The Emergence of British Freedom Party: A Ray of Hope for arresting Islamization of UK


The Emergence of British Freedom Party: A Ray of Hope for arresting Islamization of UK

FFI Contributing Editor Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

The British Freedom Party (BFP): 

To introduce the British Freedom Party (BFP), the Wikipedia says, “The BFP was formed in 2010 by disaffected members of the British National Party (BNP). The causes were growing dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency regarding BNP accounting returns[not in citation given] and growing misgivings about the conduct of the BNP leader, Nick Griffin.[not in citation given] General dissatisfaction within the ranks of BNP members led to an increasing number of resignations[unreliable source?] and the British Freedom Party was founded by certain of these resigned members, and also members who had been expelled from the BNP by Griffin[citation needed].”

“The BFP was registered on 18 October 2010 by Peter Mullins (party leader), Peter Stafford (nominating officer) and Simon Bennett (treasurer)[not in citation given]. The present chairman is Paul Weston, a former UK Independence Party candidate in Cities of London and Westminster. Weston has described the party as “central” in orientation. It has formed a pact with the English Defence League, whereby candidates from that organisation may stand for election under the ‘British Freedom Party’ name given suitable circumstances”, the Wikipedia adds.

In previous several articles, this author has elaborately narrated how Islamization is gaining momentum in the UK, due to uncontrolled and rapid rise of Muslim immigrants. The population of Christians, Muslims and Hindus are 72%, 3% and 1% respectively of the total population in UK. Though the Muslim population is merely 3%, but it is not uniformly distributed. There are some pockets where Muslims represent larger share of population. There are nearly 650 Parliamentary constituencies and after the General Election 2010, there were 650 MPs elected from these constituencies. But out of them, there are 82 constituencies where Muslim votes play crucial role in winning or losing election.

Previously, the Labour Party was favoured by the Muslims and hence Labour candidates used win from these constituencies. But the sweet Labour-Muslim relation went sour for sending British forces to Afghanistan and Iraq by the Labour Government of Tony Blaire and this provided a good fortune by the Conservative Party, and as a result, the Conservatives won the election and enebled David Cameron to be the Prime Minister. This development heralded a new era in British politics and initiated a cut throat competition between the Labour and the Conservatives to appease the Muslims to get their votes. The Muslims, on the other hand, left no stone unturned to exploit the opportunity.

They started building pressure to compel the government for more benefits for them, impose Shariah law and intensified criminal and violent jihadi activities, They became adamant to build multi million pound mosque complexes at Sandhurst and Dudley. However, the government finally scraped the Sandhurst project for security reasons and the plan for mosque complex at Dudley was frustrated by vigorous protests by the local residents, under the leadership of England Defense League (EDL). However, the ruling Conservative government, in its effort to appease Muslims, allowed Shariah courts as a parallel judiciary, enforced serving halal food in eating houses and most deplorably issued a circular for the cops to adopt separate procedures for investigating and arresting criminals on religious ground. In this context, in incident may be mentioned where Ms Cherie Blair, a judge and the wife of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, who sentenced a Muslim criminal with light punishment, because the accused was a Muslim. The situation has worsened to such an extent that the Muslims have demanded three Islamic states in UK.

Ms Cherie Blair

In fact, the entire Europe, including France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden etc, has submerged into darkness of Muslim appeasement and gradual process of Islamization. One can find light only in The Netherlands, where Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party (PVV) is fighting to resist Muslim immigration and consequent Islamization. It is high time for the patriotic people of every European country to unite and fight Islamization following Mr Wilders. So, it is good news

Mr Geert Wilders

that the patriotic politicians of UK have come forward to form a new party, the British Freedom Party, to fight Muslim immigration and Islamization of UK, under the chairmanship of Paul Weston.

Aims and Objectives of BFP:

The British Freedom Party (BFP) has declared its 20 point program encompassing all the important national problems such as Agriculture, Crime and Justice, Defense, Democracy, Economy, Education, Energy, Environment and Health. (read more, see [1]) But most important of all these problems is the problem of Muslim immigration and the process of Islamization of UK. To define its stand regarding this problem, BFP has divided the entire problem into five categories as discussed below:

1)     It’s About Space Not Race

Britain has only 1 per cent of the total world land mass and hence it cannot support ever increasing burden of immigrant population. So, the declaration sdays – Britain has been subjected to mass immigration for several decades and our small island can take no more. It’s about space not race and it’s time to shut the door and stop further immigration.

2)     Culture Not Colour

We believe that it is the obligation of all naturalized migrants to fit in with our way of life and to respect our customs. For our society to be cohesive it is essential that all citizens are integrated fully and that they respect the British way of life. We bear no ill will to the settled minorities who have adopted our culture but this integration is a duty not a choice.

Most immigrants who originally came to the United Kingdom, from the former British Commonwealth in particular, came to Britain specifically because of our British culture and because they wanted to live in a country and culture that they loved. They also now have to live in a Britain where the indigenous British folk, and fully integrated British citizens like themselves, are becoming strangers due to unrestricted mass immigration.

3)     Asylum Seekers

British Freedom would refuse asylum in Britain to those who have passed through safe countries to get here. Britain would no longer accept such people as genuine. The UN charter is quite clear about this in that asylum should be claimed in the first safe country passed and not in the one that pays the most generous benefits.

4)     Foreign Criminals

Rather than releasing our own criminals early to re-offend we would deport the foreign born criminals currently taking up space in our jails. It is not Britain’s job to pay for their upkeep when prison places are in short supply.

5)     Putting British Citizens First

We would end the scandal of cheap labour being imported from overseas depriving British workers of jobs and put our people first.

Paul Weston’s address in NYC:

Last February, Mr Paul Weston visited USA and on February 23, he addressed a gathering in private apartment in the New York City to explain the aims and objectives of BFP (watch video [2]). In that lecture, Weston also explained the future plan and program of his Party. To explain the problem of Muslim immigration, he told the audience that in 1960s, Muslims were in terms of thousands in UK. But the Labour Government under Tony Blair opened the doors of UK for Muslim immigrants that changed the traditional social fabric and culture of Great Britain (GB).

To explain the gravity of the problem, he said that, in primary schools in London, and perhaps all over the country, 20 per cent of the students are Muslims, and if things go like this, within 2030, the ethnic white Christians would be a minority in their own country. He blamed the Leftist Labour Government for all these unwelcome developments. As an evidence in support of his claim, he said that the Tony Blairs government published a booklet explain why is GB is the best destination to immigrate and distributed the same in Pakistan through the British Embassy in Pakistan. As a result, 2 million visas were issued to Pakistani Muslims, 15 per cent of them were dreaded criminals and terrorists. These Muslims are inflating their kind by high birth rate and British Government, being a welfare government providing financial assistance to them, even to those polygamous Muslims who entered the UK with four wives, even though polygamy is banned in GB.

To describe how Muslim population is increasing in UK, Mr Weston said that, 18,000 Muslims in 1960 became 1 million in 1990, and at present the figure has shot up to 3 to 4 million. So, next 50 years will not be nothing like last 50 years. Experts say that today’s 3 million Muslims will be 6 million by 2020. Indigenous Britons have a growth rate of 1.5 children per couple while it a double digit figure for Muslim immigrants, and this suggests that Muslim population is growing 10 times faster than the indigenous population. So, by 2030, there will be 23 million Muslims and people within the age group of 15 to 40 years males, the traditional fighting people, the indigenous people will be a minority. This will definitely lead to subjugation of the non-Islamic Britons. To make his point clear, he cited the example of Lebanon, which once was a Christian majority country 15 years ago and now has turned into a Muslim majority country. The politicians are looking for next 5 years and not for next 20 or 40 years. So, to resist all these unfortunate developments, BFP would not allow any more mass migration to GB.

He also said that the ongoing process of Islamization may be checked by enforcing simple laws prohibiting building any more mosques. Deporting the Muslims who are found to support terrorism, who are accused of severe crimes and closing the mosques those are found to teach hatred and violence. “We have fought in 1939 to 1945, the totalitarian Nazism and now after a few decades we are facing another totalitarian creed”, he said. “In America, there is freedom of speech and Christianity is alive here. But in Britain, the Leftists declared war against Christianity and have ruined Christianity 30 to 40 years ago. Now there is no Christian in GB. By removing Christianity, the have removed the major obstacle to Islam. If we go (GB & Europe), Americas would go shortly after and so would go the Western Civilization”, he lamented.

Paul Weston speaking in Toronto

After his trip to USA, Me Weston went to Canada and delivered a lectured in Toronto. [3]To learn more, see [4].





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[4] Interview with Jerry Gordon –

Policies of BFP –

BFP to expand -




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