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We spend billions to counter terrorism. Yet terrorism is not the problem. Terrorism is only a symptom. The problem is Islam. To eliminate Islamic terrorism we have no other option but to eliminate Islam. 

Despite its bluster and violence, Islam is a fragile creed and extremely vulnerable. The intolerance of Muslims towards criticism is the indication of its vulnerability. Islam cannot stand criticism. It will implode. Most Muslims do not know their religion, have not read the Quran and are not aware of its inhumane teachings. They have not been told the truth about Muhammad and are not familiar with his biography and crimes. Most of them will leave Islam once they learn the truth.

Ignorance is not bliss. People like Stephen Schwartz, cannot be excused. By converting to Islam, they validate this cult and by validating it they legitimize it in its entirety, including its terrorism. Islam is terrorism. There is no other Islam. Whether people like Mr. Schwartz know it of not is irrelevant. Their ignorance of Islam does not change the nature of Islam. But once they recognize the Quran as a divine book, they unwittingly approve of all the terror and violence that this book teaches. Once they acknowledge that Muhammad was a prophet of God, they unconsciously sanction Islamic terrorism. People like Schwartz are guilty not just because they are ignorant but because they are unwilling to learn the truth and to find the facts. Someone forwarded one of Mr. Schwartz emails to me in which he said, “I am not interested to read what Ali Sina scribbles”. Why not? Have the charges that I have brought against Muhammad been refuted? Or is it irrelevant that Muhammad was a pedophile, a looter, an assassin, a mass murderer and a rapist to his claim of prophet hood? Schwartz would do much better if he stopped being so emotional and start being a bit more rational. 


The PC malady

But that is not all. What is truly painful is that people like Schwartz receive support from the mainstream media to spread their ignorance of Islam while those that tell the truth are often denied to speak out for not being politically correct. The conservative Internet site frontpagemag.com has been providing  platform for Mr. Stephen Schwartz for years so he can soft-sell his distorted version of Islam and lull the readers into believing that Islam has a peaceful side. Not surprisingly, like all Muslims, Schwartz believes Islam Doesn't Need a Reformation. Of course in a free society people must be able to express their views, but in the interest of fairness the same media must also allow opposing views. Frontpagemag.com has repeatedly refused to publish my articles. After being turned down numerous times I wrote to my friend Mr. Jamie Glazov, the editor of the site and asked whether he is rejecting my articles because they are not PC. Mr. Glazov categorically denied the charge and said:

“Ali, my friend, if you read our magazine, we are far from PC. We are just looking for new material. We have published lots of criticism of Islam. We are just looking for new material that also makes good points without necessarily beating up on Islam unnecessarily on themes we are already familiar with”  

“New material”? …“Good points”?...  

I pointed out to the latest Schwartz’s article that frontpagemag.com had published and asked what part of that is new material or good point. Do we have a more worn out argument than “Islam is good, Muslims are bad” cliché that Mr. Schwartz is parroting? The gentleman admits that he does not know Islam and his love for this cult is purely impressionist and subjective, yet he writes a book to say Islam is a tolerant religion. I asked what part of Schwartz’s article is new or has good point? Mr. Glazov did not respond. This is difficult to understand. Is frontpagemag promoting the softer version of Islam? Has frontpagemag.com become the podium for Islamic apologists? 

The translation of what Mr. Glazov wrote is: We won't publish material that are critical of Islam. In his view the criticism of Islam (beating up on Islam) is unnecessary but rehashing "Islam is peace" is okay.   

There are many sites that are willing to publish apologetic materials on Islam but will not publish any criticism of it. Take the example of  religioustolerance.org . In one of their pages they erroneously claim that Islam, like all other religions, adheres to the concept of the Golden Rule. This is clearly not true. I wrote an article in which I showed why Islam is completely divorced from the Golden Rule and I even quoted a Muslim "intellectual" who admitted to this fact and denounced the Golden Rule. I sent them a copy of that article, asking them to either correct the misinformation in their site,  publish my article or make a link to it. I wrote them twice and they did not even acknowledge the receipt of my emails.  

Unfortunately the PCism is a common disease of the Western Media and it is a dangerous disease. Those who are infected by it deny it categorically but they can't get rid of it.  

Despite the lack of support, and our fewness of number, the truth is spreading fast. It is spreading, thanks to people who want to hear the truth and who are tired of the run of the mill PC regurgitation.

We are waging a war. Our enemies are not just the terrorists, but also the apologists of the terrorists, the apologists of the ideology of the terrorists and the supporters of the apologists of the ideology of the terrorists. We can't do much with the terrorists and their apologists. But we can expose the apologists of their ideology and those who unwittingly have become instruments for spreading their misinformation. Islam is the ideology of the terrorists and Mr. Schwartz is the apologist of that ideology. His ignorance of Islam does not change the nature of Islam. And then we have the PC media who provide ample platform for likes of Mr. Schwartz but not for those who criticize Islam. Mr. Schwartz may be beyond hope. We can't expect much from a man who embraces a "religion" whose founder was a terrorist, simply because he goes to a big building and gets goose bumps by its magnificent architecture. Children get goose bumps from the dark. This does not mean there is something real and sinister in the dark. Obviously Mr. Schwartz is an impressionable person. his emotions are real but they are subjective and cannot be constituted as the bases of the truth. In my early youth, I had similar experience. Now I realize they were self induced. It is the expectation of experiencing something holy that makes one experience something holy. But we must reach those who allow the likes of Mr. Schwartz to spread their ignorance while shun opposing views for the fear of being branded "Islamophobes".  I don't think we have pounded enough on Islam - at least not enough for Mr. Glazov and the mainstream media to see the danger that humanity is facing and the part that they, innocently are playing in strengthening the position of Islamic terrorism. On the contrary I think we heard enough the "Islam means peace" mantra ad nauseam.  

This PC malady is basically the sickness of all our mainstream Media. They won't change unless we make them change. Today our biggest enemy is PC. We must protest against this sick ethos. It is up to us readers to demand accountably from the Media.   

This truth is so big that few people can handle it. It is much safer to sing the old lullaby and don’t rock the boat than shout the truth, which may wake up some people and ruffle some feathers.

This is an important cause. Many lives, millions, and even billions, depend on it. If we succeed, humanity will succeed. If we fail humanity will fail. 

This is a war against falsehood and against ignorance. Just like any war, it required courage and not being afraid of being politically incorrect. In this war only truth will bring us victory. Telling the truth, in a world dominated by the hypocrite tyrannical practitioners of the PC cult is the most daring thing to do.    


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