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A Parable about Islam in the West

The following was forwarded to me in an email from a friend.  I do not know who originated it, but I am indebted to that person for this clever illustration of the wilful blindness and Islamophilia of the useful idiots of the left and of Western governments who, in spite of the increase in violence perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam, steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the growing danger from it to their freedoms.  Please circulate it as widely as you can:

“Little Red Riding Hood makes friends with the wolf

“Little Red Riding Hood says it is a nice and peaceful creature whereas her parents have been smacking her and also telling terrible fibs about the Wolf.

“Little Red Riding Hood lets the wolf into the garden and tells everyone what a good wolf it is. The wolf does not make any noise but starts to dig a den for itself in the garden and has several cubs.

“After a while the wolf starts to eat older members of the family — uncle, aunty, mum, and dad, and even the grandparents. They all go but Little Red Riding Hood does not make much of a fuss except once or twice when the wolf tries to eat one or two of her personal friends. “They deserved it,” she says about her absent relatives. And the neighbours believe her.

“Gradually the wolf starts to introduce new rules.. Everyone must howl at night and they must walk on four legs not two.   Little Red Riding Hood starts to grumble. Especially when the wolf says that no one can drink Ribena or tea any more. But she still goes on saying that things are better than they were when Mummy and Daddy were around and they are still the ones responsible for all the problems in the garden.

“One day the wolf says that it is going to dig up the front lawn and turn it into a new den. Little Red Riding Hood’s small brother says they can’t do that. He sits on the lawn and so do Little Red Riding Hood and her friends. The wolf becomes very angry and starts biting and howling and eventually drives them off. Little brother is carried away into the den. Little Red Riding Hood says that this shows unwillingness to engage in dialogue in a peaceful spirit. When someone says it is only what wolves normally do, she becomes very angry and accuses them of being lupophobic and wanting Mummy and Daddy back,

“Little Red Riding Hood is now a prisoner in the wolf’s lair and the wolf is saying that it is dinner time. But Little Red Riding tells people she is proud of what she has done and very optimistic about the future: “What has happened means that from now on the Wolf will have to talk to us and things are definitely going to get better,” she says. “I am very proud and very optimistic. Things are far better than they were in Mummy’s and Daddy’s time.” The only problem is…there is no longer a garden gate. The only way Red Riding Hood can now go is down the tunnel and into the wolf’s lair…. “


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