doctor who was working in a laboratory. This doctor lived with a Jewish family. One day, they said to him: “We want blood. Get us some human blood.” He was confused. He didn’t know what this was all about. Of course, he couldn’t betray his work ethics in such a way, but he began inquiring, and he found that they were making matzos with human blood. They eat it, believing that this brings them close to their false god, Yahweh. This caused a scandal. The same thing would happen in Damascus. As you may know, Naguib Al-Kilani wrote a book titled Blood for the Matzos of Zion. This is the best story he ever wrote. It discusses what would go on in the Jewish neighborhood of Damascus or elsewhere. They would lure a child in order to sacrifice him in the religious rite that they perform during that holiday.” Comment: the blood-libel rears it’s head again. Remember, this sort of (I can’t use the words in a printed document) is mainstream in Islam.

On Islamic Politics.

2012, Aug. 7th. Abstracted “Jakarta Globe”: The run-off between the top two contenders in Indonesia’s Gubernational election is taking on religious overtones… Rhoma Irama (an Islamic religious singer – yes, I know that’s virtually an oxymoron, but he is) told a crowd gathered in a mosque for Ramadan prayers that it was their duty to vote only for Muslims. When challenged on this he replied: ““Was that wrong? I believe in the truth of the Koran and I was simply telling the truth…It is my duty to reveal the truth to the Muslim faithful.” The candidate supported by Irama, incumbent Governor Fauzi Bowo, appeared to support Irama saying, “As clerics, what they are saying is not untrue.” Comment: once again we see Muslims dividing the world into Muslims and non-Muslims. Is it any wonder that so many think that Muslims only ever act to benefit themselves?

2012, Aug. 11th. Egyptian cleric Mahdi ‘Akef: “To hell with anyone who does not accept the Islamic rule that the people want. Why? Because the people should… We are a people who talk about democracy and the rule of the people…It is the people that are imposing it (Islamic rule), not us. They elected Dr. Morsi for the cultural enterprise that he declared, which is based upon Islam… When Morsi presented his cultural enterprise for the revival of Egypt, he did so from an Islamic perspective, not a secular one.” Comment: So, when the Egyptians voted (under religious pressure – see previous articles in this series) for Morsi, who was known to be Muslim Brotherhood and stated that he wanted Islamic rule (never mind that he obfuscated that with other more tolerant, inclusive statements) then “the people” should have known what was coming and if they didn’t – tough. And anyway, it’s what they should have wanted, so they’ll get it, regardless. In a nutshell: the will of the Egyptian people is what the MD says it is.

2012, Aug. 14th. Egyptian Cleric Hashem Islam: “The (anti-Morsi demonstration) planned for August 24 is a par excellence revolution of kharijite apostasy against democracy and freedom. I am currently working on a relevant fatwa. The legitimate president is Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and anyone who goes out (to protest) on August 24 will be (in) revolt against the January 25 Revolution, and will be committing the crimes of hiraba [i.e. unlawful warfare/piracy] and high treason against the country, against Allah, against his messenger, and against the believers. Therefore, I convey the following fatwa to the Egyptian people: Confront these people [the demonstrators], and if they fight you, fight them. Oh people of Egypt, confront these people, and if they fight you, fight them. If some of you are killed by them, you will go to Paradise, and if you kill them, no “blood money” will be warranted, because their killing is permissible. Allah’s mercy and blessings upon you. Comment: Any complaint against the President (Caliph) is treasonous and persons who do so complain can be murdered since such killing is “permissible” (Halal) in Sharia Law. Note also that a “crime” against the Country is a “sin” against Allah/Mohammed/Muslims.

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012, July 10th. Saudi Cleric Sa’d Al-Qa’ud: “[The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) agreement] means the elimination of all types of discrimination against women. In other words, it means complete and total equality between men and women. Allah says: ‘And the male is not like the female…The danger of this agreement lies in its being an international agreement. That means, according to the tyrannical international law, that it supersedes all local constitutions. In fact, dear brothers, this agreement contradicts the so-called democracy. Reading the articles of this agreement, dear brothers, sends shivers down your spine, and makes your hair stand on end, due to its hideous nature. One of the articles in this agreement, dear brothers, [calls for] complete equality between men and women. Any distinction between men and women is eliminated. One of the articles states that when a girl reaches the age of 18, nobody has guardianship over her – not her father, her husband, her brothers, or anyone for that matter. She can act with complete freedom. They say that a girl younger than 18 has the right to decide when she will become sexually active. It means that she can decide when to exercise her right to commit consensual fornication. On the other hand, she does not have the right to marry before the age of 18. Anyone contemplating this agreement knows full well that this is World War III – this time against the family, Muslim and non-Muslim. Anyone who reads this sinful, infidel CEDAW agreement will see clearly that whoever promoted this agreement, followed it, or helped it come into being has renounced Islam and declared war against Allah and His shari’a. Comment: setting aside the nonsense, it is clear that the Cleric does not believe in equality between men and women, though he clearly supports child sex-contracts.

2012, Aug 7th “Steps of the Devil: Denial of Women and Girls’ Rights to Sport in Saudi Arabia”, a devastating report by Human Rights Watch details the profoundly deviant yet tenaciously held religious objections of Saudi clerics to women engaging in sports. Allowing Saudi girls and women to compete would invite them to engage in “immodest movement, aberrant clothing, and performances in front of unrelated males that would lead to immorality and desecration of the purity of the Saudi female, influential clerics insist. They argue that vigorous movement is a threat to the health and honour of the “virgin girl.” Comment:presumably the only movement they approve of is between kitchen and bedroom – from age 9 on.

2012, Aug 7th.Saudi Cleric and Academic Dr. Mohammad al-Arifi: “Women practising sports … is fundamentally allowed … but if this leads to mixing with men … or revealing private parts … or men watching her sometimes run, sometimes fall down … sometimes laugh and sometimes cry or quarrel with another female athlete … or mount a horse … or practice gymnastics … or wrestling … or other sports … while the cameras film and the [television] channels broadcast … then there can be no doubt that it is forbidden.” Comment: Remember that the whole of a Muslima’s body is her “private parts”, thus is any part (even an ankle) is exposed she has exposed her “private parts”. In practice, al-Arifi is banning many sports out-right and saying women can only participate in others if only women are watching.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

2012, July 26th. Abstracted “AINA: In Shubra el Khayma, Qaliubya province, Egypt Dr Maher Ghaly [a Christian Doctor] looked out from his window at dawn and asked a group of Muslim Salafis who have a shop in the same building not to fire their weapons in the air in celebration of another day of the Ramadan fast. He explained to them that in his household there are sick persons and children who are greatly disturbed [by gunfire]. Their answer was to shoot at him. One of his eyes was blown away and there is no hope of replacing the cornea in his other eye, the Muslims wanted to break the main building door and go to his flat but were unable to do so. Although the police issued a report, they have done nothing to arrest the culprits. Comment: A dhimmi can’t tell a Mussalman what to do, or else!

2012, June 31st. Abstracted “MSN News”: A group of 150 youths from the “Prophet’s Defenders Council”, some as young as 13 and carrying Samurai swords, sickles and golf clubs raided the “De Most” bar late Saturday, smashing bottles of alcoholic drinks and damaging the property. They shattered the windows and door and smashed bottles, saying they wanted all bars shut “to ensure the month of Ramadan is not tainted”. Twenty-three people, about 1 in 6 of those who carried out the attac,k face charges of damaging property while four are additionally charged with carrying sharp weapons. “It is usual for me and my followers to raid sinful places during Ramadan,” the group’s alleged leader, 33-year-old Habib Bahar was quoted as saying by the news website after the arrests. “They commit sins there. They get drunk so action must be taken,” said Bahar, who was among the arrested. The attackers, some of them wearing white trousers and matching skull caps, arrived on motorcycles and shouted “Allahu Akbar” (our god is Greater) as they entered the bar and forced guests to leave.” Comment: Even if you aren’t Muslim, you must behave like one (especially during Ramadan) under Islam – otherwise “action will be taken” against you.

Is this a growing fashion? This is the second report of Muslims attempting to kill non-Muslim Medics in five days. It doesn’t seem to matter how good and caring you are, if you’re a non-Muslim if you “cross” a Muslim your life is (potentially) forfeit. Let’s remember that this isn’t new, non-Muslim Medics have been killed in several Muslim Countries in recent years – even when they have been totally devoted to caring for sick Muslims.

2012, July 31st. Abstracted “Jihad Watch”: Muslim owner of Santa Monica Shangra-La hotel: “Get the [expletive] Jews out of my pool!” This is response to an event was organised by “Friends of the IDF” to raise funds for Israeli children who had lost their fathers in the IDF. As a result the event was aborted. Comment: If you don’t like Jews/Israel, why host the event? Just to do “hand-jihad” perhaps?

2012, July 31st. Abstracted “BBC News”: The mayor of Gennevilliers (France) who suspended four instructors at a children’s summer camp for observing the Ramadan fast has said he will reinstate them to avoid “controversy” after Muslim leaders denounced the move. The Mayor said their refusal to eat or drink amounted to a breach of contract. “They did not respect the terms of their contract in a way that could have endangered the physical safety of the children they were responsible for,” he said in a statement. The Gennevilliers town hall later issued a statement saying “that in order to avoid increasing tensions, it would drop the clause from contracts for workers at the camp that obliged them to eat lunch for the month of August.” The terms of the instructors’ contract was changed a few years ago after a child was seriously injured in a road accident while travelling in a vehicle driven by a female instructor who was fasting. Comment: although it must have been found that the driver fasting had been at least a contributory factor in the accident (due to low blood-sugar and slowed reactions perhaps), Islamic sensibilities trump Public safety – at least in France. Note also that the Town was forced to bow to implicit threats from its Muslim community.

2012, Aug. 2nd. Extracted “Express Tribune”: HYDERABAD: The courts are one place where the couples, who marry against the will of their families have felt safe in a province which is a hotbed for honour killing. However, the cold-blooded murder of Raheela Sehto on Wednesday, right in front of a sitting bench of Sindh High Court will change that opinion. She was killed by a lawyer, Javed Iqbal Shaikh, who is also her brother. Her family has been trying to kill them both her and her husband ever since they married for love. Her murderer explained his motives: “I did that in rage because she had dishonoured the family.” He also admitted to trying to kill his brother-in-law and regretted that he could not get his hands on him. Comment: no remorse of course. Note the lesson girls: do what the family tells you, or die – and remember your murder is all your fault!

2012, Aug 3rd. Abstracted “The Telegraph”, U.K.: A Muslim man who raped women to “teach them a lesson for being out at night alone” was jailed indefinitely. Sunny Islam, who told the jury he was a practising Muslim, dragged away his victims, including a 15 year-old, at knife-point, then bound, assaulted and raped them. He was convicted of seven charges of rape, one of sexual assault and one of kidnap. Comment: Given that in Islam no woman should be outside the home without a “Mahram” (close male relative she can’t marry) then I’m sure he felt completely justified. Note that again we have a predilection for children rearing it’s ugly head.

2012, Aug. 3rd. Abstracted “Nordbeyern”: Two women, one Jewish, were attacked on Monday evening at swimming baths in Stein. A 23-year-old insulted German of Turkish heritage abused them, sprayed them with tear gas and performed the “Hitler salute” – apparently because of a Star of David on a neck chain of one of the women. The report concludes: “The police are not assuming, despite [the perpetrator’s] Turkish origins, that his behaviour has an Islamic motivation.” Comment: Well of course the Police aren’t assuming that attacking a Jew if you’re Muslim is motivated by Islam! That would be Islamorealistic, err, sorry, I meant “Islamotruthful”, cripes! Darn! Why won’t my fingers spell that word meaning “fearful-of-Islam” (best I can do).

2012, Aug 06th. Abstracted “The News International. Pakistan, Bahwalnagar:A father along with his two sons axed his wife and daughters among four people to death in the name of honour and injured three others in Bahawalnagar, police said. The father along with two sons axed his wife and daughters to death on the suspicion of their relations with neighbours. Comment: As ever, you don’t even need to be guilty of an “honour offence”, suspicion is enough. Koran 4:34: “If you FEAR rebellion …”

2012, Aug. 17th. Extract from a letter sent to Norwegian Politicians by Islamist group in Norway.‘We do not want to be a part of Norwegian society. And we do not consider it necessary either to move away from Norway, because we were born and grew up here. And Allah’s earth belongs to everybody. But let Grønland become ours. Bar this city quarter and let us control it the way we wish to do it. This is the best for both parts. We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.’ Comment: Nice tolerant, inclusive bunch this. But even here they include a bit of Taqiyya: In Islam the earth doesn’t “belong to everybody”, it’s only rightful owners are Muslims. But getting their own Ghetto is a start

2012, Aug. 18th. Part of an exchange between Logan’s warning and American Muslim “Jihadifanclub”: “First we will invite you to Islam or you let Islam rule without any oppression. Then the last alternative is to fight your army.” Comment: At least this US Muslim knows his Islam – and (amazingly) is honest about it.

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012, Aug. 6th. Abstracted “The National”: Categories: On non-Muslims, Status and Treatment of Muslim Women.Tunisian politicians have provoked outrage by debating draft laws that would impose prison sentences for vaguely defined acts of blasphemy and approving wording in the country’s new constitution that says women are “complementary” to men. The clash between the Islamist-dominated interim government and those who fear that rights and freedoms are being eroded is the latest struggle in the battle to redefine Tunisia’s political and cultural landscape. Selma Mabrouk, a member of the centrist Ettakatol party and the parliamentary committee tasked with drafting a new constitution said “[the ruling] seems to break completely with the idea of equality of the sexes”. The panel approved an article to the new constitution under the principle that a woman is a “complement with the man in the family and an associate to the man in the development of the country”. Comment: enter Pakistani-style “blasphemy” laws and exit womens’ rights. Just what the Islamist ordered.

Mostly for laughs.

Its not all doom and gloom in the Dar-ul-Islam. Some things are just too funny for me to ignore …

2012, Aug. 1st. “Mohabat News”: “Ultra-conservative Ayatollah Elm Alhuda, … Imam in the holy city of Mashad [Iran] … says “It is not a sin for a woman to sit on a bicycle saddle, provided she does so indoors or in her backyard. But if she cycles in public …. her movements and posture will lead to corruption and prostitution.” Comment: I had to put this in “Mostly for laughs” it’s so silly; but read “lust” for “corruption” and “rape” for “prostitution” and we get nearer the truth in this morally deformed society. I’m also reminded that in Afghanistan under the Taliban women were shot dead for showing a little ankle whilst riding pillion on their husband’s motorbikes. So perhaps it isn’t really funny after all.

2012, Aug. 13th. Saudi cleric Salman Al-Odeh: “The Jews believe that they have the right to kill anyone who does not adhere to their religion. This is written in the Talmud and some of their holy books.” Comment: Given that Wahhabis seem to think “they have the right to kill” not merely everyone “who does not adhere to their religion”, but everyone who isn’t Wahhabi, this has to class as a “funny”.

– – – – – – – – – –

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part VIII

On non-Muslims.

2012, Aug.20th. Abstracted “Jihad Watch. You may recall in the last part of this series I reported on this via the source Aina. It would seen that some “good Muslims” have acted on it … Salafis murdered the owner of a shoe-store in Asyut, Egypt and Christian Copts in Upper Egypt are under attack, hours after a call for their eradication appeared in the form of leaflets calling on Muslims to kill Copts, specifically naming regions of Upper Egypt. A report tells of how Christians are being beaten, their businesses set on fire and their properties plundered, even as their attackers declare that “any Christian who dares to leave his house will be killed.” As usual, police appear only after all the damage has been done and the Islamists have fled with their booty. Comment: [Sarcasm on] since the Copts aren’t officially under a Dhimmi contract, what else do they expect from good orthodox Muslims? [Sarcasm off]. As a further irony: a scene like this appears in the film “Innocence of Muslims”.

2012, Sept ?. Imam Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti: “All you chooras (a derogatory term for South Asian Christians) must leave here immediately or we will pour petrol on you and burn you alive …You sweepers are only deserving of such treatment. The girl who burnt the Holy Quran has no mental illness and is a normal girl. She did it knowingly; this is a conspiracy and not a mistake. She confessed what she did. They committed this crime to insult us further. This happened because we did not stop their anti-Islam activities before. Last Christmas, they played musical instruments … I warned them but they did not stop.” Comment: Burn a Quran and Muslims are encouraged to commit mass-murder. (Sarcasm on) Mind you those “chooras” are clearly dreadful people, daring to “offend” Muslims by making Music at Christmas, such obviously “anti-Islam”ic activity is utterly disgraceful! (Sarcasm off).

2012, Sept 21st. Abstracted “Indian Express”: A high-powered team investigating the Rimsha Masih ”blasphemy” case [Pakistan] has found the cleric of a [local] mosque Khalid Jadoon Chishti guilty of hatching a conspiracy against Rimsha, and has declared Rimsha as innocent due to lack of evidence. The news of the purported desecration spread like wild fire following which furious locals beat up up Rimsha and her mother. The case took a new turn when a witness said in his statement before the police that Chishti had added some burnt pages of the Holy Quran to execute his plan to expel the Christian community from the locality. Two other witnesses confirmed the statement.Comment: so it’s okay in Islam to set up the “Dhimmis” for expulsion? Of course it is! Mohammed did it. Using a mentally retarded child as a pawn is shocking but not unprecedented. Such children have been used in AfPak as (unwitting) suicide bombers.

2012 Sept. 21st. Abstracted “Today’s Zaman”. Istanbul: an Alevi family who requested a “ramadan drummer” to reduce his volume a bit had their house attacked by a stone-throwing “Allah akbar” Sunni Muslim mob who also burnt down their barn and told them to leave town. The prosecutor in the case has called for heavy penalties (up to 14 years in gaol) against the Alevis for “unjust provocation” of the Sunnis who then attacked them. The largest sentence the prosecutor will countenance against the Sunni mob-members is 6.5 years. Comment: Typical Islamic “justice”. “Provoking” Muslims is a much worse crime than arson injuring people – provided those who are hurt or have their property burnt down are non-Muslims of course.

On Islamic Supremacy

2012, Aug. 21st. According to this report, a Canadian man was arrested for self-defence when assaulted by Islamists for walking a licensed dog in a Public park where an Islamist rally was taking place on “al-Quds day”. Apparently he was being “insensitive” and “inciting a riot” by doing so. Comment: It’s not just Muslims who insist on Islamic supremacy trumping of the legal rights of others.

2012, Aug. 14th. Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: “One of the tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they cannot renounce, is the Islamic Caliphate and the ruling of the world. Yes. The day will come when we will be the masters of the world.” Comment: Can this be the same Muslim Brotherhood that Western Politicians called “largely secular” and “moderate”? Of course it can. And this is closer to it’s true face.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2012, Aug,10th. Hamas Official Ahmad Bahr: “If the enemy sets foot on a single square inch of Islamic land, Jihad becomes an individual duty, incumbent on every Muslim, male or female. A woman may set out [on Jihad] without her husband’s permission, and a servant without his master’s permission. Why? In order to annihilate those Jews. Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, destroy the Americans and their supporters. Oh Allah, count them one by one, and kill them all, without leaving a single one. Comment: a “square inch of Islamic land” would include Spain and Portugal, let’s not forget. Here he gave a call to Jihad to kill every Jew and American – for a start.

2012, Sept. 7th. Palestinian Sheik Muhammad Zaghmout [Asked about the sanctity of blood he replies]: “A Muslim is forbidden from harming a fellow Muslim – taking his life, the honour of his women, or his wealth. Allah deems the destruction of the Ka’ba to be less severe than the killing of an innocent Muslim.” Comment: only Muslim blood is sacred – you can spill as much Kaffir blood as you like (the more the better normally).

2012, September 11th. Note: two attacks on American embassies (Egypt and Libya), with one American killed in the Libyan assault. These are acts of war against America, yet America is busy placating Islam again, rather than asking if Egypt and Libya intended to go to war with America. Update Sept 12th. The death toll has risen to four Americans, one being the Libyan Ambassador Update 14th Sept. According to this source, the Ambassador was raped prior to his murder. The BBC reports the death toll now five Embassies in Yemen and Sudan attacked also, causing two further deaths.

2012, Sept. 13th. Egyptian Salafi leader Assem Abdel Maged: “You can’t judge an incident [assassination of Sadat] from the past with the standards of the present. At the time, using violence was the only means of facing the injustices of Sadat’s regime and its clampdown on opposition … At the time of Sadat, only armed struggle and Jihadist operations offered a way out and we are proud of taking part in this… They all came to the call and kissed the hand of Khaled el-Islambouli who shot Sadat. Several Muslim Brotherhood leaders even performed a gratitude prayer after hearing the news.” Comment: As ever, assassinations, murder, terror etc. all justified under Islam.

2012 Sept 14th. Un-named Libyan Imam: “Oh Muslims, the time has come for us to adopt a firm stance, and to detonate our wrath upon them, with deeds they will not be able to ignore. Let us stab them in their main artery, the secret behind their power. Let us stab them in their economy. The Prophet Muhammad said: “Wage Jihad against the polytheists, using your wealth, your hands, and you tongues. Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians. Oh Allah, destroy the rancorous Christians and the corrupting Jews. Oh Allah, destroy them for they cannot withstand you.” Comment: detonating… wrath” sounds like suicide bombing. Here we have (another) call for the mass-murder of Christians and (of course) the Jews. Note that this preacher equates jihad to terror.

2012, Sept. 18th. Egyptian Salafist cleric Ahmad Fouad Ashoush: “Those bastards who did this film [Innocence of Muslims] are belligerent disbelievers. I issue a fatwa and call on the Muslim youth in America and Europe to do this duty, which is to kill the director, the producer and the actors and everyone who helped and promoted the film. So, hurry, hurry, O Muslim youth in America and Europe, and teach those filthy lowly ones a lesson that all the monkeys and pigs in America and Europe will understand. May Allah guide you and grant you success.” Comment: As ever, kill anyone who criticises Islam. And it seems all Americans and Europeans are now (honorary) “Joos”.

2012, Sept 21st. Syrian Sheikh Abu Mundhir Al-Shinqiti has issued a fatwa in which he approves of the Sept.11th 2012 killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and other U.S. diplomats, and refuted religious arguments raised by some Islamic scholars against such actions. Comment: Two points. (1)Yet another fatwa (religious ruling) supporting the murder of non-Muslims. (2) Al-Shinqiti is part of the opposition to Assad which might just give a flavour of what to expect if Assad is overthrown.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

2012, Aug. 18th. Abstracted and translated Al-Hafiz. [A panel of three Egyptian Imams watch a Muslim tear up and stamp on the Koran. These are their reactions]. Dr. Mahmoud Sha’ban, “Someone like him must receive the punishment he deserves… death! He is an apostate… It is clear from what he says that he is a Muslim, and must be killed as an apostate. … he deserves to be struck by the sword in a public place and as soon as possible …It must be announced and photographed and disseminated among the people, so that all the people may know that … whoever insults it [Koran], receives his punishment from Allah…. The woman who insulted the Prophet, he voided her life! There were ten people at the conquest of Mecca whose lives the Prophet also voided.Sheikh Abdul Mohsin said: “I support the words of Sheikh Mahmoud, that this man must be killed quickly, so he may be an example to others, so that all learn that we have reached a new phase in respecting Islam and the holy sanctity of the Koran and Sunna. This man has become an apostate and must suffer the penalty [for apostasy] in front of the people.” Dr. Abdullah “The issue of killing him is not limited to his being a Muslim and then apostatizing. No, it is known to us from the Sharia that whoever insults the Prophet or tears the Koran, his judgement is death, whether he’s a Muslim or non-Muslim. Do you know what the word ‘void’ [hadr] means? It means it is the right for anyone who meets them to kill them” Comment: insulting the Koran or ol’Mo means death (Whether you’re a Muslim or a non-Muslim. So I suppose this demonstrates Islamic equality at least – everybody gets killed, not just non-Muslims.), apostasy means death. Note also that anyone, not just the state, can carry out this punishment. And Islam is “the religion of peace” – well the grave is peaceful after all.

2012, Sept. 4th. Saudi Sheik Muhammad Al-Madkhalee has issued a fatwa praising the desecration of Libyan Sufi graves and urging Libyan Salafists to do more to clear the North African country of any “taint” of Sufi worship. Comment: It’s not enough to be Muslim, you’ve got to be “Muslim enough”.

2012 Oct. 2nd. Iraqi Sunni Politician Taha Hamid Al-Dulaimi: “When facing the Persian [i.e. Iranian Shia] personality, you have no choice but to use force. They understand nothing but force. They hold force to be sacred, and they worship it. Whenever they are in power, they want you to worship them, but when they are ruled by others who are stronger, they lick their boots to the point of masochism. The Persian personality is characterized by insolence. Obviously, this is not necessarily limited to Persians. An Arab may also have a Persian personality [i.e. may be a Shia]. In addition, one may be Persian without having a Persian personality. There are exceptions to the rule. Not all Persians have a Persian personality. In my view, the Persians constitute a phenomenon, not a race, even though they originated from the Persian race. Comment: Muslims would have us believe that Islam is just “one happy family” of believers. More like one totally dis-functional family, maybe.

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012, Aug. 22nd. Norwegian-Pakistani imam Fayed Sarased Ali Bukhari: “If a person doesn’t fast during Ramadan, he is mocking Islam and if the person is in a muslim state, the authorities must behead him. For a person who doesn’t perform his daily prayers, and is of age and sound mind, the most lenient punishment in an Islamic state is incarceration. In certain schools of law there would be grounds to kill them.” Comment: Not only are apostates from Islam to be killed, but if you aren’t “Muslim enough” you get killed too. What a pieceful religion Islam is.

2012, Sept. 8th. Abstracted “Herald”:Bahraini Sheik Adel Hassan al-Hamad: “Anyone who believes that a church is a true place of worship is someone who has broken in their faith in Allah.” Comment: And there I was, thinking that Muslims, Jews and Chistians were all brothers in “Abrahamic” faiths. Darn, another misconception bites the dust.

2012, Sept 10th. Abstracted NYT: Mali. Aliou Mahamar Touré, Islamic commissioner with Mujao: “We cut their right hand and their left foot, in the city of Gao, at the Place de l’Indépendance We cut all that today. It is not us who ordered this. It is God.” Comment: Another demonstration of the reality of Shariah law.

2012, Sept. 13th. Egyptian Salafi leader Assem Abdel Maged: “All actors and actresses who performed love scenes or talked about having illicit relations or pretended to be married in movies and all other actions that Islam prohibited [should be punished], we will never reassure them at the expense of morals and religious principles. They were the former regime’s tools for distracting the people with sex and drugs so that they would not be aware of the corruption around them. This trend [Shariah compliant films and TV] will only produce art that does not violate Islamic principles or help in promoting vice like films used to do in the past.” Comment: Nothing like the freedom of the Media in the new “secular democratic” Egypt. No, seriously, nothing like it.

2012, Sept, 16th. Egyptian Sheikh Mahmoud Shabaan [on the maker’s of “innocence of the Muslims]: “Those who produced the movie should be tried and killed, nothing less than death is appropriate for those who had insulted the Prophet”. [He also cited actions by Mohammed, his followers and Islamic teachings in support of his declaration This call was echoed by] Sheikh Ahmed Mahlawi who said: “I demand retribution for those who insult the Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, and spilling their blood is a legal duty.” Comment: thus we see that the verdict in Islamic Law is pronounced before the ‘trial’ commences In fact a trial isn’t needed since such murders are a “legal duty”.

2012, Sept 16th. Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami: “This wave of holy rage must turn into a hurricane or a tsunami against the US so that they will refrain from toying with what is holy to the Muslims. They should learn that toying with Islam and with its most honourable prophet is tantamount to playing with a lion’s tail. They will pay a steep price for this. They have already paid for this, and they will pay more.” Comment: Isn’t it odd how often the senior leaders of the “Religion of Peace[TM] call for violence.

2012 Sept 18th. 2012, Muhib Ru’yat Al-Rahman, a senior writer on leading jihadi forum Shumoukh Al-Islam, suggested that Muslims living in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the U.S. slaughter people, and display their decapitated heads along roads with a statement reading: “This is the punishment of those who insult our prophet.” Comment: yet another Muslim telling us that insulting Mohanned/Allah “deserves” death. Any Western Politicians listening? …

2012, Sept. 19th. Indonesian Imam Abu Bakar Bashir: “what happened in Libya can be imitated. If it is defaming Allah and the Prophet [Muhammad], the punishment should be death. [There are] no other considerations.” Comment: Remember how “marvellously moderate” Indonesia is? Note also that this is a blanket statement: anything that defames “Allah and the Prophet” ‘legitimises’ murder.

2012, Oct. 2nd.Egyptian Cleric Wagdy Ghoneim said: “If anyone tells you that he is liberal [Muslim], tell him directly that he is [an] infidel… If they do not repent, the judge must apply the penalty for apostasy.” Comment: In other words “kill all liberal Muslims.”

On anti-Semitism.

2012, July 12th. Released female Hamas Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi: “The mujahid Abdallah Barghouti did a perfect job producing the guitar [containing the bomb], and the results amazed everybody, thanks to Allah. Afterwards, when I took the bus, the Palestinians around Damascus Gate [in Jerusalem] were all smiling. You could sense that everybody was happy. When I got on the bus, I was feeling quite strange, because I had left [the bomber] ‘Izz Al-Din behind, but inside the bus, they [Palestinians] were all congratulating one another. They didn’t even know one another, yet they were exchanging greetings. Let me tell you about the gradual rise in the number of casualties. While I was on the bus and everybody was congratulating one another, they said on the radio that there had been a martyrdom [murder-suicide] attack at the Sbarro restaurant, and that three people were killed. I admit that I was a bit disappointed, because I had hoped for a larger toll. Yet when they said “three dead,” I said: “Allah be praised.” Two minutes later, they said on the radio that the number had increased to five. I wanted to hide my smile, but I just couldn’t. Allah be praised, it was great. As the number of dead kept increasing, the passengers were applauding. They didn’t even know that I was among them. On the way back [to Ramallah], we passed a Palestinian police checkpoint, and the policemen were laughing. One of them stuck his head in and said: “Congratulations to us all.” Everybody was happy, 16 Zionists were killed [in the final death-toll].” Comment: I’m not sure which is worse, the Jew-hatred or the rejoicing at murder. How Muslims can claim that Islam is “moral” escapes me.

2012, Aug. 17th. Egyptian Professor Gamal Zahran: “The elimination of the Zionist entity is beyond debate, and the only question has to do with the circumstances. I believe that the Arab revolutions, which broke out in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen – as well as in Bahrain and elsewhere – generate the peoples’ hope that one day, Jerusalem and Palestine will return to them. So far, the revolutions have not reached the throne of power. It is difficult to transform this hope into reality until these revolutions come to the forefront. We are constantly keeping the memory alive among the younger generations, so that they will realize that the Palestinian cause is an essential one. The hope and the memory will later turn into action. By next year, Allah willing, Israel will be annihilated.” Comment: When the ‘revolutions’ – i.e. Islamisation and control by Islamists – have “the throne of power” then Israel can be annihilated. And note how they keep the hatred going generation to generation.

2012, Aug.26th. Abstracted “Egypt Independant”: the head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, has announced that he will boycott the 8th Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue conference, a three-day event is scheduled to begin on Tuesday. Al-Qaradawi said he opposes any discourse with Jews in principle. A statement from al-Qaradawi’s office last Monday said he took part in the first three conferences, at which only Muslims and Christians participated, but that he refused to attend when Jews began participating. Al-Qaradawi’s stance is supported by a number of Al-Azhar scholars.” Comment: So much for interfaith dialogue – again.

2012, Sept. 7th. Palestinian Sheik Muhammad Zaghmout: “I say to myself, to the Islamic scholars, to the Muslims themselves, and to the viewers all over the world – from north to south, and from east to west: Oh Muslims, unite! Unite! Unite! Unity is the key to your strength, while disintegration will lead to your death… Implement the words of Allah: “Prepare for them what force and steeds of war you can, to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies.” You shall not regain Al-Aqsa and Palestine without preparations, rockets, and guns. You shall not regain Palestine through negotiations, capitulations, kisses, or hugs. The one thing that will restore Palestine to you is Jihad, Jihad, and more Jihad. Any nation that forsook Jihad was humiliated by Allah.” Comment: yet another call to kill Jews.

On Islamic Politics.

2012, Sept 14th. Abstracted “The Hill” – The US embassy in Cairo caught the ruling Muslim Brotherhood being two-faced as the protests were under way earlier this week. The Egyptian group’s Arabic Twitter feed praised the protests (“Egyptians rise to defend the prophet.”), while its English feed expressed support for American staffers. US response to the latter: “Thanks. By the way, have you checked out your own Arabic feeds? I hope you know we read those too.” Comment: Is anyone really surprised by this sort of blatant hypocrisy? Of course Muslims will tell us that they are always honest. Mohammed said “War is deceit.” So when they deceive us? . . . (dots, join them).

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012, Aug. 18th. Egyptian Cleric Abd Al-Rahman Mansour: “Islam instructs a man to beat his wife as a last resort before divorce, so that she will mend her ways, treat him with kindness and respect, and know that her husband has a higher status than her. I say to every husband: Do not rush to beat her whenever a problem arises. Oh servant of Allah, Allah said: “Admonish those of them on whose part you fear disobedience, refuse to share their beds, and beat them.” … A good woman, even if beaten by her husband, puts her hand in his and says: “I will not rest until you are pleased with me.” This is how the Prophet Muhammad taught his women to be. Comment: Another Imam upholds the right of the Mussalman to beat his wives and he also explains how a beaten wife should react. So then girls, now you know how to react when Hubby gives you the beating you so richly deserved.

2012, Sept 10th. Abstracted Daily Mail: British Imam Mohammed Kassamali: ‘If it (child marriage) was not possible, I would have told you straight away… I would love the girl to go to her husband’s house as soon as possible, the younger the better. Under sharia (Islamic law) there is no problem. It is said she should see her first sign of puberty [primarch] at the house of her husband. The problem is that we cannot explain such things (child marriage) if the girl goes tomorrow [to the authorities]. Then there is the under-age thing and if tomorrow the girl … goes and reports it to the police then she will put all of us into problems.’ Comment: There you are you see: it’s just that the British Authorities can’t understand how important is the Allah-given right for Mussalmen to marry girl-children. Let’s remember also that in a marriage the girl’s silence (from under the Burkha of course) is her consent to it (Sahih Bukhari).

2012 Sept. 29th. Abstracted BikyrMasr: Egyptian cleric Yassir Barhami “It is permissible for the girl at the age of 9 or 10 to marry [at primarche]… [the] marriage of a girl would not be a supplement for education [but it is] better to marry a girl young than falling into sin with customary marriage.” Comment: There is nothing new here. Many Islamic Clerics say this (based on the case of Mohammed (54) who “nikah’d” Aisha(9) – i.e. started sexual relations when she was nine years old) and child marriage is common (32% of all marriages in Pakistan apparently). Put simply: this is “normal” Muslim behaviour.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

2012, Sept. 3rd. Abstracted from Kybeline: “Only male traffic wardens are now active in the mosque area in Mallorca’s Palma Pere Garau district. Dornier, the company responsible for the concession, made the decision after various incidents occurred. Female employees were insulted by men who were visiting the mosque, the company said.” Comment: non-Muslim women insulted by Mussalmen, unbelievable (not).

2012, Sept. 4th. Abstracted Emirates 24/7. US: A passenger on a US domestic flight dozed off wearing headphones and awoke to find to find the man had one of his hands inside her shirt touching her breasts and the other in her shorts molesting her. The man was breathing heavily and repeatedly asked the woman to kiss him Following a criminal complaint her assailant Turkish national Bawer was Aksal was charged with sexual abuse. Comment: [irony on]. Outrageous! Disgusting! Disgraceful! That Aksal should be arrested and charged. Just consider the evidence – that whore was wearing a blouse (probably short-sleeved) and shorts. Showing her “Arwah” to a poor innocent Mussalman like that. What did she expect? How could he be expected to control himself? She was only “uncovered Kaffir meat” as the Iman explained! [Irony off] What really worries me is that I suspect the words of my ironic comment aren’t that far off the mark amongst some (male) sections of Islamic society.

2012, Sept 8th. Abstracted “Tribune”: Since 1990 alone, fifty-two people have been extra-judicially murdered on charges of blasphemy. Among the 52 people extra-judicially murdered for being implicated in blasphemy charges, 25 were Muslims Of the 27 non-Muslims, 15 were Christians, five were Ahmadis, one was Buddhist and one was Hindu. Comment: These people were all murdered by Muslim mobs “inflamed with religious fervour”, for whom accusation equals proof.

2012, Sept. 8th. Abstracted “Huffington Post”: Dr. Mahmoud Yousef Hindi opened fire at a home-owners association meeting killing one and injuring another critically. He had been in dispute with the association for years and had threatened many residents, quoting the Quran in letters he wrote. [Needless to say he and his family have been called] “”This is a … peace-loving, law-abiding family”, [but occasionally the truth slips out a bit:] Khalid Kahloon [an] attorney representing Hindi [said]: “this crime is not a random, violent crime.”. Comment: Another Muslim doctor happy to kill Kaffirs he’s upset with. I’d agree with his attorney that this is not a “random violent crime” (as if this somehow makes it better!), it’s likely to be a violent crime targeted on those Kaffirs who dared to argue and oppose him; not that anyone will suggest that openly, of course.

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012, Sept. 6th. Abstracted AsiaNews: Jakarta – A pesantren (Islamic boarding school) in Ngrugki, Sukoharjo Regency (Solo), founded by 2002 Bali bombing mastermind Abu Bakar Baassyir continues to train young terrorists and it is confirmed that the school is closely linked to the French Muslims terrorist group to which Mohamed Merah, perpetrator of the Toulouse massacre, belonged. The information comes from reports by Indonesia’s anti-terrorism police. Three recent attacks on Police were the work of it’s pupils. It is also a revolving door between European and Asian Muslim extremists. For months, it harboured Jean Salvi, a French Muslim extremist wanted by French authorities. Since the early 2000, radical Muslim groups opened their own boarding schools, recruiting among the poorest and most illiterate students. Comment: This may be “moderate” Indonesia, but how much would you be prepared to bet that the same isn’t being done in the West given the number of Islamic schools that are being opened?

2012 Sept 6th. I was tempted to start a new category,“Islamic reasoning” or “Islamic logic”, just for this one, except that on the strength of this item the new heading would be an oxymoron: Dr. Abdul Hamid al-Atrash, the head of the Fatwa Committee of Al Azhar in Egypt, has issued a ruling that Arabs may ban Jews from visiting their holy sites in Arab lands. He rationalised this pointing out that Muslims cannot travel to Jerusalem whilst it is in Jewish hands, thus Muslims have the right to bar Jews from visiting their own holy places, under the Islamic concept of “reciprocity.” Fair enough, one might say – we can all understand a “tit-for tat” reaction. BUT it was influential Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, chairman of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, who issued a fatwa against Muslims visiting Jerusalem, on the grounds that to do so “legitimize[d] the occupation forces”. Therefore the ban on Muslims travelling to Jerusalem was imposed by Muslims, not the “Zionists”. So what we have here is not a “tit-for-tat” reaction so much as a “BOGOF” – “Ban One Get One (ban) Free”. It’s rather like a few upset children in the playground not just picking up the ball and running off with it, but picking up the ball and then driving all the other kids out of the playground.

2012, Sept. 19th. 2012, Sept. 19th. Abstracted “Fox News”: Pakistani officials say they have opened an investigation into a businessman who has been accused of blasphemy after refusing to join protests over an anti-Islam video and allegedly trying to convince others also not to take part. Police officer Munir Abbasi says that hundreds of protesters in the city of Hyderabad who rallied against the film that mocks the Prophet Muhammad demanded businessman Haji Nasrullah Khan shut his shops in solidarity. When Khan refused, one of his tenants said his decision supported the film. City police chief Fareed Jan said that the protesters claim Khan insulted the Prophet, [but] there’s no evidence to suggest this happened and [that] police were pressured by the mob to open the case. Blasphemy is punishable by life in prison or death in Pakistan. Comment: I’ve quoted this almost verbatim. Examples such as this are why “moderate Muslims” will never triumph over Islamists (orthodox Muslims). To take a stand against Islamists puts your life at risk (in Koran terms, “moderate” Muslims are hypocrites). Pakistan has a long and bloody history of “extra-judicial killing” – i.e. mob murder – of blasphemy suspects – no conviction needed.

– – – – – – – – – –

Attitudes of the Imams and leaders, part IX

On non-Muslims.

2012 Oct. 1st. Egyptian cleric Abu Islam Ahmad Abdallah: “I would like to say to the Salafis: Stick to piety and leave [political matters] to the Muslim Brotherhood, in the hope that they will make Egypt Muslim Brotherhood-style…I am very familiar with the Muslim Brotherhood. They all wear suits. Not a single one of them is poor. Not a single one is left unemployed after graduation. Not a single one of them can’t afford to get married young. I have never seen any member of the Muslim Brotherhood selling meswak toothpicks or books in front of mosques. I’ve never seen any poor beggar among them. They have decent and, between you and me, even fashionable homes. Egypt will become fashionable too if they make it Muslim Brotherhood-style. Then, we will sit down with their leaders and make our demands about the Shari’a. May Allah hasten the transformation of Egypt into Muslim Brotherhood-style, so that no bearded Muslim will have to sell meswak toothpicks any more. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but we can have Christians sell meswak toothpicks to us instead.” Comment: So let the “moderate” Islamists set up the state, then the “radicals” (fully orthodox) Muslims will take over and conplete the job. Also implicit is the reduction of the Copts to full dhimmitude – they will all be made so poor they will be reduced to selling toothpicks to their Muslim overlords.

2012, Oct 15th. Egyptian Cleric Ala Said: “ I swear that Islam will be instated… because Islam is the religion of our God. Everything else is temporary and transient….[so] take heed. This is our religion. I swear by Allah that this has nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, Dr. Morsi, or anyone else. Islam will be instated, the Shari’a will be implemented, whether you or whoever is behind you likes it or not. Whether the Christians like it or not, they will learn the meaning of Islam. Comment: given the post-Mubarak upswing in anti-Christian violence and persecution, I think the Copts have already “learn[t] the meaning of Islam” assuming they ever forgot, that is. Said is promising even more of the same.

2012, Oct 19th. Egyptian cleric Futouh Abd Al-Nabi Mansour, (friday sermon): “Oh Allah, absolve us of our sins, strengthen us, and grant us victory over the infidels. Oh Allah, deal with the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder. Oh Allah, demonstrate Your might and greatness upon them. Show us Your omnipotence, oh Lord. Comment: Mohammed Morsi was in attendance when this was said. Here we have yet another Imam praying for the destruction of non-Muslims in general and Jews in particular.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2012, 5th Oct. Abstracted “b92”: BUCHAREST — Radical Islamist leader Omar Bakri has warned that terrorist attacks would be launched against Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and other countries in the region. The reason for this Bakri said is that those were “territories that belonged to Islam. When Islam enters a territory, it becomes Islamic, therefore Islam is under obligation to eventually liberate it.” Bakri listed as Muslim territories: “Spain, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia. Spain, for instance, is a Muslim territory. Eastern Europe as well. Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia.” Comment: This is an articulation of an Islamic doctrine: once a “territory” comes under Muslim rule it is deemed (by Muslims) to be Islamic territory for ever. So if the natives re-take it, it is “Fahd” (obligatory) for Muslims to re-conquer it. And yes, Muslims are serious – deadly serious – about this. Note further that Bakri sees terrorism as a legitimate tool of jihad to begin the “liberation” of these lands.

2012, Oct 11th. Abstracted “Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan” Facebook page. TTP successfully targeted Malala Yousafzai in Mingora, … whom so ever leads campaign against Islam & Shariah is Ordered to be killed by Shariah. When… someone tries to bring fitnah with his/her activities [campaigning for girls’ education], and it involves in leading a campaign against shariah and tries to involve whole community in such campaign, and that personality become a symbol of anti-shariah campaign, not just its allowed to kill such person but its Obligatory in Islam. If anyone Argues about her so young age , then the Story of Hazrat Khizar in Quran that relates that Hazrat Khizar while Traveling with Prophet Musa (AS) killed a child, arguing about the reason of his killing he said that the parents of this child are Pious and in future he will cause bad name for them. If anyone argues that she was female, then we can see the incident of killing of wife by a blind Companion of Prophet Muhammad because she use to say insultive words for prophet. And prophet praised this act. Its a clear command of shariah that any female, that by any means play role in war against mujahideen, should be killed. Malala Yousafzai was playing a vital role in bucking up the emotions of Murtad [apostate] army and Government of Pakistan, and was inviting muslims to hate mujahideen. Tehrik taliban’s crime wasn’t that they banned education for girls, instead our crime is that we tried to bring Education system for both boys and girls under shariah.We are deadly against co-education and secular education syestem, and shriah orders us to be against it. [Curious, her school was a girls’ school, not co-educational at all. i.e. TT are liars.] If anyone thinks thinks that Malala is targeted because of education, that’s absolutely wrong, and a propaganda of Media, Malala is targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism and so called enlightened moderation. And whom so ever will commit so in future too will be targeted again by TTP. [Again a lie. She protested about the closure of Girls’ schools “under the guns of the Taliban”.] Gain Conscious, Otherwise………… From: Ihsan-ullah-Ihsan. Comment: I felt the reader should see all of this self-justifying drivel. Note how TT “justifies” it’s actions via Islam.

2012, Oct 15th. Abstracted “Radio Free Europe” Website: Former cricketer Imran Khan, head of the Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaaf (Movement for Justice) party, said last week that “the people fighting against foreign occupation in Afghanistan are engaged in a jihad.” Comment: Given the sort of targets picked on by Afghan “Jihadis”, nice definition of “Jihad”, Imran.

2012 Oct 22nd. Jordanian Iman Abu Muhammad al-Tahawi: “[Jordanian Salafi-jihadists] are getting closer to Palestine via Jordan, Syria and Lebanon … Our Palestinian brothers who are now in Aleppo [Syria] will then go to Israel to fight there. Jihad requires patience.” Comment: It seems that once the Salafists have finished killing off the “wrong sort” of Muslim (or is it those “not Muslims enough”?) they’ll go and start on the Jews. At least they’re “putting their own house in order” first. Okay, enough with the sarcasm already! Note that this is “green on green” terror.

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012, 4th Oct. Abstracted MEMRI. : The Ittehad Ulema-e-Afghanistan (Alliance of Afghan Islamic Scholars), which is headed by Sheikh Abdullah Zakiri, has issued a fatwa urging the rulers of Islamic countries to boycott the U.S. and United Nations in protest against the controversial anti-Muhammad movie [“Innocence of Muslims”]. Describing jihad against the United States of America as obligatory, the Ittehad Ulema-e-Afghanistan urged the Islamic nations to expel the U.S. ambassadors and recall their envoys from the United States. The fatwa, which is signed by over 25 Afghan Islamic scholars associated with Ittehad Ulema-e-Afghanistan, also condemned the Saudi Arabian leadership for permitting 250,000 American troops on Saudi soil. It also rejected a recent fatwa by Saudi cleric Qazi Abdul Aziz, which declared attacks on U.S. installation as haram (forbidden). Comment: Another group of Islamic “scholars” who believe the Shariah law ruling that any criticism of Mo/Allah ‘deserves’ death.

On anti-Semitism.

2012, Sept 12th. Islamic Talib Marwan Abu Ras: “The Jews are behind each and every catastrophe on the face of the Earth. This is not open to debate. This is not a temporal thing, but goes back to days of yore. They concocted so many conspiracies and betrayed rulers and nations so many times that the people [Muslims] harbour hatred towards them… Any catastrophe on the face of this Earth – the Jews must be behind it. Comment: “quotidien” Jew-hatred, it’s the norm it seems.

2012, Sept 19th. Egyptian International Arbitration Attorney Tareq Hamed: “The killing of US ambassador to Libya was done at the urging of the Jews. They sent people to kill him. The reason is that when this ambassador reached Libya… By the way, that ambassador spoke Arabic, loved the Arabs, loved the Muslims, and went there to do actual work. He developed friendly relations between Libya and the US, planning projects and development for the Libyans. They [Jews] opposed this. This is the Jewish mentality. [The holocaust] they themselves did in order to get their own country… Something must be said for the sake of history, so that people will know. Everyone is saying one thing, while the truth is completely different. The Jews themselves greatly helped Hitler with the gas chambers, at the urging of England, because the Jews at that time were scattered and wanted a country. Something big had to happen to generate the world’s sympathy towards them. The Jews were expelled from all countries, so this had to be done, so that the international community would decide to establish their state. Before colonialism was over, their country was founded in Palestine, on the basis of that Holocaust, which was fabricated, and in which only a few died – not a lot of people, like they claim.” Comment: Hamed is supposed to be highly intelligent and well-educated and yet such attitudes persist even amongst the Muslim “intellectual elite”.

2012, Oct 4th. Egyptian Salafist Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: “Allah commands us to … wage Jihad. Fighting Israel, fighting the Jews is a religious duty incumbent upon all. The Egyptian government should have been fighting the Jewish enemy. Perhaps due to circumstances – its weakness, its interests – the Egyptian government ignored a religious duty incumbent upon it. Not just the Egyptian government – the Jordanian one as well. This is a religious duty incumbent upon all Muslims.” Comment: Al-Zawahiri sees Islam as involved in a perpetual Jihadi war against not Israel, but the Jews.

2012, Oct. 12th. Egyptian Sheikh Mohammed Badie: “Jerusalem is Islamic … and nobody is entitled to make concessions …The jihad for the recovery of Jerusalem is a duty for all Muslims,” [liberation of the Holy City] “will not be done through negotiations or at the United Nations.” Comment: yet another call for “jihad” (i.e. terror/violence/war) to “liberate” Jerusalem from its occupants of three thousand years’ standing.

On Islamic Politics.

2012 Sept. 27th. Ayman Al-Zawahiri: “I was reminded of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden’s ties with the Islamic organisations. Osama Bin Laden would say: “I was banished from my own organization. I used to belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, but they banished me.” Bin Laden was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arabian Peninsula. When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, he immediately went to Pakistan, got to know the mujahideen, and assisted them. The instructions he received from the Muslim Brotherhood were: “Go to Al-Jama’a Al-Islamiyya in Lahore and deliver the aid. They will pass it on, and you return.” Bin Laden went there but he was not satisfied with the instructions so he moved on to Peshawar … and entered Afghanistan. The Muslim Brotherhood warned him about entering Afghanistan: “If you, as a Saudi, got arrested in Afghanistan, the Russians will start a big diplomatic problem with the Saudi government. It is a complicated story, but the bottom line is that you cannot fight Jihad in Afghanistan. Bin Laden responded: “That won’t do.” So they said to him: “You’re banished,” and he said: “Fine.” … After Bin Laden rose to fame, Sheikh Mustafa Mashour, General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, went to visit Sheik Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden told us that Mashour had said: “Osama, you left your brothers. Come back to your brothers.” Bin Laden politely declined, saying: “By now I’ve become acceptable to all the Islamic movements, and this helps me in my work.”” Comment: Thus bin Laden was from the Muslim Brotherhood, got banished for political not ideological reasons, then after he’d orchestrated the killing of many was asked by the MB to return to them. This is the same “moderate” and “mostly secular” Muslim Brotherhood that Western Governments (particularly the U.S.) is helping to take power in Egypt and other “Arab Spring” Countries. What’s that chant? Oh yes: “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama”[bin Laden]. Now, why would MB members chant that?

2012, Oct 4th. Egyptian Salafist Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: “I do not belong to Al-Qaeda or any other organization, but ideologically speaking, I am in agreement with all these organizations. Our common denominator is the Islamic shari’a…. I’m not involved in its activity. I don’t agree or disagree [with it’s activity]. The people in Al-Qaeda follow Sunni ideology. We [all] want to fully implement the shari’a, within legitimate constraints. We will not implement something if the time is not right, if it is bound to lead to undesirable or harmful results. We want to implement our religion as revealed in the shari’a. I reject anything that runs counter to Islam. … I agree to anything acceptable by Islamic law. [Popular] Elections are illegitimate, there is evidence for that in the shari’ah. I think that all Muslims should believe [know?] this. I did not recognize the previous president [of Egypt], and I do not recognize this one [Morsi]. I recognize the rule of Islamic religious law. Comment: Oh dear. “Moderate Islamist” Mohammed Morsi and the “moderate” MB just aren’t Muslim enough for the likes of al-Zawihiri. Note also that whilst Zawahiri is apparently ambivalent about Al-Qaeda’s methods, he supports its goals.

2012, Oct. 15th. Egyptian al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya cleric Mohamed Salah: “[Egyptians should] support Islamic Sharia in the Egyptian constitution…[Jama’a al-Islamiya] will fight for the application of God’s law, even if that requires bloodshed. [We must wage] jihad and fight in support of Sharia.” Comment: Politics, Islamist style: do what we want or we’ll kill you. Note: AGAI was responsible for the Luxor massacre.

2012, Oct 19th. Egyptian Sheikh Gamal Saber: “people who oppose the application of the Islamic Sharia [in the constitution] are unbelievers. [The Koran says] ‘And whosoever does not judge by what God has revealed, such are the unbelievers.’” Comment: once again the direction of the “Arab spring” is seem. Not towards liberal democracy, but instead towards Islamic Theocracy.

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012, Sept.24th. Egyptian Islamist Muhammad Saad Al-Azhari: “We were discussing a [constitutional]clause prohibiting forced labour and sex trafficking in women and children. I and some other members objected to this clause. We said that “trafficking in women” in the UN covenants refers to child marriage. There were continuous efforts to make me specify an age at which girls may marry. They asked: When? At the age of 9, 10, 11? I said to them: Even in Egypt, girls begin to menstruate only at the age 11-13. In most cases, it doesn’t happen at the age of nine. There is however, a cultural and social heritage in this country. In the cities, it is very difficult to marry before the age of 18, but in the rural areas – in Siwa, in the Sinai, and among the Nubians – things are different. We should bear in mind the climate and the economic and social heritage. The important thing is that the girl is ready and can tolerate marriage [i.e. can “tolerate” sexual intercourse.] Then they wanted to add an article protecting women from violence. With such a clause, you wouldn’t be allowed to say anything to her, let alone touch her. And there were things worse still… If your wife claims that you were intimate with her without her consent, it will be considered rape according to the law. This is part of women’s protection from violence. If you have full sexual relations with your wife against her will, she will be able to file a complaint against you. That’s where things are headed.” Comment: [sarcasm on] Good grief! Not being allowed to beat the life out or your wife and then rape her? Whatever next! A ban on marrying pre-pubescent children? Oh heck! “They” want to ban that too!! Whatever is a good Mussalman to do in a world that bans such things? [Sarcasm off]. Such a medieval attitude would be unbelievable in anyone – except an Islamist.

On the status and treatment of non-Muslim women.

2012, Oct 10th. Abstracted “Asia News”. Kidnapped by Muslim family, S. Bibi was forced into a Muslim Lawyers office and compelled to sign a “statement of intent”, under which she declared her marriage to the young Muslim and conversion to Islam. For days she was sexually abused, harassed and forced to study the Koran. During one of these lessons she asked her Muslim teacher to be released earlier than the scheduled time. Using this “time-window”, Shumaila escaped and returned to her parents’ house. This, however, infuriated the groom who immediately reported the girl’s parents to the police for … “Kidnapping.” The Police officials upheld his complaint because the young woman converted and consented to the marriage “of her own free will and without compulsion”. Despite a counter-compliant lodged by her family, the outcome depends on whether Sharia Law is used, or Pakistan’s own legal code. If the former, she will be returned to her torturers and her father faces imprisonment. Sadly (according to Asia News) “on several occasions [of similar events in the past] Islamic law has dominated in spite of the rule of law.” Comment: “There is no compulsion in religion”(K.2:256) unless you want a bit of non-Muslim “booty” it seems. Non-Muslim women have even fewer “rights” than Muslim women. According to sahih Bukhari hadith Vol.9 Bk.86 No.98,100,101; this is lawful in Islam. Quote: a man, by playing a trick presents two false witnesses that he has married her with her consent and the [Shariah] judge confirms his marriage as a true one, and the husband knows that the witnesses were false ones, then there is no harm for him to consummate his marriage with her and the marriage is regarded as valid.” I regret to say that I only recently re-read this hadith and the import of it’s meaning came home to me. At least I now know why Mussalmen behave this way – it is (implicitly) sanctioned by Mohammed and thus Allah.

2012, Oct 31st. Abstracted Mohabat News: A 14-year-old Christian girl, Timar Shahzadi, was kidnapped by Muslim men in the twin cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi on Monday, October 22, 2012, as she was returning from school when the abductors pounced and dragged her away. Her family fear that she could be forcefully converted to become a Muslim and then married off if immediate steps are not taken. Her family reported the incident to the police station in Koral Police Station in Islamabad, but police have not yet conducted any investigation. The practice of forced conversion and forced marriage is widespread: rich and powerful Muslims take advantage of and victimise of girls from religious minorities. There are about 1,000 similar cases each year, against Christian and Hindu girls. Comment: I used to think this was actually un-Islamic until I came across the Sahih hadith of Bukhari Vol. 9 Bk. 86 No.98 & 100. Which state that man can “trick” his way into an Islamically legal marriage by using two false witnesses to “con” a (Shariah) judge into saying the marriage is legal. If the judge does so, the man can “consummate” marriage – i.e. rape the girl. All is now plain.

On Slavery

2012, Oct 5th. Abstracted “Al-Arabiya”: A controversial documentary film that exposes slavery in the Western Sahara camps controlled by the Polisario front [a group seeking independence from Morocco] in Tindouf, Algeria. The film was not initially meant to deal with slavery.It was intended to document the living conditions in the Tindouf camps, but when the crew arrived there, they found out about the slave trade and decided to shift focus. The film shows that those Sahrawi girls offered for sale are persecuted and are frequently beaten. They are not allowed to marry except with the permission of their owners who have to provide them with a document stating that they have been granted freedom (manumission). Comment: Another example busting the myth that “Islam banned slavery”. Slavery is alive and flourishing in the Darul-Islam (Islamic world). In fact, it is increasing post “Arab Spring” hand-in-glove with increasing Islamisation…

2012, Oct 11th. Abstracted “Express Tribune”. Mir Tariq Masoori Bugti, a lawmaker in the Balochistan Assembly, is said to have conducted a jirga, which was attended by tribal elders and notable locals, in the Baikar area of Phelawagh in which as many as 13 young girls, aged between four and sixteen according to independent verification, have been “bartered” into forcible “marriage” to settle a blood feud between two tribes. According to them, Masoori tribesman Roshan Khan had murdered Mira Khan, a Shahani Masoori tribesman. The jirga declared Roshan Khan guilty and ruled that his tribe give 13 girls to the offended family besides an Rs3 million “fine”. Comment: These girls have been sold into sex-slavery as part-”payment” of “blood money”. On the basis of this we can see that a free Muslima is worth 13 slaves and 13M Rupees.

2012, Oct. 11th. Abstracted BBC News. senior UN official Ivan Simonovic said that Islamists who seized control of part of Mali are amassing money from ransoms and drug trafficking while imposing Sharia law [and that] they are also buying child soldiers, paying families $600 (£375) per child. [He added that] more women were being forced into marriage – with a wife costing less than $1,000 – and some were then being resold in “a smokescreen for enforced prostitution”, added Mr Simonovic. Comment: slavery again – the child soldier slavery is a parallel to the Janissaries who were gathered through the devşirme system, the sex-slavery of women is well known. Both of these things are supported by the Malian Imams and Sheikhs.

2012, Oct 25th. Abstracted “dw”: Thousands of Afghan girls and boys are trafficked into neighbouring countries and sold into slavery each year. Though it is taboo, prostitution is alive and thriving – at the cost of those forced to work in it. In conservative Afghanistan, prostitution is illegal. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Human trafficking is booming – young women are being sold and sent over to neighbouring countries, mostly to Pakistan. Many people are unaware of just how many women are forced to work as sex-slave prostitutes, many women are tortured and forced in prostitution by their husbands and in-laws, often as a result of their male “in-laws” drug-addiction. Women from Pakistan are also been bought and sold to Afghanistan. Comment: yet another example of slavery in the darul Islam. With a lashing of prostitution on the side (you should pardon the puns).

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

2012, Oct 7th. Abstracted “Bikyamasr”. CASABLANCA: The bruises on her wrists show the signs of struggle. Her still blue tinted eyes show the marks of a fist. For Khadija, and countless other Moroccan women, she continues to face abuse and sexual violence at the hands of her husband. “If I don’t do what he says or refuse sex, he beats me and attacks me,” she told at a local women’s shelter in Casablanca. “He then will force himself on me, but there is nothing I can do because it isn’t illegal for him to force sex on me.” Morocco’s Social Development Minister Bassima Hakkaoui, the only female minister in the country, said last week that she would try to push forward a law protecting women that has been stuck in Parliament for 8 years. According to statistics from her ministry, 6 million women in Morocco are victims of violence, or around one in three. Comment: marital rape and wife abuse are legal in Morocco – and Islam. Thus should we truly blame such ‘men’ for acting within their Countries’ law and according to their religion?

2012, Oct 8th. Abstracted “Express Tribune”: Pakistan: Early Saturday morning, a woman burst into the Ahmedpur police station in Khairpur begging for shelter. The divorcee from Vehari in Punjab struggling to raise her two children, she had been offered a job in Khairpur by the vice president of the Pakistan People Party’s Kingri women’s wing. Once there, she found herself coerced into a marriage with a stranger, who paid Rs110,000 to purchase her from the political leader, the woman told the police after escaping from several weeks of captivity. Comment: this one is unusual even by Islam’s standards, since it is a Muslima who has been procured for slavery. But in any case, it shows that slavery is doing well in the Darul Islam.

2012, Oct 12th. Abstracted BBC News. A 16-year-old Christian boy has been held on blasphemy charges in the Pakistani city of Karachi. The boy, named by police as Ryan Stanten, is said to have forwarded a text message which allegedly contained offensive material on Tuesday. The following day an angry [Muslim] crowd ransacked his family home, setting fire to their belongings on the street. Comment: what won’t be said is that this ransacking happened because by being accused of blasphemy the boy broke his implicit Dhimmah (contract of toleration) with the surrounding Muslims, thus making himself and his family (and perhaps all Pakistan’s Xtians) liable to be treated as “people of defience and rebellion” (pact of Umar) – i.e. they become liable for pillage, rapine and slaughter at the hands of the Muslims. Thus far the Muslims have only enacted one of three.

2012, Oct 20th. Abstracted Hindustan Times: Sajjad Hussain had been arrested in February 2011 after Sath Sanaullah, a resident of his neighbourhood, accused him of committing blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed during a private conversation. He was arrested under section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, the deadly blasphemy law. A district and sessions court acquitted him last month for lack of evidence. Hussain was at his shop when two armed men entered and shot him. He was killed instantly. The two gunmen later surrendered to police. They were identified as Sheikh Zeeshan and Awais Ahmed, both residents Hussain’s neighbourhood. The men told police that they had killed a “blasphemer” and had no regrets over their action. Comment: when it comes to blasphemy in the Islamic world, accusation = proof and murder is the result. The rapid surrender of the murderers implies that they expect no punishment for their actions.

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012, June 28th. Tunisian children reciting an Al-Qaeda song: “Allah is our goal. We strive to reach Him, And our sheik Abu Leith [al Qaeda’s spokesman] has raised His banner for us. Our sheik Abu Leith has raised His banner for us. Our Emir, the Mullah [Omar, spiritual leader of the Taliban], did not renounce his religion and all the soldiers sold their souls to Allah. All the soldiers sold their souls to Allah. Our leader Bin Laden is America’s worst nightmare, with the power of faith and our weapon, the PK machine-gun. With the power of faith and our weapon, the PK machine-gun. If they call me a terrorist, I will consider it an honour. Our terror is blessed, a divine call. Our terror is blessed, a divine call. We destroyed America with a civilian airplane – the World Trade Center was turned into rubble. The World Trade Center was turned into rubble… Allah akbar.” Comment: the fruits of the “Arab Spring” are shown again to be Islamism and terrorism.

I really don’t have a heading for this… 2012, Oct 5th. Abstracted “The Local, France”.On Tuesday Moroccan artist Mounir Fatmi projected a video of Koran verses and other images onto a busy bridge which and almost sparked a riot. It quickly attracted the attention of locals who gathered to try and stop people walking over the (projected) verses. Tensions rose when the demonstrators called in young people [i.e. young Muslims] from the city’s housing projects to help them and erected barriers to keep pedestrians away. One young woman was slapped for putting her foot on a verse. The situation was peacefully resolved and the demonstrators dispersed after an imam appeared on the scene and called for calm. Artist Fatmi denied he had sought to provoke with the art work and said Tuesday’s incident was the result of a misunderstanding. Comment: Koran verses projected onto a busy bridge and (inevitably) people walk on them. Muslims arrive and protest violently. Sound familiar? “Artist Fatmi denied he had sought to provokewell I’m sure it never occurred to him that making people tread on Koran verses would be “provocative”. After all, from where could he get the idea that “desecrating the Koran” could provoke Muslims into rioting and violence? As the French would say “Agent provocateur”.

2012, Oct.20th. Egyptian Imam Fatouh Abdul Nabi: “Our God, grant us victory over the infidels… Our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, our God, deal harshly with the Jews and those who are allied with them… Our God, frighten their masses… Our God, disperse their union… Our God, show us your strength over them, your greatness over them… Our God, reveal to us your wrath over them, you are the Lord of creatures.” Comment: Wow! Nabi really packs in the “true-Islam”. Islamic supremacy, Jew-hatred and support for terror.

Mostly for laughs.

Its not all doom and gloom in the Dar-ul-Islam. Some things are just too funny or ironic for me to ignore …

2012, Oct 25th. According to this report, another mosque of the “religion of peace” has been used as a bomb-factory. Comment: The famous line from “The Soldiers Prayer,” written (in 1912) by Turkish nationalist poet Ziya Gokalp: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” Perhaps it should be amended to “The mosques are our barracks and bomb factories…” and in a year or two (courtesy of Iran) “the minarets our ICBMs”. Just kidding, I think.

Jon MC

Jon MC is a retired Chemist, Physicist and teacher (not necessarily in that order) who still has professional commitments. His interest in Islam was kindled when he met some "radical Muslims up close and personal" and he has studied the foundational texts of Islam ever since. He writes under a nomme de plume in order to keep his professional life and views separate.

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