An Urgent Plea for Help

We received the following email and we think we have to share it with you in the hope that we may find someone who can help these two young men. 


Hello, My Name is Umair and I am from Pakistan. me and my elder cousin after got converting from Islam to Christianity have been threatened even from my own family members including my father that FATWA has become compulsory for you! I received text messages on my cell phone that you will be hung, you have insulted our prophet and you will face death for this action! I got scared because our lives were in danger. That was the cause we fled from Pakistan and reach Tajikistan.

After 7 months my cousin’s younger brother found out and reached to Tajikistan. He told that we have found you here from the help of Border Immigration. He said,You can’t escape anymore.FATWA is issued for you which clearly says” you have committed blasphemy against our beloved Prophet and you shall face death penalty” and If you come with me back to Pakistan and convert back to Islam we can settle down things. on july 31 we escaped from Tajikistan and reached to sri lanka. we applied for Refugee but, after 14 months UNHCR refused our application and say that, there’s no such problem in your country. we have appealed to the UNHCR. for last 14 months we are constantly living in a church. everyone is nice and really helpful but,how long they will help us? we have felt that the Church is unable to support us anymore. therefore we ask you for a help. not financially but, can you please help us in anyway with UNHCR or transfer us to a country where we can at least work. because, here in Sri Lanka Asylum seekers are not allowed to work anywhere neither receive any support from UNHCR unless they get Refugee Status Letter.

We are very much mentally upset. With all our hearts we cannot return to Islam so our lives are in great danger to return to Pakistan. we are asking you on humanitarian basis. what faith, religion you follow please help us.

Kind Regards

Daniel Thomas <[email protected]>

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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