Leaving Islam



Muslim Hypocrisy III 


(Al Quds, May 17, 2001)

 Sharon cannibalizing Muslims (The Independent, Jan 27, 2003)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is shown drinking from a goblet labeled "The Palestinian Children's Blood."

The gun on the left is shooting at the plane, writing our "A Message to the White House" in bullet holes. The sign at the upper left says "Los Angeles."

A sneering Ariel Sharon is shown watching an Israeli plane crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The Arabic words are "The Peace." This cartoon restates the myth, widely accepted in the Arab world, that Israel and Jews were responsible for the attack.

Anti-Semitic Cartoon



Political Cartoons in the Arabic Media

Behold, Thine enemies make an uproar; And those who hate Thee have exalted themselves. They make shrewd plans against Thy people, And conspire together against Thy treasured ones. They have said, "Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, That the name of Israel be remembered no more."  For they have conspired together with one mind; Against Thee do they make a covenant. (Psalm 83:2-5)


Cannon muzzles of Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia,
 Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

The combined forces of Egypt, Syria,
Jordan and Lebanon (1967)

Arab News in April 2005 portrays the Jews as rats.


More cartoons dehumanizing the Jews and Israel 







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