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Jun 9, 2007
Subject: Are you up to the challenge, Sina?

Bismilla Hir’Rahman Nir’Raheem,

(In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent, Most Merciful)

Ali Sina,

I always begin my emails with a salam but in your case I’ll make an acception.

I’m writing to you after a long time. Once I remember you wrote that you’ll not have a public debate with Dr 
Zakir Naik because you don’t want to die. 

Here’s my offer…

If we get a debate arranged for you with Dr Zakir Naik & get you full-protection of the law. From the airport  to the venue of debate & back, you’ll be given 50 bodyguards (all special anti-terrorist squad members) & all of whom will be non-Muslims. The entire event will be covered by live-media, so the world can see everything in black & white. Your face will not be disclosed to anyone. No photographs or video will be allowed of your face. During the debate you’ll address the crowd from a distant & undisclosed location. Even though the debate will be live-videorecorded yet your face will not be revealed. You’ll receive the air-ticket for both arrival & return. We’ll personally address the media before your arrival & accept the consequences, if any harm comes to you, during your time in our land. From the moment you step on our soil till the time you are back to your land, you’ll be our responsibility & we’ll make sure that no harm comes to you or anyone who comes with you. You’ll not come in direct contact of any Muslim throughout this time, even me. In case of any danger to your life in our land, you’ll be immediately escorted to the plane & returned back home. All of the above will be carried out under the strict supervision of the law of the land.

You say you can challenge anyone…Let’s see if you’re up to this! You’ll be informed of further details, if you decide to accept this challenge. 

Kindly, do send me the reply or the link to the answer, if you decide to reply. 

(P.S.: This is personal offer & has nothing whatsoever

to do with Dr Zakir Naik or IRF.)


Dear Sohail,

You do not address the central question: What cannot be said better in a thoughtful written exchange that requires such prepration for a time proscribed and uncomfortable and expensive face to face encounter?

Ali Sina has said that he welcomes a written exchange with Dr. Zakir Naik, and if he loses he will go on TV to admit his defeat, and it might even be Zakir Naik peace TV.

So instead of expending all this energy for all these fancy arrangements, get Zakir Naik to show where Ali Sina is wrong about Muhammad’s character.



Dear Mr. Sohail,

I have a few questions?

1- If this invitation has nothing to do with Dr. Zakir Naik, what is it that you are inviting me for?

2- Why do you want to go through this much trouble and expense (50 body guards?) to arrange a live meeting with me when all you have to do is to write a few pages of rebuttals to prove me wrong?

3- What is it that you can only tell me face to face that you can’t put it in writing?

4- If what I write is all nonsense, why are you so concerned?

5- If all I say are lies, why can’t you or Dr. Naik refute me in writing?

6- Why should I trust you and believe in your guarantees when your prophet ordered the assassination of his opponents instructing his henchmen to lie in order to deceive their victims and then suddenly ambush them and kill them when they were least expecting?

Please answer the above questions before I can respond to your invitation.


Ali Sina


Jun 11, 2007

Subject: Thank you for answering this time.. Bismilla Hir’Rahman Nir’Raheem,

(In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent, Most Merciful)

Firstly, Dr Zakir Naik has said it in several of his lectures that if anyone can arrange a religious public debate or a dialogue, he’ll attend it.

Secondly, debating on internet is too time-consuming.  

Thirdly, I only want to do this for the good of Islam because I believe I’ve the resources to do this.

Fourthly, I’m only concerned because you malign Islam unjustly & in many case lie to back you claims while publically you won’t be able to do this (a good example is the story you related about Lady Aisha (ra) & Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)).

Fifthly, I made it very clear that the entire event will have live-coverage. So, it’ll be upto the world to decide whether I’m telling the truth or not.

No one can force you to accept my offer. This was something which I could & I had to do, as a Muslim. What’s the purpose of extending this minor issue over several emails. If you’re not interested, just answer in a simple NO. 

If you’re irrelavantly expanding this issue with the expectation that I’ll write something which you can use to your advantage against me or Islam then sorry to disappoint you because (thanks to Allah) I try to keep things simple & think before I write.



Dear Mr. Sohail
How can debating on the Internet be time consuming? It is the reverse that is true. If we can’t even agree on something that is so obvious, how can we agree on more important things? I just had a long debate with Mr. Ghamidi and his student Dr. Zaheer. We covered a many points from the comfort of our homes. We could not have discussed a fraction of what we did in a live debate and certainly not to this depth. It cost us nothing to do that. Thousands have read this debate and millions will in the coming years.

If I malign Islam all you have to do is refute me. If I lie, all you have to do is to show my lies. It is much easier to lie in a live debate where time and technicality does not allow refuting the fallacious argument of your opponent than in a written debate. No one will buy this excuse. I have already refuted all the arguments of Dr. Naik without any need to debate with him. This is not a context of physical strength where you have to meet your opponent in the ring. Intellectual arena does not have to be a physical place. You can refute someone thousands of miles apart and even thousands of years apart. We do not need to meet Ptolomeo or Aristotle to refute their theories. I refuted Muhammad without meeting him. I am sure if you could refute me, you could do it also without the need to go through all the hassle of setting up a public meeting, paying for my travel expenses and hiring 50 bodyguards. All you have to do is write a few pages. This should not take more than an hour or so of your time.

If we have a debate in writing, it will be read by many people. We can print our debate in a book format and make it available at cost. In this way millions of people, even those who can’t access the Internet can read it.

Defending Islam is not a minor issue. It is your religious duty. How can exchanging a few emails be difficult and arranging a public conference, inviting the media, paying for my travel expenses and hiring 50 bodyguards be easy?

I am afraid I do not see the logic of your argument. You are a worshipper of a man who instructed his followers to lie and to deceive their opponents in order to assassinate them. Why should I trust you and believe in your guarantees? Here is a gem from hadith, where Muhammad is reported saying:

“Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allâh and His Apostle?” Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, ‘O Allâh’s Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?’ The Prophet said, ‘Yes.’ Muhammad bin Maslama said, ‘Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Ka’b).” The Prophet said, ‘You may say it.'” Then Muhammad bin Maslama went to Ka’b, pretended to be have left Muhammad, and even maligned him and as soon as Ashraf lowered his guard and came down to meet him, he stabbed him and killed him. [Bukhari, 5.59.369]

Wish you the best.

Ali Sina

Jun 12, 2007 

Subject: Still not answering my question! 

Bismilla Hir’Rahman Nir’Raheem,

(In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent, Most Merciful)

Loose the pilosophy Sina, I didn’t sign-up for a lecture. How difficult is it to say, ‘NO’? You can’t even address a simple issue with a plain, YES or NO…how do you expect to get any useful results if we engage in a debate? 

You may’ve 24/7 to waste your time in doing what you do best, but I’ve other things to take care of. I’ve seen your debates & why people abandon them…because you can’t keep your philosophical notions to yourself. 

Kindly, don’t even bother to write to me next time, if you don’t have a plain answer, in YES or NO, for my offer because it’ll only prove how desperate you’re about engaging a Muslim in a debate. I didn’t write to you to start a debate but only to arrange one. 

If you do write to me & don’t answer my offer, I’ll take your answer as NO. 

Let me share a little experience with you… A couple of days ago, while I was putting down my debate offer in words, a friend of mine came to me & said (about you) & I quote, “He’s too chicken-shit to accept even this…he’ll only take you around in circles & won’t answer your question.” 

You don’t want to trust the Muslims, then don’t; you don’t want to have a public debate, then don’t but don’t give me irrelevant proposals of fame like putting the debate in the form of a book or that millions will read it because that doesn’t interset me a bit. 

Quoting a hadis was a pretty good move to engage me in a debate but alas (for you), like I wrote in my previous email, (thanks to Allah) I keep things simple & think before I act. Answer my question first, maybe then I’ll think about having a debate with you. 

My friend was wrong to call you such a rude-name. I believe there’s only one good English word to describe your nature & character (see below)


My offer still stands, in case you get enough courage, in the future, to accept it & maybe even then I can get something arranged.


 You never answered the questions posed to you by Ali Sina. Please do not waste your own or other’s times. If there is any rebuttal to be made, make it or have it made if you are incapable of making it yourself. And only reason is required and there is no need for pomposity and lies.regards,


Jun 13, 2007 

Subject: Cowards…

Bismilla Hir’Rahman Nir’Raheem,

(In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent, Most Merciful)

Thank you for clarifying that you’re ring-leader is 

nothing more than a COWARD, who doesn’t even have guts

to accept his short-comings.

My question was very clear & Sina chose not to answer. As far as his questions are concerned read my previous emails, I did answer all his questions. [I just answered them in a paragraph form instead of point-wise manner] 

Anyway, that’s not important but what’s important is that Sina has proved that his cowardice isn’t just superficial, it extends deep within his heart & mind. 

Maybe you didn’t understand what I wrote earlier that I didn’t write to rebut his accusations against Islam 
but only to offer him an opportunity for a public debate with Dr Zakir Naik. 

Don’t worry I’m not going to waste anymore time with you because your boss has already proved my point.

Goodbye, for now…


Dear Mr. Sohail

I am afraid it is you who have not answered my simple questions. I asked you to tell us what is it that Dr. Naik is going to say in a public meeting that he can’t say in writing? I have already refuted him in writing. It is easy to refute someone in writing, unless you have run out of logical arguments and hope to win the day with showmanship and chicanery. In a written debate that venue is not available. All it counts is the strength of your argument. Even the Muslims are realizing that the real reason behind this avoidance is cowardice.

You are willing to prepare a public conference, invite thousands of people, the media, pay for my ticket to India and hire 50 bodyguards and yet you think writing a few pages refuting me is waste of time? Who are you trying to fool dear Sohail? All these things would cost in excess of $50,000 dollars (in India). Why do you want to go through this much trouble and cost when all you have to do to discredit me is write a few pages? Perhaps you do not think you are up to the task. In that case why not ask your friend Dr. Naik to respond to my charges against him. I have written a book disproving every one of his claims. I am going to make this book available soon for free download. All he has to do is write an article showing I am mistaken. He is not able to do that, but he is willing to come to a conference to disprove me? That makes no sense.

I have even gone as far as to offer to come to any conference anywhere in the world should anyone disprove any of my charges against Muhammad. If you really had any proof that I am in error, isn’t this a golden opportunity to lay your hand on me and do with me as your prophet did with his opponents?

I asked you why I should trust you when you worship a man who encouraged his followers to lie and to deceive their victims in order to assassinate them. Now, this is a legitimate question. You give me all the guarantees and empty promises when we both know that not even the guarantees of your prophet were worth anything.

I am afraid you really underestimate people’s intelligence. Your guarantees are worth nothing. You worship an assassin as a prophet and you expect me to trust you? Dr. Naik is on record saying every Muslim should be a terrorist and he justified this preposterous statement with the silliest of arguments. How can I trust terrorists like you and him and walk to your trap?

Furthermore, if Dr. Naik is ready to debate with anyone, why he does not debate with my friend Sam Shamoun of who has offered to meet him in person and debate with him in front of the cameras?

Ali Sina

Jun 14, 2007 

Subject: Just admit in unequivocal words… 

Bismilla Hir’Rahman Nir’Raheem,

(In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent, Most Merciful)

Now, read carefully Sina & don’t cry next time that I didn’t answer your questions. It seems I’ve to spoon-feed you!

Dr. Zakir Naik debate only in public & as far as Sam Shamoun is concerned I don’t know. Besides don’t try to run away from the subject, my debate challenge was directed at you not Shamoun.

Well, I already told you that I debate only in writing and I explained the reasons. This is the only way to make an in dept debate about any subject, especially something like religion.
As it is known, body language has a huge influence is communication. However, body language has nothing to do with facts. It is only an art. It is possible to make a lie look truth through posture, tone of the voice and body language and deceive the gullible. Written words are free from such influences.

I watched the debate between Dr. Campbell and Dr. Naik. In that debate Dr. Campbell dismantled the fallacies of the Quran and demonstrated that this book is all wrong. When Dr, Naik took the stance, he assumed a conceited posture and spoke with such pomposity and derision. That his less than bright audience were unable to see the fallacies of his statements. They were impressed by his posture and his ability to quote verses from memory. They were elated to see their hero “winning” the debate when in reality everything Dr. Naik said was baloney and sheer nonsense. I have published the text of that debate. It’s only when one reads what had been exchanged that one can see Dr. Naik failed to refute anyone of the arguments presented by Dr. Campbell against the Quran. I have shown the errors of Dr. Naik in my book on him The World’s Greatest Showman. This book has not been contested or refuted. May I ask why? It is not that Muslims have not tried to refute me. Here is a pathetic example of their feeble attempt.

I made it clear that I didn’t write you to challenge you for a debate but only to arrange one. If you fear that all Muslims lie then I for that very reason also gave you a guarentte that the entire event will be telecasted LIVE & no one will dare commit any wrong in front of the camera, as the world will be watching both Muslims & non-Muslims. I also made it very clear that you’ll not come in contact with any Muslim directly, even me.

And I also told you that your guarantees are worth nothing. I would be a total fool to take your guarantees seriously. You are a Muhammadan who deceived his opponents to kill them. Why should I trust you? What is your opinion about the hadith I quoted about how Muhammad instructed his follower to lie and to deceive Ka’b ibn Ashraf to assassinate him? Are you willing to condemn that despicable act of your prophet, or you want to emulate him?

As far as I am concerned, there would be no televised conferences and I would be dead the moment I am in your hands. It is you that I do not trust. You seem to not understand commonsense. Why are you not trying to refute my arguments? Why are you not trying to find someone to refute me? I said it already that if anyone proves any of my claims against Muhammad to be false, I will present myself to you so you can kill me. Is that good enough? You can’t refute even a single charge that I have made against Muhammad and still cling to him and want to murder people for him? If this is not satanic what is? Are you doing this out of sheer stupidity or out of sheer evilness? You have this feverish desire to cut my throat and I am giving you this golden opportunity to do so. All you have to do is to disprove one of my charges against Muhammad. And yet you can’t do that? Isn’t this enough as proof that Islam is a demonic cult? Doesn’t this show that it is the stupidest of cults? There are a billion Muhammadans and not a single one of them can refute a single one of my charges against him? Isn’t this pathetic?

As far as my offer is concerned; firstly, I never forced to you accept it, I ONLY ASKED YOU TO ADMIT IN 
CLEAR WORDS THAT YOU’LL NOT DEBATE Dr. ZAKIR IN PUBLIC, even after the offer such as mine. If you’re not interested just reject it, & you won’t hear from me on this topic again. Now, how long will take for you to type a refusal to my offer on your keyboard, hardly a few minutes; not even an hour as with your debates. Secondly, why’re you so worried about the cost of arranging a public debate, I never asked you to spend any money. Even if it takes a million dollars, I won’t bother you about the cost.

I will debate anyone in writing. I will debate in public only if someone can prove one of my charges against Muhammad wrong. If you can’t do that, it is clear that Islam is a lie. 

Why a public debate with me is so important to you that you are willing to spend a million dollars for it to happen? Am I hurting your religion this much? Suppose you kill me, does this restore the discredited image of your religion? Did the killing of Theo Van Gogh make everyone realize Islam is a true religion? What stupidity is this? All you have to do to restore the credibility of your religion is write a few pages of rebuttals and show I am wrong. That costs you a couple of hours of your time and not a million dollars. You can’t do that? Ask your favorite Muslim scholar to do that. If you or anyone can prove me wrong, I will remove, acknowledge my error publicly, give you $50,000 dollars in reward, and come to wherever you say so you can kill me and secure your private brothel after your body is fed to the worms. All you have to do is write, or ask someone to write two pages refuting me in a way I cannot catch your fallacies. Isn’t this a great offer?

If you say that you’ve refuted Dr. Zakir in writing & whatever you wrote about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is true than why’re you worried about showmanship because the truth always stands out from the falsehood.

The truth is standing out and I do not need to do anything else. All we have to do now is to spread this truth and there are many valiant souls who are doing it. Soon the truth will reach millions of Muslims in Islamic countries in their own languages. I have shown the truth and now it is up to you to disprove me.

Coming to a conference where Dr. Zakir refutes your accusations & then you don’t repond to him in the same manner is of no consequence because there’s no such thing a one-sided debate, unless you face him there in public.

I have no need to debate Dr. Naik. I have already unmasked him and have revealed his tricks. I see no point in a face to face debate. All he has to do now is to refute me, in the same way I refuted him – in writing.

When Dr. Zakir said that every Muslim should be a terrorist did you loose your hearing after that very phrase because he also added, “Every Muslim should be a terrorist for all anti-social elements.” Misquoting & misinterpreting doesn’t make you look any authentic.

I already explained the fallacy of Dr. Naik’s claim. Here

I repeat again Sina, I’m not here to debate you on Islam but only to arrange a public debate with Dr. Zakir. If you’re not willing to accept my offer than reject it in UNEQUIVOCAL words & you won’t hear about  this topic from me again.

I only debate in writing. Which part of this you do not understand?

You may send me several unnecessary questions in your next email but even after all the discussion above, I’ve only ‘ONE QUESTION’ for you: DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE OF LIVE-RECORDED PUBLIC DEBATE WITH Dr. ZAKIR?   

Kindly, do recheck all the above text & do inform me if I missed out on addressing something from your previous email.


Yes you did not answer my question, “what is it that Dr. Naik can only say in a face to face debate that he can’t say in writing?”

Jun 15, 2007  

Subject: Finally, a proper answer! 

Bismilla Hir’Rahman Nir’Raheem,

(In the Name of Allah Most Beneficent, Most Merciful)

Thank you for being very specific that YOU’LL NOT DEBATE Dr. ZAKIR NAIK IN PUBLIC.

I guess the discussion about this topic is over now.

I see still you’re pretty desperate to get me into a debate with you, over Islam. Was I mistaken or did you really write that I only have to refute one of your arguments against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) before you present yourself to die. And can you kindly show me a link on your website, for verification, where you’ve proclaimed the same to every reader that comes to your site. Or did you just get emotional & write this only to me?

Yes you got that right. I bet my life that you can’t refute anyone of my charges against Muhammad. I had not made this offer previously. I made that to you for the first time. The truth is that I know for a fact that no one can disprove any of my charges. Muhammad was an assassin, a looter, a pedophile a rapist, a mass murderer, a liar and a deceiver. I have proven all these claims and there is no way anyone can disprove them. So don’t start sharpening your knife yet. You may take your desire to slit my throat to your grave. Then again you may become enlightened and realize the folly of such a wish and join me in enlightening other Muslims. I have many people who once wanted me dead, now working with me to save other Muslims. Who knows, you may become one of them.

Mr. Sina, I’ll debate you on Islam InsAllah, AT LEAST ONCE & will try to remember your offers but after some time for 2 important reasons. First, currently I’m a bit busy with some important tasks & I don’t want to leave the debate in the middle, once it starts.   

Second, I want to show you that it wasn’t you who got to my mind & got me into a debate but it was my own choice.  So, I’ll take a short break from discussion on Islam. I presently don’t have time to write detailed rebuttals but I can discuss some minor topics.

I think you misunderstood me. I am not offering to debate with you. All you have to do is write your refutation of my charges and prove me wrong. There is no need to debate. You already had your debate. That goes also for Dr. Naik.

Ali Sina

Ali Sina is the author of Understanding Muhammad and Muslims.

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