A very courageous gay student

Everyone gets amazed why so many infidels love Islam specially the leftists and the gays. Quran calls them lowest creatures and worst beasts, (8.55, 98.6) and orders Muslims to slay them unless they convert to Islam (9.5).In a Muslim country you can catch and keep them like a cow (Imam Hamza Misri). Gays are not even given any option; they are to be killed right away. There they are burnt alive, their temples are destroyed, their women are raped but their love for Islam and Muslims does not diminish. They flock to the pro-Palestine marches and shout pro Muslim slogans louder than Muslims themselves.

European infidels are letting Muslims in their countries in droves and offering them their countries in a platter. Forecast is that within a foreseeable future whole Europe will be Muslim majority. Once in minority they will be treated like animals getting burnt and raped They will become like Copts in Egypt , Hindus in Pakistan, Christians in Indonesia, Buddhists in Malaysia, Non-Muslims in Nigeria, Assyrians in Iraq, Zoroastrians in Iran , Buddhists and Sikhs in Afghanistan and animists in Sudan and so on . The Muslims most hated infidels of the most powerful country USA whom Muslims call “Big Satan” elected an Islam loving infidel named Hussain as president who loves azan and declared in UN that future is not for those who insult Mohammad… He filled white house with Muslim brotherhood operatives, is bringing in Muslims from Africa in large numbers and helping Islamists to take over moderate Muslim countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Syria and giving billions of tax payer dollars to America hating groups of Muslim radicals. .
Why are these infidels so deaf dumb and blind and committing a certain suicide. You ask a Muslim He will say “Allah made them like that and they cannot help it”. Quran says in aya 2.171 “They are deaf, dumb and blind”

However some educated infidels (thanks to MA Khan, Ali Sina, Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel, Geert Wilder, Robert Spencer etc.) are trying to fight these Islam lovers. Here is a gay student in Hunter College fighting them back.

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