Is Print on Demand for Me?

Print on Demand is for you if:

  • You need a limited numeber of copies of your book to distribute among your students, friends and family.

  • You have written a potential bestseller, but because you are a new author no one wants to look at your manuscript. With POD you can break into the book market without breaking your bank.

• Is Felibri a publisher?

No. Felibri is a publishing service provider.  Unlike traditional publishing houses we claim no rights to your book.  We help the author to become their own publishers.  We give the ISBN number, should you require it and will make your book available to thousands of brick and mortar booksellers and all the libraries across North America. Your book will also appear in and other online booksellers.

• Is Felibri vanity publishing?

No. Vanity publishers charge thousands of dollars to print a large number of books. They will not help you sell them.  Vanity publishers, use offset for printing. With offset the cost per book is less but you have to publish thousands to make it echonomical.  Felibri uses modern computer technology that allows printing one book at a time. In this way your risk of not selling the books will be eliminated.  Books will be printed as the orders arrive.  However, the cost per book becomes slightly higher. We do not charge you money in advance. You only pay the set up fee. .  

• What does Felibri offer that a vanity publisher does not?

Peace of mind.  Felibri will take care of the book fulfillment. Once we receive the order, the book will be printed, often within 24 hours and it will be shipped directly to your customer. We collect the money and after deducting the printing cost and our commission we send the difference to you.  You concentrate on marketing and promoting your book. We handle the rest.

What does Felibri offer that other self publishing companies don't?

Lower prices. We offer the sane quality book that all other self publishing companies offer. All of us use the same technology, therefore there is no difference in the quality of the books printed. The only difference is in what these companies charge. We charge the least becayse we want you to be able to compete with other writers and sell a lot of books.

• How long will it take for books to be printed?

We offer Print on Demand service with a 48 hour turnaround from order to dispatch. Generally this is done within 24 hours.

• Does Felibri help me sell my books?

Felibri uses the services of the world largest book sellers and distributors, Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor. Thanks to this alliance we put the world at your doorstep.  Your book becomes available to over 25000 booksellers and libraries and will enter into the established sales channel. Books published by Felibri will be included in the book catalogue that thousands of retailers and libraries consult to place their order.  We also provide you with a storefront in our website where you can promote and sell your book and invite your readers to comment on it.  We give you the tools to sell your book. The rest is up to you. You are the publisher, you sell your book and you keep the profit.

• Does Felibri screen the manuscripts?

No. We do not screen books. We are a service provider and our service is aviable to anyone. We will not publish materials that contain racial hate or pornography.

• Will my book feature in online booksellers?

Yes. Your book will be available to all major online booksellers including:

  • Baker & Taylor
  • Ingram Book Company
  • Barnes and Noble
  • And Many Others!

• What are the advantages of POD publishing?

  • Minimum investment.
  • Speed in production.
  • Short print runs from as low as one copy, If you write for a niche market and smaller audience
  • Out of print titles can be brought back to life.
  • Books are printed after they are sold.
  • Exclusive editions for different markets.
  • The author keeps the copyright.
  • Author has full control over content, cover design, price and royalty.
  • Pricing flexibility allows you to revise the content and the cover of your book at low cost.
  • Stock available generally in 24 hours.
  • No inventory, no warehouse/storage costs.
  • Cost effective way to make your books available to the major book wholesalers.
  • There are no collections or bad debt to worry about.
  • Easily converted to traditional distributor

• What are the disadvantages of POD publishing.

POD books are viewed as a step above books published by vanity press. Newspapers and magazines hardly review books published by non standard publishers. POD publishers do not edit. The task if editing falls on the shoulders of the author.

• Will my book have an ISBN?

If you plan to sell your book through book sales channels, you need to have an International Standard Book Number bar code placed on the back of your book. Felibri will assign an ISBN to your book free of charge, if you purchase the Profetional plan. If you choose the Basic plan, you can buy an ISBN from us for $15 dollars or buy it from the US ISBN Agency . If you do not intend to use the book sales channels, but wish to sell it yourself or not sell it, you do not need an ISBN.

 • Do I have to buy a certain copies of my book?

No. You do not have to buy any copy of your book. However, we strongly recommend that you order one copy prior to offering your book for sale. It is better that you see the errors and fix them before others see them.

• How Much my book will cost me?

The cost of the book to you depends on the plan you buy. We have two plans, Basic and Premium. You can learn about them here and then you can calculate the cost of the book to you here.

• How much will my book sell?

That depends on you. You are the publisher and you fix the price.  You can charge as much as the readers are willing to pay and that means between a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. But if you have competitors in the area that you are writing, (you always have) it is prudent to price your book competitively.