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Afghanistan: A Christian convert is saved from the gallows but at what price? 2006/03/29

Bangladesh : A new wave of terrorism by Islamists rocks the nation  2005/12/01

Dhaka is in disarray in the wake of 8/17 Islamic blitzkrieg 2005/08/29

The 8/17 blitzkriegs by Islamists does not bode well for Bangladesh 2005/08/19

Terrorists' frontal assault on London's transport system making Brits life topsy-turvy 2005/07/08

Torching of Ahmadiyya mosque in Bangladesh sets a bad example  2005/06/27

Iran ’s electoral dilemma – Rafsanjani or Ahmadinejad? 2005/06/22

Political trouble brewing in oil-rich Azerbaijan —another central Asian Islamic Paradise 2005/06/13

Trouble ahead in Karzai’s Afghanistan ?  Talibans roil Kandahar by killing the head cleric  2005/06/08

‘Guardian Council’ was about to roil Iran ’s June 17 presidential election   2005/06/06

The growing schism between Sunnis and Shias in Pakistan fuels sectarian violence 2005/05/29

Now a crisis in hand in Islamic paradise - Uzbekistan 2005/05/19

Hell hath no fury like the Iranian clerics at helm 2005/05/18

Saudi embassy in Washington agrees to curb the spread of Wahhabism 2004/10/26

Iran’s chutzpah: Mullahs may defy IAEA’s call for uranium enrichment program 2004/09/28

Sudden demise of an iconoclast whom I never met    2004/08/12

Another miscarriage of justice in Iran: Zahra Kazemi’s killer received impunity 2004/08/12

End of the Road for Reforms in Iran? 2004/08/07

Iranian academic’s tribulation paints a diabolic image of the ruling clerics 2004/08/05

A quiet genocide in western Sudan is in the offing 2004/06/19

The connivance of Iranian Mullahs to make nukes should irk the civilized world 2004/06/17

Sylhet’s Sufi shrine blast for the second time in five months does not bode well for Islamized Bangladesh 2004/05/24

Stop Bangladesh’s retrogressive journey ushered in by obscurantists  2004/03/01

Islamists round the globe bemoan the fall of ‘Butcher of Baghdad’ 2003/04/12

Eid Day blasts are symptomatic of Bangladesh’s highly polarized society 2002/12/08

Image of Early Islam  2001/06/02

Dr. A.H. Jaffor Ullah, a researcher and columnist, writes from Ithaca , New York .





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