Inbreeding and Resulting Genetic Disorder in Muslim Community, Part – 3


Inbreeding and Resulting Genetic Disorder in Muslim Community, Part – 3

FFI Contributing Editor Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

Some comments on the 2nd part of the article:

When the 2nd part of this article appeared both in and, many readers posted their comments on various aspects of the same. A reader, in the nickname muslim and proud said that my observations were wrong and wrote that Professor Alan Bittles, an adjunct professor at the Centre for Comparative Genomics at Murdoch University, and has spent 30 years researching marriage of first cousins. According to him, most babies born to first-cousins are healthy. [1] So, there remains little to discuss about cousin marriages in the Muslim community.

Perhaps the readers are aware that the scientists of the Western world have come forward with many scientific discoveries in the Koran. Some cosmologists claim that they have discovered Big Bang theory of the origin of this Universe and the concept of expanding Universe in the Koran. Some others claim to discover speed of light in the Koran. A renowned embryologist has claimed that the Koran contains the complete theory of Human Embryology. But these scientists have never came out to explain the Koranic verse where Allah says that the sky is a solid roof, which He has created and fixed in position without pillars with the help of His extraordinary miraculous power (or qudrah). These scientists also feel shy to explain the Koranic verses where Allah says that He has created hills and mountains with extra-terrestrial matter and used them as pegs to make the unstable earth stable.

These dishonest scientists never come forward to discuss the Koranic verse where Allah says that the sun sets in a marshy pond in the west and Dhulkarnain (the Greek Prince Alexander) went to that spot and saw that the sun was setting in a pond. Nowhere Allah has said in the entire Koran that He has created the Universe. Allah says that He has created the earth and seven heavens. In fact, Allah does not know what a universe looks like. But some dishonest scientists have equated the Koranic seven heavens to the Universe. There are so many examples that disclose the utter ignorance of Allah about the Universe, real nature of the stars, including the sun and so on.

So, even a donkey would refuse to believe that the Koran contains science. But these dishonest and treacherous scientists are going on discovering science every day in the Koran. It is not difficult to understand what is inspiring these scientists. Bribing is a standard practice in Islam for the benefit of Islam. In fact, Prophet Muhammad was the originator of this practice and converted many non-believers in Medina to Islam through bribing. Abu Bakr, the closest and richest friend of the Prophet, was to bear all such spending. Now the followers of Muhammad have adopted the same tactics to engage the Western scientists for discovering science in the Koran. So, it is not difficult to understand what has inspired Professor Alan Bittles to say that most of the children, born out of first cousin marriage, are healthy. It is needless to say that there are only Muslim blockheads to believe in the said conclusion of Alan Bittles, the fallen scientist. These blockheads do not understand that following the word of Alan Bittles they would produce low IQ stupid people to swell the population of their kind.

On a few other comments:

In the said 2nd part of the article, I also denounced Prophet Muhammad as a child molester pedophile.  This lured some readers to refute my comment and say that even Hinduism allows one to marry and have sex with children. Certainly after much toil, they could collect some verses of a few Hindu texts, to establish their claims. One such a comment says that the verse (9, 94) of the Manu Samhita says that a man, aged thirty years, shall marry a maiden of twelve who pleases him, or a man of twenty-four should marry an 8-year-old girl. He also pointed out that the verse (III, 10) of the Vishnu Purana says that a man must marry a girl whose age is one third of his own age.

They also pointed out that the Mahabharata prescribes a man of 30 to marry a girl of 10. Baudhayana and Arya Gautama advise a man to give his daughter in marriage before she attains puberty. Some others say that a girl should be given in marriage before she wears clothes, and so on.

These people fail to understand that, Hinduism is not a religion of single book like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. At the same time, Hindus have the right to update their life-style according to the need of the day. No Hindu today cares to know what is there in the scriptures, written quite a long ago.  Though Manu has advised a Hindu man of 30 to marry a 12 or 8-year-old girl, the current Hindu Marriage Act in India forbids the marriage of a girl below the age of 18. Manu has prescribed a form of marriage called Rakshasa Vivaha.(devilish marriage) But if a Hindu proceeds to marry a girl following Manu’s law of this marriage, he will be arrested and sentenced to prison terms on the charges of abduction and rape. Manu has said that, only the Brahmins are eligible to take the job of a teacher. If anyone today implements this law, he will immediately be arrested and put behind the bars for violating the modern democratic Constitution of India.

The difficulty of the Muslims is that, they have to follow only one book Koran, and that too word by word, and don’t have the right to amend their laws written in the Koran about 1400 years ago. Nearly 1400 years ago, Allah advised the Prophet Muhammad to cover his wives, most importantly his youngest wife Ayesha, with hijab so that they may not fell victim of lust of other people and following that advice, Muslims around the world are covering their women with head to foot black Islamic dress-code. 1400 years ago, Allah permitted the Muslims to marry their first cousins and the Muslims are carrying out the sanction of Allah even today, ignoring the findings of the scientists about the harmful aspect of the practice.

A few other readers came forward to convince me that many Hindu scriptures also permit the Hindus to perform incestuous marriage and many of them provide incidents of such marriages. They say that in the Rigveda Dambha is seen to marry his own sister, Kali marries his sister Nirukti and Pushan is seen to marry his widowed mother. The Matsya Purana says that God Brahma copulated with his own sister Shatarupa to give birth to Manu and Manu was the first man and his children married among themselves to propagate the human race. If one admits these incidents of incestuous marriage in the Hindu scriptures, such isolated and stray incidents can never be compared with the tradition of marrying close kin generation after generation and thus shrinking the gene pool. Scholars believe that the Muslims are marrying their first cousins for the past 50 generations. No medical scientist has ever accused the Hindus that they are suffering from diseases arising out of genetic disorder due to consanguineous marriages.

The tradition of 1st cousin marriage cripples the Muslim community:

I started to learn the creed of Islam and Islamic psyche of Muslim community after the demolition of the old Rama Temple in Ayodhya, which had been turned into a mosque by the Muslim invader Babur in 1527 AD. The demolition of the worn out structure was a necessary step to rebuild the same. After reading the Koran, ahadith by Bokhari and Muslim and a few other Islamic texts, I could realize that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology, or rather a violent and imperialist political ideology and is extremely dangerous for the civilized world. At the same time, I was convinced that the Muslims are the worst victims of Islam and it is the root cause of their backwardness in every walk of life.

I was also convinced that lack of freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of speech are responsible for the backwardness of the Muslim community. In Islamic schools, the students are instructed that they should not defy tradition (laid down by Allah through Koran and Hadith) that they should respect the authority (of Allah) and truth should be sought in the text (i.e. Koran and Hadith) and not in experience. There is no doubt that such tenets are holding sway and impeding creative thought, innovation and progress in the Muslim world.

Muslims are not permitted to make a rational estimate of Prophet Muhammad, and his life and deeds. They are permitted to praise him for everything he did, without passing any critical remark. Each and every Muslim, whether educated or not, has to believe in the Koranic version of creation that says that Allah has created this world from nothingness within six days, the human race began its journey from a single pair of man and woman, namely Adam (derived from Sanskrit adim)  and Hawa and Prophet Muhammad was the 90th descendant of Adam, which leads to the conclusion that Allah created this world only 4,135 years ago ( considering 30 years to be the gap between two successive generations). In short, the Muslims are intellectually enslaved by the creed of Islam. Or, more pointedly, they are a community of shackled people enslaved by the Koran.

At that time, I maintained that the marriages in the Muslim community between close blood relations are stray incidents and it has no perceptible effect in the Muslim community. But when I started investigating the tradition cousin marriage in the Muslim community, I have really been astonished to find how widespread and how deep rooted is this tradition of cousin marriage Muslim community. Muslims care little of its harmful effects. They are indifferent of the fact that such consanguineous marriage produces low IQ stupid progeny. The tradition has passed 1400 years or 50 generations and in today’s world, 75 million or 50% of the total population of Muslims are low IQ stupid inbred people. But the Muslims are not aware of the havoc this tradition of incestuous marriage is playing on their community. It is really surprising that these  low IQ inbred stupid people are aspiring to conquer and rule the entire world.

While talking about the harmful effects of first cousin marriages it is important to distinguish between certain stray incident of such a marriage and the tradition where it is repeated again and again throughout the history. This second kind is very dangerous as it produces offspring of physical deformation and nearly 6000 serious ailments, including deficiency of IQ, linked to genetic disorder. To highlight this aspect, I have attached nearly 11 Youtube video clips to the 2nd part of this article. Research on this field revealed that a child born out of incestuous marriage is more likely suffer from the diseases arising out of genetic disorder.

Does a disease due to genetic disorder inheritable? A genetic disorder may or may not be a heritable disorder. Some genetic disorders are passed down from the parents’ genes, but others are always or almost always caused by new mutations or changes to the DNA. In other cases, the same disease, such as some forms of cancer, may be caused by an inherited genetic condition in some people, by new mutations in other people, and by non-genetic causes in still other people. Some types of recessive gene disorders confer an advantage in certain environments when only one copy of the gene is present.[2]

The root cause of Muslims’ backwardness:

The readers may recall that I have written many articles on the backwardness of the Muslim community. I have discussed the backwardness of the entire Muslim community in World Community of Muslims: Shackled People Enslaved by the Koran and that of the Muslims living in India in a series of articles under the title Sachar Committee Report Uncovers the Backwardness of India’s Muslims. At that time, I was convinced that the Muslims’ backwardness stem from suppression of freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and suppression of their women. In addition to that, the brainwashing by Muslim clerics and religious leaders contribute to their backwardness. I was then also convinced that incestuous marriages in the Muslim community were stray incident and hence genetic contribution to their stupidity was marginal.

But I was horrified to know the extent of consanguineous marriages in the Muslim community being carried out for generations after generations and the havoc it is playing on the intellectual capabilities of the Muslims. In the previous article, it has been mentioned that in some Muslim country, as high as 70 per cent of the marriages are consanguineous or marriage between first cousins. Modern medical science has established that children born out of such marriages between close kin are of low IQ and suffer from various kinds of ailments arising out of genetic disorder. According to Nicolai Sennels, the Danish psychologist, the rate of first cousin marriages is pretty high among the Muslim immigrants in Denmark and the children born out of such marriages are incapable of receiving high standard education due to inadequate intelligence and swelling the school dropouts.

So, it appears that the root cause of backwardness of the Muslims across the world is the practice of first cousin marriages or marriage between close blood relations and production of low IQ stupid children who are incapable of constructive thinking and receiving modern education. This is enabling the Muslim clerics and imams to make these stupid people believe in the most unscientific and irrational dogmas of Islam. To motivate them to kill innocent non-Muslim people, become jihadis and blow themselves up as suicide bombers with allurement of entering an imaginary paradise or a super deluxe brothel created by Allah infested with heavenly damsels called houris and young slave boys called gilmans, for satiation of infinite sexual lust.






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