An open letter to Sadiq Khan, MP?


From: Adele Burns

Dear Mr Sina

I was looking through the Daily Telegraph blogs today, and came across the following, which struck a chord with me.It  has so far been deleted completely twice.

“Dear Sadiq Khan, MP

Whenever a Muslim atrocity is committed in this country or abroad, we are practically bowled over in the rush by the powers that be to “rationalize” it by saying these abhorrent acts are performed by a minority of Muslims. When that fails (and we can see it has, particularly after the Lee Rigby murder), they wheel out people like you to stand up for Muslims.

You are typical of Muslims – Milking the victim mentality for all it is worth, and deflecting the blame
elsewhere than on your own Muslim community. You are right when you say that the message has been that for all communities standing together against it is important, but you are somewhat economical with the truth when you say it is a “unifying” message.

After 7/7 and after the many many abortive attacks by Muslims on non-Muslims, after the very public
alignment of so many Muslims with jihad and Jew hatred, hardly disguised at times, I am convinced that if your community carries on the way it is, all semblance of trust and respect for them will vanish altogether.

Whether you are British born or not, Mr Khan, and whatever your position is in the British government, you still resort to an intrinsic action of Muslims – you attempt to minimalize the harm your coreligionists perpetrate on the communities in Britain by blaming others.

Blair’s government after 7/7 twisted itself out of shape to accommodate Muslims views over and above those of British non-Muslim citizens, still reeling from the carnage and misery perpetrated by British Muslims who in spite of being treated well in this country, hated it enough to murder British people and tourists. The Prevent strategy and other initiatives were started, but met with opposition from the MCB and they were undermined in a passive aggressive way by the Muslim communities – some of whom proceeded to blame non-Muslims for the initiatives’ failure.

We should not forget that you were the MP who stood up and publicly announced that you look forward to the day when Britain has a Muslim Prime Minister. After how your community has behaved in the past, with threats of violence towards non-Muslims when their desire for exceptional treatment was not met – you should not be surprised that  many British people would not countenance it.

Words are cheap, Sadiq Kahn.  when people like you speak of your condemnation of acts like the murder of Lee Rigby, but it is incumbent on Muslims and people like you to go the extra mile. You must decry publicly attacks on Christians, Jews and other religious minorities, and more importantly, you must show that you negate those parts of your religion that advocate murder and violence of non-Muslims as a tenet.
Without active efforts to do this, your words mean nothing.

The EDL is the reaction of decent British people who are sick and tired of feeling like second-class
citizens in their own country. They are not far right, they are Britons, Muslims, Sikhs, and Jews who quite rightly feel the behavior of extremist Muslims in the UK are not in this country’s interests. These extremists are hidden from scrutiny by people like you.

You may wonder why I have not said “some Muslims”. As far as I am concerned, those who do not speak
out against this kind of behavior and choose to ignore the effect their violent coreligionists have on British society, are as guilty as those who perpetrate or have the intent to perpetrate these crimes against our nation.

So, no, Sadiq Khan, this article does not ring true. It is up to you as a role model, to educate
your Muslim brothers to go the extra mile. It is not up to the British government to continue to try to bamboozle its electorate into swallowing emotional blackmail Muslims like you dish out.”

Would you please print it on my behalf as an open letter to Sadiq Khan, MP?
Thank you very much



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