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6. What did Allah create from Muhammad’s (pbuh) perspiration?  

Then when Allah glanced at the peacock-shaped Muhammad (pbuh), Noor-e-Muhammad (Muhammad’s light) felt extremely diffident and his entire body started to perspire profusely. Henceforth, from the perspiration of his face Allah created the seat of His throne, the angels, Lauhe Mahfouz (the denizen of souls), the pen, the Moon, the Sun, the planets, the stars, the sky, the earth and all the Rasuls (apostles), the Prophets, the Awlia (mendicants), the devotees and the ever-sacred Ka’ba Sharif (the house of Ka’ba). Then the Almighty created the soil required for the construction of all the mosques in the world. Afterwards, Allah said to the peacock-shaped Noor (light) of Muhammad, “O my dearest comrade, please take a glimpse at your favourite friends.” The Noor of Muhammad, having glanced at his front, behind, right and left observed four streaks of extremely brilliant Noor (light). Those brilliant lights were Hazrat Abu Bakr,  Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Uthman and Hazrat Ali, the four dearest companions of Muhammad. Those four shinning Noors (lights), along with the Noor-e-Muhammadi, spent seventy-thousand years praising Allah. Then, from the Noor-e-Muhammadi Allah created the Ruhs (souls) of all the Prophets. Then the Almighty made all the Prophets to recite the Kalima (declaration)—La Ilah Illa Allah Muhammadur Rasul Allah (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the apostle of Allah).  

7. How the fate of all the creatures was decided from Noor-e-Muhammad?  

Then Allah rendered the peacock-shaped Noor-e-Muhammadi into a physical form and put it inside a lantern made out of a transparent red garnet stone. He then commanded all the souls held at Lauhe Mahfouz to peek at His dearest creation (Muhammad). Except for a few, following Allah’s instruction, all the souls took a look at the form of the last Prophet inside the lantern; but not all of them could see all the limbs of the last Prophet (Muhammad). Each of them could glimpse only one part of Muhammad.  

Here is an enumeration of who witnessed which part of Noor-e-Muhammad. Those who saw the Head, became the Kings and Emperors in Duniya (like Alexander, the Great, Genghis Khan, Hitler, President Bush must had witnessed the entire head of Muhammad!). Those souls who saw the forehead became just judges; those who witnessed eyebrows became the painters; those who saw the two eyes became Hafez-e-Qur’an (Qur’an memorisers, like Razakar Saidee of Bangladesh; Al-Qaeda, Talibans…etc must had witnessed the two eyes); those who saw the two cheeks became scholars and donors; those who saw the pupils of the eyes, some of them became merchants of perfumes, some of them became physicians; those who saw the teeth developed patience; those who saw the face became powerful, valiant fighters; those who saw the tongue became the emissaries of the Kings and Emperors; those who saw the vocal cord became the Muezzins (criers of prayer call) or speakers; those who saw the neck became merchants; those who saw both the arms became swordsmen or musketeers; those who saw only the right hand became the executioners; those who saw the knee became ardent Namajees (worshippers). Even after this, some souls could not view much of Noor-e-Muhammadi; they became the Jews and Christians. Finally, those who did not want to see Noor-e-Muhammad at all became Kafirs and Mushreks (infidels).  

8. How Allah made water and the seven metals?  

The Almighty Allah, on His own created a pip out of Yakut (an extremely precious stone), and when He threw his glorious look at it, the Yakut pip, out of extreme fear melted and turned into water. The Allah commanded the wind on all the four sides to create a raging storm and to form lather on water. Having duly complied with Allah’s command, the wind created enormous foams in water. Then those foams collided with each other and created fire; and from this fire evolved smoke. Then Allah divided that smoke into seven parts. The first part remained as the original water; the second part became copper, the third part became iron, the fourth silver, the fifth gold the sixth precious stones and the seventh Yakut (In this cock-and-bull-story, there are plenty of Islamic science for those who has intelligence to comprehend!).    

9. How Allah made the seven heavens?  

In the beginning, Allah, through his miracle power created, from water, the first heaven; the second heaven He created it from copper, the third from iron, the fourth from silver, the fifth from gold, the sixth from precious stones and seventh from Yakut stone. The distance from one heaven to another is a journey of five hundred years, and the thickness of each of these heavens is also a distance of five hundred years journey. (Shouldn’t our astronauts venture into the fifth heaven, mine it and bring back the resources? This should be enough for us, I wonder).  

10. How Allah created our earth?  

Almighty Allah, through the lather generated from the glorified water, created a fistful of red clay lump and, at first, kept it at the site of Ka’ba. Then, as per the command of Allah Gabriel, Michael, Israfil and Azrail, the four archangels held the four sides of that lump of clay and started to pull it with a great force in four directions. As a result that lump of clay became a vast tract of land, and that is how our present earth was created. (I wonder if the red clay of Jaydebpur, a place in Bangladesh also emanated from the red clay of Allah, the greatest Bedouin scientist).  

11. On what does our enormous flat earth stand?  

According to some Sahih Hadith (authentic tradition), Hazrat Abdullah Muslem asked Muhammad (pbuh): “Ya Rasul Allah! Please tell us, on what does this vast earth is standing?” Muhammad replied: “Allah has placed this seven-layered, huge earth on the horn of a cow. This cow has four thousand such horns, and the distance from one horn to another is a journey of five hundred years. This gigantic cow is standing on the back of a giant fish. This fish is floating on glutinous water; the depth of this water is the distance of a journey of forty years. The glutinous water is resting on floating air. This air or atmosphere is resting on darkness. The darkness rests upon the Hell and that Hell is placed on a massive stone. This massive stone is resting on the head of an enormous Farishta (angel); the Farishta is standing on wind and the wind is resting on the empty world of Allah’s Kudrat (glory). (I wonder if our dearest Prophet smoked a few puff of marijuana or ganja before he could invent such a complicated explanation on the structure of the earth system).  

12. Allah created the seven heavens, the earth and the entire universe in six days!  

In the beginning, on a Sunday, Allah created His Supreme throne and all the objects surrounding it. On Monday He created the seven heavens; on Tuesday, He created the seven layers of the earth; on Wednesday, the dark empty space, on Thursday, He made all the objects between heaven and earth; then on Friday He created the Moon, the Sun, the stars, the planets and the satellites. Having had done all these in six days Allah decided to take a rest on Saturday, the seventh day. [I wonder why Allah preferred to take a break on the Saturday, the Sabbath day of the Kafirs and not on a Friday, which is the Holiday for the believers.]  

13. How Allah created the Hell?  

Once Almighty Allah finished the task of creating the heavens and the earth He directed His attention towards creating the Hell. According to Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas, the Hell is founded under a gigantic stone called Shaara. Then Allah appointed Malik, the archangel as the principal supervisor for care and maintenance of Hell. Under Malik there are further twenty-nine angels (Farishta) engaged in this job. Each of these angels has seventy thousand hands and, in total there are one hundred and forty thousand (140, 000) hands (?). Each hand has seventy thousand (70,000) palms in it and each palm has seventy thousand (70,000) fingers in it. On every finger there is a python and on the head of the python there is a serpent. This serpent is so long that its length is the distance of a journey of seventy thousand years. Each of these serpents carries on its head a deadly poisonous scorpion. Once these scorpions smite a denizen of Hell he will become restless and fidget in utter pain. [There is no doubt that Allah is perverted, cruel and a sadist].  

14. The location of Allah’s Hell and a taste of Hellfire!  

Abu Huraira narrated that for one thousand years Allah increased the intensity of ordinary fire to turn into a red inferno. Then Allah intensified further the glow of this inferno, so much so, that it turned into black—and to remain like that for eternity. A huge stone covers the mouth of this raging dark fire. This Hell of inferno is placed on the head of an angel; this angel is standing on the back of a mosquito; this mosquito is sitting tight on a lump of wet clay, and this clay lump is on the head of a cow having seventy thousand horns on its head. This humongous cow is standing on the back of a fish that is so huge that its tail touches the legs of Allah’s Throne. In order for the cow to remain still at its position Allah placed a dreadful mosquito right in front of it. Due to the fear of this mosquito the cow remains stand still without making the slightest movement. (Behold the glory of Allah! If by chance this mosquito made any movement then this world would have simply perished. Subhan Allah!!!)  

15. The distribution of sinners in Hell!  

Gabriel has disclosed that there are seven types of Hell, namely Jahim, Jehannam, Sakhar, Sayer, Lazza, Havia and Hutama. The Hujura-e-Pak (i.e., Muhammad) said to Gabriel, “O Gabriel, please tell me who will go to which Hell?” Gabriel answered, “Havia Hell is for the hypocrites (Munafiks); Kafirs, Mushriks (infidels) and the idolaters will be in Jehannam ; the fire worshippers, the Jews and the Christians will be housed in Sakhar Hell; the worshippers of devil will be in Lazza Hell; Hutama Hell is reserved only for those who take bribe; the polytheists will be in Sayer Hell and the Muslim sinners will be in Jahim Hell.  

16. The story of the origin of Satan!  

Long before Allah created human being, He created the Jinns solely for the purpose of worshipping Him only. But the species of Jinns, having been on earth, fully indulged themselves in fun and amusement and completely forgot Allah. An angry Allah then sent a troop of angels to destroy the errant Jinns. The angles descended on earth with various weapons and started slaughtering the Jinns. When they finished killing almost all the Jinns, they found a very young and handsome Jinn boy. The angels became very compassionate towards this boy and implored Allah’s kindness towards him to save his life. The angles also sought Allah’s permission to bring this boy back to the Heaven to rear him under their care. Allah approved the request of the angels said to them: “O my angels, bring forth this boy and rear him amongst you.” The angels them named this beautiful boy ‘Iblis.’ He was only one thousand years old when the angels took him to Heaven.  

17. What is the genealogy of Iblis?  

Khabis was the father of Iblis. Khabis’ father was the king of the Jinns, and his name was Hanmus. Khabis looked like a dreadful lion and his nature too was like that of a lion. On one hand he had the titanic power in him, while, on the other hand he was out and out a sly. He was the supreme leader of all the wicked Jinns. Iblis’ mother was Nilbis. She was the daughter of Hanmus, the fifth leader of the Jinns. She appeared like a wolf. Iblis was conceived when Nilbis and Khabis had sexual intercourse in the inferno of Hell. [No wonder, having absolute control on all affairs on earth, Satan is so powerful in this world. Truly, Iblis, the son of Khabis is a terrific creation of Allah. It is because even living in the towering inferno of Hell, Khabis, the father of Iblis was adroit in engaging in sexual copulation.] 

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