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Jacob Thomas 

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The Constants and Conditions of “Gulf” Islam  2006/05/24

“Moderate” Muslims Muddy the Waters  2006/04/08

Turkey : A Case Study in Failure to Secularize 2006/04/02  

Denial: A Characteristic of the Islamic Mind 2006/03/21

Human Rights Violations in Arab Prisons  2006/03/17

Western Columnists, Please do your Homework when Writing on Islam!  2006/06/05

An Advocate for “Muslim Rights” in Europe Cries Foul!  2006/02/25

What’s Wrong with Moderate Muslims? 2006/01/31

A Sad Day in the History of the PCUSA 2006/01/20

Western Intellectuals Need to Study Islam 2005/11/20

Is It Too Late to Learn? 2005/11/10

Where Arab Irrationalism Leads 2005/11/03

No Light on the Subject: A Most Troubling Experience 2005/10/28

On the Eve of the Iraqi Referendum: Two Contrasting Views 2005/10/18

My Son’s Teacher was an Irhabi (Terrorist) 2005/10/13

How to Deal with the “Other?” 2005/10/05

 “Political Islam” and Its Justification of Terrorism 2005/09/22

An Anatomy of a Terrorist’s MindAnalysis and Comments 2005/08/20







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