A Zakir Naik “Scholar” contacts FFI


We received two emails from this gentleman. We present them below with the responses sent to this person from one of our editors

Email #1


Editor’s response email below

Thank you

What a great miracle that is….

I am a believer….but…

But wait a minute….isn’t snow melting in the poles covering more land with water year by year
But wait a minute…isn’t the change of weather every year changing the ratios of water to land everyday..
But wait a minute…isn’t geological changes to lands moving up and down causing islands to vanish under the sea and others to appear above the sea…
But wait a minute…we already know that land and sea ratios did change throughout the history of earth’s formation..

So,.. maybe this is not a miracle at all

You Muslims are gullible. You love to believe any idiot like your Zakir Naik, no matter how idiotic and laughable that belief is.

Kind regards

Email #2


Editor’s response

Why do you want to lie to women Sir?

In Islam, women are considered Awrats.
Muhammad said women are deficient in religion and in intelligence.
Muhammad said most of Hell’s residents are…you guessed it..women
A woman gets half the inheritance of her brother.
She gets a good beating between now and then as per Qur’an 4:34
Her testimony is worth half that of a man
Covered women in Islamic countries get multiplicity of illnesses due to lack of natural vitamin D which the human body produces through skin exposure to the sun.

Sir, please think critically about what you write to us before sending idiotic emails.
We just received two pathetic emails from you showing a lack of education and a lack of simple scientific knowledge.

Be smart..leave Islam. A draconian belief system like Islam does not deserve any decent human being following its teachings.  Islamic beliefs and Qur’an belong to the dust bin of history.

Your Hindu ancestors knew that. This is why most of them fought Islam till death or victory. Leave that sick religion called Islam, and go hunting for good beliefs from your great Hindu ancestors. You do not need to follow a bandit of the sixth century who made a living out of highway robberies in the Arabian desert.

Kind regards


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