In the words of the Imams (and leaders), part III


In the words of the Imams (and leaders), part III


As before the sources for all these quotes are on the internet.

On non-Muslims.

2011 December 3rd. Egyptian Salafist Sheikh Yasser al-Bahami: “Appointing infidels [i.e. Copts] to positions of authority of Muslims is prohibited. Allah said: ‘never will Allah grant the unbelievers a way to triumph over the believers.’ We are not afraid of losing the elections or not getting votes, we are not trying to ingratiate ourselves with the people. Can the Christians of Egypt be compared to the Jews of Medina? The case of the Jews of Medina is one example of the relations between Muslims and Infidels. The Muslims can implement any form of conduct used by the prophet Mohammed. When the prophet Mohammed was still in Mecca he dealt with the Infidels in a certain way, and when the Muslims are weak they should deal with the Infidels this way: ‘Refrain from action, pray and pay the Zakat.’ In many Infidel Countries, such as occupied Palestine, we instruct Muslims to do just that. We are not telling Muslims in Gaza to launch rockets every day which would lead to the destruction of the entire Country, we tell them to adhere to the truce [i.e. the Hudna]. When the prophet Mohammed first arrived in Medina he signed a treaty with the Jews without forcing them to pay the Jizya [head tax]. This was necessary at the time, but when they breached the treaty he fought themand he eventually imposed the Jizya on the People of the Book [Jews and Christians]. The Christians of Egypt can be dealt with like the Jews of Medina, this is permissible. Comment: what is most important here is the way that Muslim behaviour depends on whether they are weak or strong. If weak they act like “normal citizens”, once strong they impose Dhimmitude on non-Muslims. Also of note are the following: a “hudna”, usually mistranslated in the West as “peace treaty” is a limited-term truce that Muslims seek if they are weak (non-Muslims can buy one from strong Muslims by tribute), but since it is limited-term there is an expectation that fighting will resume – when the Muslims are strong enough to win. Al-Bahimi says that the Copts “can be dealt with like the Jews of Medina”. This could mean: forced into Dhimmitude, expelled from Egypt or simple slaughtered. Mohamed did all three to various different Medinan Jewish tribes. Finally, as ever, we have the inevitable Israel-bashing and anti-Semitic undertones.

2012, April 28th. Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “The Shari’ah has defined human rights for Muslims and for non-Muslims. The non-Muslim has chosen not to accept the judgements of Allah, therefore, yes, his rights differ from those of the Muslim. I say they are not equala non-Muslim under the Islamic Shari’ah cannot have any rights except those Allah has legislated [in Shari'ah] for him. Allah has legislated that he may have his belief, religion, clothes and everything that is needed by all citizens, Muslim or non-Muslim. The Muslim has greater rights and respect because he is Muslim. He [Allah and/or Mohammed] commanded us to not make them equal ” Comment: setting aside the supremacism, Bakri Mohammed makes it quite clear that non-Muslims are disenfranchised under Shari’ah. Note also that he is saying that UN resolutions etc. are worthless since the only rights a non-Muslim may have are those defined in Shari’ah.

On Islamic Supremacy

2012, April 28th. Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “Islam is above others and never below… I have the right to marry a Christian or Jewish girl, but it is not permissible for a Jewish [or Christian] man to marry a Muslim girl. This is correct, I am not calling for equality.” Comment: agreed, you are calling for crude tribal-based supremacy.

On war, terror, violence and jihad.

2011 Dec ?. Belgian Islamist Sheik Abu Imran: “This is a short message to the King of Belgium and specifically to the Muslims in Belgium. This is the flag [shows black flag of jihad] that, Allah willing, will soon be flying on top of that building over there [video shows the Belgian royal palace]. There you see the flag [Belgian flag] of the Taghut [idolaters], the infidels, and soon the flag of ‘there is no god but Allah’ will be flying there, on top of that palace, and on top of all the other palaces in Europe, until Allah willing, we reach the White House…We will not rest, we will not stop, until this flag flies on top of that building [the royal palace].” Comment: This is a call to (Belgian) Muslims to wage sword-jihad against the Western world.

2012, May 17th. Précised from Compass News: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, sought by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity in Darfur, has vowed to rid the Nuba Mountains of Christians and those he claims are agents of the West. On April 20 he ordered the Sudanese military to rid South Kordofan state’s Nuba Mountains of everyone who opposes his Islamic rule, and [in] the past several weeks he has repeatedly declared jihad against the ethnic Nuba peoples, Christians in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile state. State-owned TV and radio play songs urging Muslims to “fight the infidels” and “cleanse the land” of their presence, increasing the fears of ethnic South Sudanese Christians trapped in the hostile north. Humanitarian agencies consider the Islamic government’s targeting of civilians in the Nuba Mountains an ethnic cleansing against non-Arab peoples in the multi-ethnic state, with the added incentive of ridding the area of Christians.

2012, April 28th. Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed: “When I go to Britain or Europe I have the right – my blood and property are inviolable – in exchange their blood and property are also inviolable through this peace treaty. Their blood and property have no protection except through a peace treaty or Dhimma pact. Thus Allah has commanded it, you can either accept or reject it. [When I go to a Western Country] I invite them and if they accept the command of Allah then they may do so, if they don’t accept it and kick me out of the Country then we will fight against them. The relationship between us is either a pact of belief in Allah, a peace treaty or war. The general rule is that the blood and property of non-Muslims is permissible for us so it is in their interests to have a peace-treaty or dhimmi pact with me. It is in your interest, you who say you do not believe in Islam, to accept that their be a peace-treaty or dhimmi pact between us. The Dhimmi pact falls under the Islamic Shari’ah, but the peace-treaty does not subject you to the Shari’ah. That’s the way it is, either you accept it or we live in a state of war. The general rule is that the blood and property of non-Muslims is permissible for Muslims. The prophet Mohammed even said, “I was sent to fight against the people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and I am the apostle of Allah”… It is either through faith or a peace treaty that man lives [in peace] with his neighbour, but a Muslim coexists with an infidel [non-Muslim] either through a peace treaty, a dhimmi pact or a state of war. This is the relationship between a Muslim and an infidel.” Comment: there is a lot here, Bakri is saying that unless the non-Muslim either has a “peace treaty”(more on that in a moment) or accepts Dhimmitude, then a “state of war” exists between Muslims and non-Muslims and thus it is in non-Muslims’ interest to accept Dhimmitude – this is a threat to non-Muslims. He also states clearly that “ the blood and property of non-Muslims is permissible for Muslims” thus claiming that Muslims have the (god-given) right to murder, rape and despoil non-Muslims. Turning to “peace treaty”: I’m not sure whether Bakri meant “Hudna” or “Sulh”. If the former, we should read “fixed term cease-fire bought by tribute”. The latter case is more interesting in that the concept of a “house of treaty” Dar-ul-Sulh, (i.e. those Countries that Islam is at peace with due to treaty obligations) is something framed in Ottoman days. What is of note is that the signatories to such a peace-treaty are bound only by its terms: there is no inherent “right of protection”. In Ottoman days such treaties varied from acknowledged equality to vassal-states. Thus it is hard to determine what is in Bakri’s mind when he speaks of a “peace treaty”.

2012, May 19th. British Imam Abu Usamah: “According to the opinion of some of the younger brothers, this place is ‘Dar-ul-Harb’ and because it is ‘Dar-ul-Harb’ the ‘land of war’ we are at war against these people [the British] they [the younger brothers] have concubines [sex-slaves].” Comment: to be fair I think Usamah is saying these “younger brothers” are wrong to have “concubines”. Neither am I sure whether he means non-Muslim girl-friends or whether this is an oblique reference to child-grooming, Usamah does not say. Setting that aside, Usamah states clearly that some of the “younger brothers” regard themselves as being “at war” with the host-community; this he does not repudiate.

2012, May 20, 2012., Tunisia. Un-named speaker: “Some Tunisians and some Muslims are afraid of the jihadists We must ask, How come? Because the enemies have distorted the image of the jihadists, presenting them as the enemies of the Muslims. We say: no! Every Muslim is a jihadist! Every Muslim is a jihadist… The enemies of Islam want us to be like sheep, to act like women [i.e. be cowed and submissive] … Let us all cry ‘Allah akbar’ together, so that Obama the ape can hear us. Say ‘Allah Akbar! … We are coming, We are coming.” Comment: following this, “Mujahideen” perform martial arts displays on stage. Hmmm. Martial arts, all jihadists, “our god is greater! We are coming”? Sounds rather like a declaration of offensive jihad against the USA. And Obama is an “ape”. Racism as well. Nice.

On Islamic tolerance and equality.

2012 may 27th. Report in Jakarta Post: [Kelantan state] Local Government Culture, Arts and Tourism committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan said developers must incorporate some Islamic elements in their plans [for a Buddhist Temple] or the proposals would be rejected. “We will ensure development will be based on Islamic principles and features,” he told a press conference. He claimed the ruling was well-accepted by the majority of developers, including non-Muslim developers. “I do not see it as an issue or something that could cause religious tension, as it only involves architecture and design, they have accepted the new ruling well.” Takiyuddin was commenting on an appeal by the Kelantan Buddhist Association for the state government to approve its building [for] construction with Chinese features. … It is understood that the association had been told that its building design should have dome-shaped motifs [i.e. mosque-like], which have created a controversy in the Chinese media. Kota Baru MCA division chief Tan Ken Ten slammed the directive: “The ruling is an extreme attempt to impose [Muslim] beliefs into other people’s culture or religious beliefs.” Comment: An attempt to render non-Muslims “invisible” in Malaysia. Hassan is either unaware or uncaring about how non-Muslims (here Buddhists) really feel on the issue.

2012 May 27th. Reported RNW: “The Sharia4Holland speaker called Mr Wilders “this dog of the Romans”, who will be dealt with once the Netherlands is an Islamic state. He also warned that lessons should be learnt from “the case of Theo van Gogh”.” Comment: here we have a Muslim “speaker” issuing death threats against an Islam-critic. Nothing new here then.

On correct Islamic behaviour and attitudes:

2012, May 5th. n Bonn, Germany. Un-named speaker: “We are here to show those Nazis [German citizens] that we are defending the Prophet Muhammad. If they want to curse us and deride us as individuals, we don’t care, but if they wish to curse the Prophet Muhammad, I swear to God that we will not let it pass peacefully. Therefore, we say to those people: Go to your homes and stay there. Do not curse our prophet, because this is where we draw the line. No one should cross that line. Comment: curse = insult. A not even veiled threat to attack people in response to anyone who ‘dares’ to criticise Mohammed. Remember that Islam considers it perfectly justifiable to “take revenge” against the “enemies” near to Muslims if they can’t reach those who have “harmed” them (by saying nasty things about Mo for example) because they are too far away.

2012 May 20th. Reported in “the Star” Malaysia: Irshad Manji has found herself in a spot following strong protests against her presence here to promote the Malay version of her controversial book, “Allah, Liberty and Love.” Political parties and non-governmental organisations have opposed her visit to Malaysia, claiming that the writer reported to have openly admitted to being a lesbian has insulted Islam with her writings and attitude. The Islamic Development Department (Jakim) director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha will review her book…. [He said] that although there were complaints that Irshad’s work was insulting to Islam, the department needed to go through the book first. “We will be getting copies of the book soon. Once we have gone through and discover reasons that it should be banned, we will propose it to the Home Ministry.” Comment: The ministry will go “through and discover reasons” to ban it, not “and IF we discover…”. Thus the decision is made, but we’d better make it look like we are being “fair”. I’m just glad this isn’t the ministry of justice…

Update: June 6th. Manji’s book has now, predictably, been banned according to “American Spectator”.

On anti-Semitism

2012, May 13th (?). Iran: Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi: “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause and that is the full annihilation of Israel.” Comment: thus the “cause” of Iran in toto amounts to nothing less (or more) than the total destruction of Israel (once Iran has nuclear weapons one assumes).

2012 June 2nd. Abstracted from “Daily Caller”: A pro-Nazi association now operates a Persian-language website in Iran, promoting anti-Semitism. It includes a public forum whose members routinely discuss their hatred of the Jewish people. A published set of ground rules prominently displayed for forum participants includes the warning that “All members must respect the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” They also include requirements that members should promote “the expansion of Iran’s nationalism” and “make known the true picture of Zionism. … We as an Internet media outlet consider it a duty to show the ugly and oppressive face of Zionism, which rules the world’s media who have hidden its true face.” Comment: Iran’s Islamic regime strictly regulates all forms of communication. But a Nazi propaganda website is permitted (and consistent with the proclamations of Iran’s military and political leaders. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have made repeated anti-semitic statements and calls for violence).

On Islamic Politics.

2012 May 18th. Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi: “[I call] on all Egyptians to vote for one of the Islamist candidates, [they are] best for Egypt [because they will] apply the Islamic Sharia and achieve justice.” Comment: once again we see how Islam dictates politics. The ‘justice’ spoken of is that Shari’ah will be fully implemented and non-Muslims Dhimmified. And so much for free and fair elections.

2012 May 21st. Egypt: Al Ahram, (Sharia Body with members from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, and Al Azhar) fatwa: “[It is] impermissible to vote for anyone not intending to apply Islamic Sharia, and it is obligatory to vote for those who do seek to implement it… [the] presidential election is a modern way of directing the state, and therefore it behooves Muslims to use it as a way to enforce Sharia.” Comment: thus it is sinful not to vote for Islamists and Shari’ah law. So much for “free and fair” elections – again.

2012 May 23rd. Mauritanian Sheikh Aslamo Ould Sidi al-Mustafa. “Women can run for the presidency as long as they have no chance of winning. They can just do that for fun.” Comment: Since I’m a bloke I’ll leave commenting to the ladies – once they’ve run out of profanity that is.

2012 May 26th. Malaysian Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat: “[It is] Okay [for the President] to be non-Malay, so long as he is a Muslim. How to lead Muslims if he is not a Muslim? Will a democratic nation give the post to a communist? And in the same vein, will a Communist country accommodate a democratic leader? No such thing! A Communist country will be helmed by a Communist, a democratic country will be led by a democratic leader,… So, a Muslim nation must be led by a Muslim, regardless of race.” Comment: democratic Countries do not “give” the Presidency to anyone, they elect a President, thus Mat misunderstands democratic processes (no surprise). The parallel between totalitarian Communism and Theocratic Islam is apt however. Also: Mat is saying that Islam is anti-democratic since he separates a “democratic leader” from a Muslim leader, thus implying that a (true) Muslim leader isn’t a democrat.

2012 May 29th. Egypt. Tarek el Zomor (Gama’a al-Islamiyya): “I demand an apology from the Copts [for voting for secularist Shafik] …this was a fatal error.”. Comment: a pretty unveiled threat to murder Copts for either voting at all, or not voting “Islamist”. Other Muslim “leaders” and groups have called the Copts “treasonous” for voting for Shafik. Treason is punishable by death under Shari’ah.

2012, May 30th. Egypt, Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate: “[I will] achieve the Islamic conquest (fath) of Egypt for the second time, and make all Christians convert to Islam, or else pay the jizya… or emigrate. …We [Muslim Brotherhood] will not allow Ahmed Shafiq [his contending presidential candidate] or anyone else to impede our second Islamic conquest of Egypt.” Comment: My, isn’t he modest? HE will “achieve the Islamic conquest of Egypt”. Note also that he intends to impose dhimmitude on the Copts and that the MB “will not allow anyone to impede” the Islamisation of Egypt. That’s so very democratic of them now isn’t it.

On the status and treatment of Muslim women.

2012, May 17th. (Khartoum Sudan) Précised from Sudan Tribune: – A court in the Sudanese capital Khartoum has sentenced an unidentified woman to be executed by stoning for committing the “crime of fornication” under Islamic Shariah laws, local newspapers reported on Wednesday. According to “Al-Ahram al-Yawm”, the court issued the sentence after the defendant refused to “retract her earlier confessions” that the child she gave birth to is from a man other than her husband. The man she said she had a sexual relationship with has denied the charge and was therefore acquitted by the judge… The sentence has been referred to the Supreme Court for final approval. Comment: note that her “confession” means she may be murdered, but his denial means acquittal. Note also that his word is accepted – no DNA tests done. This is an example of how the “four witnesses” rule plays out in practice. Without 4 (male) witnesses she can’t prove rape (if it was), but by simply denying the accusation the man goes free. Is it any wonder that rape is so grossly under-reported in Muslim Countries when the accusation makes the woman guilty of “illegal intercourse” of one sort or another. Let me also add – to be fair – that Sudan has yet to enforce this “punishment” on anyone.

2012, May 24th. Report via Reuters: “Afghan officials say more than 120 schoolgirls and three teachers have been poisoned at a school in the northern Takhar Province. The attack was blamed on [Muslim] fundamentalist radicals [Taliban] who used an unidentified toxic powder to contaminate the air at the school… Last month 150 girls were poisoned in Takhar when they drank contaminated water…A spokesman for Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said the Taliban was trying to make families afraid to send their children [esp. girls] to school.” Comment: Once again we see the Students of Islam (Talibs) wanting women to be un-educated illiterates who will be easier to control. Update 2012 May 27th: Another attack on school-girls has occurred with 43 hurt.

2012 May 25th. British Imam Abu Mussad: “By not wearing hijab you are torturing all Men, you are committing a sin of seducing these men.” Comment: thus the sin of “seduction” – i.e. a man feeling lust for a woman – isn’t his fault, oh no, indeedy not; it’s all your fault girls for not burkha’ing up (you abandoned hussies you!).

On Slavery – including sex-slavery.

2012, May 19th. British Imam Abu Usamah: “[Some] Muslims want to deny … the permissibility of ‘what the right hand possess’. A man can have a concubine [sex-slave] in al-Islam when al-Islam is being practised correctly. For every man who is in this Masjid [Mosque] right now, he can have, one man, this many [waving to indicate number of his audience] concubines [sex-slaves] in addition to his four wives. That’s the religion of Al-Islam. If he has money is it permissible for him to have [many] concubines [sex-slaves]. If you are embarrassed [by this] then something is wrong with you and your religion. That [sex-slavery] is what Allah has revealed in his book [Koran].” Comment: he could not be clearer, Mussalmen are allowed to take sex-slaves. Note that this taking of sex-slavers is not limited to war-booty – the Mussalman just needs the money to purchase them from someone, somewhere.

Ordinary Muslims don’t support these views! … Do they?

2012, February 28th. Al-Faraeen TV Egypt, Tawfiq Okasha: “I implore the viewers: Don’t call the phone numbers that appear on your TV screens, guys! They say to you: A call costs only 19 or 54. This is all a Jewish economic policy. I say this loud and clear: Jewish! The goal is to steal the money of the poor in particular. How come? Well, let’s take a look at who calls these numbers. …Some poor guy with no money can only dream of 5,000 pounds. So he calls, and he finds himself spending 200 or 300 pounds. He gets no 5,000 pounds. All he gets is 5,000 slaps on the back of his neck. This is the industry of toying with the dreams of the poor. This economic policy is aimed at destroying the poor and their aspirations, and inflicting mental maladies upon them. This is because there are many of these poor, but the Jews are few in number. There are only 17 or 18 million [Jews] in the world, and therefore, they cannot rule – because there are billions of people in the world. [So they say]: “First, we need to divide these billions up into groups. Then, we must turn whoever we can into an expendable person, so that we will be able to better control him.” The [Jews] are using the same policy used by Hitler [mass extermination], but in a different way – a way that does not involve bloodshed. However, their methods do involve bloodshed elsewhere, such as in Palestine, in Iraq, in Libya, in Yemen, and in Syria. There they implement their bloody policies … Allah be praised, the Arabs have begun to discern truth from deception – which TV channels collaborate with the US, British, and Israeli intelligence, and which TV channels are patriotic, and love the soil of their homeland and of the Arab nation. Allah be praised. …You need to think about this, and you will realize the conspiracy. Comment: another well rounded Muslim: anti-Semitic, anti-Western and paranoid it would seem.

2012 April 1st. Urdu-language Pakistani daily Roznama Islam published an article on April Fool’s Day by Abdul Wadood Rabbani, and titled “April Fool – Joke with Humanity.” In it he writes: “… In fact, April 1st, according to the Jewish and Christian traditions, is the date on which Jesus Christ was mocked by Romans and Jews. The details of which is there in the Bible … Jews celebrate April first every year remembering that shameful day. If it is true and encyclopedia ‘Mello-Roos’ (?) [unclear] has termed it right with much conviction and has given argument on it, then it is clear that since this tradition is observed in memory of the blasphemy against Jesus Christ, therefore it is most probable that Jews must have started this tradition. This is a matter of concern as [to] how Christians could accept the custom which the Jews started in the memory of making a mockery of Jesus Christ. … The irony is that some of the festivals of our Eternal Enemy are celebrated at Government level…” Comment: Here Rabbani is clearly spouting (ludicrous) anti-Semitism. But also note that Rabbani links Jews and Xtians together prior to the “eternal enemy” part. Thus I can’t help but wonder if Rabbani sees both Jews (of course) and Xtians as “eternal enemies”. Let me add that historians place the origin of April fool’s day in the sixteenth century A.D., thus Rabbani is, apparently, writing rubbish in saying “… Jewish and Christian traditions…

2012 May 4th. Reported Pelagon; Skopje, Macedonia: “Around 1500 radical islamists [Salafists] protested today in the Macedonian capital Skopje and demanded the release of five incarcerated islamists who are suspected of having murdered four young [Christian] men aged 18-20 years and a 45-year-old man on April 12th of this year. … Two other suspects in the crime are fugitives, possibly in bordering Kosovo. … The murder occurred on Good Friday and thus just before the Orthodox festival of Easter. …[As a result] a deep shock and a deep fear came upon the country’s whole Christian population this Easter weekend. … The demonstrators began their march in front of the Jaja Pascha mosque in Skopje and ended it in front of the Macedonian government building. Such shouts as “Allahu akber,” “Kill the Christians,” and “Jihad” could be heard more and more. The strong police presence saw to it that the demonstrators could commit only minor damage to property.” Comment: Muslims are one third of Macedonia’s population, two thirds are Christian. Here we see a large, violent, anti-Xtian protest as the result of the arrest on murder charges of some Muslims. The Salafists object to their “brothers” being held and sent for trial in a non-Islamic court. Consequently, they use terror to try to get their release (see Koran 4:151, 8:12, 59:2, Bukhari vol.4:Bk.52 No.220, Muslim Bk 4, Number 1062-7).

2012, May 14th. South Dafur, Sudan. Précised from Compass News: “Security agents in Sudan’s South Darfur state have closed down the Nyala offices of the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC), a church clinic and relief group Sudan Aid, sources said. Agents from the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) arrived at the organizations’ compound in Nyala at 8 a.m. on April 22, ordered SCC staff members to hand over keys of offices and vehicles and, without explanation, ordered them to leave immediately. Three staff members from Sudan Aid were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location. …The agents also took 5 cars and three motorbikes from SCC …and four cars and five motorbikes from Sudan Aid. The actions came as Christianity is increasingly regarded as a foreign faith to be excised from Sudan, which has begun transporting ethnic South Sudanese to South Sudan following the latter’s secession last year. An estimated 350,000 ethnic South Sudanese, many of them Christian, remain in the Islamic north, with many having never lived anywhere else. Comment: Ethnic cleansing of Christians, but I guarantee there will be no protest from the World’s governments. The property stolen is part of the “spoils”, in this case “Fai”, promised Muslims by Allah, see Koran 21:43-44.

2012 May 16th. Reported in Mystagogy: “Abet Hasman, the deputy mayor of Patras and head of the municipal social services, left a secret revealed only in his obituary, read at his funeral by Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Patras – that he was secretly baptised an Orthodox Christian…. Abet was born a Muslim and came to Greece from Jordan to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Thessaloniki and finally settled in Patras.” Comment: [irony on] why would a Muslim keep his conversion to Xtianity secret? After all Islam supports religious freedom doesn’t it? Many Muslims tell us so! [irony off] Note that he felt obliged to keep this a secret in a Christian Country (not an Islamic one) for fear of reprisal from the Muslim community.

2012, May 17th. Indonesia. Reported in Jakarta Globe: “A mob of Islamic hard-liners threw stones and bags of urine at the … congregation of the Batak Christian Protestant Church in Bekasi, on the outskirts of Jakarta, at an Ascension Day service on Thursday. Police tried to stop the mob of some 300 people but were also attacked, according to reports. “They assaulted the congregation members,” Rev. Palti Panjaitan told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday. “Police tried to talk to them, but the mob passed through police and showered us with urine and dirty water. Others threw stones at us.” The mob reportedly attacked the congregation as the service started, and also shouted profanity and [death] threats.” Comment: Interfaith “dialogue” alive and well in “moderate” Indonesia.

2012 May 21st. Tunisia. Report in EJP: “Thousands of Salafist Muslims marched on Kairouan in Central Tunisia, waving Salafist black flags as part of the Islamic movement’s annual assembly. Many participants …[chanted] slogans, reciting “We are all the children of Osama (bin Laden) and “Jews, Jews, the army of Mohammed is back”. Comment: this chant is significant for two reasons: firstly it is a reference to the brutal massacre and rape of the Khaybar Jews and Jewesses respectively. Second the black flag is the flag of sword-jihad (war/terror) which would be carried by “the children of Osama”. Put those together and you have a not-so-veiled threat to kill Jews. The march also followed a resumption of the Jewish pilgrimage to the Tunisian Island of Djerba, (over which Israel’s National Security Council expressed fears that Tunisian “activists” were planning attacks on Israeli or Jewish targets).

2012 May 24th. Reported in “The News”/AFP: PESHAWAR. A Pakistani surgeon [Shakeel Afridi] recruited by the CIA to help find Osama bin Laden was on Wednesday sentenced to 33 years in prison for treason, officials said. The doctor had worked for years as a surgeon in lawless Khyber, part of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda infested tribal belt. Afridi was not present in the court and not given a chance to defend himself, officials said. Under the tribal system, he would not have had access to a [defence] lawyer. “He has been sentenced for 33 years on treason charges and has been moved to Peshawar central jail after the verdict was announced by the local court,” said Mohammad Siddiq, spokesman for the administrative head of Khyber. Afridi’s trial took place over several days under assistant political agent Nasir Khan in Khyber. Critics said Wednesday that he should not have been tried under tribal law in the tribal belt for an alleged crime that took place outside their jurisdiction. Comment: To what is he a traitor? He is tried in an Islamic Court under Shari’ah law. The article does not say this explicitly, but a clue is in the fact that under the Shari’ah legal system the accused has no legal representation and a second clue is in the fact that the court acted extra-jurisdictionally – Shari’ah “trumps” civil law in the Islamic view. Therefore Afridi’s “treason” is against Islam – helping the Kaffirs against a ‘good Muslim’ and a ‘Lion of Islam’ like bin Laden. Thus we can conclude that (some) Muslims would rather support a mass-murdering terrorist who killed more Muslims than non-Muslims than someone who “shopped” him to a bunch of Kaffirs. Islamic “justice” at it’s finest.

2012, May 29th. Translated and précised from Gazzetta de Modena: [following the earthquakes in northern Italy, camps have been set up for displaced persons and people with nowhere to live. Food is obviously a primary need.] On Saturday 26th a riot took place [in a camp] when a Muslim girl was served a pasta dish containing bolognese sauce in error when she should have received Tuna sauce. Her family accused the camp administrators of deliberately insulting Islam by offering her “haram” food. A riot ensued. Civil protection forces had to intervene to restore order. Comment: let’s get this straight: you’ve lost your home to an earthquake, you are in a camp and are being fed by charity and yet you still demand special food even though the Koran says (K.5:5) that “the food of the Xtians and Jews is halal for you”? And you riot over an admitted mistake? I must be wrong but to me this smacks of an over-weening sense of entitlement. The irony is that the meat in the sauce was probably halal anyway since this is becoming the “default” slaughter option in many cases.

Not categorised or multi-category.

2012 May 24th. Egyptian Sheikh Ahmed al-Mahlawi: “[Members of the Ulemas must not] appear … on TV programs with women who do not wear the hijab … those who do not wish to apply Allah’s Sharia… love the West, and wish to implement homosexual marriage.” Comment: he’s packed a lot in here: a fatwa, declaring takfir [labelling as “non-Muslim”] against anyone who does not want to apply Shari’ah (they “love the West” implicitly more than Allah- thus they are “Mushrikoon” – “associators”) and managed a homophobic statement. A “three for the price of one deal”. I’m impressed – in a sickened sort of way that is.

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